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Ireland: No pressure to draft Tannehill from Ross

No one knows what the truth is when sources are involved in a report until something actually happens to support one side or another. This morning, for example, I reported the Dolphins are releasing Phillip Merling, citing an unnamed source.

Well, the Dolphins have released Phillip Merling today.

But sometimes it's impossible to know the truth no matter what happens. Such is the case with the respectful back and forth I've apparently walked into with both Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com and respected NFL beat writer Peter King.

Last night, Florio reported Dolphins owner Steve Ross is "pushing" the Dolphins to pick Ryan Tannehill. The report, important if accurate because it would mean a real estate developer is pushing the buttons on Miami's football decisions, prompted me to reach out to several sources.

I got word back from one of them who vehemently denied the report. The source is very, very, very high up in the Dolphins organization.

Anyway, this morning King also reported the same thing Florio reported. I was thus outnumbered on the anonymous source front!

Except that this afternoon, Florio hosted a segment with Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland on his PFT Live broadcast . And Florio asked him about his report verus my report, including my "very, very, very" description of my source.

"I would tell you Steve is very engaged but he's also very supportive of leaving the decision in the draft up to me and coach Philbin, our scouts and football staff," Ireland said. "I said in my opening press conference last week that I don't feel at all any pressure to draft a need position or anything like that. And I would segue this comment in there: I don't feel pressure from the owner. And he's not pressuring me for that matter. I don't know where that's coming from.

"He's allows me to make the football decisions. He's always allowed me to make the football decisions along with my head coach and our staff. So he understands the process. He understands the thought process. he stands by our draft analysis and he knows the kind of preparation that goes into it and he's fully supportive."

Thus I now outflank Florio and King with an actual on-the-record response. Yeah, just having some fun here because this is the truth:

We don't know the truth.

It is possible Florio and King are totally wrong, as my source and Ireland are saying. On the other hand, it is possible my source is trying to use me (bad idea because that would make me very angry and the Dolphins shouldn't want me writing angry because I'm good at it) and thus I would be wrong.

How will we know?

Well, if the Dolphins do not draft Tannehill, Florio and King were wrong. The fact is Ross is the owner and if he truly is "pushing" Ireland to pick Tannehill, I can pretty much assure you that will get done because Ross signs the checks. So if Tannehill isn't the pick, there's no way he was pushing Ireland toward Tannehill in the first place.

And what if Tannehill is the pick? I guess some of you would say that vindicates Florio and King. I say it only means that's the pick and we all figured that was the way it might go the entire time, dating back a month or more since Peyton Manning went to Denver.

Bottom line? We may never know for sure on this one.


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"The Trol" can not be singled out. He has many screenames. Even some posters here operating under thier regular screen names "troll".

Trolling here can be described as operating under different screen names to attack, not own up to certain posts as not to be called out on it, or just have off football meaningless jabber in a twisted sometimes vulgar attempt at humor.

Good luck troll fishing here, theyre biting all over the place. OOOOOOOOOOO....barracuda! LOL

Armando if that really is you and I am 99% sure it isn't, why are you now asking for evidence? It's your blog, the evidence is abundant. You want evidence just look at any of your blogs from the last 3 months and you will see rampant vulgarity, senseless attacks, families being threatened with murder, racism and bigotry. Are you serious with this question? You want proof? It's in writing every where. I'm working right now and don't have the time but if you would like me to prove it to you send me a quick e-mail, I've written you on more than one occasion and sign in using my e-mail. You can write me as soon as you get a chance and I will provide all of the evidence you need when I'm done working.

Oh and I would add that Mando, as a professional sports writer, actually has contacts, sources, is allowed in the locker room, is at press conferences and at practice. Ohio literally cannot do anything but ape stories from espn.com.

Fire the GM.

Mayock is also the idiot that said Jake Long couldnt play left tackle.

Pricemaster and his alter ego Phuc Yu are under scrutiny and they get deleted whenever post disgusting stuff. In fact, Phuc Yu gets deleted based on his name, regardless of what he says.

I'm done whining...

Armando...lets talk football...


I never claimed to have insider information. If you want that I would always suggest asking Armando. Did you really just ask him that question so you could attack me?

So why take the shot at me? sheesh find someone else to bother


Do you think the releasing of Merling means we will for sure draft a Defensive Lineman this year then?

Um, Armando, that is ALoco's role here: statements that rarely involve football and never make any sense.

When will the Dolphins recover financially from all the money they have thrown at backups and players no longer with the team. When can we expect they could actually afford to spend some money on premier players? Ireland churns the roster and takes cap hits like he is playing with Monopoly money. Ever consider suggesting that if he picked ONE player who actually could play, he might not need to pay 5 acorns who can't.

Armando, I'll tell you about trolls. They come in many forms. My trolls come in names like: DC DULPHAN, etc. And all they do all day is say how I say the same things again and again. I might not post for 2-3 days, come back, and there's a troll. EVERY regular (pretty much) has these trolls. They don't come and discuss football, they discuss OTHER POSTERS. Different from the debate me and Kris had. Neither of us called the other names (at least not disrespectful names) and we kept it to the opinions the other espoused.

The trolls don't do that. Like Kris said, they talk about dumb stuff (like gay sex, etc.), or how odin is a drunk or things like that.

Or they post as a regular and say things that irritates other posters, then the regular has to come back and say that wasn't them. It's very annoying.

I've also found many of these trolls aren't even dolphins fans (buffalo bill, etc.). So why would you let them on here and not kick them off?

Mando, none of my business and not my concern, but my unsolicited advice to you would be to stop what you are doing right now. That is, stop engaging these childish posters here. Unless you've read the entirety of this blog for the past 3 months.

People come on here and write stupid things to get a rise out of people. For example, it is beneath you to even engage someone like Aloco, who writes gibberish in ALL CAPS and is one of the people who just has fun messing around.

Just my 2 cents.


Why is odin allowed to blog here? 90 percent of his posts are rants about trolls and gay stuff and he doesn't let up. He'll make endless posts about total nonsense and its a huge distraction, not occasionally, but almost every single day.

'Tis I indeed phins78. I know you can be skeptical, but to cross the line to cynical is not good. It's me.


If yopu ever read my stuff...you know I am not a fan Tannehill....Hence the spat with DC....

any way...

take Tannehill out of the equation....who do you feel we will go with if he is off the board....and will it be somebody the casual college of fans have heard of...unlike Ordick....

Guys, I want you to take notice of Phins78 posts right now @ 2:45. This guy has the nerve to call me a "rat", but now he's trying to send out emails to Armando listing what the "trolls" said.

What a hypocrit! You should be a shamed of yourself calling me a rat. There nothing much worse than a hypocrit... RAT!

EVIDENCE ,MY FOOT...............


wow this blog is outta control..you people are crying like little girls. Tattle talling to Armando. Grow the hell up and lets talk football.

Just my two cents, but every single time this blog seems to spin into chaos the name "odinseye" invariably is at the center of it.

Armando, did you even see when that guy had some kind of weird tantrum and completely obliterated any chance of discourse by posting the same, lengthy thing literally HUNDREDS of times?

How do people like that stay here? Seriously.

Lord and Savior, that's another troll Armando.

Kris, I've written already: Fletcher Cox or Gilmore.

Assuming Kalil and Blackmon are also gone.

I really like Kalil as a RT.

I know you've written about Cox, Gilmore, Tannehill, Floyd...But who do you think when its all said and done if all 4 of those guys are there, whos the pick?


Problem with the oline was Smiley /Grove didnt workout. So basically, just because they didnt workout that means we're supposed to abandon a real bluepring that works?

Had Smiley/Grove worked out our oline could presently look like this:

LT--Jake Long
RG--Pouncey or Cogs (Pouncey may not needed drafting)
RT--Carey or his replacement

The oline would now be pretty much finished. Just because Smiley/Grove didnt work out doesnt mean we can aford to abandon the blueprint. True championships are built in the trenches.

Ask any of your real experts. Im sure theyll tell you the same. Im sick of being dick teased in Miami. Its time again we get laid!

Timmy Couch,

What's up man? I never compared my blog to Armando's, I know that would be stupid. I've also never claimed to be a professional sports writer. Just having some fun with a blog.


Does this releasing of Merling force Miami to look at defensive line in this draft, maybe multiple times?

Armando, Do you think Floyd has more upside than Blackmon? Are any of the WR's better than Andre Johnson?

Armando, how about giving us your top two choices for the #1 pick assuming we stay at 8.


I find phuc yu's posts to be funny. Seriously. And they are actually football related, just written in humorous code.

Hey Mando,

Does the cutting of Merling tell us that there is more confidence in Odrick? What do you think his season will look like?

Ok, Armando,
here's my football beef.

You're better than most, but still an element...
the media all seems to be salivating over the idea that if we DON'T pick Tannehill, whether it's our choice or whether he is picked before us, then we've failed ...AGAIN.
Your own co-workers have promoted this idea but continually pushing Tannehill or bust articels, etc. Sentinel folks too, although we can't control their nonsense.
I would like to see some effort in dispelling this avalanche of false perception before we go and do something stupid like pick Tannehill, especially trading up.

IMO, we didn't MISS Manning. If so, so did 31 other teams.
We didn't Miss Flynn. It was a mutual disinterest in value vs. price.
We didn't miss Smith. That was ridulous even to start with.
Yes, we missed Fisher. Philbin may be better, IMO.

Can we start to work on alternatives to this Tannehill = respect, and all-else = failure stuff?

btw, this article does help.

Good football player, Fletcher Cox.

Mando, isn't it true that D Thomas will go for 1500 yards this year, rushing and receiving combined. I think it's pretty clear that is what will happen.

Slam, I think it will be in order of greatest possiblity to least possibility: Tannehill, Cox, Floyd, Gilmore.

It feels like a part of the press itself is trying to sell Tanehill to the DolFANS... suddenly there are polls showing fan support for Tanehill (barely more than the 50% and only god knows actual margin of error) and the next thing we see is press talking about fan support as the hardest fact ever.


slam, what's the matter? You started this tattle "talling" and now you're against it? Or are we to believe that someone out of nowhere came in, read all of the comments today, and then had something to say about it? Dude you're a joke. You're not fooling anyone. You use multiple names so you can back out of posts you wrote and you also use them to try and fool everyone into thinking you have supporters. Stop it already, you are outmatched intellectually.

Aloco---How about "Night of the Iguana?"

Also, funny how the trolls all run while you're here Armando. 1 minute after you leave, they'll be back.

I find py's posts to be offensive, get tired of seeing it repeated over and over, and think Asians would find it highly offensive.


I would take ANY of those guys over Hennhill....

anyway....football is once again the topic...and I got to hit the road...

DC...lets call itn a DRAW...and start fresh tommrow....

I predict that Tim Tebow will account for 14 to 16 TDs this year, either running or throwing. Of course you want him on your team. Tim Tebow will play about 80 snaps and account for 15 TDs. That's a pretty good %.

Mando I agree with you but:
I think the fins are really trying to sell the pick to a team that really wants Cox. I think Ireland may roll the dice and trade the eight pick to the eagles for 15 and try to get Tannehill there.



THINK ,DC,THINK .................. WHY ?

Armando, to add to my point, thinsg like every time the draft is mentioned for the Dolphins, a pciture of Tannehill is posted.
Just one part of a bigger picture. Death by a thousand pin-pricks.
Perception becomes truth.
So... Post a picture of Cox. Or Floyd, Coples, Ingram (my personal fave).. etc.

And when we want to post an article about Dolphin needs at Qb, howz about a pic of Weeden, Cousins, Osweiler ..anybody else. Tanny had his 15 mintues. lets spread the prospect love around.

I like Armando being here. Everyone wants to talk football to try to impress.

Reminds me of talking on here 4 years ago

Grove and Smiley worked out fine, they played well, they were just too injury prone to last, which was known ahead of time, which was pure stupidity to sign them.

Armando the whole point here is that people are trolling and impersonating. Anyone can impersonate your name and that is what it has come to now. I don't believe it is you and have constantly checked my e-mail. You have not e-mailed me. I don't believe a thing in here any more. You are all talking to FYI,,,,,,,just fyi.

Kris, you always win in a debate, that's fine with me.

Nate, you have to admit, you're asking me what the football season will look like before the draft, five months before they even break training camp.

Having said that, I think the Dolphins look like an 8-8 type of team. They simply do not have stars. They have solid players but no stars.

New England has a great player and excellent tight ends and a very good OL. They will address their defensive this offseason and I'm told they are going with a hybrid look next year you'll be hearing about pretty soon -- maybe three corners and one safety all the time.

The Jets are more or less like the Dolphins. The Bills are looking better to me but they have OL issues.

Ohio, agreed. Definitely.
Mando, thanks for slumming today ;)

oookay phins 78...but just to let you know im a grown man not a kid. I dont play kids games buddy. I come on here to talk football cause work is slow right now. Grow up!

Tannehill is tall.

The following QBs are also tall:

1. Tom Brady
2. Peyton Manning
3. Ben Rothsliesberger

Can anybody spot something that these tall QBs have in common, besides their height?

Armando, one football question from me. Have you heard ANY reports about how the organization feels about Weeden? And are they considering another TE option from the Draft?

JS, why are you so worried what the media thinks?

At the end of the day, it is about Ws and Ls, buddy. Ws and Ls. Forget about everything else. use it as entertainment.


Kalil would be overkill at RT for us. The guy's a true dominant LT, well deserving of LT money. A true RT is a guy that doesnt quite cut it at LT.

Plus, we need the most help inside the trenche3s on the right side(RG). That's where most of the rb action takes place. Also in passing situations you dont want pressure coming directly in your qb's face(stepping up in pocket). DeCastro solves all of this.

Its not overdrafting to take DeCastro. He's rare at the position(great run and pass blocking). This type of OG doesnt come out every year. Rarely does a guard comeout great at both run and passing blocking, while also athletic enough to get to the 2nd level in his run blocking. DeCastro is a rare bird.

Sorry Mando, I should have been more specific. I'm thinking that Odrick is going to have a big year and wanted your thoughts on just him, and if the cutting of Merling has anything to do with what the current staff sees in Odrick.

Hey Madigan, you are not funny. You want to be banned? Today's the day, bro.

I have predicted for a while now that even though I like FLoyd, that I thought Philbin may be the type (a la Parcells) to skip top round receeivers fearing the "diva" moniker.

Philbin seem that way to you? Or would he be more open to a top round receiver?


Which do you prefer. offense or defense with #8?

Many Me, I mean, Miguel, you start out saying Grove and Smiley worked out but finish saying they were injury prone which everyone knew they were before they signed.

Do you not see where this is contradictory?

Pricemaster and PY are the same person.

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