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Dolphins to release Phillip Merling

The Dolphins are expected to release defensive end Phillip Merling before the draft and perhaps as early as today, a source is telling me this morning.

The story was first reported by Jeff Darlington of NFL.com.

No exact reason for the release was given to me. The move does clear $1.26 million in cap space for Miami. It also sets up the team to possibly take a defensive end in the coming draft. I reported over the weekend that Mississippi State defensive lineman Fletcher Cox is on Miami's radar and could be the Dolphins first-round pick.

Merling can now go down in Dolphins history as a bust. He was a second-round pick in 2008 but because he was the No. 32 overall selection that year, he could have easily been considered as a first rounder.

Regardless of his status, Merling has been a disappointment. He missed most of 2010 after tearing his Achilles' while jogging on his own. He was always in the cross-hairs of coaches who complained he did not practice hard enough often enough. He has been missing the current offseason workouts.

And he didn't exactly produce on game days, either. Fact is Merling's rookie year was probably his most promising. collecting 26 tackles, an interception, a sack and a fumble recovery.

Last season Merling had a total of four tackles which was only one more tackle than the year before when he played only five games and collected three tackles.

Seven tackles in two seasons will get you cut every time.




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I've seen Moore play in the NFL on the Dolphins & play pretty well so we have a starting QB. Moore is not 38 years old so let's see how he does this year & try to win as many games as we can. If Moore fails to produce in Philbin's offense then we'll have to draft a QB next year.

As for the Redskins trading three first round picks that statement is not accurate. They traded this year's first to trade up to get the Rams first so they are only losing their first round picks for 2013 & 2014. That's not a trade I would have made for RG3. Now if it were for Andrew Luck then we're talking.

I have no idea if Barkley will be a good pro. He may be a product of the system USC runs especially since Leinart, & Sanchez were also top college QB's. As for Carson Palmer he's more a victim of injuries that have rendered him mediocre at best.

So let's recount: Henne, White, Merhling, Misi, Sean Smith. I'll leave off D. Thomas.

Anyone else see why many don't see the positive effect of trading down for more draft picks?

Have we drafted ANY players who weren't disappointments from the 2nd round?

Craig..It is nuts picking a guard at 8.. Sure we can "start the trend" but there is a reason teams do not take guards this early in the draft..Because they aren't tackles. I cannot break down the guards in this draft because I don't have the time, the knowledge, or the tape. I'm sure for what we need, if we need to draft a guard we can find one later..Really guard wasn't our biggest issue on the line it was right tackle. Anyone that would argue otherwise has as he would say their head up their ...

You win in this league by passing..you nuetrelize the pass by being able to pressure off the edge. We were fine at run blocking last year..Agreed? So we are going to draft a guard at 8 whos strength is run blocking(he is a good all around player, I'm not debating the skill..just the idea) at an area where we wouldn't be getting much upgrade in the run block area of the game.. Pass protection on the right side is the real issue.. You are going to tell me we are going to spend a top 10 pick on a lineman that would be really used 1 dimensionally?(I'm saying his run block ability is really a wash to what we have now..Again we were good running the ball last year)

Also..None of us can break down the blocking or protection schemes we used last year..You are a liar(not you Craig) if you come here and say otherwise. Yes the line failed the eyeball test. But how much of the deficiencies in pass protection ws due to the inability of Columbo to do his job? How much did the right guard get exposed becaused his line mate was incompetant protecting the pass? How much do we improve overnight if we improve the right tackle position? Right Guard..to steal a line...LOL


Don't forget the 'Skins also threw in a second round pick this year too....regardless it was a lot.

I see your point. Problem is you're just delaying the inevitable. At some point this team will need to draft a QB. I would do it now, while you can insolate him for a couple of years. Other guys hate that idea and think a top ten pick should contribute right away. I don't agree but that's what makes the world go around.

Without knowing what Philbin and Sherman think of Jerry, Moore and Garrard, its just really hard to determine which way this draft will go. I'll bet they made a decision on Tannehill months ago, now its wait and see.


That's the way I'm leaning too. Great to shore up the line but how many more win is DeCastro going to get us? As you said, I think a lot of our problems last year were as a result of Colombo not getting his job done. I don't think I'd want a top ten pick spent on a guard. To me this would be about the most upset I'd be with Ireland. Don't know an awful lot about Fletcher Cox. Need to reasearch him a bit more. If he's that's good I'm surprised we haven't heard more about him before now. Could be a smokescreen.

I don't see this as a very compelling or noteworthy story. Teams release players like this every day.

Have any of you been to Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach lately? My goodness, what an eye opener! I had remembered it as a dreary stretch filled with unsightly geriatrics but now it is TRANSFORMED! We popped into many unique, charming little boutiques and also had a fabulous meal. Even the bar scene offerend some elegant, sophisticated options (none of that Budweiser crowd!).

Really exceptional. Way to go, Delray!

"Fair enough. I misread your post. I still think he can get on the same page with them too but I don't believe it'll be good enough. BEST case scenario, if everything fell into place would be a wild card finish and then a first round loss. Then what? Moore's a FA and we're back to where we started. I like Moore but I think he's got limited upside. It'll only go so far. We're in denial and are just putting off the inevitable. I like Tannehill and to a lesser extent Weeden. I wouldn't touch any of the other QBs. Waste of picks IMO...."


Alex Smith has limited upside too BUT I expect the Niners to win the SB this year.

I'm sick of people saying that you need an ELITE QB to be a contender in this league. It's just not true. In addition I think that people that are marginalizing the running game are clueless. Look at the Niners with Gore, look at the Ravens with Rice, & look at the Bears before Forte got hurt. Another example would be the Falcons where Michael Turner made more of difference to the success of that team than Matt Ryan did. Now Turner is slowing down & so are the Falcons. None of these four teams have ELITE QB's. Not the Bears, not the Niners, not the Ravens, & not the Falcons. Their QB's get the glory when they win but it's their running game that makes them tough to beat.

There is more than ONE way to build a solid team. I think Moore is good enough. IMO--He's better than Fitzpatrick & better than Sanchez.

DC, I see that more of an issue to whom we picked and not a case of having more picks. If you go back to the 2009 draft you will see more pro-bowl type players from the picks in the 20's than you would see in the top 10. BTW, there were 2 in the top ten and 8 or 9 in the 20's.

Every draft is different though. In last years draft we could have picked Randall Cobb WR instead of Thomas after trading up.

I guess my point is that it isn't the players, it is the people taking the players that are missing on the selections.

Here's hoping the new coaching staff from green Bay and other places can have a better impact on Ireland's picks.

If someone as good as Khalil falls to 8 you take him. You'd be insane not too. What a freaking oline you'd have.

Aloco - lets look at what you wrote and try to communicate

THE DRAFT BUSTS..................
which ones... Ireland has one draft under his belt.
1) can you call any of last years picks a bust?
a)Jimmy Wilson in the 7th (guy looks great - what on earth are you looking at?)
b)Clay with a 6th rounder... FB w/ great hands catching passes out of the back field, blocks great.
c) Gates in the 4th round was playing behind Marshall... how can you begin to evaluate him yet. For that matter do you trash your draft class if they arent all pro bowlers by week 2 of the regular season?

d) Daniel Thomas was carrying the load just fine until he was injured. Bush (aquired by Ireland for a 3rd string safety who you couldnt remember anyway so I'll tell you Jonathan Amaya) took over and just plain balled

e) Pouncey - good lord man - what more could you ask from a rookie - damn near played as good as his brother in Pitt. Your talking great player early on.

All of these rookies looked good if not potentially good in the middle of a season where - the coach was changed -the qb was changed - the oc was dumped at the end of the season.

THE RELEASE OF HENNE..............
What was Henne good? Ireland didnt necessarily draft him, but he sure as hell is going to let him go.
Don't let the door hit you on your shiny metal ass Henne-robot man.

D.THOMAS ,THE BUST..........
See above..3.5 ypc under a dysfunctional offense his rookie season... no a bust is a guy that flat out cannot play.

SMITH,THE BUST..............
Sean Smith? Drafted when Parcells was here. Not a bust... not great either... ehhh a wash either way - btter than anything they have behind him.

AND ODRICK ,MY FOOT...................
Odrick? Looks like a solid player so far ... not great. Drafted when Parcells was here anyway.

Again... Bill Parcells left Miami March 2011.
Ireland has had one draft on his own. Not sure what you are seeing.

Another Ireland bust!

..David Harris.

My ex-girlfriends grandmother lives in Golf Florida..Are you familair with it? The private community inside of the township of Delray Beach...I reccomend the crab andwich at the Delray Beach club..Delicious. Lump Crab Meat on an english mufffin, with.....amercian cheese..Yup american cheese..Delicious.


There was a reason we didn't keep Carey right??? Yes 8 is TOO HIGH for a Guard & 15 was TOO HIGH for a Center last year. I don't care about taking a Guard too high as long as he becomes an immediate starter. Personally I'd take Kuechly before DeCastro but that's also TOO HIGH for a LB right??? Ask the Niners if they took Patrick Willis too high.

Is it REALLY better to take a player at a marquee position like Coples or Tannehill who has a TON of question marks???? Give me the guy with less of a complete BUST factor.

Darryl--we will have to try that next time. Thank you!

Certainly, it is wonderful to see how Delray has evolved into a chic destination. I really had no idea this had happened. Very diverse, welcoming, and elegant business district these days!

Craig & Daryl,

Good chatting with you guys. Got to do SOME work today. LOL!!!

Be well. :)


You can be sick of that comment all you want but it's what we here from personnel people in the league (all the time). If you're not hearing it, then you're not paying attention. I actually agree with the mentality that there's more than one way to build a team but having said that, these are the guys in the business and they know what they are talking about.

What it comes down to is that potential talent and realized talent are two different things. I remember when Merling was drafted the view was that the talent was there but some questions about his work ethic were bantered about---just like we are hearing about Coples. It was time to quick spending good money after bad on a guy who was plain lazy. I'm guessing the Phins see other guys with a better motors who can come in and contribute at least what Merling did. Getting rid of him is a good move, unfortunately another top pick goes into the "bust" pile.

15 was TOO HIGH for a Center last year.

Posted by: We Have Draft Picks | April 23, 2012 at 11:58 AM

Now that is just a dumb comment. We desperately needed a center and got a very athletic player who is likely to be top five at his position very soon.

Umm, if we take another D-Lineman early, we clearly have failed. You took Merling, you took Langford, you took Odrick, and not one of them made a damn bit of difference. D-Lineman is not going to help this team. I know we need pash rush, but we need outside explosive pressure players, not another tweener D-Lineman. Cox doesn't fit the bill and nobody else is worth taking that high. Take Floyd and keep it moving.

I'll pose this question to the blog and then I have to go and get some work done.

I get that there is an anti-Tannehill mentality on here. I don't know if it's because people don't like him, if they feel 8 is too high for him, if there's not evidence on him or if it's because guys want someone who can have impact right away. Maybe it's a combination of all those things. But my question is, under what scenario would people be OK with Ireland taking Tannehill? Let's say he passes on him at 8. Would you be OK with a trade back into the middle of the first, for let's say this year and next year's second? Would you be OK with him taking Tannehill in the second round or are you not OK under any circumstances? Curious what people will say.

Gotta run but I'll check in later....






..I don't think 15 is too high for a center..Center is much more important then a right guard..That is not debateable.......IMO

As far as the point you make that you don't care if the player is "over-drafted"..There is no such thing if the player performs..I get that and can appreciate that point..I just totaly disagree that Right Guard is going to make or break this team. I do not buy into that one bit..Is the position important? Of course, every position is. We have much greater needs that should be filled with that number 8 pick..Like I said. If DeCastro was a tackle...I would buy buy buy!..Right Guard???

Pouncey was taken too high. PFT rated him #17 at his position last year and blamed him for a number of fumbles on bad snaps.

And 3 picks for D Thomas was friggin moronic.

Posted by: Craig M | April 23, 2012 at 12:05 PM

Is there a deadline to submit our answers?

Perhaps it will be Fletcher Cox if this is the case...I don;t agree with the Fins playing out their hand just before the draft though. So now we are out Langford and Merling. Interesting.


BANNED............................... MAMA MARIA .........

Posted by: ALoco | April 23, 2012 at 12:11 PM

He'll have to find new advertising space. If only he could take Odin with him.

Im glad Ohio is banned all my complaining finally paid off. Good riddance to that guy.


Not that you need to know but, don't pay any attention to Aloco.

He's the kind of a man you could use as a blueprint to build an idiot.

Merling release doesn't mean Cox is going to be the guy. He could be but Akiem Hicks DT could also be the guy in later rounds.

Merling's release before the draft (which was coming anyway) is a smokescreen to say we're not going after Tannehill at #8.

Who knows what goes on in the mind of Ireland? :)

pouncey was on his axx with the big fat nt's,he also sux when snapping out of the shot gun.sux.!. when u iz the 15th pix, u'd better not need any help so it is a wasted ire pix as always.lol

Dump one 1st round (#32) DL bust so we can draft another. Awesome! Do something different and draft Tannehill. PLEASE! At least it'll be a change.

Texas, if it was coming, why did we tender him in the first place? Why did we just sign him a week or 2 ago?

If it was done as a smokescreen to give the impression Miami would fill the Dline need early, OK.

But, to me Ireland just looks dumb & amateurish.

He could have not tendered him or signed him. He could have created the impression of a dline void from the very beginning for Free Agency.

Instead he cuts a guy that was tendered & aigned 2 weeks ago. It just seems as if this guys plan changes hourly.

Pouncey was taken too high. PFT rated him #17 at his position last year and blamed him for a number of fumbles on bad snaps.

Posted by: Alan | April 23, 2012 at 12:10 PM

LOL. are you serious? Taken two spots higher than rated is not overdrafting. It's not that exact of a science LOL.

DD, that's my hope too, that Philbin can influence Ireland better to take a chance on playmakers as well as develop players once drafted to turn them into playmakers.

But we've really effed things up from a talent acquisition standpoint in the 2nd round for the last few years. That can't happen for us to be successful this year.

Clueless is right Ireland a total idiot and has no idea what he's doing. Yet some people here are still defending him, Sheeps you guys are. ALOCO hopefully Armando bans you next for being a dummy

just another draft bust for ireland who claims a 55% success rate. he def failed math; just look at the last 4 drafts;more cuts to follow.

2008. 1 player left and he will not play a full 2012.lol

aaaaah. better get my eddie moore face on 4 thurs. nite.lol

Funny....here come all the anti-Ireland haters out of the woodwork. Same guys who hid when Bush went over a 1,000 yards last year for the first time in his careers, Moore had a good season and Wake made the Pro Bowl. Yep....that's the Miami fanbase alright! Get read for 10 anti-Ireland pages now that the Merling release is coming....WHEEEEEEE!!!!!!>.......

Can we fire Ireland now?


Irescum will squander 3 picks on a backup punter. LMAO!

Right on cue.....

So they ban Ohio who is legit, but keep half the ignorant punk trolls on here?

Doesn't make sense




and see, Ohio is gone and FYI is till attacking people instead of talking dolphins........

Anyone know what the rules are for compensatory draft picks under the new CBA? And, will Miami get any this year?


474. it helps if u loose players in lieu of trading them and cutting them. y bell. merling. marshall.

Are you sure he is gone?

Ohio got banned for advertising his blog here without permission. Try going into Mcdonalds to sell your homemade hamburgers and see how long you last.

I did enjoy how Ireland TRIED to defend himself with Patrick Turner.

"He is still in the league". LOLOLOLOL!!!

So, the guy is a total bust for the team he went to, not a core player at all, not even much of a special teams player, but the fact he's not out of the league yet (like Pat White), shows Ireland was right to draft him?

C'mon. Just accept that you failed on some picks. EVERY GM fails here and there, there's nothing discrediting about it. You just can't fail over and over again, that's when you get into problems. But simply saying, "yeah, I was OBVIOUSLY wrong with that guy," for a player you cut because he sucked isn't the worst thing in the world.

Could he not just change his name (Ohio that is?) Just check out my blog!!!

Aloco......he said he is the poser STFU

but who knows

All I know is he loved to hate Ohio, but now he's gone, so he's hating Craig M......

Ohio, very naive young man.

Looks like the table is being set.
Cut the dead weight, draft the rest.
It's either all ingenius, or a disaster.

I'll wager ingenious, but I'll try to prepare myself for disaster.

ribbit = FYI



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