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Gary Guyton agrees to terms with Dolphins

Free agent linebacker Gary Guyton has agreed to term on a one-year contract with the Dolphins, The Herald's Barry Jackson is reporting.

Guyton, 26 , played for the New England Patriots since 2008 after signing with the team as an undrafted free agent. He started 32 games in his four years with the Patriots, with 16 of those coming in 2009 when he had 85 total tackles.

Guyton started six games in 2011. He will be expected to compete for a starting linebacker job but also figures as a backup and special teams contributor if he's unable to earn a starting spot.

Guyton is a 4-3 outside linebacker type. He is 6-4 and 245 pounds. He will compete with Koa Misi for the starting job.

Big deal? No.

He's an acorn. That is the tale of this 2012 free agency period for the Dolphins.


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Sweet !!!!

Not too sure that he can rush the passer effectively. Looks more like a ILBer.

This is fantastic! This puts us in place to win the division.

Yeaaaaa, we found another A Corn-Hole. Winner!!!


Ya'll gonna suck !!

NE has been stealing our castoffs and making them at least rather effective. I say its our turn.

I think this guy also mixes the gatorade on the sidelines as well, so he's got that going for him.

Good catch Ireland!

bellacheat used him up......... so we got him on the cheap......all good peice at the time.....fins 2012

yes we are ....like every year since before 1995.....I will find something better to do on Sundays this year....I won't even choose to play with Miami in Madden lol damm we suck..........

Samuel not a FA


You're EXACTLY right. That's how this fanbase rolls...

Ramble, ramble, ramble about Ireland....he's this, he's that.....blah, blah, blah....

Bellichick.....NOTHING.....hilarious fanbase!
Posted by: Craig M | April 13, 2012 at 04:19 PM
Actually Craig, 75% of that is Armando's Gaytarded Blog Hit Troll. 20% of it is the Gaytards boyfriend, Armando's "OTHER" blog hit troll.

The remaining 5% are actually members of the disgruntled part of our fanbase.

Two Gaytarded Trolls can really jade.........things.

Posted by: odinseye | April 13, 2012 at 05:55 PM


Is it my imagination or does this dude just come here to see how many times he can use the word gay?

Odin fail, try again.

Go ahead, make the excuses about having Brady. Brady was a scared lilttle boy when he won his first ring. That was ALL Bellicheck!

Ireland can't even net a winning season. How do you have the audacity to even mention them in the same sentence?

Hate to say it but, the other guy is right. You sound pretty f-in dumb.

Posted by: Imaginarium of Dumb Bloggers | April 13, 2012 at 04:35 PM

This douche doesn't even know the difference between a Coach and a GM.

Oh Brother. His name speaks for himself.

I wonder if this means that with OLB solidified we're going to go in a different direction in the draft?


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Kills me man....

Unless every FA move is for a "pro bowl" bound "Super player".... then it is a "No Big Deal"...

Wise up... take a look at the way Belecheat builds his teams... He's not out signing $50 Million Dollar players. Belechick has not done that for years...

He signs smart, solid "FOOTBALL GUYS".... It seems like Miami is finally getting past the Parcells stink and doing the same... Now you have to deal with all the fans who have convinced themselves (and are trying to convince everyone else also) that spending $$$HUGE$$$ cash on -layers is the only way to get a quality player.

When you go down the Parcells route, signing the "Marshall's" and the "Dansby's" or "Gibril Wilson's" and all those Multimillion dollar FA Offensive line guys, your club ends up in salary cap trouble in a hurry.

But hey.. This is the Miami Dolphins fan base we are talking about... Whine if They don't sign expensive "Super FA's".... or Whine when they are over the cap and cannot sign anyone.... FORGET trying to reason with them.

Yet you can ask any of these bloggo clowns and they will tell ya all about how much THEY know about football and that Ireland is an idiot...


I like the overall concept of your opinion about the Phins doing things the way they are but you mad bro?

LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at Sesame and Juan Gonzalez

Gay or not one things for certain. The trolls here are two stupid to even form an opinion.

They so stupid they can't even form a stupid opinion.

Set up fail.

Hey at least he isn't from Dolphins and has spent time in the enemy camp. He probably knows a few things. How many of our guys gone there and came back to kill us? Who was that running back a few years ago when they knew all of our signals and Dan throws a int right into the linebackers hands, just because they knew what play was coming? In fact the Patriots know every play we are going to do because they have been stealing our playbook. Offense and defense.
This might work out alright. Not great but alright. We still need guys to fill holes.
Oh and by the way, Moore was rated 12th overall last year. Not bad. We ain't done yet

I meant he ain't from Dallas



I remember back in the day when my mom had me go out back and pick up acorns off the ground. I would come back with a butt load of acorns. Proud of myself for making my mom happy.

Problem was, she pretty much threw away all the acorns because they were rotten.

That taught me a valuable lesson in life. And now I am a GM of a professional football team.

Stay with me guys. I will make you happy in a few years.

Back-up quality LB, or special teams. OK.
Nothing to comment more about.
Still waiting for draft day.

You know I have been a Miami fan for a very long time. I have been here for the good, the great, the bad and the ugly. I was there when George Wilson Drafted his own son who was a joke bye the way. I know most of you are saying dunning who is George Wilson. My point is I have always supported the team and I always will, as long as they are in Miami. I think it is sad to see fans act and talk the way you do. I am willing to bet there is not a one of you that could build a quality football team, and put the right players with each other to make that team work as a team. It is not just a matter of finding the best talent, but the talent that will work best with the players around them. It is not just about finding the best coach and GM, it is about putting a coach and GM together that compliment each other. You fans put out such negative vibes what player would want to join this team.

Belecheat knows he can't pick acorns off the tree alone. That's why he picks many acorns off the tree and ground. Then he lets the acorns compete for the right to be in the acorn pie.

Jeff Ireland ACTUALLY thinks he is a draft and scout guru. This guy is disillusion.

Know what will stop all the whining and complaining?


WINNING STOPS WHINING! Want to shut me up then win some games.

Uh Guyton measured 6'1 1/2", so he is NOT 6'4"

Winning solves every thing. Until this team wins more games than lose, I will continue to whine and complain.

Another Acorn,Why Dolphins so stupid?,Acorn belongs on end ofg wang,Not football team.

I see the idiot Odin is already drunk,Odin, How's that Bloated liver?

Fake Phuc Yu At 7:24, Why people imitate Phuc Yu?, Must be stupid unemployed fat american.

Fake Phuc Yu is non other then the drunk Degenerate Odin, Dude, Find a hobbie.

If I hear acorn one more time I am going to f@$!

OK, I'am out, Odinsmell is polluting the blog, I think I"ll go over to Ohio's blog, Hopefully Ohio's Already banned you.

Ireland is adding bench. Good.

1 round Ryan Tannehill 2 round Nick Perry 3rd round Coby Fleener 3rd round George Iloka 4th round Tommy Streeter WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK

Ho hum...just waiting for the draft and hope for the best.

Bro, do you really believe Coby Fleener will last until the 3rd Rd? Study more tape.

yes he will

Well, if he's there, grab him, quickly.

i really like the combo

Craig M, how does it feel that Belichick makes so many mistakes with draft picks & FA's & now we sign them? LMAO

Keep riding your friend Jeff Ireland to the land of Stupid. Weather must be nice there!

We need impact players and Jeff picks up Guyton, oh well I guess that was the best he could do. I think Philbin will be a good coach but Jeff needs add some more talent instead of acorns, and that Sparrow guy is right winning shuts everyone up, it is about time we started winning again its been long enough!!!

What combo? Listen, pal, there are some of us here that really know Football, incluing some Originals that know the Miami Dolphins inside out. You say, yes he will, Why? if you know something we don't know, please share it. If not, talk about Ballet.


Who is this Tight End that they just signed off the street? The guy didn't even play college ball!


According to Sports Illustrated the Dolphins have signed a prospect Tight End named Les Brown (6'4") who's an accountant that worked out at BYU's Pro Day (his brother is an O-lineman there). This guy ran a 4.44 (40 time) & had a 39" vertical. He last played football in high school (2006) where he also played basketball.

Talk about an acorn!!!

I'm sure this acorn will grow into a MIGHTY oak!

Ireland signed someone??? I can't believe it!!! Guyton is actually pretty good player & might even be better than Misi. Oh Misi....You're just another 2nd round mistake aren't you???

This could be the most intelligent thread I've ever seen. Keep it up Dolphins fans!!

Nunya slugs will be happy with anyone. Y'all want some prima dona FA lookin for a fat check and then ya complain he ain't brought us no trophy. Y'all just a bunch a wussy whiners. Dat be true!

"ESPN analyst and former Colts executive Bill Polian said Miami simply “must” trade for Minnesota’s No. 3 pick to take Ryan Tannehill, even if it means giving up their picks at No. 8, No. 41 and a third-rounder. Colts owner Jim Irsay tweeted that Tannehill "is a hidden gem" and if "you want him, you better talk to" the Vikings. But from Miami's perspective, that trade would be surprising and completely run counter to Jeff Ireland’s way of doing business."

Forget trading up for this kid. Taking him at 8 would be a hell of a reach. I was in favor of taking Tannehill @ 8 & having Philbin/Sherman develop him but forget it. He's unproven & if a another team trades up to get him (which I hope some dumb team does) that just means that our pick @ Number 8 could be an ELITE prospect. I actually REALLY like this kid Kuechly. He's the perfect size, he's fast, he can cover, & he's a tackling machine. I think he can be a bigger Zack Thomas. Trade Burnett if you have to b/c this kid is legit!!! I also am very intrigued by Ingram. Either player would make our defense better.

We need more than anything a playmaker on offense. We need to SCORE FREAKING POINTS if we are going to have any chance to win the division or in the playoffs.

Take Lloyd.

Two very HUGE mistakes these major idiots did was missing out on Erik Winston and Demeco Ryans. I would trade in a New York minute Hicks, Guyton, and all those other no-namers for these two impact players. Just 2, just 2. Thats all it would've taken for this team to have improved tremendously. And signing 2 players is nothing. Demeco Ryans was traded for a forth round pick. Why couldn't Ireland come up with this deal? How can you be positive about this team when these boneheads keep missing out on moves like this. Its not like they're gonna break the bank.

tired, you are just not well informed. Winston had injury issues. They didn't want to go down that road after Grove and Smiley.

That's training camp fodder.

You dimwits think Ireland is stupid. He is smarter than all of you, Even if he has made some mistakes, he has done some things right too. Nobody is paying an of you wankers big bucks or even a penny for your advice.

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