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Gary Guyton agrees to terms with Dolphins

Free agent linebacker Gary Guyton has agreed to term on a one-year contract with the Dolphins, The Herald's Barry Jackson is reporting.

Guyton, 26 , played for the New England Patriots since 2008 after signing with the team as an undrafted free agent. He started 32 games in his four years with the Patriots, with 16 of those coming in 2009 when he had 85 total tackles.

Guyton started six games in 2011. He will be expected to compete for a starting linebacker job but also figures as a backup and special teams contributor if he's unable to earn a starting spot.

Guyton is a 4-3 outside linebacker type. He is 6-4 and 245 pounds. He will compete with Koa Misi for the starting job.

Big deal? No.

He's an acorn. That is the tale of this 2012 free agency period for the Dolphins.


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huge draft almost here, come on ireland step up for once

another draft,another safe pick or acorn,another "no value added",another rebuild. philbin can only be as good as players he's given. ireland is severely lacking in people skills which can hurt in player relationships including FA signings. he answers to no one which is scary.

it is, hopefully if ireland whiffs on this draft he will be fired

at least we aded a guy who knows how to win. this is only his 5th year and only a 1 year deal. nice work ireland.

No way Sentinel can charge for content unless all the papers do it. It's suicidal. Herald's sports buzz blog, next to Armando's, has some stuff on WRs and QBS team is talking to.

New post up. "Sunday Spotlight" Charles Clay

Check it out


i eat, sleep, and drink DOLPHINS football, your loyalty and demeanor is respectable, but truth be told, fans are only responding negatively because most of the transactions and topics surrounding this team as of late have BEEN negative. if a news anchor is reporting BAD news, and then you inform a co-worker as to what you just heard on T.V.(the same story of BAD news), then you are simply just echoing the facts. i'm sure the fan base would love to be talking about how we got a first rounder for brandon marshall, but we didn't, or maybe how we kept yerimiah bell and added depth behind him, but we didn't. while the bills are adding playmakers, were looking for acorns. the fact is, fans(myself included) are starving for some good news, i wish they would give us a valid reason for hope, but as of right now things really don't look that good, spin that any way you want.

last night i was going through my annual mid year craving for football and decided to watch a replay of fins vs, bills(in miami). we trashed them, and one player really stood out, yeriamiah bell... what a game he had. i am really uneasy about the safety position for this year. and if you want to know why, just watch that game.

Tannehill, Ingram, Coples, Floyd, maybe Blackmon. Who will it be? 11 days and counting....

its not like ireland to grab a weapon. more likely is a trade down to fill holes from previous draft blunders he has made.

Keyword....FORMER! If Belecheat didn't want him then why am I to believe we need him?

This is horrible! This team has sunk to new lows.

greg z,

I'm all about trading down this year. No one at the 8 spot looks elite to me but Floyd.

You gotta have someone willing to trade though.

The dude was CUT! Who cuts their best employees? Heck, who even cuts their marginal employees?

Everyone always wrings their hands over the saying "this is just business." Yet, they cry foul when a player SITS OUT because of the business.

Oh no! Wake is sitting out! He is not a team player! Well, if the team gave a damn he wouldn't be sitting out.

Cam is not asking for Peppers money or DANSBY money. Dude is asking for OVER THE HILL JT MONEY!

Damn! Can Cam get some OVER THE HILL JT MONEY?

Pay the man!

Here is my draft. Fresh off the presses.

#8 Reiff...
#42 Move back into the first round and draft a DE. If not, draft Weeden at #42.
#72 and #73 Beef up the offense with acorns. This D is good enough right now.
#103 Go with special teams! Draft the fastest available at that spot. Fastest available with good hands. Probably a WR.
#145 Acorn
#196 Acorn
#215 Acorn

Point being this...MIAMI CAN'T MISS AT #8. If we miss at 8 then the rest of the draft if pointless.

Think about it! You only need one play maker to make a difference. Just ask Manning 1, Kurt Warner, Jordan, Lebron, Lemieux. The Babe, Pele, CYNTHIA COOPER, etc etc etc.

How about Floyd and with that trade up back into the first we take Mercilus or Curry.

“If Coples or Ingram are there, that’s the way you’ve got to go,” Sports Illustrated draft analyst Tony Pauline said. “Even Coples, with all of his (effort issues), is more of a sure thing. He’s got much less downside risk, and he’s going to impact your team a lot quicker.”

B/c of Coples' size & with the loss of Langford I'm thinking that is the pick if we stay @ 8. Coples has the ability to provide an immediate upgrade as a 4-3 DE/passrusher. I think Tannehill will wind up with the Chiefs @ 11. If the Chiefs pass it could be a long night for this kid like Brady Quinn or Aaron Rogers had

I really like this kid Kuechly from BC & this would be my pick but I know Ireland loves these huge college DE's like Langford, Merling, & Odrick. Rotate Coples with Wake & Odrick on the ends & with a mix of Starks, Soliai, & McDaniel inside---that's a HECK of a front four. LB's will be Dansby, Burnett (unless we draft Kuechly & then MAYBE we trade him to make cap room), & a mix of Misi, Guyton, Westerman, Trusnik, & Spitler will make us deeper than last year. If healthy & we hit on our first round pick our front seven could be better than last year.

On the back end I'd like to see Richard Marshall win the starting job opposite Vontae. With Smith, Jimmy Wilson, & Carroll as backups that will make us deeper @ CB. I'd like to see Jones @ SS with Tyrell Johnson backing him up BUT we need to nail our pick @ FS or pray that Clemons is vastly improved from last year.


If you're "rebuilding" or perhaps in our case "retooling" you're correct--we can't afford to miss with a top ten pick like we did with Ginn.

I know people would throw rocks at me if I were the GM b/c you're not supposed to take LB's or Guards in the top 10 according to the idiotic value charts but I'm all for players like Kuechly (about to turn 21)& DeCastro. These guys are probably the two safest players in this draft after Andrew Luck & IMO (if healthy) will be starters in this league for the next 10 years. I really like Blackmon as well but I don't believe there's a chance he falls to 8. I think Trent is an unbelievable talent but we don't need a RB & on average they have short shelf lives.

this post is a whole lot of stupid totally brain dead faggeteeezzzzz....armondo screen these idiots later i am out.....


Many of your regular posters's have tried to warn you for months....some even for years....now your blog gets 4 measly pages in 3 days....Hope your happy Armando....

I will tell you this Armando....its not to late to fix this mess....either YOU Armando need to stop being the Troll.....or you need to get the word out to your blog-hit-bots.....that trolling is no longer required nor will be tolerated on this site.....

If you can't fix the problem Armando....then you should write an "OPEN LETTER"...to the blog...give us some "transparency"....we have supported your blog..and thus your lifestyle for far to long....you have been cocky enough on occasion to tell us so.....

Its time we demand the same high standards from you that you hold the Dolphins FO to....we deserve as much....

Armando....you are losing good football poster's left and right......maybe that will change with the start of football season...and maybe it won't.....but there are options out there....and other's are choosing to exercise they're options.....the proof is these 4 pages of post.....

85 tackles ain't bad bro

I thought I was missing a new blog entry when I only saw 4 pages....nope, just as Kris said, this blog has turned to **it

All this time and no new blog stories...Mando this is terrible! Why do I pay for this app? Might just take my money elsewhere...where it is appreciated at least...

Wow mando... Losing all control.. And bloogers it seems...

This blog has turned into total manure! I don't want to read childish immature garbage from trolls, gaytards, etc.

I want to converse with other Dolphins fans about the Miami Dolphins!

I don't want to argue, defend my race, religion, creed, etc.

I just want to talk football!

Specifically, Miami Dolphin Football! Not baseball, basketball, or hockey!
Dolphin football! Not the Jets, Pats, etc.

I know it's the off-season, but someone needs to clean up all of the crap on this site! It's disgusting! And, stupid!

So, get rid of the ignorant, childish, morons....now!

Personally, I would like to see the Dolphins end up with Blackmon, even though I think, or we all think, I should say, that Blackmon is going to St. Louis. Or possibly, I would like to see them end up with Michael Floyd. If not either of these guys, they should just take the best guy available. A trade down wouldn't be bad either, as long as they can still make a pick in the first round. As far as quarterback is concerned, I think they should wait until next season, when there will be more to choose from. I am a fan of the Dolphins, but after all the subtractions Ireland has made, I don't have much faith that they will be all that good, who knows, though, I might be wrong.

Open letter to Jeff Irescum!

We CAN NOT miss as #8!

Lots of people really don't believe in Tannehill, but if you think back as far as the last draft, many analysts had much of the same questions about Cam Newton. They said he hadn't played enough games, that he came from a spread offense, that the mechanics weren't right, and that it was too risky to take him. That it was either hit or miss, and that he wouldn't be ready for a couple of years. Not saying Tannehill is Newton, but much of these same questions are being brought out about Tannehill. With the right coaching anything can change quickly. The comparisons to JaMarcus Russell also shouldn't be made. Russell was passionate about football the way I hear Tannehill is. So if they do end up taking Tannehill, as long as he has the desire, I think that for the most part they'll be okay. If they do take it might be the best thing that has happened in the draft for this team in years. Just some things I thought that should be noted.

Personally, I would like to see someone come in and make a difference RIGHT AWAY!

Oh come on Sports Fan!

Plenty of UPSIDE with Cam! The paid sports pundints are hyping Tannehill up just so they get PAID!

The could care less about Ryan "19 starts" Tannekill.

Open letter to Mr. Ireland.

We can NOT miss with this pick. What ever you do will DEFINE YOU!

I know that's untenable! But you are the DAMN GM of this team! I can't draft, sign or cut players! I can't do that! You have to do that!

Point being this....WE CAN'T MISS AT #8!

Ay, I'm just saying. I'm just looking for some hope. I always say to my self that the next year the team will finally be good, but it never happens. Just looking for the silver lining, man. I'm hoping that whoever they take will be a starter. Like I said, though, I'm hoping that they wait until next draft to take a QB. I don't think they'll be that good, and with that, they might potentially have a top 5 pick. And Barkeley might potentially be in play for them. In fact, I was hoping that they would lose out the rest of the season, this season.

Open letter to Mr. Ireland.

I hate to say this but you can't even withstand BOOS in the draft.

Imagine the #8 pick being BOO'ED! Or you trade down and draft an acorn.

There is no way you can survive that.

Ross would be a moron to the 12th degree to keep you after that. Or you two are riding down highway 1 together. Let's hope Ross is a better driver than Petrino.

That is the only way I can see him keeping you if you blow that #8.

PS..can you loan me 20,000 bucks?

I think we need a new owner and GM

Maybe you should email the team. Think there's a better chance of him hearing you that way, than here.

Open letter to Jeff Ireland.

Do you honestly think you can withstand BOO'S in the draft?

Just quit Mr. Ireland. Just F'ing quit!


Jeff, nothing will save you except WINS! Do you honestly think this team will win games this season?

If so, please forward the memo to Brady, Belecheate, Mario Williams and Rivis Island.

Just got off a conference call with Belecheat, Brady, Mario Williams, Revis Island.

They informed me that they are not going to lay down this season. Belecheat actually said Philbin needs to BRING IT if he wants to ride or die with the big boys.

Guys! My hands are subservient right now. There is no way this team wins more than 6 games this season.

Fellow Dolfans! Ireland is lost in the sauce. This guy doesn't know his own address from a local KFC.

Mr. Ireland needs to draft someone that gets ZERO BOO'S.

I don't see how that happens if he drafts "19 starts" Tannehill.

Maybe 6 wins or less isn't that bad, if it finally lands them a franchise QB. They would've had a shot at Luck or Griffin had they not decided to win all those meaningless games towards the end.

I'm out guys! 11 days to go until the draft. I can't wait! Ireland can't stop a nose bleed!


Odin, Tracy, Kris, and the rest of the longtime bloggers. Yeah, I agree, Mando has been neglecting us and the site! Mando I'm sick of the insults and non-football talk. Do something or I for one am not renewing.

oooh!!!! great Gary who!!??? More trash players to our roster!!! GREAT JOB JEFF DUMBERLAND!!!!!!

Hello Hello Hello

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