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Dolphins pick Vernon, trade down, pick Egnew

The Dolphins used their No. 72 pick in the third round to draft defensive end Oliver Vernon of the University of Miami.

The team then traded No. 73 to the San Diego Chargers for No. 78 overall and No. 183, which is a sixth-round pick.

Vernon, 6-3 and 261 pounds, was told by the team he'll work in the 4-3. Vernon's best year came in 2010 when he had 10.5 sacks. He was suspended in the Nevin Shapiro scandal last year and contributed only 3.5 sacks in six games.

I asked Vernon who he would characterize his Hurricanes career.

"Unfulfilled," he said.

Vernon is the first University of Miami draftee for the Dolphins since Vernon Carey in 2004.

With selection No. 78, the Dolphins then picked Missouri tight end Michael Egnew, a 6-5, 252-pound seam threat who can also block.

Last season, Egnew caught 50 passes for 523 yards and three touchdowns.


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Here's a bigger list of WR's I like.

Chris Givens
Juron Criner
Nick Toon
Marvin McNutt
Joe Adams
Marvin Jones
Greg Childs
Jarius Wright
Dwight Jones
Devon Wylie

Streter is available but to me he's a late round project.

Craig M....

In a moment of complete honesty.....I don't watch College Football....I after the 1st RD....i have NO IDEA who any of these guys are...or what they did ni their college career.....

Once I see them play in a game of two (pro level...NOT pre-season)....I can pretty much decide for myself if the guy is a gamer or not....and more often than not....my gut instinct after a few games tells me everything I need to know....

But in the draft process.....I am totally reliant on YOU GUYS...and Ireland to tell me if we are on the right track or not.....

My determination will come about week 5 or 6....


Not a fan of Toon but I like Adams and McNutt. Don't know Criner. Surprised you don't have Givens on there.

My only problem with the whole thing is I think the secondary is more of a concern. I don't trust some of the guys back there. They are too prone to giving up the big play. I read a stat that we were 3rd or 4th in the league last year for giving up plays over 20 yards. That needs to change. I'd be more tempted to spend it on CB.

I think Hartline is better than you give him credit for. Probably nothing better than an average two on his best day but he comes up with big plays from time to time. I don't think we've seen anything close to the best from guys like Gates, Moore and Wallace and that's what I want to see. I'd be more tempted to go WR early next year if these show they don't have it this year.

Wow guys. What's funny is the fact that if the Tuna had actually drafter better while he was here and we had better records the last two years all you haters would be praising these picks.

All you guys have been crying for a qb. When we finally use a first for the first time since Marino, you guys start to hate. The kids only question mark is experience. Come on guys.

Our biggest problem on offense last year was Columbo at RT. We got a guys in the 2nd that was projected to go in the first. He is an athletic finese tackle, but we are gonna use zone blocking now so we need those kind of guys. Plus he can always slide to LT if Long gets hurt wich is a huge plus.

The Vernon pick is also a great pick. He would have been picked much higher if he hadn't been suspended. You question his character? If you guys are the least bit informed about the Dolphins, you know we don't pick kids in the draft with questionable character issues. It fills a positional need and the pass rushing need as well.

Now on Egnew. He is not a blocking TE. We already have one of those. This guys is an athletic former WR with great hands and great size and arm length. He is gonna be a great target for the qb especially in the redzone.

In closing, we have never had such a talented qb since Marino. The guys has A+ grades in smarts,athleticism,character and arm strength. Imagine Tim Tebow but with prototypical size and arm strength. This guys deserves to be embraced by the fans. You don't want to have to go into hiding once this guy becomes the best since Marino and all you did was hate on him.

Great job Ireland and company and go Dolphins!!!

Craig, didn't think of him off the top of my head but did after I posted that. So I sent a larger list.

The more I look, the happier I am with this draft. TanneHill has all the tools. Strength, size, accuracy. He needs work obviously but he will get there. Martin solidifies the O-line and will start immediately. Oliver can play all over the field and the fact he came from our backyard at the |_| thrills me. There are receivers in the later rounds that graded out as 2nd and third rounders that will be there still.taking Egnew and adding him opposite Fasano will give us more options of attack. I will give Ireland credit when he deserves it. I like what he is doing in this draft


I'm not any better than you. I have a choice every weekend to watch the pros or College but not both. Just don't have the time. So, obviously I'd rather watch our team.

I don't know these guys any better than you. I read a lot and listen to what's been said but it's not the same. That's why I don't know enough about the last two picks to have a valid opinion. Guys tells me Ireland did well. I'll believe that until I see differently. I don't love the Vernon pick but that's just my gut reaction. People liek Texas tell me he did well and I'm more likely to believe someone who knows more about it than me.

Bobby, the one guy I didn't know much about before we picked was Vernon. But since I have seen him he's really powerful and athletic. He is going to put the hybrid in the 4/3 hybrid IMO. He has the athletic ability to drop in coverage and the quickness and power to rush the passer. Now the bad, he has little experience so he'll probably start right off the bat but will have a lot to learn. He has limited pass rush moves BUT he has the ability and can learn them.

We have NO playmakers!

Good morning guys. I'm thinking we're looking WR, then defense bpa available today.

It will interesting to see how for Lamar Miller falls today. Apparently teams are questioning his knees.

No talent and no cap space. Thanx Jeffy.

Need a solid, experienced safety. Crucial back there to know what you and other People are doing.


Big fans of the players we picked up. Our offensive line is now complete with talent, now its up to the coaches to make it work. Tannehill and Egnew have big play ability on offense. Olivier Vernon has as much talent as most of the pass rusher that went before him.

Once Brian Quick and Hill were gone, i have been holding out hope we can pick up Chris Givens. If we do pick him up, then we add high level talent to each of the big need positions.

If i were the phins i would take two WRs. Givens and who ever has big time talented Tommy Streeter, McNutt, Benjiman, Dwight Jones, Marvin Jones, Joe Adams, Nick Toomer. And would like us to take a shot at Lamar Miller.

Cheapskate Ross doesnt want to pay Cam Wake or Jake Long! Its no wonder we stink!

To all the Ireland haters, who see Ireland as nothing more than a Parcells puppet, and unable to be objective in his selections, here's what we've seen so far:
Team takes a QB for the first time in almost 30 years. Think that would have ever happened under Parcells?
Takes a TE in the third round. Again, wouldn't have happened under Parcells.
They actually took somebody from the U for the first time since 2004.
Sometimes maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks.
Posted by: Craig M | April 27, 2012 at 10:39 PM


Good point Craig. The value in eliminating Sparano from the decision making seems to be reaping some dividends. I agree, Ireland would never have taken Ryan unless the coaching staff was 150% behind it and lobbying for it. They obviously know something about him that others don't and at some point in this process that is essential.

Egnew is a Philbin pick all the way. He's a WCO TE and possibly gives us a reason to jettison Fasano who will not fit into the new offense as well. Martin is an outstanding tackle. Intelligent players usually have very long careers as offensive lineman. If we resign Long, combined with Pouncey and Martin, we'll have a solid OL for years to come. As far as Vernon is concerned, I'll defer to the UM fans here. I don't know much about him, but you have to think that we did a good job scouting him since he is just down the road.

I still have little trust or faith in Jeffy, but at least we have some different and new voices in the building that are not Parcell's disciples. If Fireland listens to them, he may last longer in this position than we all thought.



I'm OK with the guys e have in the secondary. I think we'll be OK between Jones, Clemmons, Marshall, Wilson and Williams. I'm more concerned with CB.

By the way guys, I read some people say that Martin won't give us 'impact' at RT. Huh? I guess impact must mean different things to different people but to me this addresses a big need on our team. If you watched Colombo last year how can you say Martin won't provide impact. No he won't be scoring touchdowns but if he keeps his QB clean that to me is 'impact'.

I am not a fan of Ireland, he should have been gone with Sparano....

but I must say we are having a solid draft, not great but not bad

Only time will tell.....

Egnew looks like a poor mans Jimmy Graham, I like

My 2nd biggest complaint would be missing out on the all the receiver talent that's come off the board. Buy, Like DC said, too many holes to fill with one draft.

I had Martin in one of my Mocks. Judging from limited amount of info, Martin is "My Kind" of OT. I think we got real good value for the pick too.

With Vernon's circumstances it's pretty limited in what you can assume about the guy. I don't care about the drama they tied too him. BUT, because of THAT Drama, I think we could have got him later. I'm also convinced we passed over better options to get him.

Egnew has to be the 2nd best pick so far(next too Martin). 90 catches with Gabbert. 50 with the new guy! Hopefully he teams with Clay to give us a Patriots type double TE threat.

I originally thought he was a gigantic reach. Backing off on that SOME now. I still think he was a small reach, but after learning more about him, I'm sure other teams were starting to consider him. Too much production to be ignored. Most if not all of last years drop off can be attributed to team circumstances, namely no Gabbert.

I sure hope you're right, Craig.

I do not see a make a difference receiver left in this draft. I am no wr expert. I almost think we should trade for jacoby jones. Not that he is incredible. But he catches the ball.

Man, 90 passes for a TE in College must be some kind of All-Star!


I hope your IMPACT inference wasn't directed towards me.

I quoted Armando himself. My post read, according to Armando, OT are NOT Impact players. I was simply pointing it out for those that like to have it both ways.

Anybody could have replaced Colombo. Martin is better than that. He'll make us forget Carey and Colombo very quickly.

I really don't like watching the later rounds. The talking heads get yapping and its hard to keep up with who's going where.

I'm hoping for Givens or Criner with our first pick off the board today.

Brandon Boykin and Ronnell Lewis would be very tempting though.

Dear Boycott the Fish, you ate now free to go back to the Jets Blog, thanks for stopping by to show your ignorance

Yeah, sure, Martin was kind of pushed around last year sommetimes. He just needs to get stronger.

If I was going to fire just one between Ireland and Sparano, I would've fired Ireland.



You're one of the guys it was directed at yes. I don't care about what Armando or anyone else says about OL not being impact guys. Try telling that to Tom Brady and the Ol he has in front of him. If you can't keep your QB clean, then he can't make the plays he needs to make. Armando was the first to say on the live blog last night that he 'loves' what the Steelers were doing with two OL in the first two rounds. Their line is beat up and old. Time to replace some pieces and let Ben and the running game do their thing. That's 'impact'.

We had a turnstile at RT last year. Hopefully that problem is gone. That has 'impact' on what we're able to do as a team.

One other thing guys. I like Martin as much as anybody. He SHOULD be an upgrade over Colombo. But he needs to get stronger. That's the reason he dropped. So it's not an automatic he starts from day one, despite what everyone is saying. There are MANY tackles who went top ten and flamed out in their first few seasons. The NFL is a big jump for a lot of these guys from College. This won't be a popular opinion but right now it's Murtha's job to lose. Martin's going to have to show he can get the job done and be a better option. Understand, I really like the pick. It does not automatically make him the starter and if he doesn't start right away he's not a bust....can we just erase all that crap now?

Now Ireland will proceed to draft Players nobody has heard about, not even Mel Kiper; and they will turn out pretty good.

My mother is an upgrade over Colombo. So is my 4 year old.

Bro, that Pittsburgh OL looks awesome on paper.

God all of fans REALLY suck. Cant you people say anything positive??? No wonder this team has been in the shitter. The fanbase has sucked more than the team has. I think this draft has been pretty solid. You stupid fans know NOTHING about football. These players YOU all want probably dont fit in their system. They look for guys that will fit in their system, that have good character and play hard. I would rather have that than a guy with a name.

You guys really need to really study the game, college and pro before posting anything. You know more about the grass these players play on than you do about the game itself.

It was about the 8th overall pick and how it was squandered. We could have traded down and picked the 2nd to 3rd round project there while adding picks. Or simply used the pick on a playmaker that could actually start and be worthy of the 8th overall pick.

Try to comprehend what you read BEFORE responding. It'll be a lot less confusing for you.

Posted by: odinseye | April 28, 2012 at 05:38 AM

You are confusing your imagination with reality. The reality is there was no worthwhile offer to trade down. Just because you say we should have, doesn't mean we could have.

As to your second point, it is you that can't comprehend what you read. I said since the pick was Tannehill, GET OVER IT. Lets judge his play on our team, let's give him a chance to prove his value.

If you would rather spend the next several months whining about it, keep in mind that won't change anything.


I'd be very surprised if Martin doesn't start day one.

Everthing being equal he'll get the nod.

Sure, Craig(about Murtha).

Stop judging the tannehill pick. No one knows if he will be good or bad. Our coaches know him better than everyone. So you have to like the pick. They know a hell of a lot about him more than anyone posting here.

So the Egnew pikc really surprised me. I liked what I saw of Clay last year and didn't think we needed another TE. Are guys looking at this as Fasano's replacement, like in the forseeable future? I wouldn't think there's much of a trade market for Fasano. Nice to see us with the option of working in a multiple TE formation but how soon before Fasano is gone? I don't see him as guy who fits into this offence.

Only beef with us about Ireland is that we are used to the Best of the Best, not just "pretty good".

Craig does make me realize though if some of these so so veterans we have on the roster buy into Philbin and his coaches, they could raise there game.

At the middle of the season last year they really turned it up when Sparano loosened up at practice.

Guys like John Jerry, Koa Misi, Sean Smith, Clemons who knows. They either have to step it up or step out.

Is Ross going to honor Tim Tebow again this year?

That's no TE, man, that's a fukking huge WR.

Dolfan Rick,

I expect Jerry to play a lot better beside Martin. I know a lot of people have blasted him in the past but what's to say part of his problems were trying to cover for Colombo and unfamiliarity with Pouncey. I'm expecting big things from Jerry this year. The job is his if he wants it.

Never been a Fasano fan. Hoping the kids can eventually push him right off the team.

Love what the Pats have done, so far. Don't love what the Bills and Jets have done. Jets, as is typical for them have gambled. They'll either hit it out of the park or bust.

Now, really Ross B, don't get me going.

Craig, Right after the pick of Egnew I believe I wrote that this could be the end of Fasano and the 4 mil cap hit he takes. Since then I have read that the Egnew pick was not only to get a talented pass catching TE but to get rid of more the cruft of TE's that really don't ever play. I am not sure who those guys are but it seems to me if you really don't contribute that Philbin doesn't want you on the team. SO we may be down to 3 or 4 TE's next year that can all play.

Curious what guys think of Brandon Boykin. I realize this guy has had some health concerns but how much do you trust Smith and Davis back there. Way too many big plays given up in the secondary, not all the fault of those two. Worth the risk?

Too short and I would bet Ireland doesn't even have em on his board.

IMO he's a good DB but I would bet we don't take Boykin cause of Ireland's size requirement.


Thanks. You may well be right. Just wanted to hear what people thought of him.

Leave Ireland alone. He's pretty good at picking these so-so Players


I posted shortly after I believed the Egnew pick gives us the ability to eliminate some of the useless clutter nbehind Fasano. I dont look for Fasano to be jettisoned right away because he is very serviceble.

However if the kid looks great right away, Im sure Fasano will first be asked to take a pay cut, if he refuses then sayanora!

YG - you may have written it but where I read it was on twitter. I believe it was Volin that wrote that. SO he was having same thoughts as you.

Egnew will never block like Fasano does. He's not a TE by trade, you know, YG?

Its a beautiful day!

Come on guys. The proof will be in the pudding.

If we go 7-9 (or worse) then Ireland needs to be fired. If we go 9-7 (or better) then Ireland needs to be retained. 8-8 he needs to be on a one year contract.

There are no other options between those two. Ireland needs to have a plus 500 record for anyone on here to claim he knows what he is doing.

If he goes 0-3 in the first 3 games he needs to be fired before the bye week.

I don't see Fasano going anywhere. Egnew and Fasano are two totally different Tight Ends. Fasano can block and is more of a big lumbering TE. Egnew will be used much differently.

Good article by Armando, especially the line about Colombo being a stop gap (not stopping anyone but leaving a gap in the o-line.

What I don't agree with is this;

"This team picked Chad Henne and Phillip Merling in the second round. The Dolphins picked Pat White in the second round. The club gave up two second-round picks for Brandon Marshall."

Actually THIS team didn't. Of course if you look at it in a shortsighted way you could say that, but the Miami Dolphins name is the only thing that has remained a constant throughout the years, even the stadium name has changed a few times. Point being just because the club name is the same doesn't mean the philosophies remain. Philbin and Sherman had a lot of input in this draft. Ireland is the trigger man but they're obviously going after players with a different make up this time around. Lets not hold Philbin and crew responsible for mistakes mostly made by that pompous windbag Bill Parcell's who brought us Pat White. This team did not draft all of those players, Parcell's team did.

Rams have done a very nice job of filling some holes. They had a TON of holes last year but they are well on their way to getting back to respectability.

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