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Dolphins can now add 10 more players than expected

A different kind of free agency is about to hit the NFL in general and the Dolphins in particular.

The NFL on Monday suddenly expanded rosters for the offseason and preseason to 90 players. Previously, the limit was 80, but the league's Management Council voted to increase it Monday. The first cutdown, in late August, will be to 75, with the final cut after the last of four preseason games bringing rosters to 53.

So what does that mean to the Dolphins?

Well, suddenly players that might not have been signed could be on the radar and could get a chance to compete for a roster spot. That's good news for folks such as Ernie Sims or Omar Gaither, whom the Dolphins announced visited with the team on Monday.

Suddenly, there are extra roster spots for take-a-flyer players such as the two veterans.

The added roster spots might also encourage teams to trade down in the coming draft. Typically, a trade down involves a scenario where a team trades a pick for multiple picks. In other words, one player for two players or more players. The added camp roster spots might encourage this kind of trading by some teams wanting camp bodies later in the draft.

The added spots could also put a premium on getting the best available undrafted free agents. That might mean more money being handed out. That also might mean teams that traditionally do well getting undrafted free agents might have the ability to add more talent.

The Dolphins have been very good with undrafted free agents. Kicker Dan Carpenter, recievers Davone Bess and Roberto Wallace were among Miami's undrafted free agents who made the final rosters.

Only the 51 highest-paid players count toward the salary cap.

The 90 players will include all active, inactive, practice squad, exempt and reserve list players, plus unsigned draft choices and franchise-tagged free agents.


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Yeah! First.

Ten more acorns for Ireland and company. Just a thought here but with the number 8 overall pick the dolphins should find anyone with the last name Acorn and take him regardless if he plays football or not. LMAO

On a serious note i would love to see Miami trade down to pick just before Dallas and take Mark Barron. This team needs a safety in the worst way and with facing the Pats two headed TE monster every year this kid could anchor a secondary to combat the Pats attack. Pick up an extra second or third rd pick this year and get an impact starter at a position of need. Our QB is in next years draft with Matt Barkley the man to go with. Tannehill May be a solid to great QB, but reaching at 8 for a "what if" is just to dangerous when teams need to get a starter right away. Miami cant afford to have their number 1 pick not starting right away. Cmon Ireland stop looking for acorns and trade down and take Barron.

I don't see why it would affect the draft. You still have to cut down to the same number as before. Why would that change your draft board?

It means more players for OTA's an camp.
Teams may trade 2 players for 1 pick at the bottom 6-7 th round so they have more guys to practice with.

the only way i can think it affects the draft board is that if there are multiple names who you have on yours in the later rounds that have not been picked by other teams, it still gives you the opportunity to bring them in AFTER the draft at once without going over your limit. giving you the opportunity to evaluate them all at the same time going thru the same workouts etc IMO

Ten more wasted helmets and pads on LOSERS that Ireland will magically uncover. Great! Dolphins suck.

And can all these people saying wait for next year so we can get Matt Barkley WAKE UP! What in the world makes anyone think that is even remotely close to being attainable? This years draft had arguably 2 of the best QB prospects in the last decade or longer. We had a top 10 pick to deal and didn't end up with either. So why the hell is "just wait for next year and get Barkley" even an option? The stupidity of Dolphins fans amazes me. The FACTS here are that the dolphins have screwed themselves royally by dumba$$ Jeff Ireland making the decisions. How is it that something (DL) that was supposedly our biggest strength last year is now a huge position of need? Why are we even discussing DT's and DE's? Odrick and Merling (#32). There's 2 1st round picks on the DL that haven't delivered squat. Now people want to go DL AGAIN in the top 10? Jesus people, WAKE UP! I'm so sick of hearing about the "smart thing to do". The dolphins ALWAYS do the "smart thing" in the first round. Shoring up that o-line and adding to the d-line. Win it in the trenches, right? BS! People may not like it, but I say take Tannehill. At least there's potential there. This draft lacks any elite pass rushers where we're picking, so instead we would end up with another big body to waste space and cap room. If not Tannehill, at least take Floyd if he is there. Or if we have to go defense, Stephen Gilmore (please don't tell me were "set" with Sean Smith). But I say time to roll the dice on a QB. What's the worst that can happen? We're already at the bottom of the barrel. We're already a pathetic joke. Dan Marino and Aaron Rodgers slid to the 20's. If people are giving Tannehill a similar grade in terms of value and draft spots, and of the coaches really think he can be special, don't F around. Take him at #8 and FINALLY give us something to get excited about. Or curious about. Or SOMETHING! Because another DT, 290 lb DE, or O-lineman certainly ain't gonna change much. The Dolphins need more than that.

I appreciate the sentiment of dolfan29 but I'm OK reaching for a QB over and over again until you've finally got that elite QB. If Tannehill doesn't develop then you still have your shot at the 2013 draft class next year.

Rob M,

Most draft experts have Tannehill listed as a late first round/early second round prospect at best. He is most certainly a reach at number 8 and will not be ready to play for 2-3 years realistically. Whats exciting about that? Aaron rodgers dropped to 21 the year he was drafted. He sat behind Favre for 3 years before starting. They developed him slowly. But he was pick 21, not pick 8! The difference is Relative value. You cant reach in the nfl draft bc you more often than not get burned when you reach. They can draft someone lower in the draft that Philbin can coach up over time. I would be super excited if they traded down and grabbed Tannehill in the teens. You dont take first round picks, specifically top 10 picks, and develop them slowly, theyre expected to play NOW. Im also tired of Dolphans who put down O/D line acquisitions. The lines, especially the offensive line, is absolutely HUGE in winning football games. A good offensive line can control the clock with the run game and protect the qb when he has to throw. If the clock is controlled, the defense stays off the field longer so they are more fresh when they hit the field. If the Dolphins should "reach" for anyone, they should reach for David Decastro, who most experts agree has a better chance at being an all-pro than Andrew Luck! Read the article on ESPN if you dont believe my last statement-its called "the Standford four". Of course I call Decastro a "reach" because O guard is not considered a position of priority by most nfl teams. Look at this guys game tape. He gave up one sack in 4 years- and that was when he was a freshman! He blows holes open so wide and gets to the second level of defense to block so easily it is nothing short of ridiculous. Matt moore and reggie bush suddenly see their numbers improve.

Why reach if you can get him later in the draft? You know, select him where he actually provides value. Oh, I know, because if you draft 3rd round talent in the 1st round, he will magically be a better player. You can also claim he is your franchise QB for a year before you decide he is a cancer and must be let go so you can select the next franchise QB and overpay again.

Couldn't agree more with Frank. Philbin himself acknowledged that OL play was awful. Clean that up, and you get better QB play. You can actually let your TE or RB go out in pattern, rather than stay in to block.

The perception of not reaching early for guards was driven by the former salary cap rules where you didn't want to spend the exorbitant dollars that a top 10 pick required on that position.

With the revised rules, I just want a 10-year pro-bowler, as long as he's not a punter, kicker, or kick returner.

Keuchly and Decastro are the surest bets in that area. Others come with some level of question. Keuchly can push Dansby outside and improve that area as well.

BTW, anyone see the footage on Weeden taking out clay pigeons with the football. Quick release and crazy accuracy....hmmm. Nice 2nd round booby prize if you can leapfrog Cleveland, despite his age.

the only one ireland will outsmart in the draft is himself. he routinely steps over talent looking for "acorns" and no value added picks. we always fail to draft "impact" players.

blackmon in round 1 and weeden in round 2! and i would be very content.

Didn't everyone say last year, 'Don't take a QB at 15. Wait until later and grab a guy like Dalton'? How'd that work out for us? If you had a do over, would you take Dalton at 15 today? Don't remember too many people beating the drum loudly for him then. Seems like we're saying the same thing again this year. 'Don't take Tannehill at 8. Take him later where he's expected to go'. Newsflash....he's not going to be there when we pick again in the second round. 'Oh that's OK. We can draft a QB next year. Barkley's the guy'. Didn't we also say that last year? How many more years are we going to keep taking this approach. So we take Tannehill and he doesn't work out. What's the harm in that? It's no different than all the other first round picks we've missed on. What the Hell's the difference? 'Oh, this is different. This is going to set us back for years. This is four years commitment'. POPPYCOCK! How is this any different than any other position we draft? We're not going to give a DL four years to develop? Didn't we just give Merling four years? I don't see anyone saying, 'Oh my God. This is going to set us back for years'.

It would be great if Tannehill can fall to Miami in the 2nd round. We don't have that kind of luck.

The smart fan would recognize the QB must fit the system. Under Philbin, the premium is on the group of wide receivers you have. It is all about matchups: you need someone quick, someone fast, someone big, someone fearless, and an athletic tight end. It is YAC.

You also need a line. For years I have listened to folks here claim this lineman or that lineman was the answer to our prayers. When we drafted Carey, we were set according to this blogs experts. Carey couldn't block squat. He was a right guard at best. We drafted Samson and everyone set we were set. Samson couldn't block anyone and whiffed half the time. Miami doesn't have a line now that is up to par. That must be fixed or nothing else matters.

That said, Miami doesn't need a QB - they certainly don't need to make a desperation move and grab Tanney who will sit on the bench for several years. These fans couldn't stomach allowing Henne to develop and they want to draft a guy who will take a couple seasons to get where Henne was as a rookie. Morons.

Moore, not my choice, is, however, far better and capable of playing at a much higher level than ANY QB in this draft will play for the next couple years. With a line and the right receiving corp, Moore can light it up for the Dolphins.

In the end, selecting a 2nd round QB at 8 would be the dumbest move the Dolphins could make. We need playmakers and we need them now - NOT projects. Our first pick should be WR if the right guy is there, or DL/OLB or we go OL. We had better draft a WR no later than the 2nd pick.

The sun sentinel is charging now for me to read their sticking articles, I can't believe it, their reporters are not very good anyway.

I can guarantee that Kuechly, DeCastro,Hightower,Andrew Luck, will be great Pros for many years. I cannot say the same thing about Tannehill. But, what do I know about QB's?

Rob M, no they don't, projecting him as a late 1st, second round pick was before the combine, before private workouts. Most experts have him projected as a top 15 pick.

omar kelly is the worst. he is sarcastic to anyone who asks him a question and his football knowledge is limited.

Yeah, Mike, based solely on desperation not because he suddenly overcame his deficiencies. He is projected to go in the top 15 because the media has convinced the fans every team seeking a new QB MUST draft him early.

And in today's CBA you can reach for a need. Several teams did it last year with mixed results. Because you are paying high draft choices less money, you don't have to start them right away. The new CBA means you can develop prospects by not starting them.

I have questions about his lack of polish and competitiveness. But again, what do I know about QB's?

Tannehill reminds me of a bigger, slower,right-handed Steve Young. Need greeat Teams around them in order to Win.

Safer pick to start this year=Brandon Weeden.


Well said. What the majority of people don't get is Tannehill isn't close to being a finished product yet. It's impossible to rate him based on what's he's done in 19 College starts. But what's the harm in picking him. There's risk in every single pick, including Luck and RGIII. 'Yeah, but we need to minimize the risk'. I don't even know what that means. Does that mean when you have a chance to pick Jemarcus Russell you pass? Or Cam Newton? I mean, how are you supposed to know? It's a crapshoot! There's just as much risk taking a guy like Coples. 'Oh but at least with him you get instant returns'. You do? How did Merling work out? SEVEN tackles in TWO years. Great production! 'Oh but this is different. Coples isn't the same player as Merling'. He's not? Doesn't he come with a slacker label? Isn't there some people who say he shouldn't even be a first round pick, same as Merling? He should come with a 'buyer beware' label. Some experts don't even have him as the best DE in the draft and guys already have him as Wake complimentary piece.

Here's a question I have: What do people think Vontae will do this year? He's been up and down, shown flashes, regressed. Not saying it's make or break time with him (he's our best CB), but it's time he (the team) figures out how much of a star he's going to be in the NFL. Is he in the league with the other young, hot DBs (Hayden from Cleveland, Eric Berry from the Chiefs), is he on Revis' heels, or is he just an above-average, solid CB (or less)?

I hope with the new DC's history with DBs, he can turn Vontae into the best player on the defense (which he really should be, with all the talent he has). And more so, a leader back there. If Miami wants to TRY and go .500 this year (which to me is the high water mark unfortunately), the defense will have to take over games like the end of last year and keep games close.


It is a make or break year for him. Not sure if this is a contract year fro him or not but if you are going to pay him big money, then you need to see more. He's too inconsistent. I'm hoping he's like his brother and the light goes on. For me, I'd expect to add CB to the list of needs for next year....on top of taking Barkley at pick 11....LOL.

Thanks Craig, that really put my pessimism in check. If I can't count on you to stay sunny about Miami, who CAN I count on?


LOL. Stop threatening Ohio's family. They're good people....LOL.

That's 10 more offensive and defensive linemen that the Dolphins can now sign! YES!

This a really a boring article for 2 days before the draft. Could have been a tweet.

One other point and then I'm back to work and I can be bad-mouther when I'm gone. The same who talk about Tannehill's 'mediocre rise because of the media' are the same people who are relying on the media to tell them that Coples is a top ten pick. He may very well be but neither you nor I actually KNOW that. We rely on the media for a lot. This isn't what we do full time (well at least most of us do) and we're not actually qualified to be experts on it. It's just opinion at the end of the day. But when the media tells you Coples is a top ten pick, most of us believe that. He may well not be. He may be a complete bust. The guy that worked out for us yesterday, Ernie Sims, was a top ten pick for the lions only a few years ago. He's was supposed to be a sure thing. Hasn't worked out that way. It's April and he's still looking for work.

This is why guys shouldn't talk in EXTREMES. None of us actually know how any of this will play out. Tom Brady was SUPPOSED to be a 6th round QB. He's soon to be a Hall of Famer. Endless guys were 'can't miss' and missed big time. My only point on Tannehill is he's an 'unknown'. He has good skills and my opinion is worth the risk. From what I've seen of him he has far better skill than John Beck, who I never actually got. I don't know what Tannehill will become but I think he has a chance to be another Joe Flacco. I'm sure I'll get that thrown in my face 'til the die I die if he doesn't and that's fine but I'd be quite happy with Joe Flacco leading this team for the next 5-8 years.


We get your Tannehill rant. What you dont get is you are advocating not drafting a 2nd rd qb and in the same light advocating taking a 2nd rd qb at #8. The light may not be coming on for you over that fact, but it has come on for some posters here.

Had Barkley and Landry declared unevoquivically Tannehill is a 2nd rd qb. He's only bottom 1st rd by default.

If I were scheduled to fight Mike Tyson and Mike Tyson didnt show up. I would be world champ by default. Being world champ by Tyson didnt show up, means Im still a scrub, and probably would lose the belt during my 1st defense.

Stop saying dont draft a qb 2nd rd, then in the same breath, advocate taking a "TRUE" 2nd rd qb at #8. You seem to be the only one soooooooooooo..... confused by this.


Im bad mouthing Coples too. The greatest knock against him is "UNDERACHIEVER"! We just cut one of those yesterday(Phillip Merling).

Craig, great points.

The Dolphins organization has constantly postponed the day of reckoning for quarterback. And basically they've done the same for wide receiver, investing minimal resources.

If you constantly say "we'll deal with this in the latter rounds", then you are saying that this focus position will always be stocked with talent taken from Round 4 and below. And the odds of a Brandon Marshall, Randy Moss, or Calvin Johnson emerging from those selections are greatly decreased.


Its even funny when you type it....


I think Vontae is a great corner. His only problem seems to be when he isnt playing against a great wr. He seems not to be able to get exciting about wr's of a lesser quality.

He does great against great wr's and lesser recievers are the ones eating his lunch. I think he need a db coach that knows the right buttons to push when Vontae faces lesser wr's. Evidently he cant motivate himself playing against lesser named guys.

Rob M. are you saying that Dan Marino and Aaron Rogers sliding is similar to Tannehill moving up! C'mon WAKE UP! Great players who were rated higher and dropped work out. Average players rated lower and move up do not! Just ask the Jaguars! C'mon WAKE UP man! Also what is the wort that can happen if the dolphins pick up Tannehill at 8! Roll the dice you say! Watch this board, the media, the whole fan base light up if he is a bust and someone like Cox is blowing up O lineman! Easy to be a backseat driver! C'mon WAKE UP. Stupid is as stupid does!

Rob M. Weeden is a better QB. Big deal his career might be a few years shorter. Would rather have a good QB play at a high level for 7 - 10 years, rather than a mediocre QB sit around the league as a back for 15 years.

I'll give that Dalton had a nice rookie season. That sometimes happen. Where the problem usually arises is season two after nfl dc's get a year's worth of tape to study and game plan on that qb.

Sam Bradford was on fire his rookie season, Colt McCoy played well too, but both came crashing back to earth thier 2nd season. What Happened?

I'll tell you what happe4ned, reread paragraph 1.

Yay, Ireland can add 10 more Acorns!!

Here's another problem with selecting Tannehill #8. Even if Tannehill is miracuously allowed to sit for 3yrs. Its will only make fan scrutiny worse not better when he finally starts.

If Tannehill is allowed to sit 2-3yrs, dolfans will expect to see the next Dan Marino right away. They aint exce3pting anything less.

If Tannehill isnt Marino after sitting 2-3 years, dolfans will boo him out of town by year 4 or 5, believe that. Especially if he's taken with this year's #8 pick. He'll be eaten alive by dolfans if he isnt the next Marino right away.

No way they sit Tannehill more than one year, no way. If they pick him, he will start in 2013 unless they figure out by then he is a bust, then they have to find a way to save face.

Well, I guess Tannehill is pretty bust proof, we can always make him a wr. But, if taking a wr #8, if available it may as well be Justin Blackmon. Not Ryan Tannehill.

But who knows, Tannehill may turn out to be a pretty good nfl wr for a white boy. LOL

Dolphins record in 2012-2013...


you heard it here first.....


That prediction must mean theyre selecting David DeCastro with thier 1st pick! LOL


Which is ridiculous when you think about it. Did the Packer fans DEMAND that Rodgers was Favre? Did the Niners fans DEMAND that YOung was Montana? There is a possibility if Moore and Garrard can play well for a couple of years, possible squeeze out a playoff appearance that the pressure might be off Tannehill. And don't tell me no way is Moore coming back next year. Niners drafted Keapernick last year and Smith had no problem coming back. Titans drafted Locker and it didn't stop Hasselbeck going there. Moore will be the starting QB until the point that Tannehill shows he's a better option and the team feels he's ready to take over. Could be next year. Could be 2-3 years. That's the beauty of it. There's no rush. No urgency. No panic. There's ACTUALLY a plan.

I read so many post about DeCastro (in a row)...that last night I dreamed I was @ his pro-day....

I think YG gave me DeCastro PTSD.....

The following QBs are tall:

1. Tom Brady
2. Peyton Manning
3. Ryan Tannehill
4. Ben Rothsliesberger


Craig M...

to the first part of your post...





I will take DeCastro or anybody else..as long as it isn't a 2nd rd pick...in 1st round picks clothing....

Now we will win it all!!

After all these years we spent on trying to build up the oline, I cant believe some of you still want to draft a RG in the first round. SMH. We need to draft a impactful player that will either sacks QB's or score TD's plain and simple!


The line is NOT built....

Kris, Jeez man we spent the last 8 years trying to get it right, if it aint right now will it ever be?


I feel your pain...and I'm not all in on an OL man...I would rather see a MONSTER of a dL....

I'm only AGAINST the picking of Hennehill....


You nhave a habit of using examples that work against your arguments more than for them. Your latest post reflects that.

Who the hell would be screaming for Young when winning sb titles with Montana? Hell most Packers fans had probably forgotten Rodgers was on the roster with Favre at qb. Niners drafted kaepernick 2nd rd wasnt it? Remeber, the place you say we shouldnt draft a qb this year?

Anyways, DeCastro gives us the freedom to try and push Jerry out wide(RT). Plus a pro bowl calibre RG, helps ensure Jerry's success at RT. No telling what happens we put a patchwork RG next to Jerry at RT, or vice versa. Could be disasterous.

Especially for Matt Moore. Worst case scenario, and you got to ask yourself this if youre a gm worth your weight in a grain of salt, "what happens if all goes bad with a patchwork right side and both Moore and Garrard go down?

It means a far unready Tannehill has to come in and start behind a terrible right side oline That got my first two qb's on injured reserve. You always got to ask yourself worst case scenario when making extremely important decisions in life no matter what is.

How do you take a 2nd rd q1b 1st rd, already knowing your right side protection was horrible the prior year, and currently thier are unproven players projected to be your starters? That's asking for disaster. Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.

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