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Dolphins select LB Josh Kaddu in fifth round

The Dolphins are working their board and so far the work has not yielded any wide receiver help.

It did just get them a linebacker -- Josh Kaddu from Oregon.

Kaddu has 10 career sacks. That's more sacks than third-round pick Olivier Vernon had at the University of Miami.

The Dolphins were originally scheduled to pick with the 145th pick in the round. They traded back with Tennessee to 155 overall and picked up a seventh-round selection No. 227 in the exchange.

Kaddu is 6-3 and 229 pounds.

"I feel like I'm a versatile player," Kaddu said, adding that he can cover receivers in the slot,feels like he can rush the passer, or hold the edge.

Kaddu has been told he needs to gain weight.

Kaddu said he molded his game and admired Ray Lewis growing up.


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really don't get that BM trade now.

Didn't you just say that Vernon had 10.5 sacks in 2010? How is that less than 10?

I have to believe the Fins are going to trade a very high pick next year for a receiver. Is Mike Wallace still available?

Would've nice to have picked T. Streeter

Ok it's clear Brian Hartline is Jordy Nelson in the making lol.

I applaud Ireland great draft! That's right I am going on record and saying it was a great draft. You can't fix everything in one offseason. Draft a WR next year when Tannehill is projected to play.

1. Tannehill - Great bold move. A must pick. 5 years from now he is going to be a top 10 QB and if he's not it was still the right pick anyway.

2. Jonathan Martin - A great value. A borderline 1st rounder who will thrive on at RT. He will form great bookends with Jake Long and and stud center Mike Pouncey.

3. Oliver Vernon - I gotta take McShay and companies opinion that he would of been a 2nd rounder if he would have played all year. I don't know much about him but getting a guy who some considered a 2 in the 3rd again great value.

3. Michael Egnew - We all been dying to get a legit pass catching TE and he seems to fit the bill. He's 6'5 252 lbs ran a 4.6 40 time and had the best vertical and broad jump of all the TEs at the combine. Prototypical West Coast TE and Miami was able to pick up an extra 6th to trade back.

4. Lamar Miller - what a steal! Some mocks had him going to Giants in round 1 and was at worst a 2nd but he slips because of the shoulder injury and Miami shows balls and so they can benefit for once of having a home run threat on this offense! Great pick!

5. Josh Kaddu - 6'3 240 will be a special teams guy. Probably my least favorite pick but love the way the draft is going.

Solid draft on paper so far.

Brandon Marshall was traded because he is a selfish pain in the ass who would never be happy with his role in a wco because he demands the ball all the time. Now add a rookie QB in the mix and he'd be one giant ass-ache that the Dolphins dont need.

New blog post up!

I'm thrilled with all the picks so far but still scratching my head at "kaddu" I know nothing at all bout this guy does anybody? Or is he just a special teamer and another body??

Has D'Isaay Olchap been drafted by anyone yet? That kid is going to be such a steal for somebody if he's still around. Anyone have the clock times on him? They have to be insane!


"Irescum" has done a pretty solid job! Maybe Wallace was one of the gems the new coaches found here at WR?


In round 5 you generally are drafting projects and special teamers. There are the rare Zach Thomas, Rodney Harrison round 5 picks but Im guessing Kaddu and his versatility to be a special teamer.

Why would anybody know anything about the guys being drafted at this point unless they are their parents or the biggest nerds on the face of the Earth.

Please, guys. It's bad enouugh to be 'grading' these kids earlier in the draft. At this point, it's downright ludicrous.

Stop. Please.

Forget WR already. They're set for this year. Bess, Hartline, Nannee, Gates, Wallace, Hogan and Pruitt (ST beast). Moore might be out. This is a quick hit, spread it around, high tempo WCO. Plus, Egnew and Les Brown are converted WRs. Fast,tall. Bush, Thomas and Lamar Miller. Catch and run...screens...TE seam shots...slants. No slow developing plays, no '#1'WRs. No fast but NOT quick WRs, no droppsie prone WRs.

This kid is really physical. Lays the lumber.


From the last board. Sounds about right for Kaddu a special teams guy competing as a situation pass rush, sounds good.

Again, we all love to hate on Ireland he has done a great job IMO. Let Tannehill sit and learn and load up on WRs next year while the core guys like Jonathan Martin take the next step as well. Love the way this team is REBUILDING right now

Streeter is straight line fast but doesn't adjust well, catch that well or run routes that well and isn't quick ....i.e. isn't a fit.

Andy NJ...

If somebody doesn't like the draft...I see they are told "you can't judge a draft for 2-3 (minimum) down the line....

But IF you like the draft...then you can go on record and "applaud" it before it is even complete...and weeks before ONE PLAYER selected will ever hit the practice field....

Seems like a double standard to me....

Kaddu is a cover lb--althetic freak.

I think this is the first WTF? pick for Miami in this draft.

I watched some highlights of Miller and Egnew, and I def liked what I saw. But I would have liked to see them go with a WR in the 5th, instead of a special teamer in Kaddu.

I think we gambled and drafted well this year.

Now, if only the FO would attend to Wake and get the guy signed already!

2-3 years.....


by saying we like the draft we mean 'how we placed our wagers'.


You think one of their RBs not named Miller is going to be on the trading block?

I just remembered that they also picked up RB Jerome Messsam, to go along with Daniel Thomas and Reggie Bush. Which means they now have 4 running backs.

OK...the draft has officially hit the "who gives a flying crap" point. Time to switch gears. Go Heat!!

He's from Oregon U. So you know he is FAST.. I think the fins are trying to finally add some speed to our defense and team with the lamar miller pick..

I see a fifth badger got drafted. Congrats Bradie Ewing. I played against him in high school. Hard to believe me and this kid were compared to one another on the local blogs on who was the better rb... Obviously most people said him


Im just not getting your rant:

1. Ryan Tannehill--- Finally a 1st rd qb
2. Jonathan Martin-- Bookend tackle
3a. Michael Egnew-- Finally a true TE seam threat
3b. Olivier Vernon-- Pass rush help
4. Lamar Miller-- Homerun threat
5. Josh Kaddu--St's and maybe perfect fit for new D-system.

Lamar Miller adds a homerun and chunk yardage threat every time he touches the ball. Egnew is legit TE size and seam threat. These are two potential playmaker added to our offense. As long as we're adding playmakers and get the ball into thier hands. It doesnt matter what position they play.

Dude, youre not going to find Calvin Johnson 4th-5th-6th-7th rd. So stop ranting wr, what we currently have is better than what we're likely to find.

I guarantee you any of our current wr's were in the draft right now they would be rated higher than any guy youre clamoring for and you would jump for joy if they were selected. LOL

I'm beginning to think that Ireland's past draft woes were due to having to provide groceries for a short-order cook who claimed to be a chef; Tony Sparano!

A GM sets up his board based on the info he gets from scouts and input from the coaching staff. This year, the draft board is different because the coaching staff is different. Their needs & wants are different. We need to be patient! It make take a year or two for Philbin to mold the kind of team he wants to coach. No more 3 yards & a cloud of dust! No more big slow prototypical "Parcell's" players. We're finally getting into a 21st century NFL team! But, it'll take time.

BTW, a certain ex-Miami QB, John Beck, just got cut by the team that took him...


To get a sure fire starter at wr, we would have needed to use a 1st or 2nd rd'er. Remember, we used those on Tannehill and Martin?

Its ridiculous you guys thinking we get a definite Marshall replacement this late. Think about it?

Agreed. Lebron's campaign to his first Title starts now. switching channels.


Oregon Duck fan here.

Correct. Fins looking at Kaddu as a special teamer. He also has amazing quickness and was used on D-Coord's Allioti's blitz packages, which messed up Andrew Luck this year and last and Cam Newton in last year's BCS. So he could emerge as a 3rd-down OLB someday.

new post up

I'm a FINS FAN...so I want to believe that EVERY pick is pure gold....future HOF....


The FINS already employ CHEERLEADERS.....

and as a fan...I have to PAY for the right to enjoy the product....

O am giving Philbin and company as much rope as they need....AFTER ALL...while most of you were begging for Fisher....I was among the VERY FEW who fought the mob mentality and pushed for Philbin....a rough week that was on here......

Even tho Philbin gets my FULL SUPPORT...he NOR Ireland get a pass.....We need to see progress on the field.... and if progress isn't defined by wins and losses...then it needs to be defined by production on the field,,point,yards,TOP....defensive stats....ect......

Everything is measurable...

Hopefully the new offensive system will do for our WRs what playing for NE did to Wes Welker and all the other no name WRs they've had for that matter.

Like the draft so far. Reuben Randle would have been a nice pick up.

Clearly the powers that be don't think the WR's available in the 4th and on are better than the untried guys currently on the roster....Reggie Bush at WR????

Kaddu has also had some success covering TE and RB.

Love the Picks...Unsure about Kaddu but honestly cant say Ive seen him play...WR in round 6 and my money is still on them picking up a guy in the 2nd go round of Free Agent signings...

Yesterdays gone,

there's plenty of talent left at WR in this draft. Sure there was a dropoff in talent after the first few guys, but WR's probably the deepest position in this draft.

Philbin and Ireland seem to have it wired. Lovin this draft.

I like all the positive thinking out there< but there is really no help for this year except possibly Martin at tackle. What's going to happen when we have the first pick in the draft next year and Matt Barkely is there? We need good if not great receivers I dont see any on the roster.I hope it works out, but in my opinion {which means nothing} this draft was a complete disaster. {so far}

This year's Austin Spitler.
Another bum.
Another bust.

BJ Cunningham. One of the slowest wr's left on the board. Wasn't even the best wr on the team at Mich St. Slow plodding possession guy with good height and strength.

you idiots the wco is about caching the ball underneath and moving up field, B.J. is very good at that, Streeter is not.

Where do u get your info. He is a solid route runner who knows how to get open. Hello we run a west coast offense now. D. Driver rubs like a 4-7 40 an is always open. Who cared if you run fast straight ahead. You have to be able to get open an this kid can.

just relax even luck hasnt proven anything yet



Help. I'm feeling like an old man trying to play Pin the Tail on the Donky. Can somebody please tell what draft picks we have left?

I've been one who has felt Ireland was an *ss, but it's starting to look like he's my kind of *ss. Not since the Dolphin early days have the garbage collecting rounds been so interesting or so hopeful.


6'1 211 4.59 40

hakeem nicks
6'1 209 4.5 40


I want to be optimistic and I believe Philbin is going to be a good coach so I will not bash the draft at this point, but I do think that we need to see something this year from this years picks and previous year's picks from which Ireland is on the hook for, in my opinion he has been okay drafting players and we need to do better then okay maybe this year will be a good year for him he needs it.

Trust me. I live in michigan and I am a big Michigan state fan. BJ is going to be perfect for our offense. Runs great routes, catches everything thrown his way and he's a great downfield blocker. BTW he was by far the best reciever on the team. I really hated Keshawn Martin. He was very fast, but too small, dropped a lot of passes and fumbled a lot after a big hit.


Don't understand passing on Streeter for Cunningham. We needed a home run threat with size not a slow route runner. I think they did well rounds 1-4 though. It would of been nice to load up on fire power and see what Moore could've done with some weapons. Moore is a baller who hasn't been given a fair shot. They are setting him up for failure without getting a quality WR. I think they should've drafted Floyd, Martin, Hilton, Vernon, Miller and Streeter. Use the other picks for misc. I am tired of rebuilding. How long does it take? There are only 16 teams in the AFC and the Fins haven't been to the SB since 84 season. That's almost 30 years. Enough of excuses. Nice to see them drafting players from the U but that would've been nice when they had supreme talent. Maybe the Fins will get a clue and start taking players more frequently from the Sunshine state. Hopefully, we will see some strides this year. Go Dolphins!


Be prepared for LOTS and LOTS of 3 and outs this year.

Like the draft so far hopefully I will still like it 3 years from now but as of right now I think we rolled the dice when we had to and picked best available when it presented itself all while addressing needs. WR is still a need but it is not a gaping hole like the other positions and the RB pick was indeed needed because I'm sure Reggie Bush will have an impact on the playbook as far as mismatches. Well Reggie gets hurt a lot and if he gets hurt do you think that Daniel Thomas is going to be able to fill his roll? Lex Hilliard? Steve Slaton ok maybe but he's not all that impressive either. If Reggie goes down we ca keep our playbook intact by picking Miller.

Hilliard is gone to Minnesota.
Everyone keeps talking about mismatches, but with the speed of LB's these days, even reggie is no mismatch.
For that, we have to depend on the OC calling the right plays.

I'm glad we finally have a serious head coach. I hope tha media leave him alone. we finally have someone who does not ignore our local talen. I wish he was 15 years earlier. Good draft so far. can anybody tell me who got Deron Thomas? Whoever did, hit a homerun. believe me. Anyway,we have very good playes. This kidd from Oregon,,,,, you just wait and see.

So...this now begs the question:




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