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Ireland: No pressure to draft Tannehill from Ross

No one knows what the truth is when sources are involved in a report until something actually happens to support one side or another. This morning, for example, I reported the Dolphins are releasing Phillip Merling, citing an unnamed source.

Well, the Dolphins have released Phillip Merling today.

But sometimes it's impossible to know the truth no matter what happens. Such is the case with the respectful back and forth I've apparently walked into with both Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com and respected NFL beat writer Peter King.

Last night, Florio reported Dolphins owner Steve Ross is "pushing" the Dolphins to pick Ryan Tannehill. The report, important if accurate because it would mean a real estate developer is pushing the buttons on Miami's football decisions, prompted me to reach out to several sources.

I got word back from one of them who vehemently denied the report. The source is very, very, very high up in the Dolphins organization.

Anyway, this morning King also reported the same thing Florio reported. I was thus outnumbered on the anonymous source front!

Except that this afternoon, Florio hosted a segment with Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland on his PFT Live broadcast . And Florio asked him about his report verus my report, including my "very, very, very" description of my source.

"I would tell you Steve is very engaged but he's also very supportive of leaving the decision in the draft up to me and coach Philbin, our scouts and football staff," Ireland said. "I said in my opening press conference last week that I don't feel at all any pressure to draft a need position or anything like that. And I would segue this comment in there: I don't feel pressure from the owner. And he's not pressuring me for that matter. I don't know where that's coming from.

"He's allows me to make the football decisions. He's always allowed me to make the football decisions along with my head coach and our staff. So he understands the process. He understands the thought process. he stands by our draft analysis and he knows the kind of preparation that goes into it and he's fully supportive."

Thus I now outflank Florio and King with an actual on-the-record response. Yeah, just having some fun here because this is the truth:

We don't know the truth.

It is possible Florio and King are totally wrong, as my source and Ireland are saying. On the other hand, it is possible my source is trying to use me (bad idea because that would make me very angry and the Dolphins shouldn't want me writing angry because I'm good at it) and thus I would be wrong.

How will we know?

Well, if the Dolphins do not draft Tannehill, Florio and King were wrong. The fact is Ross is the owner and if he truly is "pushing" Ireland to pick Tannehill, I can pretty much assure you that will get done because Ross signs the checks. So if Tannehill isn't the pick, there's no way he was pushing Ireland toward Tannehill in the first place.

And what if Tannehill is the pick? I guess some of you would say that vindicates Florio and King. I say it only means that's the pick and we all figured that was the way it might go the entire time, dating back a month or more since Peyton Manning went to Denver.

Bottom line? We may never know for sure on this one.


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4-YG ,WHEN HE TALKS OL ........

Armando I wasn't trying to be funny! I was proving a point! Thank you, I obviously see it is you now. But that's what the past few months have bred in here, total paranoia. I could have started talking to you only to find out it was one of the idiots impersonating you. I was only using your name to prove that point, I have no clue around here anymore because there are no rules!!! I would never try to mess with your blog or you on purpose. If I had known it was you that wouldn't have happened.


DC, I've heard nothing on Weeden.

I like the guy but unfortunately, at age 29 this year, he is not a very good fit for Miami.

What alot of people dont realize Mando is the dolphins use the media(local especially) to leak certain things out. For example they tell you how much they like Cox and Gilmore so teams who like those particular players either try to trade up with Jacksonville to take them or call miami to trade for them. Either way Miami gets addtional picks or the player they really want. Other teams read the local papers.


Please connect the dots. DeCastro was the type of olineman Ireland was talking in the blog you posted.

A guy who could be a pro bowler for years and years. We have Jake Long(LT). So rule out LT, please connect the dots(David DeCastro).


That's unfortunately Armando. I like Weeden too. And he may be the fastest QB on the Draft board to excel in the NFL (due to his age).

Too bad Miami chose this year to play the long-term game.

LMAO, I was wrong, that is Armando. He spanked me good!

OK folks, I'm leaving now. I appreciate you all being here. This is your blog as much as mind. Please treat it that way.

This is going to be a heck of a week. Open practices tomorrow ... the draft ... should be a ton of fun.

Is there a consensus yet? Ridiculously easy to post and appear to be Armando. How do we get proof? Facetime Armando?

There is absolutely 0 percent chance the fins draft gilmore. he wouldnt even touch the field as a rookie. If they are going to draft a guy that wont touch the field at number 8 it will be a qb. other than a qb a top ten pick HAS to play

Well guys,

When you get your shiney new skill position players and the oline still looks like Sparano never left. Then I guess you'll begin to become convinced of what I have so vehemently tried to warn you of.

Premium performers in the middle of your oline are an absolute must. But I hope everyone's happy with thier shiney new skill position players at draft's end. It will be the only happiness you will enjoy.

You'll find youve been dick teased by seasons end.

as in life, every decision, has a consequence. it is important that ireland takes this easily disreguarded fact to heart when making the decisions that will effect the future of this team for years to come. ireland has done o.k. with his previous drafts, but why make the same mistake twice when you could do better. the mistake i'm talking about is henne, for instance, henne was drafted, sat behind pennington, played a season, was given a second chance the following season, sustained injury and was not resigned, that was a total of at least THREE years waisted. this year we did not trade for a prooven QB, which means in all likelyhood we will be gambling on another rookie QB. and when you gamble, you must consider the consequences and this means we must consider the QB bust scenario. as with most rookie QB's and the chad henne project as a measuring stick, we are looking at a three year minimum stint. ireland realistictly, has the oppourtunity to make TWO FAVORABLE decisions that will produce a POSITIVE result in either scenario in just ONE move. he can 1)lower the stakes(cost in draft picks) and 2)minimize the consequences(bust scenario) of said gamble by taking advantage of said rare oppourtunity, the intelligent move would be to trade for the only rookie QB who possesses a resume that includes the name tom brady, who will not cost us our first round pick, and being that he already has held a clip board(red shirted) last season behind tom brady, would allow miami to enjoy a reduced QB bust scenario(consequence) from three years down to TWO years. RYAN MALLET is ready to start right now. how disgustingly obvious it is that mallet is just sitting their with a BOAT load of favorable options and a better price to boot, and yet miami still seems bent on choosing a quarterback(tannehill) who offers NO additional explanations to justify his signing other then "i think he will be a good QB". a lot of people have concluded that very thought in the same breath as ryan mallet, and one of those people just happen to be coach billicheat. yes, if miami decides to make a trade for ryan mallet(instead of drafting tannehill) the bottom line is it's still a gamble, but easy to justify when you consider the savings in both damage control(time)(bust scenario) and draft picks. if tannehill busts it's a henne repeat of a three year waist and a waist of a rare #8 overall pick. if mallet busts it's easier to justify given his resume, miami will heal faster(2 year stint), and it will have NOT cost us our #8 overall pick.

Trust me, it WAS Armando. And if anyone is attacked or impersonated/trolled, or if there is any vulgarity that is offensive you just need to click on Armandos e-mail and write him to let him know. He can't be in here patrolling all of the time so it is up to us to police ourselves and make this a fun place for everyone. Can't wait for the draft!

Tannehil....Yet Another Acorn....

Miami will not be picking Tannehill. they are building him up with the hopes of Cleveland taking him or Seattle trading up to take him, so that one of the truly elite players may drop to them at 8. We have greater needs than QB (WR, pass rusher and O line) are all more immediate needs than upgrading Moore or Gerrard. If Cousins or Weeden is there with a 2nd or 3rd round pick, take them there.

Phins78, your so brtual. I did the same thing yto Ohio Dolfan that you want to do in regards to banning the trolls, yet you call me a rat? Explain?


The trolls dont bother me. I know how to handle them. You cant police trolls unless you plan to be here 24hrs a day yourself.

Trolls are a reality here. They are not going away. Trolls can be defined in many ways, including those using thier own screen names to attack others. I usually dont attacked until 1st attacked.

Some tr4olls attack just out of pure jealousy. Just because thier IQ's are so low they have nothing meaningful and intelligent to add. They hate others who do. It makes them feel lower than thier IQ's when someone else actually has something meaningful to offer the blog.

Many times I ignore them. But when Im in a humorous mood I'll play with them. Pissing them off more by beating them at thier own game. LOL

Phiins, were you "Madigan" Armando was referencing? That was funny (it was the real him). Caught you by surprise, huh?

One last thing. IP-based permabans usually work best!


True trolls IQ's are so low, they cant even beat you at thier own game, which is trolling. The key to beating trolls is never letting them see you sweat.

I see so many posters here let trolls see them sweat. Its like announcing to the trolls, "I'm troll food, serve me up". LOL

Yeah DC my heart skipped a beat! I was sure it was FYI right up until then :) Didn't think Armando would have the time this week to come in and talk to us. Consider me well sssspanked!

Awesome point YG. Great post. I need to learn how to ignore, too much hockey player in me and I just want to fight and defend. Enough already, there's too much going on to worry about that nonsense. And now I'm behind in my estimates! Damn it, working late tonight.

Trolls are like wolves, seeking to devour the weak. Yes, they'll attack a strong bull, but when warded off they run away.

Trolls here know I'm a strong bull. But those of you who appear weak, they devour you like sheep's prey. To beat a t5roll you 1st have to be smarter than a troll. Remember, a troll isnt smart at all. That's why they troll. LOL

YG, you seem to be feeling better.

3 days away. Do you think there really is a possiblity Ireland will draft an o-lineman in the first round?

I say forget about Reiff because we do have Long. Think about it. Long becomes a fa in 2013 if we dont get him resigned before seasons end. That will be a huge contract.

Pouncey's a 1st rd'er. It'll be a huge contract when time to resign him. So you cant take another potential huge contract on the oline by taking Reiff at #8. Its potential future salary cap suicide.

In 5-6yrs half of our overall salary cap would be tied up into 3 players and they're all offensive linemen. Albeit, Jake Long will be close to making his retirement speech.

However, if we do decide to make Reiff the #8 pick, I will be looking for some sort of sign and trade deal for Jake Long. Reiff is a true LT, just doesnt make since to have both he and Long at what it would cost, plus have the expensive Pouncey. Economically we wouldnt be able to keep them all together on any kind of longterm basis because of the salary cap.

Not if we want to stay competive at other positions on the team.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | March 29, 2012 at 12:27 AM

FYI please understand my definition of trolling. It has nothing to do with someone disagreeing with me. I'm all for a good debate and if you know me from the past 8 years I've been in here I never shy away from that.

I'm just talking about the people who,,, you know what I'm not even going to explain. I'll just wait and show you when they start posting. They will be back. Someone will give an opinion and then instead of debate the opinion they will call the person a f*g, moron, idiot, and any other thing you can think of. That's what people are annoyed by. Adults should be able to discuss things in a rationale manner. It's hard because sometimes children don't understand this yet they come in here to post.

We are all hanging out together in here, it's a room. But we can't see each other and I would never discuss a topic with a child who had nothing to add to the topic except calling me names. As a matter of fact if we were all face to face it wouldn't happen. People would be more respectful. I'm not sure of your age but if you're over 25 years old I'm sure you know what I mean. I just want people to treat each other with respectfully. Isn't that what you want too? Isn't that what we all want?

Ohio, I posted about YG on your site. I was saying for whatever reason, I don't get offended by him like others (by the way, the boyfriend remark was a joke).

He gets ornery at times (don't we all) but for the most part I find him to be entertaining.

Not saying I agree with him about anything (maybe 1 or 2 things), but as far as trolls go, I find him to be pretty respectable (even when he calls me an a-hole).


Trolls know you cant punch them out(keyboard cowards). So they take delight in raging you to anger. Never let a troll see you sweat. Its how they get nourished.

Starve a troll and they soon go away. Be clever with a troll(play his game better than him)and he'll flee in his own anger. LOL

treat each other respectfully. No "with"

Wait, that last sentence made it sound like I think YG is a troll. I don't. I'm saying trolls are much worse than what YG does on here. That's what I was saying.

'How to Deal with Trolls for Dummies'

Written by, Yesterdays Gone :)

Who's gonna pay $ to watch this garbage?


Madigan? Hey you got your knuckles wrapped, brother....LOL. Bet that one scared you a bit...LOL.

Looks like I missed all the fun. Nice to have Armando drop by.


Thanks. I responded to you on there too when you get a chance.

And I was being serious asking YG about Ireland and the Oline in round 1. I don't hold grudges. :)

Craig, you did. Armando says the blog will be clean from now on. We'll see. Coincidentally none of your trolls came on during that time to defend themselves.

"Who's gonna pay $ to watch this garbage?"

What garbage? Training camp hasn't even started yet. And who's going to pay? Any Dolphins fan like me who roots for his team through thick and thin and has been for 34 years. Not paying means we make the team more poor and therefore force them to watch a bottom line which could only make it worse on us.

The alternative is what? If we don't watch they fire the GM and coach and start over again. Like we did with Shula. Like we were forced to do with Johnson and Saban. Like we did with Cameron, Wanny and Sparano (except Ireland is still here). But I'm an advocate for keeping personnel in place, not going to games defeats that purpose.

Ireland has this year to prove he made some right moves IMO. I've said this from the end of last year because 1. I personally don't believe our bad players and busts are all his fault considering Parcells openly admitted to Armando that he alone was in charge of two of the 3 drafts he was here for. I'm judging Ireland on last draft and this year. I love Clay and Pouncey and have high hopes for Wilson. I also want to see what Thomas and Gates do in a new system, with a full training camp and workout program. And we have this weekend to see what happens.

Ohio Dolphan,

A few things......

First of all Oscar Canosa is a well known troll. You opened the door for trolldomship making him a member. You took very light his first attack on me.

2ndly, those who attack are the only ones who dont like me. At somepoint, Ive had altercations with them, when 1st provoked of course.

Phins78 and ALoco warned you Oscar Canosa was trolling me and you made light of it. Then two of your posters there, JSLA and Darryl Dumpley, decided to give me the silently treatmant pretty much boxing me out of live conversation when they were there. They were turning into thier own private "circle jerk".

You unknowingly joined in, maybe because you werent quite aware of what was happening. Notice I single them two out when I ranted. At that point I considered your entire blog useless and pointless. I was being specifically targeted for exclusion. Not bragging, But Im a pretty intelligent person, I pick up on most things that goes over the heads of most.

Now yes, I feel if we dont get David DeCastro, it will rear its ugly head again. Im not pro oline, Im pro David DeCastro. He plays a position crucial to a oline's success and OG's like him dont come along every draft. He's a rare og(does everything at a very high level) and is the missing piece that gives of a great oline all the accross its face.

The biggest "troll" on this board (by FAR) is that 'odiseye' nut. Can't begin to tell you how many times I wanted to have good football talk here and saw he was just dominating things with his endless nonsense and idiotic stories. I pretty much stopped posting here because of it.

Until Salguero does something about THAT troll, all this other talk is pretty useless, unfortunately.

Craig I wouldn't say scared. I don't scare easily ;) But it definitely surprised the s**t out of me. I was convinced something fishy was going on. I impersonated Armando's name in blue to prove a point and he took it the wrong way. I wasn't trying to be a smart a** I was trying to call someone out. I was wrong and was humbled. HA

Craig you referring to the bare knuckle fighting in Ireland? There is a Madigan clan involved in that. I'm Irish/Italian so I don't think they would let me fight but it looks like fun! I think you have to be a true clansman to be able to defend your family name. I'm an American mutt like most of us are!

Phins, you should see a movie called "Kill the Irishman." About an Irish Union leader in Ohio in the 70's. Killed by the mob. REALLY GOOD MOVIE. That guy was a bad*ss.

haha Ireland is going to have to pass on Tannehill even if he wants him just to prove he's not a puppet. Great job Florio. Wow.

Ohio Dolphan,

I also consider getting a shiney new skill position piece 1st rd on either side of the ball's not going to help much much without a great oline.

Sure we'll get dick teased by the shiney new skill positioned piece, but it wont get us laid(sb championship).

Its now been 38yrs since I last saw us win a sb, Even the sb with Marino, not having a great oline reared its ugly head. Im totally over the dick teases, all dolfans should be.

The very thing that will eventually get us laid, most dolfans are against. We've been dickteased for so long its become a fanship way of life. Then every offseason we rant about the problem while continuing to skirt around the real solution. This is the year to get to the real solution(David DeCastro).

That was Danny Greene DC, I know the story well because I wrote a paper on him in school. That guy was fearless and didn't even drink much which makes it even more frightening that he was so ballsy. He actually scared the mob and was one of the only Irish mobsters to stand up to them. The rest of the Irish mob acted like their dogs and he hated that. The man had too much pride though and in the end it was his downfall. The Italian mob was just too massive for him to take on, even in the Cleveland area.

Understood YG,

And thanks for the response on the draft. If we do get him I hope he helps to quickly solidify our line, opening up more options for offense.

He can't be in here patrolling all of the time so it is up to us to police ourselves and make this a fun place for everyone. Can't wait for the draft!

Posted by: Phins78 | April 23, 2012 at 03:17 PM

Do you know George Zimmerman? He tried to police himself. Look at the situation he is in right now.

Translated - you're excited to tattle tale on people. Let's face it, a stern rebuttal to some of the bloggers here is often referred to as trolling or an attack because they can't handle the crticism. Many babies around.

Who you trying to make it fun for? Everyone or everyone who thinks like you? Worry about yourself & let others fend for themselves.

This post was not about trolling or an attack, just an honest response to your post. Will you over react & report me? We'll see.

YG, that's the problem with the Sparano years. They get all these linemen, but don't have the pieces for them to protect. Then they miss on so many, it takes them YEARS to even get ONE playmaker (Marshall, who came via FA, not the Draft).

That's why I disagree with your new philosophy. I think you should get your QB first, and then fill in around him. The QB makes everyone better, INCLUDING the linemen. See how long Moore held the ball at times last year. Manning doesn't do that. He has the clock in his head, and gets rid of the ball before anything bad can happen.

Also, almost every other team can get linemen in later rounds and make them work. Why is it we need 1st-round ProBowlers or else our lines suck? Shouldn't be that way.

I think with Philbin you'll see how it really should work. These guys get drafted, and lo and behold, they get put in the lineup to prove their worth. If they need development, Coaches will develop them. If they still can't grasp the system, bye bye. Can all be done in a couple of years if done right. Don't need to hold on to low-level talent for years, just taking up a position. I don't see us ever drafting so many 1st-round linemen again (back to back to back).


You making threats to Ohio's family?....LOL.

Phins, I'm Scottish/Irish myself and I think I now what you're referring to. Interesting exchange with Armando and others. I'm skeptical things will get cleaned up but it would sure be nice to see.

I have to admit, as far as this draft goes, I have NO clue.

Do we really want Tannehill?

2. Which highly touted offensive prospect is most likely to be a bust?

Huguenin: I'm looking at Baylor WR Kendall Wright. I think he put up huge numbers because he got to play with Robert Griffin III. I'm not convinced Wright will hold up against physical NFL cornerbacks.

Megargee: While I understand the fascination with Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill because of his raw skills and unlimited upside, I think there also are plenty of risks associated with using a first-round pick on a quarterback who's relatively unpolished. That he threw 15 interceptions last season also give me cause for concern. I wouldn't be surprised if Tannehill develops into an exceptional quarterback. I also wouldn't be surprised if he's out of the league in five years.


I respect your opinion and thoughts on solidifying the O-line.

I know Matt Moore and Reggie would LOVE to solidify the O-line, I think they could do great things this year.

Phins, Danny Greene, that's him. BAD*SS!!!

Craig, think Ohio's scared, lol?

Ohio Dolphan,

What dolfans really dont understand is having a great oline higly impacts the way defenses will have to play against us and offenses will have to plaY AGAINST OUR DEFENSE. A great oline places us in a truly dictatorial role in how other teams have to play against us on both sides of the ball.

Until we get a great oline, shiney new skill position players on either side of the ball, will mean no more than bringing a knife to a gunfight when facing other great teams. Bellichik will continue to own us in the afc east.

Let the dickteasing continue because we'll never get laid.

I say forget about Reiff because we do have Long. Think about it. Long becomes a fa in 2013 if we dont get him resigned before seasons end. That will be a huge contract.

Pouncey's a 1st rd'er. It'll be a huge contract when time to resign him. So you cant take another potential huge contract on the oline by taking Reiff at #8. Its potential future salary cap suicide.

In 5-6yrs half of our overall salary cap would be tied up into 3 players and they're all offensive linemen. Albeit, Jake Long will be close to making his retirement speech.

However, if we do decide to make Reiff the #8 pick, I will be looking for some sort of sign and trade deal for Jake Long. Reiff is a true LT, just doesnt make since to have both he and Long at what it would cost, plus have the expensive Pouncey. Economically we wouldnt be able to keep them all together on any kind of longterm basis because of the salary cap.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | March 29, 2012 at 12:27 AM


To your point......shiny new skill position players have a better chance to dull out quickly if they do not have time to make plays (a bad offensive line)

I must admit I still find myself wanting receivers drafted. Even if it's rounds 3, 4, or 5

DC Dolphan,

Only one season we had a simbolence of a decent oline in the Sparano years. We won the afc east(11-5) but were routed in the playoffs by the Raven because CP had a noodle arm.

Grove/Smiley were great, just couldnt stay healthy. Thats why the oline continued to be teetered with, despite all of the money thrown at it. It's not that the oline or approach to the situation was wrong. Smiley/Grove couldnt stay healthy.

We cant say enough of the oline already, because Smiley/Grove couldnt stay healthy. 2008 proved with a great oline anything's possible, even when you dont have all of the shiney skill position pieces in place. A great oline can make up for a many errors in other places. But nothing makes up for having a lousy oline.

Consecutive 6-10 and 7-9, 7-9 seasons have fully proven this.

For what.
It's worth.


Fireland is a YES man, so most definitely he will pick Tannehill, or else Fireland will be Fired ! Maybe the Jets or Dallas will have a custodian position open for him, I'm sure Fireland will do a good job !! I highly recommend him

HEY... If THE SCOUT Ireland drafts Tannehill it will be a blessing in disguise as Tannehill isn't worth the number 12 pick and Ireland will be one more step closer to being kicked in his butt as he's shoved out the door for wasting a pick on him.

Yeah sure Jeffy Boy... Please draft Tanne, oh please do for all of the fans sakes.


I agree. However, Philbin talked about his wr's being able to play every wr position. These are the types I believe he will be looking for in this and future drafts.

What Philbin said suggest to me he sisnt looking for a true dominant #1 wr. He's looking for guys who excell moving all over the place. If he finds that type of guy and he becomes a pro bowler doing this, then BINGO, absolute great find.

But from Philbin's own words, he isnt chasing dominant one trick pony(plays just one wr position) types.

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