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Dolphins pick Vernon, trade down, pick Egnew

The Dolphins used their No. 72 pick in the third round to draft defensive end Oliver Vernon of the University of Miami.

The team then traded No. 73 to the San Diego Chargers for No. 78 overall and No. 183, which is a sixth-round pick.

Vernon, 6-3 and 261 pounds, was told by the team he'll work in the 4-3. Vernon's best year came in 2010 when he had 10.5 sacks. He was suspended in the Nevin Shapiro scandal last year and contributed only 3.5 sacks in six games.

I asked Vernon who he would characterize his Hurricanes career.

"Unfulfilled," he said.

Vernon is the first University of Miami draftee for the Dolphins since Vernon Carey in 2004.

With selection No. 78, the Dolphins then picked Missouri tight end Michael Egnew, a 6-5, 252-pound seam threat who can also block.

Last season, Egnew caught 50 passes for 523 yards and three touchdowns.


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I told you Ireland would blow chunks from the moment he squandered our 8th.

Posted by: odinseye | April 27, 2012 at 09:54 PM

Get over it. They picked Tanne at 8. Nobody can say it was squandered or a great pick. Let's judge him by how he performs on OUR team and not JUMP to conclusions. Give the guy a chance.

Posted by: ion | April 27, 2012 at 10:02 PM

I can see this is all a bit too complicated for you, so I'll be brief.

My statement above wasn't even about Tannehill.

It was about the 8th overall pick and how it was squandered. We could have traded down and picked the 2nd to 3rd round project there while adding picks. Or simply used the pick on a playmaker that could actually start and be worthy of the 8th overall pick.

Try to comprehend what you read BEFORE responding. It'll be a lot less confusing for you.

Yeah, I got it. When the phone rings in the War room it usually means a trade down.

So Ireland said we needed to get some starters out of the early rounds.

Well, the consensus says Tannehill won't be starting.

Martin should be a day one starter. This appears to be AT LEAST a SOLID pick(I think this guy will be better than expected myself).

Vernon I don't see as a starter anytime soon. I think he was a ridiculous reach and I don't care one bit about the good time he was having. Has no bearing on Sundays in my honest opinion.

Egnew I see as another ridiculous reach that won't be starting right away.

Now, don't get your panties in a wad and go getting confused.

Vernon has upside and potential, Egnew probably even more. But, they BOTH are clear cut projects. Do you understand that?

I'll spell it out for those of you that I upset earlier. Ireland himslef said we have to hit on those early picks. We have to get guys that can START and make a IMPACT.

We had 4 picks out of the first 43. Ireland was talking about hitting on all of them. Well, it is my honest opinion that came up just a tad short.

1. Tannehill-He's a 1to 2 year project at best.

2. Martin-Great Pick/Should be an instant starter. Not a skill position impact player, but a solid starter.

3. Vernon-Project. All kinds of potential and upside. But, no day 1 starting IMPACT player.

4. Egnew-Project. I think this guy has more upside and potential than Vernon. He needs a TON of work just to get to the point where he might get some playing time. I think he could end up being a perfect compliment to Fasano. Might even put him out of a job. But it won't be this season.

So, for all the big talk about landing starters and impact players, we really didn't get one. Martin will start, but like Armando himself even says, OT are NOT impact players. So, the one starter we did manage to snag, with 4 picks in the first 43, is not even an impact player.

What happened to all of your mocks? The ones where we got Floyd, Kuechley, Coples or Gilmore?

What happened to Ingram, Upshaw, Kirkpatrick or Stephen Hill?

What happened to all the PlayMakers Ireland was talking about for the past 3 weeks?

That's all I got and don't worry, I won't be messing up this GREAT draft with my dumb OPIONIONS.

You can have it.


I am definitely not in love using a 3rd Rd draft pick on a developmental Player. It can only mean that, first, they feel comfortable with the pass rushers they have now and will be able to generate this Season, second, the kid has out-of-this World potential.A plus is that this guy is from Miami and we should know him better than anybody else.

I can live more comfortably with the 2nd 3rd Rd pick. Looks like a huge, athletic WR with 4.53 speed. Still, not a defined position starter and like odin said, basically another project.

They all look good on paper, odin, don't they?

Sorry again, just one more thing.

I forgot to even mention Wide Receiver.

Oh yeah, that's right, Ireland forgot about them too.

Never Mind.

New coaching staff...new philosophy....new way of developing players.....

Pre-season will be fun to watch....oh wait....the FINS don't get any nationally televised pre-season games.....

Philbin.....you got your work cut-out for you......bring us back to respectability....

You see, we do nobody no favors by deluding ourselves. We have to call them as we see them and Time will tell.

Every time I read a post from Oscar...I feel like I am reading some witch chant or spell......

I always try and skip them altogether...but sometimes I get caught up.....

BTW, there was a comment here yesterday, I think it was either the Professor or DD, that really impressed me. Regarding Miami's picks went something like this, It's killing me but I'll take anything as long as The Dolphins are successful. That's the kind of Fan we want and need here; the rest, can go somewhere else.


I don't mean to be rude, I'm just too depressed to even carry on a conversation.

I don't have anything good to say, so I'm not commenting any further at the moment.

There is one thing you might be able to help me out with though. I broke my glasses last night and I need to find out where I can get a new pair.

Do you know where I can get some of those really NEAT-O KEEN kind with the Rose Colored Lenses?

I am involved in some things now, Kris, where I need to be absolutely inspirational with my writing. It just translates.

Nahh, odin, never heard of them.

Ireland should NOT be second-guessed. He is the LEADER of the team. He deserves to be carried around like the Dalai Lama in a chariot while everyone bows in his presence.

I have mistaken what I wanted and what Ireland picked for this team as bad picks. It's not that I don't like Vernon or Egnew, it's just that I would have liked to have seen different players taken at that point.
Overall, the Egnew pick isn't a bad one. I just was looking for a different player at that point.
Egnew is a big tight end and a pass catching tight end with nice speed for his size. That's one thing this team has been sorely lacking for some time and is necessary for them to compete. All in all, I prefer him to Dwayne Allen. I think Allen was overprojected. Egnew's year was as good as that of Allen except that Allen had 8 td's.
When I watched him play against WVU he was shut down. Egnew is definitely the better prospect of the two and I can see him as being a threat in the passing game. Teamed with Clay it should be a difficult situation for some defenses.

If we gave a grade to Ireland's Draft so far, he'd be valedictorian at M.I.T.

The team being assembled before everyone's eyes could SINGLE-HANDEDLY beat the Nazis in WWII. Think about it? All those lives lost. And all we needed was THIS TEAM now being assembled. No one else needed in the military. They would have walked into Germany and tossed Hitler into a volcano. I'm talking BETTER than the Navy Seals fellas. Recognize.



It. Was. Written.

The only thing is Ireland needs to definitely address the wide receiver situation. If they go into the season with the guys they have on the roster I will be extremely disappointed.
With the talent that's in this draft at the wide receiver position, if Ireland fails to get at least one of them, it would be a travesty. It would be unforgivable to let that type of talent just go to other teams.
My only concern is it appears that teams Miami competes against in their own division appear to have gotten better thru the draft and the picks they have made don't seem to be keeping them on a competitive level.
The difference maker will need to be the coaching staff. Philbin, Shermand and Coyle are going to need to get the very best from these guys. To me, it's a bit of a scary situation, especially at receiver.

This isn't a 1-year process gentlemen. We WON'T get everything we want this year. Ireland is a miracle-worker, but he's not God. NO ONE could fill all the holes this team has in 1-year (kinda like your local dept. of transporation). This is a 3-yr process. Anything we don't get this year will have to spill over into next and the year after.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Why would anyone want to support another team when there's the MIAMI DOLPHINS?

NOBODY can pretend to grade the Draft of any particular Team at this moment. It has to be played out.

If you've ever seen the Great Wall of China, you'd be awestruck by the awesome sight of it. That it was man-made is completely unbelievable. Astounds you to the core.

That's kind of how I feel watching this team being made.

Still, in a couple of days, you will see all those experts saying, GB has an A, Miami a C, etc. Utter BS.

oscar, you're wrong. What ur witnessing is biblical. This has all been recorded. You just need to be able to read the signs.

If this turns out how I think, we'll have to reset the yearly calendar, no more B.C./A.D., now it will be B.I./A.I. (Before Ireland/After Ireland). This is year Zero, again.

"Experts", or "The Devil's Rejects"? Ask Kris.

There's only 1 true expert. Yes, you called it...JEFF IRELAND!

You gotta think about the formation of al-Queida. Remember, there first enemy was their own country (Saudi Arabia). Ask yourself, "what would make me turn against my country?"

Well, you might be seeing the beginning of it now. You have these so-called "experts", these journalists, who know nothing, never played nothing, trying to tell the masses Miami is average, mediocre. When that's the furthest thing from the truth. Then, you might have the NFL, in conjunction with the U.S. government, trying to silence the Dolphins (like they're doing with the Saints). THEN WHAT?

I tell you what, then it will time to choose sides. You're either red, white and blue or aqua and orange. You CHOOSE!

I've ALREADY made my choice!

Anyway, that's how it could play out. Be Ready!

But also, there were few can't misses in the Draft. Luck, Kuechly, DeCastro, Hightower, Kalil. Under that optic, the rest of the Players could be considered projects.

If Ohio can start a Dolphins blog, then I can start a Dolphins FAN training camp. So we're ready to defend our team from a Clear and Present Danger.

I have the resources to make our base in Westin.

Will work on that and keep you all abreast of the progress. In the meantime, train on your own.

What, you're the other Home?

See, you guys GOTTA BE SMART. Watch out for the brainwashing. "Can't misses?" Who says? Peter King, the yahoo who had us winning the SB in '07 (when we were 1-15). NFL.com. NORTHEASTERN COMMIE OPERATIVES.

You need a new compass. One man's "can't miss" is another man's "bust." It's all about what you do with those chemicals. Arrange them one way, you might have a nice vanilla flavor. Re-arrange them again, and you might have C4.

We need Re-Education on this Blog!

Ok, you got me Oscar. I'll stop.

Seriously, I agree with you that no one can tell nothing about the Draft right now. You've gotta see these guys in camp, Pre-Season, see how they develop from Coaching, the ability of the Coaches TO develop, the make-up of the team, heck, even the lucky bounce or lack of key injuries or game plan/strategy/in-game adjustments.

There's TOO MUCH involved to judge anything by these players picked vs. other players available or taken. We're getting players, all the other teams are getting players. It's all a jumbled mess and gets played out during the Season.

I'm not going to say I'd rather this guy over another guy, that's not my thing. My thing is let the GM pick 'em, and I'll judge him ONCE I SEE how those picks turn out on the field.

4th Brandon Boykin DB Georgia
5th Cyrus Gray RB Texas A&M
6th Tommy Streeter WR UM
6th Jeron McMillian SS Maine
7th Miles Burris OLB San Diego State

Are you talking Miami Dolphins? If you're talking Miami Dolphins, you're talking SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!


the ineptitude of some of the Dolphans is ridiculous. Vernon was a projected late third rounder. Kiper and Mcshay said they both liked the pick which to them means the Dolphins got good value with the pick. As far as Egnew- who is he? He's a guy who had 50 catches for 500+ yards last year with a new QB. But look at his junior year when Blaine Gabbert was his QB- 90 catches for 760+ yards. He is a pass catching TE which the Dolphins desperately needed! All the best QBs have an amazing TE- Brees/Graham, Manning/Clark(Colts), Cam Newton/Greg Olsen, Rodgers/Finley, Rivers/Gates, Romo/Witten, etc. Brady has got two amazing TEs! If you are worried about them taking WR, Kiper and Mcshay, in their best players available in the 4th round, dont even have a wr listed yet. There are so many receivers out there yet- no worries. With this first pick in round 4 that the Dolphins have- they are probably going receiver and if not, I am predicted at least 1 but maybe two receivers taken today.

Or look at Criner and Marvin Jones for WR (we need 2)

Agreed Frank. I look at the skills these players have and their athleticism. That's what strikes me as different from past Drafts. Not just big guys. These are ATHLETES! Who need development. And guess what? We've got (or are told we've got) a Coaching staff who excel at developing players.

Let's see what happens.

Right now I give the Dolphins a thumbs up. GO FINS

None of you have any faith. I think this is a pretty good draft so far and think we can still grab Nick toon in the 6th. And a guard will be somewhere. Ireland hasn't made a bad pick yet. Ps vernon is a beast. Go canes/fishies

I wonder if Philbin will love Carpenter as much as Sparano did. He's IFFY past 45 yards. And his kickoffs are short half the time. But Sparano loved his toughness, so never pushed him to tighten up his game. Can't wait to see how these COACHES change the culture here.

Let Ireland alone today. Rds 4-7 are his thing.

It's not a matter of taking a wr....it's a matter of taking a wr that can be explosive and provide the big play. Aren't any of those left. Lots of good sized possession types and a few small slot types. Streeter is not the answer. No complete wr's left in this draft. Ireland has let the ship sail.

Joe Adams is very explosive

if phins go WR next rd Chris Givens and Joe Adams would be great pickups... Juron Criner is another guy I'd consider

This is shaping up a lot like last year. One immediate starter and some projects.

Maybe Philbin can coach 'em up.

all you babies crying about our draft selections, and that we didn't get one of the top playmakers, are the same crazy people who didn't see the logic in trading two third rounders to the pats for ryan mallet to preserve our #8 overall pick to allow us to get one of those playmakers.

Egnew is the best receiving TE in the draft period. By far our best choice as for value where he was picked. If their conviction is correct on Tannehill we have improved our team tremendously. I question Vernon a bit , not because of the player but the slot he was drafted in.Now we must address the WR. Joe Adams and Benjamin will help as return men as well as wr. Martin of Michigan St is a good prospect for round 4.

I like the Vernon pick. Kid has pure raw talent and just needs to be coached up. He got 10.5 sacks as a sophomore with sub par coaching and fell off his Jr. Year b/c of the Shapiro suspension. It may be a reach to some, but IMO a lot of people will be celebrating this pick fr years to come.

I like the TE as well. You can always teach proper blocking technique, but you can't teach the natural skill set that this kid has. He can help us in the passing game right away. If you watch his highlights, you will see that he just had bad blocking technique and also needs to do a better job finishing his blocks. As long as he's a hard worker he'll be fine.

Ken okeefe is our WR coach, he was iowa's OC prior to coming to the dolphins. McNutt is big and fairly quick (4.52). He gets open, and he makes catches. He carried the hawkeyes this year.

If we're picking a WR, he would be a nice choice in the 4th.

speaking of crazy, here is a wild thought. the game is all about match-ups right, you know, like the disadvantage the wildcat creates, or the speed of a mike wallace, or the monster tight-ends of the pats, or maybe even the unfair advantage that a collective effort of FOUR dominant recievers in a four wide reciever set will now present. take a look at some these recieving corps set to take the field this year, going up against the likes of the cardinals who NOW have fitzgerald AND floyd will be a cake walk compared to the likes of the giants who now have added that LSU reciever to the likes of cruz, nicks...it's crazy right? teams that were already loaded at reciever went and drafted more, and miami can't seem to hold on to one. i say lets go UNCONVENTIONAL, lets be trend setting, lets give other teams a whole new scheme that NONE of them are prepared for, lets take belicheats strategy to a whole new level... draft three more tight-end(in the likes of eggnou) and play them at reciever(since we don't have a recieving crew anyway), size and stregnth will be the miss-match, like a big tank moving down the field at will. i know it's crazy, but nobody is doing it, and nobody is prepared for it. talk about unconventional.

Lou, I agree, Miami needs to address the WR issue today. We have Joe Adams, Nick toon, Marvin McNutt and a whole bunch of other WR that can have an impact this year.

DC -- You may want to take the Ireland pictures off the wall and blow out the candles. ;)

We have had an outstanding draft IMO. I give it an A for sure. But I may be biased because we've got 3 players I was wanting out of 4 picks and I had no idea we could get Tannehill and Martin in the same draft.

Egnew was one of my favorite TE's coming out this year. I got to watch a whole lot of him when Gabbert was his QB. Egnew semed to be Gabbert's go to guy and had 90 catches that year. He had 50 last year but that is a lot for a TE in college.

I didn't know too much about Vernon because he had some suspensions. But since the pick I have been able to watch highlights. I like what I see. He has that quick step and has natural power and good hip flexibilty. He is raw and doesn't have a whole lot of moves but could learn them. So I am a more than optimistic about at this point.

NEED WR's and DL / OL depth today and the A grade will stay.

its actually spelled Olivier Vernon

WR in RD 4 last year and I expect the same thing this year.


Not sure if you're still around but I feel the same way about the last two picks as you. I don't know the two guys as well as some of you and they may well be good players but they weren't what I was looking for. There were some good WRs available and that's what I wanted. I was going to be disappointed if we didn't come out of this draft with a WR but now that I think about it, how bad is our stable of WRs really? Think about it. Hartline, Bess, Wallace, Moore, Pruitt, Gates and the guy from SD. It may not actually be that bad. We're looking at it and saying we don't have a Marshall on the roster. Ok, fair enough. But what if we could get more production from guys like Gates and Wallace. I actually don't think our WR core is nearly as bad as the media is playing up. You don't have to have first or second round picks to have good WRs. Look at Stevie Johnson in Buffalo and Victor Cruz with NYG. Cruz was a NOBODY before he broke out last year. The guy in NO was a 7th round pick (forget his name now).Bess was a FA. Same with Walace. When we look at the WR core I see potential. Now I like Chris Givens a lot. I'd be looking at drafting another CB and maybe a guard. Keep in mind we don't have a 6th round pick after the Bush trade.

We got SD 6th rd....when we traded back in the 3rd.....

Craig, The problem with our WR core at the moment is that we only have 1 that can get open consistently. And that is Bess. If Gates has improved by leaps and bounds then we'd have 2. We do have Bush so there is a decent weapon. We need a guy that is going to create separation and get open. Also Bess is the only that can create YAC. Hartline catches the ball then falls almost immediately a lot. Gates if improved will help but we need at the very least 1 more guy. Is there a guy in the 4th that can be that player? That is the question. There are a few I like.

Joe Adams
Nick Toon

To name just 4 that could help in that area.

Yeah good point, Kris. YOu OK with what we've done so far?

I happen to think our secondary is more of a question mark than our Wrs. Too many big plays given up last year. That needs to change.

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