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Ireland: No pressure to draft Tannehill from Ross

No one knows what the truth is when sources are involved in a report until something actually happens to support one side or another. This morning, for example, I reported the Dolphins are releasing Phillip Merling, citing an unnamed source.

Well, the Dolphins have released Phillip Merling today.

But sometimes it's impossible to know the truth no matter what happens. Such is the case with the respectful back and forth I've apparently walked into with both Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com and respected NFL beat writer Peter King.

Last night, Florio reported Dolphins owner Steve Ross is "pushing" the Dolphins to pick Ryan Tannehill. The report, important if accurate because it would mean a real estate developer is pushing the buttons on Miami's football decisions, prompted me to reach out to several sources.

I got word back from one of them who vehemently denied the report. The source is very, very, very high up in the Dolphins organization.

Anyway, this morning King also reported the same thing Florio reported. I was thus outnumbered on the anonymous source front!

Except that this afternoon, Florio hosted a segment with Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland on his PFT Live broadcast . And Florio asked him about his report verus my report, including my "very, very, very" description of my source.

"I would tell you Steve is very engaged but he's also very supportive of leaving the decision in the draft up to me and coach Philbin, our scouts and football staff," Ireland said. "I said in my opening press conference last week that I don't feel at all any pressure to draft a need position or anything like that. And I would segue this comment in there: I don't feel pressure from the owner. And he's not pressuring me for that matter. I don't know where that's coming from.

"He's allows me to make the football decisions. He's always allowed me to make the football decisions along with my head coach and our staff. So he understands the process. He understands the thought process. he stands by our draft analysis and he knows the kind of preparation that goes into it and he's fully supportive."

Thus I now outflank Florio and King with an actual on-the-record response. Yeah, just having some fun here because this is the truth:

We don't know the truth.

It is possible Florio and King are totally wrong, as my source and Ireland are saying. On the other hand, it is possible my source is trying to use me (bad idea because that would make me very angry and the Dolphins shouldn't want me writing angry because I'm good at it) and thus I would be wrong.

How will we know?

Well, if the Dolphins do not draft Tannehill, Florio and King were wrong. The fact is Ross is the owner and if he truly is "pushing" Ireland to pick Tannehill, I can pretty much assure you that will get done because Ross signs the checks. So if Tannehill isn't the pick, there's no way he was pushing Ireland toward Tannehill in the first place.

And what if Tannehill is the pick? I guess some of you would say that vindicates Florio and King. I say it only means that's the pick and we all figured that was the way it might go the entire time, dating back a month or more since Peyton Manning went to Denver.

Bottom line? We may never know for sure on this one.


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If Ross or Ireland thinks drafting Tannheill will bring fans back to Dolphins Satdium they both can go kill themseleves.



13-3. AFC Champs. Super Bowl Champs.

Matt Moore = Super Bowl MVP

Write this down, brothers.

Heard interview with Mayock this morning.
He says the perception is this: If Tannehill is taken before Miami picks, or if Miami picks someone else, then everyone will see Miami as a failure. Another whiff. And Mayock isn't condoning this, he's just saying it's what people tell him they think.

Oh brother. We're in a lose-lose situation with the media.
I have choice words that I can't verbalize on this blog.
But you can guess.

Creating doubt and controversy over picking Tannehill is the best way Miami can either get offers to trade down or force some team to trade past them, leaving a better chance to get the player they really want.

Whats the reason they cut Merling? Fat out of shape? Or Another altercation, We just re-signed the guy... Mando what are your sources saying why he got cannned

On the same point --
Armando you're guilty of this too at times. Especially your cohorts in this paper, and the brainless folks over at the Sentinel.

Miami = failing. Missing on players, FAs, etc. HAS to get Tannehill to save face.

WORST idea ever, and as wrong as can possibly be.

We're close to 2 things: One, finally building this team to respectability and super-bowl contender the right way wih the right personnel -- OR--
Two -- falling into a bear trap of incredibility, initiated by media and ownership, that we will take a dozen or more years to counteract, and over come.

Lord, we are a crucial crossroads.

The name is not so important. Ross is pushing for some ticket selling star.

Everyone just relax until the draft...Please. and go Dolphins!!

If Ross was serious about putting people in the seats, he would of instructed Ireland to do whatever it takes to trade up for RG3.

DevilsAdvocate....agreed 100%


i have not been banned. I had a good convo with Armando today and things are good.

THANK YOU ARMANDO FOR THIS POST. It might be very enlightening to people like Kris, who don't seem to understand sources and judging the veracity of what they say. Great real live scenario.

JS, that's all you have to say: We're in a lose-lose situation with the media. Which is fine, we don't have to be media darlings. These picks will all be justified or not by what happens on the field (not in the papers).

But you posted something on the last blog I wanted to ask about. Where did you hear Armando banned Ohio (or he sent Ohio a letter)? Was that posted here somewhere? Or did you talk to Armando? Just trying to figure out if that's true or not.

Well for one do u honestly think they would tell anyone before the draft their plans?? That would be very dumb!! And two I'm so used to getting all exited to be let down so now I don't get excited sad but true I just hope for the best then I'll be excited again so who ever the pick may be let's just hope he's not a bust and go from there

The more I hear, the more I think we actually do aim to trade down.
Ireland is giddy about this draft, and wishes he had more picks. He doesn't like his hand to be forced, and it will be at #8. Mid-late first round nobody can argue when Tannehill isn't there. Plus guys like Mark Barron will be there.
I won' be surprised at all if we move down.
Problem is this: Everyone from 3-12 wants to move down. But I don't hear anyone who wants to move UP. Gotta have both to do it.

Ohio, did he tell you you couldn't link to your site (is that why you're not in blue)? Or is this the real Ohio?

peter king is a blowhard. if we take tanny, it means this is rebuilding yr. take pass rusher #8.

This is really me DC. And yea he said the Herald said I couldn't link my site, that got rid of the blue then.

Had a good convo with Armando, everything is good.

Well from my understanding merling wasn't that great of a player and 3 felony charges guilty or not is more than enough reason for him to be cut MHO I think we could find better elsewhere just sayin....

So let me get this straight DC....

I tell YOU that most reports are RUMORS and BOGUS..

Armando starts off the day with a RUMOR that he passed off as a report....and such has turned out to be BOGUS....as of now....

and you think I am suppose to be LEARNING something here....

The sheer ignorance and arrogance of that statment has put me beyond words....

however...it is worth 3 letters....


Ohio told us on his blog.
I may be interpretting incorrectly, but it seemed that was the conclusion to draw.

As far aa "all I've got to say"? I've been lamenting this crap-storm from the media for a long time, and it seems more and more official. No matter what we do, we'll be a laughing stock until we can beat teams on the field.
Tired of hearing it and it really p-s me off.

For them it's all about getting "A" Qb. For me it's all about getting "THE" QB. We have now and have for years had "A" QB. I don't Tannehill is anything more than another guy to put on the uniform and try like the others.
With Weeden or Cousins, I think they have an honest chance to be 'THE " Qb. And it seems the crucial that we get this draft right.


Sorry for the miscommunication........I'm not banned, just can't link my site.

Still a fan of this blog and Armando.

I respectfully disagree Aloco. HE wasn't banned, his link was banned. He is still allowed in here under any name he chooses. Hell he could go into type pad and choose Aloco since you never created the name there. :)

Quien carajo es Pedro Rey y Miguel Flores?

Apparently I'm wrong...
Hi, Ohio.


You guys can thank me for making sure certain people didnt advertise their blogs on Armando.

Thank You Thank You (Blowing Kissess)

Takes a bow.....

Anyone here that thinks Ireland will pick a quarterback in the first round is delusional. No way he's taking Tannehill with that pic, no way at all. Ireland always goes against conventional wisdom, whatever everyone else thinks he seems to do the opposite and I directly correlate this to his huge ego. He always tries to be smarter than everyone else and look where it's gotten him and the franchise. So many bus enough second round we can't even count anymore. He's also always bargain-hunting in free agency. the signings he makes arent depth moves they are just roster filling moves. I guarantee on draft Day everyone here will be scratching our heads once again. It is inevitable, so please don't get your hopes up guys.

"Heard interview with Mayock this morning."

With all due respect Mayock is an idiot. He's the same guy who didn't like Cam Newton last year. His credibility is questionable. He's also the same nut who keeps saying Miami missed on Flynn when the fact of the matter is if they really wanted him they would have signed him. He wanted too much money and Phlbin obviously didn't think he was worth that. Lets see how he does in Seattle before judging that move. To wrap up, Mayock is an entertainer.

Ohio/JS. NOW the light's coming on. I see all of Ohio's earlier posts (in blue) have been scrubbed from the blog. Sounds like a waste of time to me, since they're not doing anything about all the other crap they allow here, but so be it (the corporations rule the roost).

So, how am I supposed to get to Ohio's blog now? Ohio, can you at least post the link so I can put it in my favorites?


I don't want to upset Armando......please try to get the link from one of the other guys.

thats why I posted it Ohio...I was thinking the same thing...


roflmao,,,,,dude you crack me up sometimes! hahahahaha!

Hey Mr. FYI,

I don't see all the crowds of people that are falling at your feet thanking you? haha

But yes, you are a big man now, you beat me, My name is no longer blue.

Look how sad I am :)

My intention was not to assess Mr. Mayock's skills or intelligence. I could care less.
But he was expressing and informing what the rest of the media and pundits think. Which is what I wished to convey.

REALLY tired of this nonsense. Once our team is assembled, and ready for week 1, I'm going to hope he destroy every tema we face, and have those losers eat crow.

...that is IF we draft correctly.
But, If we pick Tannehill: If we succeed it will still be the poor old Dolphins finally catching up to what the media told them they should do.
And if we lose, then we all lose.
Lose lose.
But it doesn't have to be. Just draft awesome.

Thank you FYI. Thank you for being a rat. You will garner much respect for that. And you should watch the content of your posts from now on, wouldn't want anyone to tattle on you.

Don't get too happy though, it won't stop any of us from going back and forth between blogs. We all know where it is, including you who probably visits daily. :)

Keep in mind that all of these people get paid to speculate on what teams are going to do (That would be a dream job because these guys are wrong more often than they are right and still get paid every year). Given the Dolphins' recent QB history, it is rational to speculate that the Fins will draft a QB in the first round. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what any of us say anyway. Ireland and company are going to draft who they think is the best player for the organization whether there is a consensus among fans or not.

They will draft their player and half of us will be happy and the other half will be pissed off.

Cleveland Slumfan / FYI / whatever other names you use..

It wasn't Armando. We had a really good conversation. It was a Herald thing.

PS: Now that I'm not in blue, what will you talk about? The Dolphins? yea right......lol

My man crush list;

Aloco,,,,that is all.

LMAO!!!!!!!! You're hilarious today, loving it!

Actually, if people aren't able to automatically link to a site from here the numbers will dry up very quickly. That's just how it works with the net.

I find that unfortunate, by the way, just stating the facts.

k if people start posing as me (1:55) it's obvious

Wow Kris, now I think you're losing it. First of all, you didn't "tell me" nothing I didn't already know (talking about ignorance and arrogance). Like I said, cross-checking stories is Journalism 101. That's my beef with you. You didn't cross-check any of my sources, all you did was refuse to consider it out of hand. That's MUCH different than saying, "most reports are rumors and bogus." And what Armando has TAUGHT everyone, if you open your mind to listen, is the game reporters play to get to the Truth.

These stories could BOTH be true. PFT might have spoken to a source that heard Ross say he wants Tannehill. That very well may be true.

Armando's source could have told him what Ireland told him, that Ireland gets the final call. That also might be true. See how both things could be "technically true?" Doesn't make either report BOGUS. Or a RUMOR. Just says any good reporter needs to continue to dig to find the real truth in the story they are reporting on. Sometimes, they are able to do that. Other times they are not (and people just have to fend for themselves).

Do you believe what Armando is saying in this post? Because he's a reporter, describing how he went about sourcing this story and making sure he has it right? Because I believe him. Doesn't mean I believe his source. Doesn't mean I know 100% if Ireland gets final call or Ross. But I believe Armando's source saying it's Ireland. And I probably believe the part of the PFT story that says Ross wants Tannehill.

See how people can pick and choose what they want to believe? It's not that hard.



I see your point JS. And I agree that we will never win with the media until we win.

I'm sick of having to tell friends , (who aren't Dolphins fans but watch ESPN) about the medias bias against the fins right now. They make false statements, they speculate, and then they present it as fact and I'm left to explain the truth.

It amazes me that anyone listens to them at all. They're headquarters are in freaking New England for the love of God! They're all Red Sox, Bruins, and Pats fans and have openly admitted as much!

Florio is an a-hole

Phins78, Dont be mad at me and calling me a rat is so childish. How old are you kiddo? Anyways copying Armando posts and encouraging everyone to visit his blog shouldnt be allowed.

Many of you think Ohio a good guy but in realilty he's a used car salesman who sells you a car that is POS. I cant beleive many of you cant see trhough him, Sheeps I teall ya! SMH..


I agree....I think he's a Pat's fan or something.


Didn't copy his posts, now you're just trying to make yourself look better by fabricating the truth.


FYI, please recount how you were able to get the Herald to notice Ohio's link?

I would like to use your playbook to get the Herald to notice all the trolls on here who are really fans of other teams trashing this blog. That's MUCH more damaging IMO to this blog than Ohio's link.

My point exactly.
So if we pick Cousins or Weeden, and the pundits once again say we "missed" on Tannehill, ...MAAAAN it'll be sweet to zip their traps shut our Rook QB leads us down the righteous path.
If he doesn't, --I told ya so's from those idiots will be coming. So tired of it.

I'll be rooting my guts out when the season starts.

Too all you girls whining about the other blogs, other bloggers, etc SHUT YOU FRIGGIN PIE HOLE'S!

Act like men, not like pms'ing, borederline menopausal, hags! What a disgrace you all are!

Example 1 for the Herald, the moron fan of another team at 2:06pm.

Ohio, I dont mean word for word, But if Armando posts i.e. Tannehill strengths and weaknesses then you come and post Tannehill weaknessess and strengths its not the exact same posts but might as well be. You done this several times I notice on your blog.

I for one am a truth teller. Are you denying you read soem of Armando post and created your post based on what you read from Armando? Mr Used Car Saleman

Hey STFU, guess your threat rant didn't work. I'm still talking. Now what you gonna do tough guy?


I got this weird defect in me....its called critical thinking....other's might refer to it as a BS meter....what ever you want to call it.....

I don't need to CROSS-CHECK 10 differnt stories to KNOW that this time of the year EVERYTHING is a chess game....

Its ALL BS....

I don't understand why that is so hard for you to grasp....start filtering your water...or maybe chose the toothpaste with NO fluoride....I don't know what to tell you.

what comes out of ALL camps this time of year will be 95% BS...4ith the other 5% being out right lies....

I hope that is simple enough for you to understand....

Kiddo? HAHAHA buddy I'm 41. I would love to be called kiddo again but sadly I am past those years. I'm not mad at all, quite the contrary. You make me laugh. Keep the funny posts coming. Mad at someone I don't know? hahahahahahaha can't make this stuff up.

Oh and like you I call em like I see em. You didn't like Ohio's blog because it took people away from here. And it is funny to me that all though you were upset and sticking up for the Heralds blog you never once stuck up for the regulars who were being attacked. The same people you were concerned over, the people being "stolen", you never once said a word for. And when we all talked about setting another place up you did nothing to help keep us here.

So what is your agenda in all of this? If you care so much about Armando's hits going down and posters defecting to another blog why is it that you never said anything about the reason it was happening? hhhmmmmmmmmmmmm this one is very difficult to figure out. We better call in a scholar.

Oh...and DC...your welcome for the link to Ohio's site....


Kris I really don't think the media would lie to people.


KRIS HAS A POINT @ 2;09 PM.........

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