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Dolphins preseason schedule here (free)

You should have been at the live blog. I interrupted it to share the Dolphins 2012 preseason schedule on there. I also tweeted it so please follow me.

But, alas, if you neither were on the live blog nor are following, I still work on your behalf. Here is Miami's preseason schedule:

Aug. 9-11 TAMPA (home)

Aug. 16-18 at Carolina

Aug. 23-25 ATLANTA (home)

Aug. 29-30 at Dallas

The Dolphins will not be on national TV in the 2012 preseason.

At any rate, football is around the corner! Only four months away.


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That looks like last years schedule!

Hows that disount coffee working out for you old timer?

Since Ireland refuses to sign players to improve our roster & b/c I hate the way he operates in the draft (with the exception of last year) I'm anticipating another pathetic season.

This MIGHT not be such a bad thing since we'd be in a position to take the best QB coming out of college (instead of the 3rd best this year) & Ross would be forced to fire Ireland. I feel bad for Philbin but he was crazy to take this job working with a GM that should have DEFINITELY been fired last year. Sorry Joe but you walked into a mine field with these clowns & you may be the victim of collateral damage.

Finally a pre-season not playing teams the Dolphins will see again in the regular season

same teams every year

Ross needs to lower ticket prices or he'll have an empty stadium again.

We Have Draft Picks is an idiot. There is really no need to expand on that thought.

Who's gonna pay $ to watch this garbage?

we have draft picks, get over it you crying about Ireland aint going anywhere, dumba$$.

Yeah, Philbin has to be questioning his decision to join this cespool. He'll be fired because Irescum cant supply any talent.

I'm not a supporter of Ireland and I was happy to see Sparano go and even happier to see the Jets get him. But...can you all stop crying about Ireland and just move on. He's the GM. End of story! Protesting, calling him names, and slamming the organization about it is pointless and juvenile. I'm a fan and excited about our draft position, happy about the pre-season, and hopeful that Philbin can pull it together by September. I think he can pull it off and and I think we'll challenge the rest of the AFC for a playoff spot. We are going to have a good year. Better coaches now, we'll have an easy schedule, better schemes that will better use the existing talent. Hang on for some fun Sunday's. Be a fan!!

The Dolphins wont get out of the cellar until 2-3 years after Irescum is fired.

Dolphin ticket sales are the lowest they've been since 1969. Ross and Ireland have run this "team" into the ground.

Aug. 9-11 TAMPA (home)
Aug. 16-18 at Carolina
Aug. 23-25 ATLANTA (home)
Aug. 29-30 at Dallas

Mando, Games streching over 2 days??????, Maybe the fins can out last a team over 48 hours, They sure could'nt outlast 10 teams in a 1 hour game... GO PHINS..

Scotty, The team took a southernly turn after H.Wayne(Be kind and rewind)(Or I'll charge you $ 5.00)Huiznga took over, just dont blame Ireland, Though he'll be the reason why we all hope for a 8 and 8 team the next tree years..Just saying..

That game at Dallas when it's over -

Can we accidentally leave Marc Colombo behind?

All of you crying about Ireland just remember he picked Philbin. If his record turns out to be a winner a lot of you may be eating crow.

Dennis, Is there ever been a Recipe for Crow?????, Doubtful we'll never need it any way.

We Have Draft Picks: If you're so sure we're going to suck...so away for a year. You'd be doing yourself a big favor, and all the real fans a bigger one.

MJ: If we're 2-3 years from getting out of the cellar...go away for a 2-3 years. You'd be doing yourself a big favor, and all the real fans a bigger one.

Scotty: I will pay $ to watch this team. If you won't...go away. I will happily buy a couple extra hats and a jacket or two to offset your $. Go away...you'd be doing yourself a big favor, and all the real fans a bigger one.

Cuban Menace: You're the biggest whiner in the Western Hemisphere. If Miami went 16-0, you'd whine they didn't do it with enough elan. Just...GO AWAY. You'd be doing EVERYONE a big, big, big favor. You're not a fan, you're just a self-absorbed whiner. I'm sure it's all you've ever been, just as I'm sure that's all you'll ever be. GIVE UP ON THIS TEAM. The real fans will not miss you.

Oh wow, cant wait to set my calender for these great football games...*SNOOZE*....expect miami to be on national TV just once this year and thats only NFL network becuase their obligated thanks to goodell to show every team once......WHOOPEE!!!!

Matthew, be a good consumer and dont buy this crap product. Hit Ross in the wallet until he fires Lreland.

Ross has to stop charging NFL prices for Arena League football.

LOL @ (Free)

This season (the real season) will be so exciting. I can't wait.

The purpose of the NFL is to provide entertainment. That's what the NFL sells.

Our team is the Miami Dolphins. Regardless what happens, it will be entertaining for the following reasons:

1. We have a brand new coach. He could be great or he could be a disaster like Cam Cameron. We don't know.

2. Whether we are 8-2 or 0-10 after 10 games, either way it's exciting. Will be be in the hunt for another 1-15 season and next year's #1 pick, or will we be good, which would be great, of course.

3. Will Matt Moore be even better than last year, when he was significantly better than Super Bowl winning QB Eli Manning?

4. Or will Garrard be the starter, and will he be good? His last healthy year he had a QB rating of 91 and he's had many near-great seasons with many more TDs and INTs and won games for his team.

5. D Thomas and C. Clay developments? Gates?

6. Will Bush be good and stay healthy again?

7. The Jets have Sparano as the OC and Tim Tebow!!! That's entertaining folks. Period. We play them twice. Totally fun games just to see it, period. Jets in general, not that I'm a fan, will be fun. Will they totally implode and suck or will they be good?

8. Can Brady and the Pats remain dominant, at least during the regular season, or do they start to slip?

9. Manning in Denver.

Freakin' fun season coming up, no matter what. We are either 1-15 terrible again, in which case we get what the Colts get this year, or if we can win 8 games or more, it shows Philbin is good and the following year would be one to watch.

Where are all you stupid rothermfu_ckers?

Hello???? Dag nam it!!!


same teams every year

Posted by: dusty bottoms | April 04, 2012 at 03:45 PM


Every team in the NFL does that every year. Mostly geography/proximity-based.

Nothing new or notable about Miami doing the same as the rest.

All cowards have disappeared in fear of the Great Corn Hoolio.

John Elway is a 4-time loser with a face like a horse.

Who dares challenge the Great Corn Hoolio?

Apparently, nobody.

It will be fun watching Henne beat us twice a year.


1/2 dozen crow breasts
1 qt. sauerkraut
1/2 dozen strips bacon
1/3 c. chopped onion
In skillet brown the crow breasts, then place them on a 1 1/2" layer of sauerkraut in bottom of a casserole. Cover each piece of meat with a strip of bacon and sprinkle the onion over them. Cover the breast with another layer of sauerkraut and pour sauerkraut juice over it. Bake two hours in oven heated to 350 degrees.

It would be great its Miami against Indy in the SB and Moore beats Luck, that will be classic!

LOL you idiot 2 afc teams in SB???

i am now shutting it down, morons

Why not? If they are the best two teams?

Matthew stop alienating Dolphin fans there aren't many left.
By the way,Miami please play in all white every game thats why i chose my username

When I read the comments of your correspondents I am always astonished how you manage to attract so many with the sloping forehead and intellect of a Jets fan. We live in South Florida, we are lucky enough to hae a football franchise. Do these potential Nobel prizewinners really think that insulting the state of Florida, the owner, the coaches, the players, the fan base, the waterboy is really going to rebuild the franchise? But what do we know? perhaps they know more about football than those who earn their living in the sport. My own feeling is that they might be happier returning to the north where they can beat the wife, kick the cat, marry their sister and receive the applause they must feel they richly deserve.


LOL AND OUT4EVER! LOL..........................

"We Have Draft Picks: If you're so sure we're going to suck...so away for a year. You'd be doing yourself a big favor, and all the real fans a bigger one."

LMAO@Matthew!!! You're right. You're a REAL fan b/c you're delusional about this team. We went 6-10 last year & that was with a elite WR. If you don't replace talent then guess what--you don't f#cking improve. Earth shattering isn't it????

And if I weren't a REAL fan why would I care that we haven't signed better players than Westerman or Hicks??? Apparently you haven't been a fan of this team very long b/c the last ten years will make the most optimistic fan sick to their stomach.

Mel Kipper's new mock draft (4.0) has the Dolphins taking Ryan Tannehill. This is what he writes:

"We know Miami lacks a long-range plan at quarterback, and while Tannehill is not a guy I'd endorse as an immediate starter, his ceiling is so high you can take him here with a plan in place because his rate of growth. His already sound mechanics and skill set imply a bright future. The talent isn't in question".

I not a big Kiper fan but I am an advocate for getting Tannehill so the Dolphins have a QB to develop. It's about time they get this team to where it should be. PLAYOFFS/SB

I'm not saying Tannehill will be great but it sure looks like he has an excellent chance. I like this coaching staff and really believe there is light at the end of this tunnel for the Dolphins.


If we take Tannehill that would imply that Sherman is high on this kid & who would know better than him??? In addition Tannehill knows the offense so that would be a positive.

LOL AND OUT4EVER! LOL..........................
Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | April 04, 2012 at 05:59 PM

ThaNK YOU...

Im out, just wanted to address your post to me.
Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | April 04, 2012 at 02:18 PM

And yet DB/DB/DB Still posts,Come on man..

So Philbin wanted Flynn to be his QB, but Ireland asked Flynn if his momma was a hooka snd then cheapo Ross asked Flynn to play for peanuts. So Flynn made the right choice and avoided this incompetent franchise.

LOL @ Armando


LOL good one!

Dolphins preseason schedule here (free)?

The games should be free. Ross, stop stealing the Dolfans money.

Ross should hire Kiper to do the Dolphin draft.

I love transparency, even on girls.

What do all these "evaluators" know, if they don't know the Plan of each individual Team? Complete BS.

We are letting People impersonate others here, but We know, certainly We know.

buffet of knowleDGE
the potatoes

FREE............. MY AZZZZZZZ


C'mon Armando we know you fully well here. Take your meds.

Now, don't become paranoid on me, This guy is following me. You know very well what I do in Society, plus I know your writing, your voice and your whole behavior. Don't be afraid, it's only an illness, like Diabetes, that has control.

if anyone in Mr.Ross wants to buy my airplane ticket,and my motel room,and give me free tickets to see the Dolphins I would be glad to come watch them play

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