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Dolphins preseason schedule here (free)

You should have been at the live blog. I interrupted it to share the Dolphins 2012 preseason schedule on there. I also tweeted it so please follow me.

But, alas, if you neither were on the live blog nor are following, I still work on your behalf. Here is Miami's preseason schedule:

Aug. 9-11 TAMPA (home)

Aug. 16-18 at Carolina

Aug. 23-25 ATLANTA (home)

Aug. 29-30 at Dallas

The Dolphins will not be on national TV in the 2012 preseason.

At any rate, football is around the corner! Only four months away.


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If you think about that the argument can be made that right now Mallett is a better prospect than Tannehill. If we were going to use the pick Tannell, why not just use it for Mallett?

in my opinion MALLET is a better QB when compared to tannehill who is just now dicovering he is a QB, Mallet played in a pro offense(colledge), red shirted, advanced schooling(brady), a bigger arm, a higher level of competitiveness and drive(ala brady) that could possibly rival that of the great dan marino, would you spend a #1 on TANNEHILL?.. i would definately spend a #1 on MALLET, but, i believe it is possible to get him AND retain this years #1... at least an effort should be made. the possibility exists.

budki you are making wild assumptions. No way they trade a 1 and a 2 to move up for Tannehill. Irelands MO is caution, not reckless abaondon.

Also, what would it say about Mallett if NE was willing to trade him?

We eouldn't use a 2nd pick on Mallett last year but now we even contemplate the 8th?

I loved Mallett but he's an awful fit for the west coast.

I would really prefer NOT to give Bill B. the number 8 overall pick for his backup QB!

Ah, yes. It's the daily conversation here about a topic with absolutely no basis in reality.

Today's absurd dance with fiction: A trade of the first round pick for Ryan Mallet that has less than zero chance of happening and has, in fact, been conjured up from thin air.

Please continue...

Armando... Have you noticed how many bloggers Ohio Dolfan is stealing from you? Click on his name and you will see. I'm sure he'd be happy to have you join his blog as well.

I'll Get Popcorn, no kidding ... theatre of the absurd for real.


He's not even their BACK-UP. He's their third string QB! He never saw the field at all in 2011, other than preseason.

Fin 1984, how do you know the Pats are very happy with Mallett? Is it because BB said it? Ever think that maybe they are regretting the pick and are building him up to be traded? If they were 'very happy' with him, don't you think he would have at the very least seen some action? ZIPPO!

butki, I get that you're a Mallett fan but what you're proposing makes ZERO sense. We didn't take him in the second last year but now a year later, after doing nothing to improve his stock, we're going to hanf the Patriots our number 8 pick? Don't like it man, sorry. And I'm not sure why you think Tannehill is going to cost us a first AND a second. Obviously you're talking about a trade up. I don't believe Ireland would do that but let's see.

Sorry butki,

I went back and read your answer. I see now you were suggesting tow thirds for Mallett and it was somebody else who was suggesting a first. I still wouldn't do it. I didn't like Mallett coming out but it was more his game than anything else. Big arm doesn't mean much to me but a guy that makes as many dumb mistakes as he does is what concerns me more. He also doesn't move well enough for my liking. Something tells me Ireland passed on him more for his off-field stuff but regardless, I just don't see him as being the answer.

Craig M, I am not so sure I'd have expected Mallet to be second string in his first season in NE. Even Ocho Cinco, a veteran receiver struggled to learn that offense. If NE were to trade Mallett, that might lead me to believe they didn't have much faith in his abilities. Otherwise, until he plays, there is just know one way or the other.

My concern over this trade for Mallett is that it doesn't exist whatsoever aside from the (evidently) bored imaginations of one or two people in the entire human race.

meant...no way to know one way or the other

You folks need to ask ONE question of yourselves.

Whats the safest bet with that #8 pick? Think about it for a second. We draft Tannehill at 8 and he is a busted product. 50/50 at best he blossoms into the next Tom Brady or Matt Moore. That means we missed out on several players who made a difference right away.

You guys willing to take that plunge based on 19 starts and a broken foot?

You guys willing to take that plunge based on 19 starts and a broken foot?

Posted by: JackSparrow | April 05, 2012 at 05:17 PM

Jack, we guys don't know jack sht beyond nonsense media analysis. I'll leave it up to Sherman's input on the matter. No way they pick him at 8 if they are not reasonably confident he is worth it. And if they are reasonably confident he is worth it, I'm all for taking the chance on him.

THIS IS HOW, Jeff THE SCOUT Ireland improves the team.

The Dolphins announced Thursday that they signed free agent safety Tyrell Johnson.

Johnson started seven games as a rookie in 2008 and 15 in 2009 but just two in 2010 and three last season, when he finished with 28 tackles. He has two career interceptions but none since 2009.

BTW... He was out on injury and is reported to only be 75% healed.

It wont be long before Ross gets to move the team to the freak coast.

Tannehill is moving up the boards because of Miami. Everyone knows Miami is desperate. We are desperate for the next Dan Marino. We would do anything for that.

Other teams know that we are desperate. So they will play with Ireland's head in the draft. No team wants Tannehill in the first round. But they will make Ireland think they want him.

And because Ireland is on the FAN and OWNERS CLOCK, he will trade for a scrub that will fall to the second round.


You got that right.

NY G--

I am looking forward to our Tea Social in East Hampton this summer!

I hope you will wear that pretty blue strapless number you had on at the tennis club last year. SO flattering to your figure!

I hope David and the children are doing well. Would love to do a shopping day with you. Nordstroms?

And because Ireland is on the FAN and OWNERS CLOCK, he will trade for a scrub that will fall to the second round.

Posted by: JackSparrow | April 05, 2012 at 05:27 PM

Where do you get these ideas from? I mean, hasn't Irelands actions towards getting a QB been cautious and not reckless? He didn't offer Smith or Flynn or Orton any more than they are worth, so, with inside info on Tannehill, do you really think he will draft him much higher than he is worth? I don't see it. Public opinion will have no bearing.


Further to my previous post. Washroom locations still tbd. Mark in Toronto will prepare me prior to the deflouring. I have been holding fleet enemas so as to prepre my rectum for the busy day it will be.

Past actions are the best indicator of future actions. Just because you may think he is desperate does not mean that he is.

so they sign this johnson guy from minnesota to start?!?!? guy has been horrible

I don't know what to make of Tannehill. Being that our own OC has coached him in college and knows him better than any GM out there, I'm willing to accept their decision on him.

I am all for getting Tannehill in the first via a trade AFTER we pick someone else with that #8. But to take this guy at #8 is desperate and foolish.

I am all for getting Tannehill in the first via a trade AFTER we pick someone else with that #8. But to take this guy at #8 is desperate and foolish.

Posted by: JackSparrow | April 05, 2012 at 05:42 PM

Yeah well, we all get to have our own opinion. I'll go with the opinion of Sherman who not only knows Tannehill better than any one else in the media, but also has more valuable NFL experience than anyone weighing in on the matter in the media. I'll let Sherman decide what is foolish or not on this one.

Come on ION! Ireland has mismanaged our QB situation from day one according to you guys.

Y'all think the Garrard signing was a JOKE! Are you now saying it was a good move? And Henne was a good move? And noodle arm Penny was a good move?

Signing Tannehill would cost us about the same as signing Matt Flynn? But we low balled Flynn HOPING Tannehill even wants to play for Miami? How do we even know Tannehill won't sit out because he thinks Miami sucks?

Maybe I missed it. And I'm sure I did. Where exactly does it say Sherman thinks Tannehill is a great acquisition to this team?



My wild guess based on nothing..... if they see Tannehill as worth 20 or higher, they will not hesitate to draft him at 8 and get him. If they see him as a later first rounder or second rounder, then they may trade down and just hope he is still there. Then again, they may not even want him at all.

I'm fine with whatever they do. They are the one's running the show and they are the one's that know him best, so let's see how they do.

why sherman isnt a gm or scout. tannehill is a huge reach at 8


You seem to be twisting words today.

I didn't say that a top ten drafted QB has to start right away. What I said is, the top 8 pick should be used on a guy that will at least contibute, if not start outright.

I don't care if you're talking QB's, OLB's or water boys. There's thousands of colleges and gazillions of players entering the NFL draft this year. Out of all the possibilities, you seriously don't believe the player picked 8th should CONTRIBUTE(heavily) if not start OUTRIGHT?

That's your right Craig, but I'll bet you the guys drafted 9th and 10th will be expected to start from day 1-REGARDLESS!

Also, you're kind of missing the point with Jack about Tannehill and his accuracy/mechanics vs. his potential and development.

Talking Heads can harp on and on about Tannehill's potential and development. But they better not try and borrow any facts from recent history.

In additions to Jack's points about Tannehill, it's simply his past performances that prove him a ridiculous reach anywhere near the upper half of round 1. Tannehill simply did not develop much throughout his college career. He couldn't beat out a couple of nobodies his first three years. When he was finally HANDED the job, his numbers weren't really anything to write home about.

In FOUR years of college ball, Tannehill didn't show any type SIGNIFICANT improvements. Certainly none that would indicate he suddenly has enough POTENTIAL to be considered a high first round pick. Only in the WEAKEST of draft classes my brother.

Tannehill couldn't win the starters job in 4 years of College Ball, but now all the sudden, 1 year on Miami's bench is supposed to make him franchise material?

Come on MAN! That's more than a stretch, a reach and a pipe dream - COMBINED!

Sparrow, you are not reading my posts correctly. My sole point is this, with all the media speculation going on about Tannehill, nobody knows him better than our new OC. Not only that, our new OC has more NFL experience than any of the media experts weighing in.

Call me what you want, but I do believe Ireland is taking both Shermans and Philbins opinion of Tannehill quite seriously. Just as he did with Flynn, which is why he wisely refused to overpay for a 2 game stater.

Jack, I think you are more eager to hate Ireland than to look at the situation with any objectivity at all.

Amazing! I just logged on read this entire page to catch up and they are ALL football comments.

Who would have thunk it??

Apparently Derek's post from earlier must have really hit home. It was well said.

Anyhow, the safety from Minnesota?? Hmmmm


Look at it this way. If Ireland Sherman and Philbin together can't select the right QB, than there is no hope for this new FO. But let's not pass judgement until they have been given a chance. Has it ever occurred to you they may actually know a little more than we do?

I am not promoting Tannehill. I am saying, you know what, yes, I trust our FO to make the right decision on him more than any blogger or media pundit,

I didn't say that a top ten drafted QB has to start right away. What I said is, the top 8 pick should be used on a guy that will at least contibute, if not start outright.

Posted by: odinseye | April 05, 2012 at 05:52 PM

I really don't see Ireland reaching here. I agree at 8 you pick a player that is going to contribute right now. Unless Sherman and Philbin are really high on Tannehill, I don't see him getting picked at 8.

Sparrow. Flynn was a 7th round pick with two games of experience on a SB team around him. Out of 32 teams, only two lowly showed interest in him, and one didn't want to pay him any more than his draft ranking and experience was worth.

The GM's league wide have told us loud and clear what they really thought of Flynn.

#8 will get the same amount of money as Seattle paid Flynn.

Who cares? What matters is the QB you are paying for.

The media told you Flynn was the hot FA QB. The media was wrong. GM's told us what they thought of Flynn. Not even his coach Philbin saw him worth paying up for.

Maybe coyle thinks he can coach up johnson? and lets not forget how awful the vikes secondary has been these last few years. Some of that falls on coaching.As far as trading for mallett come on guys. NE has him fall in their lap and now they just jeettison him after one year? To a division rival? Who is a productive qb away from at least giving ne two conpetitive games a year? IF they ever trade him its cuz they know he will never make it in the nfl and especially wont fit in our wco further setting us back and setting them up with our picks.

LOL!!!! Sherman was fired! Fired from Green Bay and fired from the Aggies. But now he knows football and talent?

He should still be collecting unemployment insurance if you ask me.

LOL!!! What did I tell y'all a few weeks ago? Did I not say the Flynn lovers would be dumping all over him since he signed with Seattle instead of us?

Ion is now dumping all over Flynn but if Sherman wanted him then Flynn is top tier.


Just so I'm clear. If Sherman wanted David Garrard to start you'd defer to Sherman on that?

Sparrow or anyone else.

Let me put it this way. Ask yourselves, what is your opinion of Philbin's and Sherman's offensive experience? How much is it worth? If you think they are stupid, know nothing bums that know less than the fans, well then just write the season off.

If you think those two have some respectable experience, then why not assume they will make the right call on Tannehill? Why assume they will reach for him? We do not know that they will. If they do pick him at 8, well let's just let it play out and see whether or not they know better than the average blogger.

Some of you are getting worked up and spewing all kinds of criticism yet they may not even take Tannehill at any round. So let's see how they handle it and whether or not they made the right move in the end.

Sparrow, I'll defer to Sherman and Philbin as to which QB on the team can run their offense the best. Yes.

Sorry, I don't think I am a better judge of QB's than HC Philbin or OC Sherman.

Sparrow maybe you'd like to share with the bloggers how much expertise you have in developing NFL QB's. Phiblin and Sherman have worked with the best, who am I to assume they don't know what the heck they are doing.

Well, Sherman has been fired multiple times.

Philbin won a superbowl as an OC never as a head coach. Philbin has personal issues I think clouds his judgment. Philbin has never been a head coach at any level of football.

Experience equals NONE! They have none!

As far as Ireland goes, I just don't believe he is working all alone in a dungeon somewhere. I believe he has tons of respect for Philbin and Sherman and is working with them, not against them.

Sparrow, you are just too biased to even reason with. How much HC experience did McCarthy, Tomlin, Payton have before they won recent SB's? You argument is not only ignorant, its foolish. HC's start somewhere, they are not born HC's.

If you think so little of Philbin and Sherman, you may need to find a new team or come back after the next regime change.

Sherman was fired, so was Belicheck. You have to win fast in this league or you are replaced, that is the reality. That does not mean they know nothing or are stupid.

Sparrow, you are just filled with hate and misery. You accept no logical argument or make any logical argument.

Your position is Ireland sucks, Philbin and Sherman have no useful experience, and only you are smart enough to know what Tannehills true value is.

I'll trust they make the right call on Tannehill and go with it no matter what they choose to do.

I don't know if this is true but I think its true. Philbin is the only one on the team who has a superbowl ring. He got that coaching Aaron Rodgers! Who sat behind Bret Favre.

But I'm supposed to put my faith in a multiple fired coach like Sherman and a head coach who never even coached in high school?

You guys want to draft Tannehill at 8 then fine! Let's get him based on fired coaches, coaches who never head coached anything, a GM that knows nothing about football or talent and a owner who doesn't know his arse between a hole in the ground.

I will be there when you chuckleheads are calling for ALL their heads on a platter.

Now I have nothing new to say. I am just repeating myself on this subject. Checking out for now....

Since you guys are talking about Flynn it makes me wonder how that process really went down.

I meam as far as the Dolphins not signing him. Did Ireland ask Philbin and Sherman what they thought and they said "he's ok"? And then Ireland says well i'm not paying anymore than what I think his value is if your not convinced he's the face of our franchise.

One day I'm sure we'll get the whole scoop but It led to thinking just how interesting it is how things worked out for Ireland and the teams new structure.

While I'm not on the fire Ireland bandwagon just yet it does bother to think that had we gotten Harbaugh,Gruden,Cowher,or even Fisher they would have had total control.

Now that the dust as settled though and we end up with Philbin, Ireland ends up with more power than ever.

That may be fine,it remains to be seen and I feel good about the Philbin hire.

That team that runs out on the field needs to be Philbin's baby though. The onus will be on him now to produce. I'm optimistic he can do it with the right personnel,some of which I think we already have.

I just hope Ireland can or will deliver the rest of the pieces.
I surely hope he can prove all the naysayers wrong.

You guys want to draft Tannehill at 8 then fine!

I will be there when you chuckleheads are calling for ALL their heads on a platter.

Posted by: JackSparrow | April 05, 2012 at 06:41 PM

Sparrow, your comments above is proof that your reading and comprehension skills are lower than a laboratory mouse.

The point I made several times over, clear as a bell to anyone who made it through kindergarten, was that I believe this FO has far better insight on Tannehill than any of us, and because of that, I trust they will make the right call.

Nowhere was I promoting taking or not taking him. What a waste of time responding to you.

Now I am really out for awhile.


I think poor Yeremiah is gone. They use "interchangeable"safeties which means if one of them is bad in coverage the other can cover. Why can't they get 2 overalll goood safeties? I'm beginning not to like Coyle. Will be hard to replace Mike Nolan

BTW, who cares about you guys that argue that one is a chucklehead and the other has the brain of a lab mouse.?

It is obvious that Armando is trying to rid himself of this Blog, now for a long time. Perhaps he doesn't realize how deep he's caught in.

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