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Dolphins to release Phillip Merling

The Dolphins are expected to release defensive end Phillip Merling before the draft and perhaps as early as today, a source is telling me this morning.

The story was first reported by Jeff Darlington of NFL.com.

No exact reason for the release was given to me. The move does clear $1.26 million in cap space for Miami. It also sets up the team to possibly take a defensive end in the coming draft. I reported over the weekend that Mississippi State defensive lineman Fletcher Cox is on Miami's radar and could be the Dolphins first-round pick.

Merling can now go down in Dolphins history as a bust. He was a second-round pick in 2008 but because he was the No. 32 overall selection that year, he could have easily been considered as a first rounder.

Regardless of his status, Merling has been a disappointment. He missed most of 2010 after tearing his Achilles' while jogging on his own. He was always in the cross-hairs of coaches who complained he did not practice hard enough often enough. He has been missing the current offseason workouts.

And he didn't exactly produce on game days, either. Fact is Merling's rookie year was probably his most promising. collecting 26 tackles, an interception, a sack and a fumble recovery.

Last season Merling had a total of four tackles which was only one more tackle than the year before when he played only five games and collected three tackles.

Seven tackles in two seasons will get you cut every time.




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GREAT point by Aloco!

wow = odinspie


Curious why Armando thinks Fletcher Cox should be our pick when he says we need a DE.
Firstly, Cox is borderline DE, mostly DT.
Secondly Odrick sorta has the same game and frame, so why draft another? Seems like you'd go after a true DT, or a true DE?

I'm not against Cox, though. He seems solid. If he's our pick, I'm OK. A little weight room and some protein shakes and he can bump up to true DT probably.
As long as we draft our QB round 2.

It seems they are not tolerating under-productive Players anymore. Sean Smith, look out!

Ohio isn't banned, that's just stupid. Most likely they warned him about his link on the site and will tell him to undo the link if he wants to remain. But this is hardly the only site on the net and there are plenty of people who will join over there as time goes on and word gets out.

But to those happy that someone is being banned be careful what you wish for. I guess you're only for freedom of speech when it directly effects your agenda right?

So some idiot complained about Ohio so much that he received a letter. It's the same idiot who drove everyone away and then got mad that no one was here for him to attack so he tattled like a little prepubescent school girl. What a mental midget you are.

Look for a pass-rusher at #8. Coples or Ingram. Then, in the 2nd, maybe a QB...maybe!

Ireland is going to play his draft board. But, he's always full of surprises. I expect Mel Kiper to have a cow by the end of day 2!

I'm sorry if bloggers continue to make erroneus statements I will call them out on it, thats includes everyone. Seems like many of you are in the mold of Ireland a bunch of dunces...

Phins, what did I miss? Where did it say Ohio was banned, or received a letter? Was that posted somewhere? Did Ohio post it? With this blog, you can't trust any post anymore as the real poster or an imposter.

My first thought was the Fins had to go with offense in the first;but then I remembered the team ranked around 23rd in passing defense last year.OUCH!Maybe we do need another OLB or two.

Does anyone really care about Merling?

The guy probably came into OTA's out of shape and caused an issue. Good! Get rid of him.

Wow sounds like a jaded Ohio Dolfan

Either that or he's his protector.




Just to clarify…
Armando says Ohio is not welcome – assuming because he's undermining his fanbase.
However, folks that wish to attack and insult the remainder of Armando's fanbase, talk about body parts and cross dressing, and threaten harm to posters’ families … they’re welcome?

Just clarifying.
There's a reason folks are look for alternatives.

JS IN LA...........


THAT'S A FACT.........

Who invented gravy?

FYI , That's fair. I'm assuming your talking about Craigs statement about Bush? Well in that case your statement was stupid as well. Craig never said Bush had a great season like you contend, only that he rushed for over 1000 yards. He also said Moore had a good season which is true when looking at his placement in the league standings. He said good, not great. So it seems you missed that part.

I'm sure you are aware that the measuring stick every back is held up to is the 1000 yard season? 1000 yards is considered a good season especially when you add 43 receptions and average 6.9 yards as a back catching passes at the line and in the back field. And how about that 5.0 yards per carry average? That's phenomenal. So you're contention that he only averaged 50 yards per game only magnifies what a good season he had.

There's a big picture in all of this, it's not as cut and dry as you make it out to be.

JS, where did Armando say that? Do you talk to him personally? Is this in some live post Armando does sometimes to speak to posters? How do you know that?

1000 yards in a season is a big deal now? LMAO Try 15-20 years ago.

Call me when he does what the elite backs do, that is, run for 1400-1600 yards & 15-20 td's in a season.

Some people will say or cling to ANYTHING to stroke Ireland's junk & keep him safe.

I swear, it's like the minority of this fan base(25% or less) that supports Ireland are Ok with mediocrity.

Just because it's hairs better than the recent past doesn't mean it's good & justifiable!

There is no one on this blog who has been banned. Where do you people get this stuff?

I told Ohio that he is free to post here anytime he wishes. However, this blog is not a place to invite folks to go to other blogs, which is exactly what he was doing.

He has agreed to stop doing it and is free to continue posting here anytime he wishes.

Now think about this: Wherever you got your misinformation, what other misinformation are you getting there?

ARMANDO SALGUERO COULD YOU PLEASE CLEAR THIS UP FOR US? You're loyal posters of 5 years and more are wondering why the Herald is allowing this to go on. We would not seek other blogs if we were protected from senseless attacks and outright vulgarity. So is it the policy of the Herald to allow an anything goes thing in here? Can we just all start saying whatever we want to whomever we want? Are there any rules at all?

"Armando says Ohio is not welcome – assuming because he's undermining his fanbase.
However, folks that wish to attack and insult the remainder of Armando's fanbase, talk about body parts and cross dressing, and threaten harm to posters’ families … they’re welcome?"

Sorry Armando I wasn't fast enough........

Here is the post I was just about to say, but you beat me to it.


i have not been banned. I had a good convo with Armando and things are good.

Aloco started the rumor.





I told ya! Hey Aloco Armando called you out! That's where the info came from, freaking Aloco. And people actually listened,,,,hahahahaha. Too funny.

Well then that clears up my latest question.

sorry for the miscommunication

OHIO.......WELCOME BACK.........NO BLUE NAME ........

Who cares if someone got banned? What a bunch of babies!

Sticking up for each other like a band of brothers?

Do everyone a favor, say what you gotta say & move on.

I also suspect that Merling came into Voluntary Workouts overweight, out-of-shape, and unmotivated. There's probably more to the story than we're being told. But, that's the NFL! NOT FOR LONG! You either become a professional football player and produce on the field or you're history! Too many injuries, too many issues, too many problems...and it's "See ya! Good luck!" You're either an asset or a liability! He had just gotten paid too! Sad. He should have used that to motivate himself to come in and be at the top of his game. But, he didn't. Happens all the time with some of these guys. His only hope is to take a year off, get in shape, and get his mind right. And, hope that some team will give him a chance next year. Sort of reminds me of that kid that Saban made cry on the field. Uh...what was his name again?

Aloco he never banned him, that was you assuming things from what Ohio wrote. He said "you MAY not be seeing me" and that he had "an interesting conversation". You somehow took that as he was banned when in all likelihood it was exactly what I said. And notice how Ohio's name isn't in blue anymore? ;) Come on would ya people, this stuff is easy if you use your brains!

"Who cares if someone got banned? What a bunch of babies!"

"Sticking up for each other like a band of brothers?"

Waahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,,boo hoo hoo,,(sniffle).




Yeah, all this trouble started because of allowing some idiot savant to post here. I'll find out around the Hospital if there is a special blog for this kind of individual. I'm sure there is.

Re-post from a blog that shall remain unnamed,

Phillip Merling had to go. I say this because of the facts I know. I know the Dolphins have a mini camp starting tomorrow. I know Merling has reported over weight and out of shape. I know Merling has not been participating in the voluntary workouts even though he is the one person on the team that should be there from sunrise to sunset. And I know that if he gets hurt in this weeks mini camp and misses the season the Dolphins will have to pay him 1.5 million to sit the bench. He is a huge disappointment and letting him go was the right thing to do any way you look at it. We were getting no draft picks for him and for some to suggest that is idiotic.

Phins78 comes back & people stop posting.

Merling didn't produce and I'm happy to hear this new staff is not tolerating it. Send him packing, good riddance. Make cap room and free up a locker for someone who wants to be in camp and wants to be on the field.


Another Ireland screw up... 1st round bust but at least it's part of his "vision". Bee-dee eyed, ugly bald, back stabber!

Of course it takes more than one player, but the one thing we hear from all the personnel people is 'you can't win in this league without a QB'. Are you confident we have that QB on the roster? Point blank question. You said above that you don't think Moore can do it with Sherman and Philbin so from your comments I'm guessing no. So why ignore the obvious? Because we have to wait for this kid to develop? Who cares! Forget Barkley. It's never going to happen. We won't be bad enough. It never works out that way. Cleveland is worse than us, possibly Minnesota, possibly Carolina, possibly Jacksonville. There may be more. So what are we going to do every year, trade three first round picks for that QB? That's a great strategy! And what happens when the QB doesn't work out, which could happen. So let's just keep plugging in new chess pieces on the board and ignore the fact that we don't have a Queen, who affects the game more than any other player.

Isn't it great watching a chess master like Jeff Ireland moving the pieces?

first post is a guy who needs a life... then 50% of the rest are morons arguing among themselves... you guys sure YOUR not running the dolphins (into the ground)?

Never did like Merlin. My question is why wasn't this thought of at the beginning of the off season and addressed in free agency? The same with Brandon Marshall. Now we need a QB, #1 receiver, 2 DEs, right side O-line help, strong safety, and OLB. This while competing with 32 other general managers with the same thing in mind-finding playmakers. I see this team honestly going 4-12, maybe 5-11. Hope I'm wrong.

I say Moore will be fine this year. We draft Tannehill, or Weeden (he's the QB I think we end up with). This gives us a good 3-way QB competition in camp this year with all QB's learning a new offense. We pick up DL and WR help and we are fine going into training camp. Have to trust in the new coaches, after all, 95% of the bloggers on here wnated a change. Well, you got it.

He just re-signed with Dolphins but he wasn't showing up to off-season workouts/conditioning that he was supposed to.

This is not one I blame Parcells for (it was clearly his, not Ireland's, pick). Merling was a solid value pick based on his profile. His failure is utterly on his own head. He's had plenty of chances and has all the tools needed, which strongly suggests a lack of effort.

At the time there was no indication he had issues with commitment or effort. He was considered a team leader type. He just seemed to stop trying once he got his big paycheck. Sadly, that's just the way it is with some players.

This should not be a surprise. Parcells drafted both Merling and Langford; big and slow. Parcells is such a loser when it comes to evaluating talent. He can not buy the groceries.

Andy: I agree Ireland never shows his hand why cut him now and show the need for Lineman.


I hope you get to read this...cause I wish to take my hat off to you sir!

Of all the news outlets I read, including the Bleacher Report, Sun Sentinal and The Herald of course, you are the only true journalist in the bunch. That includes Peter King and Mike Florio.

You took a BS story and dug for facts. You are the only one I am aware of who - with great respect to your readers - didn't simply regurgitate information like other news "reporters/agencies".

And yes, here you admit that the truth is neither simple nor even known at this point...but at least you tried. And everyone else looks lazy.

Having been a journalist, I appreciate your diligence and honesty.

Merling was almost worth just for the pick 6 vs. Favre/j-e-t-s.

Only in Miami, only in the Banana Republic baby......

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