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Dolphins select LB Josh Kaddu in fifth round

The Dolphins are working their board and so far the work has not yielded any wide receiver help.

It did just get them a linebacker -- Josh Kaddu from Oregon.

Kaddu has 10 career sacks. That's more sacks than third-round pick Olivier Vernon had at the University of Miami.

The Dolphins were originally scheduled to pick with the 145th pick in the round. They traded back with Tennessee to 155 overall and picked up a seventh-round selection No. 227 in the exchange.

Kaddu is 6-3 and 229 pounds.

"I feel like I'm a versatile player," Kaddu said, adding that he can cover receivers in the slot,feels like he can rush the passer, or hold the edge.

Kaddu has been told he needs to gain weight.

Kaddu said he molded his game and admired Ray Lewis growing up.


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I entered this draft absolutely hating Jeff Ireland, but now I think finally, he did a great job! All picks were good picks and only time will tell. This new coach Philbin really has been a good asset so far-thank god!!! Now if only, if only... they could bring in one beast from free agency after teams release players. Maybe Wallace? That would be awesome and would instantly get this team out of rebuild mode, something we fans desperately need!

The thing you have to remember about them dumping Marshall is what Ross said - If they had not been able to trade him they were going to cut him. Philbin (obviously) comes from Green Bay and that is where Sherman's roots are too. When was the last time you read about a Packer being in trouble? Marshall was just something real ugly waiting to happen. Sometimes it is addition by subtraction. I would have liked a WR in the draft too but we got (hopefully) our QB for the next 10-12 years, fixed the O line, got a pass rusher, a pretty good DT. A running back you are gonna love and a linebacker. I think Ireland (and I have been one of his biggest critics) hit this one out of the park.

I pretty much agree with tiredfinfan and FWE,. other than the QB of the future.
There, the jury hasn't even entered the jury box! :>D

I still believe our FO knows something we don't. That is, a deal to send our 2013 1st, or maybe our 2nd and 3rd for a Steve Smith (Panthers) type receiver.
That would be icing on the cake.

We got some great picks !!! go dolphins !!!

Onced again, Miami refuses to expend any 1st, 2nd, or 3rd round picks at receiver.

Three wide receivers taken in the top three rounds since 1997 (Turner, Ginn, Chambers).

Ultimately, I like this draft, but the Dolphins are going to have to double down on this position next year.

people keep asking for straight line speed but forget they have gates from last year who runs 4.2ish. Fastest guy on the board last year. he has now developed for a year. SO he is the DONWTOWN guy. The underneath guys clear the way. Wallace will be the Z. Bess the clot and several others will mix and match situationally. Watch for more TE or spread that get Clay , Bush and Miller in space. They seem o have a plan . Alos an eye to future . Fasano, Bush , Long, Moore and Garrad all gone after this year along with $40 million in salaries. They wont admit it but this was a rebuilding effort .

I keep hearing about wallace at WR, did i miss a press release?

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