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Gary Guyton agrees to terms with Dolphins

Free agent linebacker Gary Guyton has agreed to term on a one-year contract with the Dolphins, The Herald's Barry Jackson is reporting.

Guyton, 26 , played for the New England Patriots since 2008 after signing with the team as an undrafted free agent. He started 32 games in his four years with the Patriots, with 16 of those coming in 2009 when he had 85 total tackles.

Guyton started six games in 2011. He will be expected to compete for a starting linebacker job but also figures as a backup and special teams contributor if he's unable to earn a starting spot.

Guyton is a 4-3 outside linebacker type. He is 6-4 and 245 pounds. He will compete with Koa Misi for the starting job.

Big deal? No.

He's an acorn. That is the tale of this 2012 free agency period for the Dolphins.


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Contrary to what this idiot believes about us in Miami, I meant to say.

I lived several years in Miami. I have friends there. They feel the same way I do. LOL.

I'm not racist, nothing I have said was racist. If it appears that way it is because of your lack of reading and comprehension skills. I did say Miami was a very racist town. I did say the different races tend to hate each other. That is true. That was my experience. I myself never said anything racist about anyone as I've had friends and girlfriends of all races.

Try reading and thinking about what you read before jumping to false conclusions.


I look for Gary Guyton to give Koa Misi a real scare when it comes to competing for a spot on the roster as a starter.
Koa Misi needs to step up or step aside.

Go Dolphins!!

MIAMI Dolphins!!!

Guyton is so good Belicheck benched him for the entire playoffs. He will be lucky to make special teams. He is an undrafted acorn. He isn't taking Misi's place no way.

For Varon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdsUfo-kcjw
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-Nvc3KGkhI I thought so

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It ios wonderful to be alive in this amazing century.

DO, its ok, you can return to your regular name now. You have been outed. LOL.

Odin thinks there are only 1 or 2 blog trolls. Lol you cant teach stupid folks! Does he realize he is one of em?

A man at the store told me the Miami Dolphins started out called the Miami Seahawks and then became the Baltimore Colts. Is this true?

I meant that it was the first team before the Dolphins that they were the Miami Seahawks and then that team became the Baltimore Colts that are now the Indiana Colts and there is a different team that started called the Miami Dolphins

I dreamed I was making sweet, sweet love to Thomas Edison dressed in a gorilla suit last night.

John Mara: NFL “evolving toward” eliminating kickoffs.

I have said it over and over just like you that this NFL commissioner is a wussy. Rules and fines, rules and fines.. The NFL is going to self dissolve.

The NFL is the most profitable and rock solid business in all business around the world. They put in a POC commish and they are now resorting to eliminating kickoffs?

The NFL is ranked as a flag football league. The extremist want to import soccer as the new American sport to cater to the politically correct politicians.

The elimination of kickoffs is equivalent to the fat lady singing. It's going to be over in the near future but for now, a campaign needs to be started to get rid of the NFL commish NOW before it's to late.

The following are unprintable characters:

The Dolphins dont matter.

A pathetic franchise like the Dolphins breeds trolls. Good teams breed homers. If and when the Dolphins ever become competitive they'll be less trolls.

Lmfao @ Varon:

1) "no knothing"

2) North Dakota has easier girls. Yes the benchmark of a great state!

3) Attributing the intelligence of a state to the discussion in bars.

4) Attributing the quality of a place to the ability to speak "perfect English" ie at bars and in airports.

5) attributing name calling to an inferior education = "Narrow minded palmetto bugs" ... something about glass houses?

No name calling is required - he has done a fine job of illustrating the type of human bent he is.

Yup, signing the high priced FA DOES NOT WORK. How is Justin Smiley, Jake Grove, Gabril Wilson, Joey (loud mouth Porter) Karlos Dansby (for the most part) ,Kevin Burnett, Trading for looser brick hands Brandon MArshall. Wake up people Yes Guyton does stink but it is called depth and you need depth in the NFL, not high priced overrated FA's. You want the list of small pieces assed that DID work.... Wes Welker, Cameron Wake, Richie Incognito, Reynaldo Hill......... The list does go on. Matt Moore...... Randy Starks... These are very important pieces that proved well worth their signings.

What else's new. Sickening. Wrong Mando, thats free agency for te past 2 years.

Some moron at Sun-Sentinel decided it was a good idea to charge you for reading their rag on the net!

Are they nuts?

I just deleted them from my favorites.

This douche doesn't even know the difference between a Coach and a GM.

Oh Brother. His name speaks for himself.

Posted by: DikWeed | April 13, 2012 at 06:10 PM

Ever look in the mirror, douche? This proves how dumb you are.

If you trace back you will find where Craig M ROUTINELY & RITUALISTICALLY defends Jeff Ireland and tells everyone to look at Bellichicks bad acquisitions as a comparison. Why don't you tell him 1 is a coach & 1 is a GM? Dumkoff!

So before you talk, know what you're talking about. Or do you enjoy your foot in your mouth?

Dikweed suits you well.

The trolls here are two stupid to even form an opinion.

They so stupid they can't even form a stupid opinion.

Posted by: DikWeed | April 13, 2012 at 06:28 PM

Just because you're too dumb to know what we're talking about doesn't mean we're stupid. My last post showed you have 0 clue as to what you're talking about so spare us anymore of your a*sininity!

Is this a football blog or a place for the terminally bored to kill time until they die? Scary. Staring at a blank wall would be a better use of time.

Is this a football blog or a place for the terminally bored to kill time until they die? Scary. Staring at a blank wall would be a better use of time.

Posted by: Machine | April 14, 2012 at 07:41 PM

yet, you still posted & read through 3 pages full of nonsense.

Is this a football blog or a place for the terminally bored to kill time until they die? Scary. Staring at a blank wall would be a better use of time.

Posted by: Machine | April 14, 2012 at 07:41 PM

yet, you still posted & read through 3 pages full of nonsense.

Posted by: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA | April 14, 2012 at 07:57 PM


Miami Dolphins In Depth: Everything NON-Dolphins Related: No Subject (Literally), No Topic, No Meaningless Situation LMFAO!!!!

You should all bring Dr. Phil in here to help you all out with your problems.

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Miami Dolphins In Depth: Had a bad Day? Come on Over and Vent Here. We'll Be Happy To Listen LMAO

The Dolphins will win a few games this year.

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Notice to the few good posters on this site. I have started a new dolphin blog site where ALL of the SS Mob goes to. My blog is the premiere blog around. No cussing is aloud and major editing of your comments, if I or NJ disagree with it. NJ is my older brother and friend. The rest of you losers dont bother to come to the site. Let me know if anyone is interested in joining us and I will post a link. God bless.

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Yes... I would like to try your site.

I usually only have time to visit these Blogs occasionally but it would be a pleasure to read some decent conversation for a change.

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Joey From Jersey,
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I've also started a blog about south Florida sports fan sausage. I'll post the link if anyone is interested.

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So you mean to tell me this Dolphins blog is hosted by the state's premiere newspaper? If nothing else the content speaks to how irrelevant and pathetic the Miami Dolphins are. Apparently no one cares about this team including the newspaper. I wouldnt be surprised to see this team relocated ten years from now.


I am intrigued by your offer but must decline. That would be illegal and just plain wrong. I limit my stimulation to consenting fruit & adults.

Anyway I've had quite the workout tonight. I'm sore and in need of rest.

WOW,What the heck is going on in here?, Either there's a few loose Nuts here or Odins drunk again.

I raised my young 'uns on dog food and gypsy crackers.

I just want to be held right now.

Ummmmm on second thought held and reamed, but not necessarily in that order!

I would like to take a moment to thank all who have endeavoureed to assist in scratching my itch.

However, it would appear that the workout was more than poor my sphincter could handle. I have to wear male pads in my underpants to catch the uncontrolled leakage. These are rather expensive. Anyone know where I can get good insurance to cover them?

go fins! looks like getting closer to trading down

This blog is full of gay twats filled with anger at the misery that is the Miami Dolphins. Armando is nothing more than a closeted butt buccaneer with his boy toy Tim Teblowyoulongtime.

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