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Dolphins can now add 10 more players than expected

A different kind of free agency is about to hit the NFL in general and the Dolphins in particular.

The NFL on Monday suddenly expanded rosters for the offseason and preseason to 90 players. Previously, the limit was 80, but the league's Management Council voted to increase it Monday. The first cutdown, in late August, will be to 75, with the final cut after the last of four preseason games bringing rosters to 53.

So what does that mean to the Dolphins?

Well, suddenly players that might not have been signed could be on the radar and could get a chance to compete for a roster spot. That's good news for folks such as Ernie Sims or Omar Gaither, whom the Dolphins announced visited with the team on Monday.

Suddenly, there are extra roster spots for take-a-flyer players such as the two veterans.

The added roster spots might also encourage teams to trade down in the coming draft. Typically, a trade down involves a scenario where a team trades a pick for multiple picks. In other words, one player for two players or more players. The added camp roster spots might encourage this kind of trading by some teams wanting camp bodies later in the draft.

The added spots could also put a premium on getting the best available undrafted free agents. That might mean more money being handed out. That also might mean teams that traditionally do well getting undrafted free agents might have the ability to add more talent.

The Dolphins have been very good with undrafted free agents. Kicker Dan Carpenter, recievers Davone Bess and Roberto Wallace were among Miami's undrafted free agents who made the final rosters.

Only the 51 highest-paid players count toward the salary cap.

The 90 players will include all active, inactive, practice squad, exempt and reserve list players, plus unsigned draft choices and franchise-tagged free agents.


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God I can't wait until the draft is over, there is just no way I can continue to read the same posts over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.
Also, morons that use the word ACORN in their posts should be banned from this point forward.

tannehill at 8 is a big mistake. blackmon,richardson,clairborne etc are legit top 10 picks. weeden should be the pick for us in the 2nd round;he is very good!

murtha is the rt.

Drafting ANY player at #8 that ultimately does not work out, is a big mistake.

My prediction is Brandon Fields once again has a stellar year (which means we'll be scratching .500 again).


We didnt really spend all of these years trying to build an oline. BP thought he had done it when he rolled the dice on Smiley/Grove staying healthy. If that had happened the oline would be finished now.

What, were they just supposed to not do anything because the gamble on Smiley/Grove's health didnt workout? Well since then they added Jerry and Pouncey. Something had to be done when Grove/Smiley didnt workout. They couldnt fill the oline in with Dolphin cheerleaders.

We had other needs to boot that the draft had to be spent on. Would have been nice if we could have spent the first 2 picks on oline last year. Then maybe we wouldnt have ended up with Columbo. But dolfans would have cried bloody murder if that had happened. So we ended up with a Columbo.

Many dolfans may still scream bloody murder if this year's #1 is DeCastro. If it isnt, dont be shocked if we end up with play on the right side of the oline similar to what we witness last season. But Im sure no one will be screaming bloody murder if DeCastro isnt the #1 pick.

They'll just scream next year, we have another oline coach as hc and the oline still sucks. But just remember, youre the same people that would have screamed bloody murder had DeCastro been the #1 pick.

tannehill has horrible mechanics. it will take years to fix it.
but, he is raw and it is easier to do than with someone who has been a qb since high school as a tebow and beck etc...
weeden is ready now.

I can not fathom why people think taking Weeden is a good idea. It makes ZERO sense!

why does ross feel the need to hold ireland's hand on draft day? ross says that he trusts ireland with all the decisions yet wants to be there when decisions are made. i did this also when i didnt have a genuine confidence in my manager.

Tannehill was a QB through high school and recruited as a QB to college...


Another reason you cant count on Murtha when doing your draft is because Murtha also seems to be injury prone. You can in for a big disappointment penciling him in as your starter because he may not even make it out of preseaslon with a injury sidelining him for the 1st 5 games.

Then he comes back, is good for 3-4 games, then injured again. Murtha always has problems staying healthy for an entire season. You cant count on him. If you do you can end up hugely disappointed.

I think that Moore can be very very darn good if the offensive line is set and the WR are set too,just saying.

The only thing about your statement concerning Murtha and his injuries is he is only entering his 3rd year so I think it may be a little premature to call him as such but you are right that it has been a trend up to this point.

There's no creditable separation between Tannehill and the 2nd rd qb's. Tannehill's projected to needing sit longer than even the 2nd rd qb's.

Tannehill is a 2nd rd qb, boosted up, only because Landry and Barkley didnt declare. Im totally against drafting a 2nd rd qb at #8 who's a 1st rd qb by default.

Hell, if we didnt have another qb on our roster, Pat White, could have been our starting qb by default. That doesnt make Pat White a true starting qb. It only means he's all that's left. AKA Ryan Tannehill.


You can depend on that guy all willy-nilly after you see that trend developing. It could also be predicting a growing trend to come. Murtha's showing a very bad trend in the works(injury prone).

He hasnt even shown he's that great even in limited time of being healthy. He's only shown backup potential at best. You dont hold the presses on a guy like that.

thava. then it will takes many years to fix tannehills mechanics. he wont be ready 'til he's 30. weeden is ready now.

cant depend

moore is fun to watch with the bottom feeders,but if his trend continues to be suxy against the better teams then who, f'n garrard?.oh shiz.
let weeden air it out. jmfo.

Weeden is the truth, I watched him kick butt WITHOUT Blackmon, he has great poise, he's as accurate as they come, great confidence, and as everyone can agree he wins games, did I miss anything...... Oh yea the great put down..... He's 28.

Just wondering....How is Tannehill's foot? The one he injured just by running to his left in practice.

My First 3 Picks:

1-- David DeCastro OG Stanford
2-- Kirk Cousins QB Michigan St
3-- Bruce Irvins OLB W Virginia(pass rush specialist)

After that, I can virtually careless who's selected.

db. yeah, murtha is a ????, but long is the one to be worried about. murtha can play both sides. he's a big mo fo too.lol
look what just happened to gb's all pro lt. injuries. like "jl" took their toll. i tink the gb dude had even less injured parts btw.



Okay assuming we are stuck with pick #8, I believe we should utelize this selection with an IMMEDIATE impact player that will likely start for us game 1 of the 2012 regular season and ALSO make an impact for us (not just a bland starter like Koa Misi or Jarred Ordrick):

Given that here are my top 9(in order) immediate impact players (obviously some will be gone by when the 8th pick of the first round comes around)

1) Andrew Luck
2) RG3
3) Justin Blackmon
4) Trent Richardson
5) Michael Floyd
6) Coby Fleener
7) Melvin Ingram
8) Luke Kuechly
9) Dont'a Hightower

Surely at least two of these guys will be on the board. And "yes", I prefer offense to defense. And I prefer defensive front seven over the corners and safeties.

There is no need to pick a QB at two. With Garrard and Moore we are set for 2012. Why fish for another average QB? Let's grab real talent at 2 and deal with QB next year. There just aren't any worthwhile QB options left.


Im not worried about Long, he's been playing thru injuries the last 2 seasons. This will probably be the first season since his rookie campaign he begins a season totally healthy. Long will be a beast this year.


I wonder how long it takes to build a football team out of un drafted free agents. More than 5 apparently

Is sure looks obvious to me that they

Even if he's a bust the Fins have to draft Tannehill. They have to at least TRY to get a franchise QB.

Weeden is Weinke 2.0 except Weinke was BETTER!
Personally I think John Beck was a better prospect coming out of college than Weeden. DO NOT drink the Kool-Aid!
Fact - NO college QB has ever transistioned to the NFL even at age 25 and had success. NONE. Why is Weeden going to be different? Just because hey, maybe it works out this time??

toe. he was able to run at his pro day. did he hurt it again.?


ron,they can use him at wr.lol

Jake Long = damaged goods

2 watt, Tannehill would beat out Hartline at WR if he doesnt make it at QB.

aloco,that is what gb south does. sits the qb 4 4 seasons to marinate like lamb.


I believe Kuechley will be great. I think he'll be a greater 4-3 mlb, although he probably could be a great ilb too.

However, the biggest problem right now in drafting Kuechely at #8, is right now ilb, is a team strength right now. How do you justify using a #8 pick on a area that's a team strength?

What, do you cut Dansby before season's start, nobody's taking his contract in a trade. Because of the size of Dansby's contract, we're stuck with him or cut bait entirely.

Just doesnt make sense to create another need when we already have so many already existing. Heck, we've already done this by cutting Marshall. But maybe Philbin saw something he liked on tape about Wallace, Gates, or the other wr on the roster, Cant remember his name right now.

Ilb position doesnt justify need to select one at #8. Just doesnt make sense when we have greater needs elsewhere. Think about it.


I know your thinking maybe to move Dansby outside. But rethink that too. Dansby is one of the best coverage lb's in the nfl. So not only does Kuechley has to be a great run support lb, which he is, he'll have to be as good as Dansby in coverage. Which Im not so sure of. Dansby one of the best in the entire nfl in coverage.

If you move Dansby outside, his coverage responsibilities in the 3-4 shrinks. If that happens then youre not really getting your money's worth out of Dansby. Heck, we're not really getting the money's worth now because he's failed to make even one pro bowl at his present pay.

Wait until you see what happens if he moves outside. Plus it comes with no guarantees Dansby will give us at least 6-7 sacks a year on the outside. Even blitzing the qb, I only see Dansby get to him only when he has a free run at him.

I dont think Ive ever seen Dansby beat an olineman outright to get to the qb. He'll have to do that consistently as a olb.

theavafin, You ssaid Beck was a better prospect than Weeden, are you on dope? Beck played in the WAC conference and Weeden in the Big 12. Cmon buddy

YG still has two days to completely change all of his opinions and laugh at those who he already suckered into siding with him.

I say draft Pass Rusher with #8

Focus on Receivers, QB, and Lineman in rounds 2 and beyond.

Clue or maybe get one
Try the Mountain West Conference
I dont have any dope but you could share some of what you got if you are willing.

thavafin, WACK = MWC close enough

Weeden = Weinke/Beck close enough

Ah I agree..

didnt weeden beat baylor with RG111 by 35 points 6 months ago? take blackmon in 1st,weeden in the 2nd!

So in Ireland's 5th year the Fins are the equivalent of an expansion team. A blind monkey throwing darts would draft better then Ireland. According to Forbes the franchise value of the Fins has dropped 200 million since Ross bought in. Ticket sales are now the lowest in 44 years. ROSS DO SOMETHING!!

Speaking of "acorns," you gotta love a guy with a last name like McNutt. haha

Scotty! Beam me up!

didnt weeden beat baylor with RG111 by 35 points 6 months ago? take blackmon in 1st,weeden in the 2nd!
Posted by: greg z. | April 24, 2012 at 11:19 AM

Didnt tannehill beat baylor with RGIII by 27 points 6 months ago??

Dolphins need much more then just a QB. OLmen come to mind. Two injured QBs last yr due to terrible play by the rt side OL. Dolphins desperately need a rush LB or rush DE,,,Fletcher Cox. The Dolphins have to draft a player who can play from day one. And theres a good selection of OLmen rds 2-4. RBs can be had thru all 7 rds plus undrafted free agents. And almost forgot,,,a WR, Mr Ireland, if you please.
Jeffery put your game face on cause your gonna need it this yr.

have we hit on any 2nd or 3rd round picks in 4 years? these are the picks that have to produce starters or significant role players according to ireland. this year ross will sit next to him on draft day for luck.

YES, 10 More acorns to chose from.YES.

this year ross and ireland will take turns with the dart board.

I believe the FINS 1st pick will be decided by which ONE player could contribute to an additional five wins since they lost FIVE games by three points or less last season.

Winning them would have meant an 11-5 record versus 6-10.

Could a pass rusher like Jason Taylor in his prime have made the difference to make it an 11-5 season


would solid RT play have made the difference (since Fins had 54 sacks)?

Ohio Dolphan,

I wouldnt mind a pass rusher at #8 if his credentials looked like a bonafide next Lawrence Taylor or even close. The highest rated pass rusher type is Coples. Coples comes with an underachiever tag or he would be rated a surefire top 10 pick.

Didnt we just cut a underachiever labeled player coming out of college, Phillip Merling? Its too risky to gamble on that happening again with a #8 player instead.

Next in line is Melvin Ingram. Great pass rusher. But has a drop with his run stop skills vs pass rush skills. I'ld love as a late, late 1st rd pick.

Plus you guys arent accounting for the fact that drafting a pass rusher #8 is actually over drafting our pass rush need. We're looking to compliment, not replace Wake. You draft a pass rusher that high when you have no pass rusher nor other more urgent needs.

Not to mention overdrafting our true pass rush need, we would still be over drafting Coples or Ingram at #8 even if pass rusher was the foremost need alone.

Also, not mention, drafting a pass rusher #8 means patchwork oline. Also meaning that pass rusher is going to spend awful lots of time on the playing field because our oline cant consistently dictate flow of game.




Screw all this talk I'm excited to get this over with, I bet all the guys are just ready to get the pads on and get to work. I don't care who we get I think we are going to be good this year. Our coaching staff looks like they are coming correct with their prep , they even got Ross and Ireland to come outta the clouds they were living on in Feb. with the Peyton thing. I haven't been this excited for a season since 09. Weeden and Bush 2012


There are 6-7 good 1st rd picks out there for us, but there is only one right pick. The right pick isnt one that will go down easy with any of us. I would love to not have to pick DeCastro 1st rd. But its neccessary if we're going to begin to dictate flow of game.

The team that can usually dictate flow of game, usually wins the game. For chess players out there, you know it as "tempo". The chess player dictating tempo usually wins.

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