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Ireland: No pressure to draft Tannehill from Ross

No one knows what the truth is when sources are involved in a report until something actually happens to support one side or another. This morning, for example, I reported the Dolphins are releasing Phillip Merling, citing an unnamed source.

Well, the Dolphins have released Phillip Merling today.

But sometimes it's impossible to know the truth no matter what happens. Such is the case with the respectful back and forth I've apparently walked into with both Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com and respected NFL beat writer Peter King.

Last night, Florio reported Dolphins owner Steve Ross is "pushing" the Dolphins to pick Ryan Tannehill. The report, important if accurate because it would mean a real estate developer is pushing the buttons on Miami's football decisions, prompted me to reach out to several sources.

I got word back from one of them who vehemently denied the report. The source is very, very, very high up in the Dolphins organization.

Anyway, this morning King also reported the same thing Florio reported. I was thus outnumbered on the anonymous source front!

Except that this afternoon, Florio hosted a segment with Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland on his PFT Live broadcast . And Florio asked him about his report verus my report, including my "very, very, very" description of my source.

"I would tell you Steve is very engaged but he's also very supportive of leaving the decision in the draft up to me and coach Philbin, our scouts and football staff," Ireland said. "I said in my opening press conference last week that I don't feel at all any pressure to draft a need position or anything like that. And I would segue this comment in there: I don't feel pressure from the owner. And he's not pressuring me for that matter. I don't know where that's coming from.

"He's allows me to make the football decisions. He's always allowed me to make the football decisions along with my head coach and our staff. So he understands the process. He understands the thought process. he stands by our draft analysis and he knows the kind of preparation that goes into it and he's fully supportive."

Thus I now outflank Florio and King with an actual on-the-record response. Yeah, just having some fun here because this is the truth:

We don't know the truth.

It is possible Florio and King are totally wrong, as my source and Ireland are saying. On the other hand, it is possible my source is trying to use me (bad idea because that would make me very angry and the Dolphins shouldn't want me writing angry because I'm good at it) and thus I would be wrong.

How will we know?

Well, if the Dolphins do not draft Tannehill, Florio and King were wrong. The fact is Ross is the owner and if he truly is "pushing" Ireland to pick Tannehill, I can pretty much assure you that will get done because Ross signs the checks. So if Tannehill isn't the pick, there's no way he was pushing Ireland toward Tannehill in the first place.

And what if Tannehill is the pick? I guess some of you would say that vindicates Florio and King. I say it only means that's the pick and we all figured that was the way it might go the entire time, dating back a month or more since Peyton Manning went to Denver.

Bottom line? We may never know for sure on this one.


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Ohio, Armando can report what he wants, YG can say what he wants, this is about MONEY. If Ireland drafted another 1st-rd linemen, there would be a mutiny in front of the stadium. EVEN LESS PEOPLE would come to the games.

There's a ZERO PERCENT chance (that's my reporting) that Miami will Draft a 1st-rd olineman THIS year. Maybe next, or the year after. But it's a strong FAT CHANCE this year. Just the way the cookie crumbles. We're getting a QB or pass rusher or WR. Watch how right I am.

I have stayed off this site, glad to see Mando on here, hoping for some great chat. Living n NE is not easy!!

In Philbin's offense we're not going to have #1, #2, #3 wr's. Yeah we'll still have a depth chart, but we'll have very versatile wr's that can play every wr position.

Didnt dumping Marshall clue you guys into Philbin really means this and wasnt just serving up lip service?

We'll only draft a wr 1st rd if that guy sufficiently already plays all 3 wr positions very well. There's your clue.

CT, until the Sox blow a 9 point lead, right? LOVED THAT (even though it was the Sox and not the Pats).

I absolutely agree we won't have a dominant Alpha receiver.

But I hope that will translate into 4 or 5 extremely under the radar productive receivers!!!!!

Sick of all of this desparation for a qb. Who cares? A qb is not our number one problem. Pass rush and O line. That is where the problems lie. The road to victory goes through New England.
As far as the media goes, they will sell anything. Like weathermen (and most of these talking heads were at one time or another) they get to be wrong and keep their paycheck. I remember when we were picked with Culpepper to win the Superbowl. That was Sabans last year and we won 6 games.
And we traded for Marshal and then signed him to a big contract.
How to win is easy. Build the team, be patient, let other teams buy your players through free agency and you get more picks. Keep picking until it becomes second nature. It does take a few years, a bit of luck and some patient. By the way Tannehill is not a patient pick. It is a desperation pick.


Wouldnt matter what fans think. If it leads to a playoff berth(wildcard at least) in 2012 mutiny fans will quickly forget.

God forbids, we ever win a sb title because of it, and the stadium will be renamed Ireland Fieldhouse! LOL

Who will Maimi dolphins take in #1 round, #2 round, #3rRDround, #4 round #5 round, #6 round, #7 round? do they has all there draft picks or extra one?


having 2-3 wr's that can line up anywhere creates mismatches. Then trow in Bush and clay to go with some of those wr sets and you can create defensive armegeddon for dc's in this league.

Imo, Philbin know's what the hell he's talking about. Philbin know's what type of wr's he needs to accomplish this. Just glad Philbin's football IQ is greater than many of our dolfans.

I'd be willing to name my next child "Ball Boy" if the the phins made it to the AFC championship...no Super Bowl necessary.

Oh man 411 you're missing the point. Why would I report you for that, you said nothing that was wrong. You stated your opinion and that is fine. Not sure where the disconnect is here.

I'm saying I will report anyone who uses racial slurs or attacks me personally. Anyone who is in here to talk about filling someones mouth with you know what. That's what I'm talking about and I'm pretty sure you understand. Armando said he is going to clean the blog up and that means he wants that behavior to stop. I'm not talking about the blog issue anymore, people need to let it go. If you want to argue or debate football with me have at it. I don't care about your personal opinions about my character because we don't know each other. I'm done with this.

Here's how mjuch sold I am on having a great oline. I believe if we take DeCastro 1st rd, by 2013 we'll be at least 2nd rd playoff team.

I will wager anyone on that. Any takers?

I like in the dolphins song were it goes when the miami dolphins are number #1 they go to the super bowls!

DC I am a sox fan, that one hurts. :-(. Bruins Celts and Fins, go figure, at least 3/4 have won in the past ten years, my daughter (who is 9) has seen 4 championships in her lifetime, dear lord!!

I am a fin fan, not a draft guru. I guess I should become one. But i have not missed a game in about 12 years. I am old school, we have so many needs on O and D, take the best body or gather picks. Guess being in Pats country you are used to hearing that and then seeing it executed.

I have more faith in Philbin than Bobby V, though Doc rivers is the best coach. :-).

YG I wont take that bet as I hope we are there this year.


Who worked under Doc. :-). He is a defensive guru!

I know ct, the Celts definitely miss him. I was going to thank you for sending him our way. Both are great coaches and I'm sure he learned a lot from Doc. Not a big fan of anything Boston (sports wise) but I do respect the hell out of Doc Rivers. And begrudgingly Belichick, the man just knows how to coach. But Bobby V. is a disaster and I had a feeling that wouldn't go well in the beginning. The guy is too NY to fit in there.

Is there a worse franchise in Florida then the Dullfins? In any sport?

Ross/Ireland have guaranteed us a top 5 pick NEXT YEAR!

M Kendricks
A Salitulo
B Irvin
Cam Johnson
Nick Toon
R Wilson
Jordan White

5 day 1 starters 1 solid pass rusher and a groom

Yeah. to see what Doc has done with this team is incredible. I hear ya about Boston, I love them all cept the Pats. I can see where we are not well thought of!! But its nice to be in thick of things almost every year!

I want to get back to that with the fins, being a fin fan for 38 plus years!!! This blog is ok to pop in on, but so negative,I understand why, but can't jump in the negative, and draft really is not my speciality.

I will say we will finish 2nd in AFC East, what place will your team finish. If you are such a fan, why so negative.

I'm surprised at the defeatist attitude from some. Wasn't it just 4 years ago that a 1-15 team turned around to make the playoffs with no significant super stars to speak of? What was that teams name again? Anything can happen people. If you're not excited to see the WCO in Miami for the first time in their history there is something wrong. Returning a top 6 defense with an aggressive new defensive coordinator and a brand new offense based on,,,,get this,,,,opening the field up and lots of passing. At some point in all of the nay saying you have to admit the prospects are intriguing at least.

we already know we are picking tannehill. but interesting part is who are we taking after that

Careful CTPhins, it may have been bait and you just took it and swam deep! lol

Sparano would still be coaching here if Ireland had supplied him with ANY talent. I dont see Philbin surving more then 1 year a la Cam Cameron.

Hook line and sinker, I will poke, but not to negative. Being a Sox fan has taught me heartbreak and patience. I will continue to pony up my direct tv money and watch every game. 10-6 is looking like a legit record in my eyes.

philbin will be here for quite some time

DOnt forget we added by subtraction:
Pist Fumper
Henning (2 yrs ago)
Marshall-yes he is too much of a prima dona.

To see Bush in this offense will be fun!!

ctphinsfan ,

There aint nothing positive about 6-10. Or 3 consecutive losing years.Or no SB wins in 40 years and counting. Being positive now is like being negative after a SB win. Its lunacy.

I'm not so sure about that dusty. I thought so too at first but I just can't see Ireland, with his job on the line and his next career move (if he wants to remain a gm in the league) to possibly consider I don't know how he could justify using a high pick on a project who will not contribute to the team in the year he needs to prove himself. It's going to be tough for him to take that QB unless he is positive the guy is a franchise qb. That is the only question he's probably asking himself right now. Is Tannehill going to be a franchise QB. And I can't see how ANYONE could definitively say yes to that. Too much risk no reward for Ireland. That's why I see him taking a pass rusher and copying what the Giants do. Get after the QB!!!!!

I take a nap and wake up to 250 commentaries, including Armando's. Wow!

I guess Ohio and YG are bed buddies again. Enjoys smackin each other bootys now. LOL

I was one of like 5 people in here who were dead set against signing Marshall. Those two picks could have yielded us a drama free Marshall from the draft by now. The guy is a locker room cancer and I won't miss his on the field antics and soft play in the end zone.

Yip your right, not gonna change my mind my friend. Why then (Ron) do you care, why even talk about them. Every year I root hard for the team I follow, I surely get PO'd at decisions, as we have not had a good x and o coach since JJ. But I wont piss on my team unless they don't try. (Pardon the phrase).

My wife calls me glass half empty except with the Fins LOL.

Yo Jeffy Ireland, re Philip Merling, i've heard of sign and trade, i've heard of sign and drive, but sign and cut?? WTF?? Everything you do is STUPID! Do you know ANYTHING AT ALL?

calling peter king and mike florio journalists is a joke

No fan quits before the season starts. That's just crazy. If you're a fan you believe until they prove you wrong. 11-5 and beating the Jets to make the playoffs while also knocking them out and getting their coach fired,,,,priceless. I learned my lesson that year and will always wait until mid season to make a judgement on my team. You just never know, too many variables.

Phins does not make a difference about the past. Philbin is making some decisions, I think Ireland is not micro-managing these decisions as much as we think. If anything ross has told Ireland to let Philbin build this team. This may be a good spot for Ireland.


Dont know who Ireland will choose 1st rd, but the most effective overall pick, hands down would DeCastro.

Yeah, a shiney new skill position would be nice, just that the true overall impact will be limited.

How great an impact would Megatron on our team would have been with our oline? If we had DeMarcus Ware it wouldnt have helped with red zone woes. If we had Tom Brady, we still would have been extremely lucky to be a wildcard team.

Think seriously about the things I just mentioned. We can add all of the shiney new skill positions we want. But until we have a great oline, all of thier effectiveness combined, would be of very limited impact.

All dolfans need consider is how big a difference would having Megatron, DeMarcus Ware, and Tom Brady with last season's oline would have made. We would have been a wildcard playoff team, but not, a sb championship team.

With Eli's oline protection and Brady's oline protection(though both olines had thier moments)the sb was a toss up, with the Giants coming out on top. Just imagine what happens if either team had olines as thier weaker links?

1-8 David DeCastro-OG 2-42 Andre Branch-DE 3-72 Markelle Martin-S 3-73 Juron Criner-WR 4-103 Brandon Weedon-QB, or Tony Bergshen-OT 5-145 James Hanna-TE, or Malik Jackson-DE/DT 6-196 Best Available Player 7-215 Best Available Player What do you think of this mock draft for PHINS?

phins78 i can tell u right now they dont condier hima project. guanrantee they give him shot at job year one

Moore deserves a shot this year from day 1. Noone in the draft (except for the top two) will challenge him. Get a killed O-lineman or DE

We cant get a good HC or good FA'S with Ireland still here.

weeden 4th rd? love decastro but u could trade down for him

Not to mention all of the other superlatives of David DeCastro, the guy's from Stanford too. So you know he's brilliant, to go along with all of the other accolades you can award him in physical abilities. The guy will be a day one dominat starter at RG. Long, Pouncey, DeCastro could anchor an oline that can become one of the greatest in nfl history.

Rivaling the 72 fins oline that made nfl history. That oline dictated to the defense what they could and couldnt do against our offense. Czonka, Kiick, Warfield basically became scrubs after vacating from that oline. That's a fact!

I think Ireland will have a great year, it's his second year, and I was ok with his draft last year. I like the choice of coach.

GUYS My gut tells me Ireland will not take Tannehill. Be will take a QB in second or third round. The thing is to get lucky and find a franchise QB. What do you think of Cousins though they say his ARM is weak or Osweiler, Weeden, Kellen Moore, or Russell Wilson. Any thoughts???

no chance john, if tannehill is there, ireland takes him

I agree dusty, not sure if that is right, but he may also trade down. This is actually his first full year as GM, as he has his own coach.


I believe Ireland's about to crap his pants to keep from telling DeCastro's the guy he's really taking.

If anyone thought Tanne was so great, thier would have already been overtures to move up to take him. Seems no one's all that excited about a qb who may need 3yrs just to become a true nfl starter.

This is without even talking "GUARANTEED" franchise calibre. Who wants a qb, after 3yrs on the bench, might still be Matt Moore if we're lucky? LOL

Trade down we need more junk.

Fair enough Dusty.

And YG I completely agree but I don't agree on where to take o-linemen. I don't think it's good value to take o-linemen in the top 10. There are thousands of o-linemen who have become pro bowlers after being taken after the top ten. We took Jake Long number 1 and now he's strapping our cap and has been injury prone. There is talk of possibly trading him before we have to resign him to an outrageous contract next season. We don't even know if he's going to stay healthy and his agent is going to ask for stupid money. I know you never know who will get hurt but Long has proven to be injury prone and has only been in the league four years.

But totally agree that a great o-line makes the whole offense better. Just look at Jimmy Johnsons Cowboys or Tom Bradys Pats. We desperately need a pass rusher opposite Wake, we currently have no one. We do however have Jerry and Murtha who showed something last season. We need o-linemen but imo they can be found after round two.

Have u ever seen that episode of Seinfeld when jerry told George to just do the exact opposite of what his instinct told him and Georges life turned around for the better? Maybe jeff ireland should do that and we might actually get some decent players. Just food for thought.

disagree yesterday, kc only other team looking to move up to take him and thats doubtful

so can pass rushers phins78

Best player at 8 then, so many holes to fill anyways.

i agree there. but why do we keep debating this pick, we already know its tannehill. so lets talk about 3 picks in the 2nd and 3rd rds

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