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Dolphins pick Vernon, trade down, pick Egnew

The Dolphins used their No. 72 pick in the third round to draft defensive end Oliver Vernon of the University of Miami.

The team then traded No. 73 to the San Diego Chargers for No. 78 overall and No. 183, which is a sixth-round pick.

Vernon, 6-3 and 261 pounds, was told by the team he'll work in the 4-3. Vernon's best year came in 2010 when he had 10.5 sacks. He was suspended in the Nevin Shapiro scandal last year and contributed only 3.5 sacks in six games.

I asked Vernon who he would characterize his Hurricanes career.

"Unfulfilled," he said.

Vernon is the first University of Miami draftee for the Dolphins since Vernon Carey in 2004.

With selection No. 78, the Dolphins then picked Missouri tight end Michael Egnew, a 6-5, 252-pound seam threat who can also block.

Last season, Egnew caught 50 passes for 523 yards and three touchdowns.


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Cousins to Skins with RG3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought that the Niners or the Giants might take Miller at the end of the first. Anyone who has seen Miller knows he's special.

Great, can't wait for plan C, sounds like a great way to build a team. "And now,,,, you're starting weak side line backer,,,,,PLAN C".

Have liked the draft up until the last two picks. On the fence about the TE and just don't get why we take a RB when we are already set and have many other needs including FS,OLB, AND WR.

WHDP, I like Miller and he is a talented guy was just questioning trading up. Why not sit tight if you are just going BPA through the rest of the draft.

..I turned on the telecast a little late..Lamar Miller. I'm sure you Miami guys can break him down a bit..The NFL Network guys said that Miller is a good runner on early downs. Poor on goal line, third down, an needs to learn how to pass protect at the next level..Homerun threat..Is this a fair observation?? Like I said I watched 0 UM(Miami) games, know nada about any of these guys..Oliver Vernon included.

When is our next draft pick?

Gave up a six this year and next

For Lamar Miller (if he can stay healthy) that might be the steal of the draft. I liked him better than LeMichael James & David Wilson.

When you trade up, it means you're so sure of a guy you don't wanna take any chances.

Smart move by the Skins. After all they gave up for RG3 if he's a bust, now they have Cousins.

Mando where are you
What are the specifics of our trade up


I'm not saying you gotta like it.....i'm just giving you some possible other options....

I like that pick by Carolina. Watched him a lot and wondered why he wasn't rated higher. He was all over the place in college.

Okay someone whop is feeling positive about this please talk me down if you have a second. Why should I not be concerned with the glaring holes we have at our playmakers positions. OLB,WR,AND FS. All huge play makers on any team, why are we ignoring our needs at these positions? TE AND RB were fine, I just don't get it.

You no let me watch my Ponies.


Go F?K yourself, Simple minded PRICK.

A sixth to get Miller could prove to be steal of the century. I believe behind a good oline he could be a Chris Johnson type, only slightly slower.

The Redskins are crazy.

LOL---some Dolphins Reporter... Dolphins make a steal pick in the 4th rd and Mando is no where to be found...switching over to Omar Kelly--guy has been on the money...

Cousins is long term trade bait for Washington. I'm sure Miami will be looking them up in 3 years. Just like they were looking up Flynn.

The only thing I can think of with the FS thing is that it would be impossible for a 4th 5th etc round pick to come in as a FS and immediately start. I get that, and there probably isn't anyone on the board who would be an upgrade over Clemons or Jones so okay.

But WR? Wide receiver?!!! There are good ones left, why not grab someone a nd force Moore and Wallace to show up finally? OLB is killing me. We could have had the guy who went to Pittsburgh but now we have another TE. Just confused.

Lamar Miller probably was a legit 1st rd rb playing behind a peewee league oline at the U.


OLB / DE / Hybrid = Vernon - has a lot to learn but has a lot of talent. Just not experienced.

WR ???
FS = already on team????

The TE we got will improve that position for us.

Lamar Miller has a bum shoulder and a bum attitude. He'll be out of the league by 2015.

We don't need Armando or anybody else, man. We here know.


That was my initial feeling as well....but I want to be positive......


My guess is Philbin has big plans for Gates. Maybe we draft a wr, but a kick return type to replace Gates with those duties, as Philbin has him play bigger role in offense.

Any chance NIck Toon is still there for our next pick?

Bobby Massie in the 5th?

The thing that worries me a little bit is. We've been talking about Philbin and Sherman and the WCO, but these guys are cooking up something a little different.

Their talking about an even faster paced, spread offense.

I hope their not over thinking. I had my share of tinkering with the Wildcat.

It sure sounds exciting though and it couldn't be any more opposite then Parcell's 3 yards and a cloud of dust plodding.

Rather, the Owner of the Redskins is crazy(or semms to be so).

I really like Wylie, he is Welker 2.0 with more speed.

YG earlier you said Miller a good pass protecter your wrong. He needs to work on this also he needs to work in receiving out of the backfield. Darryl I watch a lot of UM games. Miller is special he has great vision and agility and speed in short burst and long burst. No one can't catch him in the open field. Hes needs to get stronger he has a lil bit of history being injury prone. But the guys a steal in the 4th. He was rated as high as the number 2 rb behind Richardson

That's what Dilfer said on ESPN that Miami is going to be going fast on offense and giving the defense no time to make adjustments or subsitutions and never slow down like a college offense.
I don't know how accurate that is but it sure looks that way.


Do you get the fact that this is a new coaching staff and they want offense! Dolphins look to be adding playmakers and speed on offense! The days of averaging 17.3 points a game are soon to be over!

BTW, has anybody checked to see if what NFL personnel guy is impersonating Ireland? This is not the Ireland Dolphin fans know.

Sounds fun to watch Lou.

Now they just need Childs and NaPalm!

Actually selecting a rb(Miller) is a great idea. Behind Thomas, there wasnt a rb who was a lock to make the team. Steve Slayton was one final cut away to ending his career. No one else wants him.

Slayton's career was pretty ended before we signed last year! LOL

How was Miami set at RB before picking Miller? Thomas was an injury prone rookie & Bush has 1 year left on his deal who is also very injury prone.

Steve Slaton was the other guy & he hasn't done anything in 3 years & only has a 1 year deal.

Not saying I agree with the pick but, anyone who says the pick is questionable because we are set at Rb doesn't know this team very well.

Is mando taking the day off?


That actually reminds me of the Saints offense. Maybe thats where Philbin wanted to go in Green Bay and they did to a point.

The Saint's recievers and backs are taught to run off the field immediatly after the play and a new group runs on.

Kris I thought you were being sarcastic. :) Not a lot of hope for plan c but I know it's in place. As well as the expanded training camp rosters, maybe they find their guy at olb.

Rick, Don't we need anothergroup of WR's for that?

..Clue Thank you..I was trying to find something on him. And everything I read said the same..Homerun hitter, struggles in pass protection, short yardage.

Well if this is true. 1, we don't need him for short yardage, or goal line, 2 He will learn to pass protect or he won't see the field..Pretty easy there.

I think..And I could be totaly talking out loud with no evidence to support my opinion. But, didn't the Canes run a zone read offense last year? Miller fits the mold of one cut runner? That would make a lot of sense as to why we took him..comfortablity in a similar run scheme.

Guys let's slow down for a second here. What does the Miller pick mean? First of all, I love the player himself. I agree with YG, I think he was one of the most underrated guys in the draft. I figured the team that got him would be getting a star. But what does this mean for the other backs on the team? Bush? Thomas? The guy from Canada? I'll throw this out there as a thought. Any chance Bush gets traded? Do people see this move as insurance should Bush or Thomas get injured? Does this protect the team if Bush doesn't resign? I like the pick, just need to understand it better.

I share some of Pnins78's concerns. Like the player but I still we have other needs. For the guys that know Vernon, could he become OLB in our new defence? Don't know enough about him and what he's capable of. Thanks.

According to what I just saw we only have a 6th and 7th left
4-12 this year.


We have more holes to fill than draft picks. No matter what picks we make, someone will say well why did we ignore some other position. My guess is they saw too much value in Miller in the 4th to pass him up. I'm thrilled we added some fire to the offense. All the D in the world won't outscore the elite opponents we have to beat to win in the playoffs.

What we have left:

Round 5, Pick 10 (145) --
Round 6, Pick 13 (183) (From Chargers) --
Round 7, Pick 8 (215)

Look at the draft day trades here:


EASY DBMFINS, getting a little excited there. If you know my posts you know I am super objective about this team, I'm not an extremist. I was just asking for help in understanding what their thinking might be.

Thanks everyone with the ideas, feeling a little better now. Considered the fact we picked up three 1st round talents as a GOOD thing.

I'm wondering if they would have made the trade if Chris Givens wouldn't have been picked with the 1st pick of the fourth round.

..Craig M..I'm trying to make sense of this pick as well. I don't hate the pick, don't love it. Here is what I think..Philbin knows Bush is a reciever out of the backfield, if used properly a misatch nightmere. Anyone give the thought to the one of the reasons we haven't drafted a reciever is we plan on using Bush as a primary pass threat?? Would it unrealistic to think Bush could have 50-60 catches this season? Throw in the Egnew kid and between he and Fasano if they could combine for 60 catches..This doesn't even include Clay, or the other recievers..How many catches are out there after we account for the players we have now?

So with the running back situation. Since Bush is primarily a reciever now(in my scenario)..We needed a compliment to Thomas..Enter Miller..What say you guys?

I saw ALL UM's games here in TN. True, Miller was not a goal line rusher, but many suspected his shoulder was bad from about game 7.
If his attitude is positive, he will be starting by mid-season.
How anyone can say getting a #10 wideout instead of a #2 RB with game breaking speeds and moves is puzzling.
Bush is 1 hit from IR, and Thomas scares nobody.
Ireland must have known he blew the Thomas trade up, and buried his ego, admitted his error, and made things right.

Fins78...and others...we can't fix EVERY hole in 1 draft. get the BEST players we can, allow this coaching staff...the first really good one OVERALL in YEARS to do there thing.
We now have WEAPONS, speed, and depth on offense.

Personally, I'd like to see another speed rusher or ILB, and sign a couple of FA receivers.
At least 3 of these last 8 remaining will be undrafted.


Why is it that every time we pick up a good player, someone immediately suggests he will replace some other player? (you suggesting Bush now on the trading block)

Remember the concept 'building a team'? Isn't the idea to have multiple threats on the field at the same time? I see him replacing Slaton. Then we have too dangerous speedsters and two hammers, Thomas and that Candadian RB.

Clueless in Miami how is Thomas injury prone? So many rookies in the league were injured last year due to the fact that in their very first season in the NFL they had no off season workout program and very little in the way of a training camp. It was a problem all over the league.

But your other points are totally valid and taking Miller who had a first round early second round grade seems to be like a very smart pick up now.


Good points at 12:55pm. I think you've nailed it. Incidentally, how many catches did Bush have last year? Are we seeing more cathces and less rushes from him this year? Any chance we see him more in special teams?

I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for now , but after watching the dolphins every game since direct tv came out I thought they needed a WR, pass rusher and safety, I am happy they got an olinemen which we needed for sure. I hope Tannehill is a good player, but i have to say when they drafted him , I thought we could have used a Wr , like Floyd or Fletcher Cox an immediate impact player, time will tell if they are right about him, but as a huge fan for 40 years I want to win this year.


I hear what your saying. It's not overe with yet. We may as well stay on the "U" trend and get Streeter in the 7th.

If he's still there that is. I'm losing track now. I just enjoyed the conversation Jaws and Herm Edwards had on the Dolphin QB situation.

I have to admit I wasn't necessarily on the Tannehill train but it's surely getting us some attention.

Sorry..I DO know the difference between "their and there." LOL

Im love the passion here today, and an aside to "JAKE"...take the bad attitude out of here.

Just looks to me like the new coaches have big plans for rebuilding their own offense. Do some of you still reject the idea they are in re-build mode? If they are-- and with a new staff how can they not be-- then they need some time, meaning seasons, to develop the offense they want... the defense will come.


The hometown trifecta - Streeter next pick. Maybe selling more tickets.

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