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Dolphins pick Vernon, trade down, pick Egnew

The Dolphins used their No. 72 pick in the third round to draft defensive end Oliver Vernon of the University of Miami.

The team then traded No. 73 to the San Diego Chargers for No. 78 overall and No. 183, which is a sixth-round pick.

Vernon, 6-3 and 261 pounds, was told by the team he'll work in the 4-3. Vernon's best year came in 2010 when he had 10.5 sacks. He was suspended in the Nevin Shapiro scandal last year and contributed only 3.5 sacks in six games.

I asked Vernon who he would characterize his Hurricanes career.

"Unfulfilled," he said.

Vernon is the first University of Miami draftee for the Dolphins since Vernon Carey in 2004.

With selection No. 78, the Dolphins then picked Missouri tight end Michael Egnew, a 6-5, 252-pound seam threat who can also block.

Last season, Egnew caught 50 passes for 523 yards and three touchdowns.


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I believe at least one more olineman's taken before the draft's over. Incrible OT Bobby Massie's still on the board. If he's still there at our pick he's still un upgrade to some of the other oline crap on our roster.

I would take Massie if he's still available. Having both Massie and Martin would be incredible insurance should something go south with Jake Long(injury whatever0. Plus he gives high quality depth and can be cross trained as a backup.

I am very aggressive today and I certainly don't want to take it out on other People, least of all the very potential project known as YG/DB+many.

I think we need Fasano. When you have a set with Fasano and Egnew, it will be like having 4 WR's.

Good grief there goes Givens.

Dolfan Rick is a fan of "Peanuts"

I will go and play my Ponies now, a la BP.

I think this may be the start of the run on WR and why Miami just traded up.

I hope we don't have run on WR's now. Oh boy a trade.


Not many TE's are very good blockers coming into the nfl. Some take a few years to hone that trait with intensive weight room training, coaching, and experience.

Toon, Jones, McNutt or Joe Adams.

I settled down on the Vernon trade. It's not like it's Vern Troyer or something.

Did Ireland draft another Pat White when he picked Tannehill?

Lamar Miller, I like it baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow Miller.

Insurance against Bush going down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trade up? Wow!

Wow! Didn't see that one coming. What does it mean to Bush and Thomas? I like Miller too but was this really a need? What did we give up?

A RB?!

That wasn't even a top 5 need.

Can't argue with the value or the talent. Just not the way I thought he would go.

Well, I can't complain about that especially in the 4th. Rather a receiver but Miller's explosive. Now, who are they trading?
Is DT on the block?

We have taken 2 UM players now. WOWWww!!!!!!!!!!!

expect Jerry to play a lot better beside Martin. I know a lot of people have blasted him in the past but what's to say part of his problems were trying to cover for Colombo and unfamiliarity with Pouncey. I'm expecting big things from Jerry this year. The job is his if he wants it.
Never been a Fasano fan. Hoping the kids can eventually push him right off the team.

We'll see dramatic improvement in our offense with the upgrade at RT. Colombo was so bad that he dragged down the rest of the offense with him.

Sometimes I just don't understand the need to trade up. I like Miller but that is just a head scratcher of a pick for us.

Lamar Miller (born April 25, 1991) is an American football running back for the University of Miami Hurricanes. Miller is considered one of the top running backs in the 2012 NFL Draft. He is the first Miami running back since Willis Mcgahee to rush for over 1000 yards in a season. From Wikipedia

Yeah I don't really get the pick. You can never have enough playmakers and I like the value but I thought there were other needs to be addressed. Still don't like the CBs.

If Trent Dilfer knows what he's talking about we're in store for some exciting offense in Miami.

C'mon September!!

I always thouight Lamar Miller was the most underrated rb in this entire draft. But I had no clue we would be drafting a rb.

Guys, this is an astounding pick up. He didnt have a great oline to run behind at the U. Miller will be the 5-digit in Miami!

According to ESPN...Miller was the BPA....thats all we can ask....

First round talent -lamar miller- in the fourth? I can understand that, considering I'm still not big on daniel thomas or anyone else not named reggie bush as a RB out of our back field.

Miller a beast. Positives he's explosive and fast in the open field. Negatives: pass blocking needs help, injury prone? I wonder who's on the trading block DT?

I know this guy. Has great vision and moves and is fast as all hell. IMO, the best pick by Ireland this far down in the Draft.

You can kind of see a pattern forming here and what kind of get an idea of what the offense is going to look like. This could be interesting.
Gave up a 6th this year and next year.

So now we're taking best player available from the board and ignoring team needs? I'm assuming they are happy with the current crop of WRs we have on the team (I'm clueless as to why) but how about the glaring hole at OLB? How exactly has that been addressed? We picked up Westerman, he's the answer? Nervous about that position considering we get beat by good TEs on a weekly basis.

This is NOT the Bill Parcells model....


Drafting Lamar Miller and adding Slaton speaks volumes about D Thomas being a total bust. 3 picks for Thomas down the drain.

Another guy from the |_| !!! Love it! Lamar will give us some nice depth and insurance in case someone goes down

YG, I agree and wondered why Miller slided into the 4th but was a strange pick for us.

He is definitely a weapon and will creat match up issues for opposing D's.


Miller's a pretty good pass blocker too. I can see scheme with he and Bush both in backfield and and Bush splits out wide. Or Miller can split out wide.

Texas, this is a move that helps give a full throttle offensive playbook and create mismatches galore for the defense. Man this Philbin guy aint no joke. I see it by this pick!

Anyone know what we gave up?

With Miller, Bush, Clay, Egnew it takes some of the pressure off the receivers to produce a lot of yards for the team.
It looks like there's going to be a lot of spreading the ball around.

Its a beautiful day!

Since we traded a third round pick that means we only got 1 third round pick for Marshall right?

Westerman has literally averaged 12 tackles per season for three years. There is no way he is our new OLB unless Jeff really wants out of Miami.

We still need a WR. Do we have any more picks? I hope McButt lasts until our pick

Some fans are as excited about Tannehill as they were about Pat White and Chad Henne.


REMEMBER....INITIAL FA is plan B.....the draft is PLAN A....and then there is the cuts from other teams...were they cut role players or inxerprinced guys....thats plan C....

we still have plan C

A 6th this year and next year

WOW, We gave up or pick 196 and a 6th round next year. To move up 6 spots.

I think of I get the idea. Let say after Reggie Bush makes a carry and is tackled and is winded, he runs of the field and Lamar Miller runs on.

I'm not sure what it means for Daniel Thomas though.

Beam me up Scotty!

They must feel that Miller will help much more than what's left on the receiver board. Or maybe, the receivers left are so close to each other that they can get one in the fifth that is not much different than what they can get in the fourth.

Also, you had to be suprised at the end of the third that Miller was still available. They made this decision last night to move up if St. Louis didn't take him.

For some reason, the U has been underrated in the NFL for many years. No more.

They still have their 5th and a 6th from the trade down yesterday.

It doesn't say anything about D. Thomas. It says that Slaton and what's his face are on their way out if they don't perform. Bush, Thomas, Miller will be our three backs with three guys fighting for the fourth spot. Thomas is in beast mode right now according to all reports. Healthy, bigger, faster, chip on his shoulder, working out hard. He aint going nowhere ya knee jerk nincompoop.

I know some of you want the wr, but think about the wr's we already have. Then think in terms that now Bush and Lamar Miller can be split out wide to create mismatches in coverage.

Philbins showing there's more than one way to skin a cat. Finally looks like we have a hc that may be good test for Belichik. In the past we've been playing checkers while Belichik played chess.

I wonder if Ireland is going to try and get back into the 4th and get one more playmaker or sit tight.

NO ONE can criticize Ireland for taking Miller. IMO--He was the 2nd best RB in this draft. I f#cking love what Ireland is doing this year!!!

Now get us a WR!!!!

Maybe we're going for the hometown trifecta. Streeter in the 5th anyone? :)

Gave up a six this year and next

Washington with 2 QBs....wow.....

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