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Dolphins preseason schedule here (free)

You should have been at the live blog. I interrupted it to share the Dolphins 2012 preseason schedule on there. I also tweeted it so please follow me.

But, alas, if you neither were on the live blog nor are following, I still work on your behalf. Here is Miami's preseason schedule:

Aug. 9-11 TAMPA (home)

Aug. 16-18 at Carolina

Aug. 23-25 ATLANTA (home)

Aug. 29-30 at Dallas

The Dolphins will not be on national TV in the 2012 preseason.

At any rate, football is around the corner! Only four months away.


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ALoco thinks Boston is a state.

What a maroon.

How about that name A - Lo - co?

Kinda rhymes with A - Gay - Ho.
Or Dumb - Mo - Fo.
Or Stink - Fo - Sho.
Or Tom Brady - Is - For me O.










Read thru the last blog....

How come NOBODY drilled Armando on his troll problem......

He can't beat you up over the internet....

If your not gonna hold Armando's feet to the fire.....then we basically get what we "didn't" ask for.....

LMAO@Matthew!!! You're right. You're a REAL fan b/c you're delusional about this team. We went 6-10 last year & that was with a elite WR. If you don't replace talent then guess what--you don't f#cking improve. Earth shattering isn't it????
And if I weren't a REAL fan why would I care that we haven't signed better players than Westerman or Hicks??? Apparently you haven't been a fan of this team very long b/c the last ten years will make the most optimistic fan sick to their stomach.
Posted by: We Have Draft Picks

Hey Man your still here? thought you were giving up on the team ???... do us a favor and go watch baseball or something... if you're not a fan anymore move on with your life and leave the rest of us dolphin fans that believe in the team alone ..... or are you just going to be another TROLL jet fan that just comes on here and wines and looks like a loser that doesn't have anything to do with his time?

and by the way WE HAVE DRAFT PICKS having or not having a Elite W/R doesn't make your record .. plenty of teams last year didnt have one and did way better than us last year ... just maybe we sucked because we had a elite W/R and the Q/B thought he had to try to get him the ball on every pass play with made us look predictable ... Just admit the real reason your upset is because you own a Marshall jersey and now cause youe homeless without a job you can't get another one , and it will make you look like a dumba$$ going to the bar to watch the game in it because you cant afford to even pay Direct TV Sunday ticket to watch the game much less go to the stadium1 ...LOL JUST GO AWAY and leave us "so called blind fans alone" and dont come back being a bandwagon fan either when we start winning ... WE DONT NEED YOU!

We won't be on national TV for years. We are officially the Matt Millen lions of this era










I'm not mad .. just wanna set dumba$$'s on this blog sr8 Aloco AKA jet fan


I'm gonna be optimistic with Jeff Row though.

We may not make the playoffs but I think we'll improve week to week.

Philbin strikes me as a coach players will want to play for.


In case you haven't realized it yet, the bloggers here are so desperate for football chat that they accept trolls and go as far as to respond to those like PriceMaster/The SMF who tells the bloggers they will have to swallow his load.

It is sad.

It is sick.

It is a disease.

The bloggers here need football chat so badly they will take it from anyone, pun intended. That is just the way it is.

Philbin strikes me as a coach players will want to play for.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | April 04, 2012 at 09:20 PM

They wanted to play for Sparano too. Only they didn't play.

Crap teams like the Dolphins breed trolls. If and when they ever become competitive the trolls will become homers.

This draft is filled with elite W/r's that are gonna be way better than B.Marshall ever was or will every be.. so I'm not worried









Posted by: ALoco | April 04, 2012 at 08:54 PM

This is supposed to be funny?
It's repetitive and boring.
Time to think of something new - if you can!
And please - no reference to your boyfriend tom Brady.


They decided they wanted to play for Sparano 1/2 way through the season at 0-7. In a failed attempt to save his job.

And that even took him totally changing every thing he believed in (as he put it) and started taking a different more laid back approach and eased up practices.

I'm sitting here on this blog talking to one person that changes his name after every post... so i doubt there are many troll that the dolphins have ..just a couple that think they are smart, screwing with dolphin fans and dont have anything to do with their time because everyone outside in their New jersey HOME that shoots up Steriods wants a piece of his butt ..LOL

Yeah ALoco AKA jet fan.. isn't very intelligent ... must of learned how to Copy and Paste on his computer a awhile ago ... so thats all he does ...LOL

you know things are bad when... the fans stay in their seats for the the halftime show and when the third quarter the crowd heads for the restrooms

Are there any Dolphin fans left?

Tim Knight

just slide that cok w genitial warts right up insideme

dont make me beg, timmy!

Lick my warts u screaming little steroid fairy!

Same teams every preseason - I blame Ireland.


I'm sure you realize this already, but somebody has stolen my name and is saying stupid things......they are using it as a typepad account. Not sure why they are still doing it since I've left them alone for 24 hours but whatever. Last time Armando responded to my email saying he would delete the idiot for me, and he did, but I'm not running to him every time this idiot impersonates me.

Rule of thumb......if you click "Ohio Dolfan" and it doesn't take you to my blog, I'm not the one who made that comment.....simple enough

poor Ohio Dolfan, grow up you sissy boy

Gigi is a nice peach that belongs at home. get it

Ohio, all you have to do is hover over your name and it shows your blog.

Thanks Steve

Gigi Says:
April 4th, 2012 at 9:46 pm
Home, Walker asked me to post this and let you know the power grids are out in his area in Polk County, have you heard of any chem trails in the area? You can e-mail him at: bannedfromthess@yahoo.com
His e-mail is down since they have no power but when he gets it back hopes to hear from you – thanks!
Brought to you by Traitors R US

Ohio, what a whining sissy. Who cares. See if you can pick up a set of balls at the pawn shop.

Run a cheap organization and Ms. Ross can expect more peanut vendors in the stands than paying fans.

Gee, I wonder how Oscar and Brad we able to undereline phrases and highlight them in blue?

I'm sure it has nothing to do with Armando's blog hit troll problem.

The last time I pointed this occurence out, they disappeared and the blog hit troll told me I was seeing things.

Judge for yourselves fellas(Those of you that haven't migrated north to "Ohio"...Ahem).

Now, don't become paranoid on me, This guy is following me. You know very well what I do in Society, plus I know your writing, your voice and your whole behavior. Don't be afraid, it's only an illness, like Diabetes, that has control.

Posted by: oscar canosa | April 04, 2012 at 07:57 PM

if anyone in Mr.Ross wants to buy my airplane ticket,and my motel room,and give me free tickets to see the Dolphins I would be glad to come watch them play

Posted by: Brad Williams | April 04, 2012 at 08:07 PM

I will be at all the preseason games. Look for me in a tbd washroom taking a hard reaming from Craig. DC will be conducting the train. I suspect we will have our areas highlighted in tones of aqua and orange. I would be happy to help anyone decorate themselves as well. Look for Craig's Zubaz down around his ankles. Feel free to join us with kobasa and whip cream. Let's go phins!

You are all so very pretty in your ruby lipstick and push-up brassieres. Not at all like those ugly trucker lesbians on the Sun Sentinel site.

You girls are all class. Te amo, chiquitas.

Alexander D, none of these people know how to have fun, and there were exciting games last year. Remember the 6-3 finish.

The Real Story, so you wanted a QB that had started 2 games in his career, and had a QB rating lower than Henne before his game against Detroit, which had one of the worst pass defense in the league. And you wanted us to pay him Kevin Kolb money. Makes perfect sense for a GM to do.

April 4, 2012 at 10:37 pm

My tongue was firmly in cheek, but i’ve never understood peoples’ concerns about trolls. They usually only target people who bring it on themselves anyway.
I think it’s funny.
Ya know the great thing about this internet thing is that you can simply NOT READ something someone wrote. Pretty simple, really.
If someone’s so insecure that they give a damn about what someone says about them on the internet then they have bigger problems.
I agree with Randy!
get tough sissy britches!

Posted by: Ethan Skuldick | April 04, 2012 at 10:44 PM


You know so little about me yet hop right on a remark like this from Randy.

So...your advice to me is...

.... "get tough sissy britches".... Huh...?

Let me ask you, when I "Get Tough" like you, does that mean I need to post on a blog while it is being overrun by some ranting absolute nonsense..?
Is it okay to at least wait until I see some folks making sense and talking about the upcoming draft or possible team needs/wants before I post a remark..?

To "Get Tough" like you, do I need to read through the same names repeating the same posts over and over about how... "Ireland Sucks" & "Miami won't win any games" -or- "Our coach is bla bla bla" -or perhaps how- "Our owner is Blat Bling Blum"...?

Is that "Being Tough" Ethan...?

Sorry man... I just don't see it or agree. And I feel really bad that such a long lived blog that has always had and still does have some of the best commentators around gets turned into what I see way too often. Armando is too busy trying to become a "Shock Jock" to take care of what got him there to begin with should you ask me...

I hear people "Blaming the team" for all the trollish behavior. I even hear people being accused of "Deserving to be Trolled" because they say something so troll doesn't like... Is it true? Do you really believe "They brought it on themselves"..? Jeeeeeeziz Man... Really? Is that crap what you REALLY believe...?

I'll say this... to those who love this blog, or love their Dolphins and stand behind them.... "I stand behind you"... I'm a fan with YOU and of you...

If you ask me, being willing to stand fast and behind your team with others who think similar to me is a Tough enough deal. Particularly while so many front runners, cry babies and "Fire-um-all, Chicken Little's" are screaming "The sky is falling".

If standing tall for my team, and not accepting that a blog needs to be what some become at times is not what you consider "Tough"...

Then I ask you to come on down to Fort Lauderdale International Airport, where I will catch my plane to California and deploy to Afghanistan for my 4th tour. I leave in July so you will need to "Get Packing". Come on, Ethan, come stand with me and "MY TEAM" in Afghanistan... and we'll see all about you idea of "Tough". I'm certain you'll do just fine. Hell, you may have already done so? But if you have, I ask you "where is you honor"?

Thanks for your concern one way or another... Ethan....

So read the live blog from yesterday. Too bad I wasn't around. Sounds like Mando really thinks they will draft a QB. Hopefully they get their guy.


Nice post @ 0759. I wish more fans had that mentality.

Now for matters of more importance;
Thank you for your service to our great country. God bless, and stay safe.

....Derek..Kudos to you. I wish I had the skills to articulate what you just posted..That was great. Well said, well done..I'm sure it will be met with some half witted attempt at rebutal..No worries. I hope the folks who appreciate this forum get a chance to read your post..Again well done.


Great post at 7:59. Every person who feels like "trolling" today needs to read this.....maybe even twice

Anyone else hear these quotes made by Greg Williams just before the playoff game before the niners last year?

This guy is in big trouble, talking about inflicting intentional serious, career threatening injuries on Kyle Williams, Frank Gore, Miachael Crabtree, and Alex Smith. He may never be allowed back into the league.

Yea Mark, I heard it to, He was talking about taking knees out and all that other crap. His career is done!


Great post. Unfortunately, with some of these guys it'll go in one ear and out the other. They'll chose not to take any notice of all the good points you made. Anyways, I don't know you but I'm a fan of yours and all you stand for. Be safe and thanks for doing what you do, so that we are able to do what we so often take for granted.

Anyone see Kiper's latest mock, published yesterday. He had this to say about Miami picking Tannehill at 8:

We know Miami lacks a long-range plan at quarterback, and while Tannehill isn't a guy I'd endorse as an immediate starter, his ceiling is so high you can take him here with a plan in place because of his rate of growth. His already sound mechanics and skill set imply a bright future. The talent isn't in question.

Translation: With decent ocaching and the right system .... he can be the guy. Good enough for me, I'm on board. The team has the right coaching in place and enough vets on the roster to hold the fort in the meantime. Sounds like a sound plan.

Clue, whoever recorded Williams saying that has effectively driven the nails into the coffin that represents his career.

The thing about the Greg Williams situation that sticks out to me is that had the fins hired Fisher and, in turn, hired Williams as the DC, Ireland and Ross would be catching holy hell right now.

It would be a feeding frenzy for the media sharks and there would be no end to the franchise bashing.

I wonder if Rams fans are ready to string their owner & GM up because they hired an HC who puts his trust in the wrong people.

I doubt it.

Mark how in the world can you let Kiper sway you so easily. Some of you just blindly bite on anything that is written in a remotely convincing manner. Kiper also said no way was Jake Long a LT in the nfl, that he would only have success as a RT. Hip swivel, foot pivot, brain mold, and a bunch of other buzz word observations that were dead wrong, 4 pro bowls later. Kiper gets far more wrong than right.

ion, not putting blind faith in Kiper and Kiper is just one example of what I hear many people saying. I look for consensus. And I hear Kiper, McShay, Mayock, Casserly, Brandt ...all saying the same thing. That the talent is not in question. You can coach certain things but can't coach talent.

That Tannehill has the skill, just not experience to be a long term solution at QB for the Miami Dolphins.

I think with our coaching and the guys we have holding down the fort at QB, that drafting Tannehill at 8 would be a good decision for Miami.

I don't think that unless you are drafting in the top 5 in the draft, you aren't going to get a high ceiling day one starter at QB anymore in the draft.

Sure Dalton started last year and he looked alright, but more often than not, that's not the case. Can you name the last 2nd round pick Qb who was a day one starter and made the playoffs in his rookie year? I can't. Weeden may be that guy this year though. I'm content with either.

Be a good consumer and stop buying this terrible on the field product called the Dolphins.

floyd/weeden. tatoo it.


Fair enough. The way I see it, because of Sherman they know what his value is and they will act accordingly, just as they did with Flynn.

Susan in Toronto--

I saw you on Yonge Street walking hand in hand with that distinguished looking gentleman. Is it serious this time?

We did the route of selecting and old QB in John Beck. and were gonna do it again..Fool me once shame on you.. Fool me twice shame on me..


thanks for taking care of this countries business. we owe all our freedom to men such as yourself.

Yesterday Armando proved that he doesn't give two sheets about this blog. Sad thing in my opinion.

As he answered questions, there were all kinds of retarded posts being bandied about. I don't know why all the gay inuendo doesn't bother him(I have my suspicions ;)

Either way, all Mando seemed interested in was hadging his bet on Tannehill. He believes we should take the ginormous reach at 8 or worse, even trade up for him.

For the record, he skirts the issue of how a top 8 pick should be an immediate contributor, if not an outright starter.

Just say no to Tannehill, Armando and all the Gay Blog Hit Trolls!

This ones for all of you: Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!

lol @ odin

Odin, there's been plenty of examples of guys taken much higher than 8 who were not immediate starters - especially at the QB position - and turned in brilliant careers. Steve McNair immediately jumps to mind.

I'm sure many of us have our own "suspicions" on why you have a compulsion to endlessly comment on "gay innuendo" posts and often make homophobic comments.

Pretty much Psychology 101.

Where have all the REAL Miami Dolphin fans gone? Well, I for one, am right here! First place or last place in the division; first pick or 32nd pick in the draft; Ireland, Ross, Philbin, Marshall, Moore, Omar, Mando...; it doesn't matter to me.

This is MY team come hell or high water. Win or lose, up or down, I love this team and always will. Let's rock the draft and preseason. Let's see progress under a new coach and staff. I'm excited as always to watch and maniacally cheer for Miami Dolphins.

Go Dolphins! If you need love and support by at least one fan, here I am!


New post up talking Tannehill.........click my name

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