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Ireland: No pressure to draft Tannehill from Ross

No one knows what the truth is when sources are involved in a report until something actually happens to support one side or another. This morning, for example, I reported the Dolphins are releasing Phillip Merling, citing an unnamed source.

Well, the Dolphins have released Phillip Merling today.

But sometimes it's impossible to know the truth no matter what happens. Such is the case with the respectful back and forth I've apparently walked into with both Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com and respected NFL beat writer Peter King.

Last night, Florio reported Dolphins owner Steve Ross is "pushing" the Dolphins to pick Ryan Tannehill. The report, important if accurate because it would mean a real estate developer is pushing the buttons on Miami's football decisions, prompted me to reach out to several sources.

I got word back from one of them who vehemently denied the report. The source is very, very, very high up in the Dolphins organization.

Anyway, this morning King also reported the same thing Florio reported. I was thus outnumbered on the anonymous source front!

Except that this afternoon, Florio hosted a segment with Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland on his PFT Live broadcast . And Florio asked him about his report verus my report, including my "very, very, very" description of my source.

"I would tell you Steve is very engaged but he's also very supportive of leaving the decision in the draft up to me and coach Philbin, our scouts and football staff," Ireland said. "I said in my opening press conference last week that I don't feel at all any pressure to draft a need position or anything like that. And I would segue this comment in there: I don't feel pressure from the owner. And he's not pressuring me for that matter. I don't know where that's coming from.

"He's allows me to make the football decisions. He's always allowed me to make the football decisions along with my head coach and our staff. So he understands the process. He understands the thought process. he stands by our draft analysis and he knows the kind of preparation that goes into it and he's fully supportive."

Thus I now outflank Florio and King with an actual on-the-record response. Yeah, just having some fun here because this is the truth:

We don't know the truth.

It is possible Florio and King are totally wrong, as my source and Ireland are saying. On the other hand, it is possible my source is trying to use me (bad idea because that would make me very angry and the Dolphins shouldn't want me writing angry because I'm good at it) and thus I would be wrong.

How will we know?

Well, if the Dolphins do not draft Tannehill, Florio and King were wrong. The fact is Ross is the owner and if he truly is "pushing" Ireland to pick Tannehill, I can pretty much assure you that will get done because Ross signs the checks. So if Tannehill isn't the pick, there's no way he was pushing Ireland toward Tannehill in the first place.

And what if Tannehill is the pick? I guess some of you would say that vindicates Florio and King. I say it only means that's the pick and we all figured that was the way it might go the entire time, dating back a month or more since Peyton Manning went to Denver.

Bottom line? We may never know for sure on this one.


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If we had the Pats defense Brady had when he arrived and the oline Brady's mostly been surrounded with. Brady would still have 3 sb rings in a Dolphin uniform.

Last I checked, Brady was never playing out there by himself. He was almost always surrounded in premium talent while winning 3 sb rings. Geesh you guys act like Im making this stuff up. LOL

There is a great Dave Hyde article from Sun-Sentinel titled Breaking Down Brandon Weeden at


Guarantee after reading that, all the noise about Tannehill will be erased.





Rebuilding means crap if not done right. Replacing a faulty foundation with a faulty foundation only means its the newest edition of your faulty foundation.

Newer names, same old results, just hope Philbin/Ireland smarter than what Ive been hearing here. Not that what Im hearing is dumb, it just that it will be met with minimal results, so few see this.

But like I said in previous blog posts, if your guys are pleased with the 12-15yrs of dickteasing, let the dickteasing continue. I've had enough to this point where Im beginning to believe I can take or leave the dickteasing. Whats the point if you'll never get laid?

Guaranteed, at least 95% of nall sb champions had great olines. So see how difficult it is to win a sb without one? There's already at least a 95% chance you'll lose that game even if you lucked your way there.




GOOD NIGHT TO ALL ..........

Also think back,

Our great oline was on its last legs with Woodstrock. Actually Woodstrock had a better overall oline than Dan Marino.

Is it also coincidence Woodley was closer to actually winng a sb game than the great Marino? Had Riggins not run over the defense for that game changing td, we maybe talking Woodley having a sb ring and Marino failing to get one.

How ironic would that have been. Woodley was a Riggins td run from a sb ring, Marino lost in a blowout. The difference being the Dolphin olines both played behind in those sb games. Think about it?

Jeffy Ireland, sign and cut Merling? Shrewd move. LMAO!

If we had a great run and pass blocking line with Marino against the 49ers sb. We would have won in a blowout. The 49ers played 6-7 db's to shut down passing lanes and we still couldnt run the ball against 6-7 db's.

A great run blocking oline would have turned them to mince meat. They would have had to come out of the defense and Marino could have again shredded them to pieces by air. The outcome:

Dolphins 52 49ers 17

A great oline would have turned the tide significantly in our favor.

Merling had the underachiever tag before drafting him. Underachievers fall in the draft, then teams thinking theyre getting something for nothing, usually end up with nothing. Thats all Merling has proven.

Hope we never make that mistake again. Steer clear of underaciever labeled guys in the draft.

Wtf is going on in here? Oh yeah, it's a Dolphins blog, forgot about that the past few months. Great comments guys, nothing to add, you covered it all. Fun reading and three days to go! Good night

This is just a bunch of bull$hlt like the rest of the offseason/draft process

The biggest "troll" on this board (by FAR) is that 'odiseye' nut. Can't begin to tell you how many times I wanted to have good football talk here and saw he was just dominating things with his endless nonsense and idiotic stories. I pretty much stopped posting here because of it.
Until Salguero does something about THAT troll, all this other talk is pretty useless, unfortunately.
Posted by: pete | April 23, 2012 at 03:55 PM

Post of the day............

Dave Wannstedt passed on drafting quarterback Drew Brees over cornerback Jamar Fletcher. In 2006, Nick Saban passed on Brees again to choose Daunte Culpepper. Dolphins by passed quarterback Brady Quinn for Ted Ginn Jr. in 2007, both bust.
Here is a list of past clowns: Pat white, Chad Henne, Chad Pennington, Cleo Lemon, Trent Green, John Beck, Joey Harrington, Daunte Culpepper, Cleo Lemon, Gus Frerotte, Sage Rosenfels, A.J. Feeley, Sage Rosenfels , Brian Griese, Ray Lucas, Jay Fiedler, and Damon Huard.
Finding a franchise QB is like a winning the lottery, you need to play and play often. So don’t bet the farm on just one unless (Tannenhill) is the real thing (his college head coach should know). Draft one in every draft and continuing doing so even after you get the right one.

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