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Ireland shreds bogus Jake Long 'report', other stuff

A ridiculous article appeared in the South Florida media Saturday, seemingly reporting as fact that Jake Long's days with the Dolphins are numbered. The article cited no source. The article made the leap that because the Dolphins drafted Jonathan Martin to play right tackle, that must mean the team's left tackle was done in Miami.


The article irked the Dolphins public relations staff and, more importantly, made general manager Jeff Ireland upset enough to address it first off in his post-draft press conference.

Here is what Ireland said ... along with everything else said at that presser.

"Before we get started I want to clear the air on an article, I don’t normally go overboard on media speculation but last night I saw an article about Jake Long. I have plans to keep Jake Long right here for a long time. So, don’t get ahead of ourselves and you guys have a question, especially on that here on a press conference standpoint. You guys are obviously free to ask me about those things and I’ll give you an honest an answer as I can. We have plans to keep Jake around here. We drafted Jonathan Martin to be a tackle on this football team. A right tackle on this football team so let’s don’t speculate any further than that."

"We had a great day today though fellas. We have a great staff upstairs. I want to thank my scouting staff in particular Chris Grier, Brian Gaine, Chase Leshin, and those guys worked long hours and I got a great staff of scouts. Thank Joe (Philbin) and his staff did a tremendous job. We’re still in the process…we’re getting through the free agency process which has been very productive tonight. I think we got some really good guys but that’s talk about the five picks we had today. Obviously we went up and got Lamar Miller. My vision for Lamar is just to come in here and learn and develop. He’s got as natural run skills as I’ve seen. I thought he was one of the better run backs in this year’s draft. He’s got good hands. He’s very quick. He’s got exceptional change direction. I think he had over 2,000 yards in just 335 carries in just two years. He was just a one-year starter. He’s got some kickoff return ability to him. So, we just felt like he was too good a value to pass up. I’m in the business of collecting good football players. I’m in the business…when you put the board up you follow the board and I have a good friend of mine once told me that if you have a strength of your team you build it, and don’t be afraid to build it. And so that’s what we’re doing with Lamar. We have a strength at that position and we’re not afraid to build it."

"The next player was Josh Kaddu in the fifth round from Oregon. A linebacker. We feel like he can play really any linebacker position. We think he’s an outside linebacker. I don’t see him as Mike but I do see him as a Will or a Sam. Tremendous athlete. (The guy) is explosive. He can run. He’s got long arms. He can drop. He can cover. He’s got great range and we think he’s going to immediately have an impact on special teams. That’s our vision for him right now. He’s a good kid and we’re glad to have him as well.

"Sixth round we took the all-time leader receiver at Michigan State B.J. Cunningham. This guys just a good football player. He’s not the fastest. He’s not the biggest. He’s not the quickest. But he is one darn good football player and you can’t have enough of those guys in your football team. He’s got very good hands. He’s tough. He transitions catch to run very well and look forward to having him compete for a roster spot here.

"The next player we took was Kheeston Randall a defensive linemen out of Texas. He’s big. He’s 6’4”, 305 lbs. He runs really good. He’s got very long arms. We think he can play any position on the defensive line. A three, a five, a one. So he’s got versatility. Got a good chance of seeing him at the Senior Bowl. Had a good week of practice there and he’s smart and he’ tough and so we feel very good about Kheeston.

"Second seventh round pick was Rishard Matthews. Big, physical receiver. I think he had 91 catches I think this year for over 1,000 yards. I think a 15-yard average. He’s a team captain there. We had a good grade on this young man and you know he’s one of those receivers that he plays a lot bigger than he is. There’s some comparisons to some people in the league that I won’t get into but I don’t want to make any false predictions about the kid but feel very good about this young man. He can run well. He catches the ball as good as anybody. Has big hands and so we have very good vision for him as well."

(On if he was surprised to see Lamar Miller in the Fourth Round) – “We were. I expected him to go a little bit earlier but you know that’s the draft. And for whatever reason he was still sitting there I felt it was too good a value to pass up and so we went up to try to get him in front of a couple of other teams."

(On how do you vision giving Reggie Bush, Daniel Thomas, and Lamar Miller carries this season) -“That’s the coach’s job to get those guys carries. He’s a developmental running back right now so he’s going to have to learn how to be a pro and he’s going to be a little sprinkle back until he becomes a full throttle back. He needs to become a little bit more rugged and he has to learn to pass protect a little bit better. We certainly have a vision for his as a kickoff return for him. The guy can catch. We may be able to put the guy in different spots from the running back position, but he was just too good of a talent. I’m going to leave it up to my coaching staff to find the right position for him and the right number of plays and how we get him into the game."

(On drafting University of Miami players, what did you like about them) -“Well, we had a chance to visit with pretty much all of the University of Miami guys. We kind of had our own special day. It was a Miami Hurricane/Miami Dolphin Day and really had a chance to spend some time with them. We want to try to create a relationship with the Hurricanes and Al Golden. He’s been very good to me. I respect him very much as a head football coach and I know the way he coaches. I like the way he coaches his players. I believe in his program. I believe in him. We had good long talks about each of these players we drafted. I think from Al’s prospective and my prospective, I think we’re just scratching the surface of the ability of the two players from the University of Miami. Obviously, Olivier (Vernon) and Lamar (Miller), I think they’re two tremendous prospects. The ceiling is endless.”

(On selecting a WR later in the draft rather than higher, did you not see value in the position) -“Well, a little bit of both. I have confidence in the players I have on the roster. We still have some young players that are ascending. I think we’ve drafted a couple of good players. We definitely think can ascend, but again we’re in a reach. That’s not my philosophy. The board speaks to me when I’m in the draft and wasn’t going to reach for anything. I was going to let the board speak to you. Like I always said, if the value marries the need then you marry it together. In this case at the receiver position that it married together in the sixth round."

(On addressing the safety position, did you not see value in the position) -“Yup, I didn’t think this year’s draft at the safety position was a real strong draft. You can miss on some of those guys if you’re not put in the position to really get those guys."

(On having enough explosiveness at WR or is that not what you’re trying to do) -“Well, you’re always looking for explosiveness, but it’s not just the receiver position. Coach (Joe) Philbin will tell you, it’s about the offense and we got some tight ends and we got some running backs and receivers and we know it’s about scheming it to where we can get the ball to the best hands of the playmakers that we have. I have a lot of confidence in Joe and his staff to be able to scheme it up. We don’t play for a couple more months too so we’ll see what acorns fall off the tree."

(On if you believe the new offensive system will improve the receiver’s numbers this season) -“Absolutely, I do (laughing)."

(On how important was this draft for you) -“It’s extremely important. I go into every draft that it’s important. We’re trying to win championships. I just believe this is the best way to build a team. Like you said, my second time to be fully control of the draft. It’s extremely important for me. It’s extremely important to this franchise that we hit on a lot of these players, all of them. Again, maybe I am naïve that I think I can hit on all of them, but we put a lot of effort into scouting these players and interviewing them. Chasing them across the country and we definitely put ourselves in position to be drafting these players and feel like they’re all great kids. They’ll have a chance to compete and add depth to this football team."

(On worrying if the defense did not get address this draft) -“No, I’m not. I’m not worried about that. Really haven’t in particularly focused on one thing in the draft room and again the board kind of speaks to me and we’re trying to address some certain things and I’ll let the board speak to me. Again, I’m in the business of collecting good football players whether it’s a need position or not. I’m in the business of getting as many good football players on this football team as we can here during this process."

(On Cameron Wake’s contract status) -“Well, the official comment is I don’t talk about any kind of contract negotiations in the media. I’m just not going to do it."

Coach Joe Philbin also addressed the media. And here it is:

(On if he felt he improved the offensive line during the draft) – “We’re really pleased with Jonathan Martin. We think he has a chance to come in and compete for playing time right away. We’re excited about getting our hands on him and working with him. So again how much we improve…obviously we have some players on the roster, some young players as well, that need to develop. We need to take a good look at them. We got a good look at them for three days without the pads, so we may not get a true handle on where some of the younger guys on the roster are until we get to the padded work. It’s certainly an area we want to improve and I feel good about the draft pick that we made but we still have a lot of work to do."

(On seeing a player like RB Lamar Miller, UM, dropping to the fourth round) – “I think he’s an outstanding fit schematically. When you talk about explosive plays, the two statistics in football offensively that matter are protecting the football and creating explosive plays. We look at Lamar Miller as a back that has an opportunity create explosive plays. He’s a guy who we think can break tackles. He has very good speed. If you looked at our board, and Jeff said that it was hard to ignore the guy. I liked him very much, the scouting department liked him very much, so when you look at a guy that has that kind of ability, it’s hard to pass up a guy like that."

(On if he feels as though he has enough pulling guards on the team) – “We pulled a little bit there. We did some of those schemes during the three-day camp. I wouldn’t say that I’m totally sure yet, to be quite honest with you. We did a little bit of it, but not enough for me to say definitively one way or the other."

(On the way he feels that the roster has changed because of the draft) – “I’m delighted about the guys we’ve added to the roster. I really like the character of the guys. The passion for the game of football, that was really important. Jeff and his staff do a great job finding out those answers. In conjunction, our coaches watched, though not nearly as much as the scouts, but they commented on the fit as to a scheme standpoint. I’m delighted with the guys we’ve added at this point in time."

(On the upcoming rookie mini-camp and any goals he might have for it) – “Hopefully, if the play’s going to the right, to get everyone to step to the right and not run into one another. That’s honestly one of the primary goals. It’s going to be more of an orientation. It’s not going to be, let’s do a hundred up-downs and see whom we can run out of here. We’re going to get them oriented to the weight room, get them oriented to some of our player engagement programs, we’re going to get them adjusted to our practice structure, our practice tempo, our schemes, our classroom environment, our weight room environment, all of those things. What we want to do is to prepare them for the OTAs and get them a little bit comfortable – a little bit – with the playbook. We’re not going to go nearly as fast as we do with our other guys. In five practices, as I mentioned to you yesterday, we put in first down, second down, third down, red zone, two minute…we’re going to do first down and second down with these guys. If they can get half of it and remember 25 percent, seriously, we’re ahead of the game. So it’s more of an orientation than a real camp and it’s going to be slower paced, not nearly as fast as we move with the other guys."

(On QB Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M, and his familiarity with the offensive playbook) – “Well, I was a little shocked when (assistant quarterbacks coach) Zac Taylor came...they met at 7:00 and he came back at 10:00 and said they were done. The guy’s already done. I said, gee, Zac, three hours and the kid knows the whole playbook. We might need to spend more time in coaches’ meetings if this is the problem. We’ve been here three months and the guy’s learned the offense in three hours. Again, I don’t know how many guys – I was talking to Kim Bokamper early this morning – how many guys were drafted today, two hundred fifty seven? I would guess that two or three other guys in the whole draft felt as comfortable as Ryan Tannehill did walking into a building. I would guess. And it may not have been anyone else, but there certainly weren’t a lot of guys that would have had the comfort level that he did today. And I think that’s good for a little while. Because he’s such a competitor, I don’t think it’s going to be an issue. I know we aren’t getting a complacent player because he feels like he knows a couple of people. That’s really the exact opposite. The only reason he’s here is because of his competitive nature and athletic ability. I think he and Zac…they met last night, they met this morning before you guys met with him at 10:00, he had already put in a good morning’s work. I think he’ll be off to a good start.”

(On if he was looking for a particular wide receiver make up in the players you drafted) – “Not really. I’m not really big into he’s an ‘X’, he’s a ‘Z’, he’s a slot, I think I told you guys that. It’s not that that I don’t believe in let’s have a go to receiver or a big guy that can win a one-on-one match up. I love to have those guys, don’t get me wrong. But I don’t think in terms of ‘X ‘ and ‘Z’. The way we teach the passing game is we have individual cuts. We have two man concepts. We have three man concepts. I think the more guys that you can get into different spots to create mismatches for the defense, the better you are going to be. So I don’t think we locked in, somebody asked me is he a ‘X’ or a ‘Z’, I don’t know, he is a receiver. We’re going to get him, we are going to watch him, we are going to get him on the field and see if he operates better inside or outside. We like the size of both of these guys. They are a little bit bigger targets as a wide out. (Rishard)Matthews is a little bit faster, but they are both physical guys. They are both competitive guys. I think it speaks highly, (B.J.) Cunningham is the all-time leading receiver in the history of the school and they have had some good football players roll through that campus. We liked the way he caught the ball over the middle, we like his competitiveness and (wide receivers coach) Ken (O’Keefe) went up there to watch him work out as did Chris Grier, I believe. So again, I am not good at that stuff, he’s an ‘X’ and he’s a ‘Z’ and all that.”


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Also Garrard and Moore a new to this system and coaching it's not like they have a whole lot to teach him.

Nah, it wasn't you, Scout, but that prostitute.

how does a raw rookie with only 19 games ever started at any level give us a better chance. luckily u arent the coach, philbin will sit him all year as he should

he was a QB in highschool I wouldn't personnally say that counts but u say any level so... Sanchez had less games. I don't see him being ruined. He has a lot of confidence and seems he would be better off getting as much game experience as soon as possible, That way a couple years from now we aren't still saying well he only had 17 starts so he must've been a bust. My opinion is let him learn under fire.


Ireland already stated Tannehill will be in the qb mix to compete for the starting job this year. I expect if the qb camp compettion ends in a dead heap. Tannehill starts game 1 out of the gates. Especially if he has a very impressive preseason and you can book that brother.

More or Garrad will have to win the starter job outright to keep Tannehill sitting his first year. Im not saying I like it, just saying what's highly likely to happen under that circumstance.


Every village has theriir idiot and B33RCA53 is our village idiot. LOL

luckily, no chance that happens

k n your point is...

If the Dolphins want Matt Barkley, they'll play Tannehill.

if there is "NO CHANCE THAT HAPPENS".....

then we picked the WRONG QB @ # 8.....

there had better be EVERY CHANCE that happens......


Also, if you have a very good pass blocking oline and verya very good running game, it is entirely possible to start a rookie qb. We had a very good run game last year. It was only the pass protect that sucked.

If the run game's pretty good and the addition of Jonathan Martin greatly improves the pass protect(Jerry has to work out in pass protect at RG too). There's no reason Tannehill couldnt start if the qb camp competition end in a dead heap.

The pass protect keeps Tannehill on his feet and the run will allow the coaching staff to pass when they want him too. Instead of the defense dictating it.

if there is "NO CHANCE THAT HAPPENS".....
then we picked the WRONG QB @ # 8.....
there had better be EVERY CHANCE that happens......
Posted by: Kris | April 29, 2012 at 11:12 AM

There is NO CHANCE Tannehill plays QB this year.

Im very exicted to see what Tannehill game is like in preseason.

coure yg, and we all know he wont win it

You don't sit your best players. If Moore or Garrard play better than Tannehill than fine it makes sense. My point was that it's my opinion Tannehill is already our best option. You let young QB sit if there is a better QB already in place. How do we know Aaron Rodgers wouldn't have blown up sooner or day 1 even? From what I can remember Favre wasn't giving any pointers on how to take his job from him... Do you think Green Bay would have sat Rodgers if they had Moore and Garrard on their rosters especially with a whole new coaching staff and system on board? Not to mention Sherman the new Offensive Coordinator here was the kid's head coach and they run a very similar system as to the one mixed in w/ Philbins, looks like to me that Tannehill has the advantage.

theres plenty of reasons yg, hes a rookie and not near good enough yet

uhh.... dustybottoms,

That's also why Ireland tried to upgrade the defense in the draft too. Even added two qb friendly wr's.

But, I'll allow the 2012 season to tell you that. LOL

Tannehill wasnt good in college. 6 losses as a senior. Hopefully he develops but he is a long way from an NFL QB at this point.


I guess most werent paying attention during Tom Brady's Rookie season. When Brady first started he didnt look much ready either. But a great oline and great defense spoke volumes in helping his on the fly development.

Listen, Im not declaring Tannehill 2012 starter. Im just mentioning what has proven to be fact. Fact is you can start a rookie qb if he has a adequate run game, great pass protection, and your teams plays some very good defense.

I'm 100% behind Tanny just like all the other tight dudes I know. Can't believe how retarded all you bloggers are and how smart I am. I'm also really tough you know. Ask bobby if you don't believe me. Of course no one is tougher than booby d bag. Wouldn't it be cool to be an Internet cop who brags to people he doesn't know about beating up fans on the job? Miami's finest when they're not drunk and running over tourists!

it's not as if we have an incumbent starting QB that's been in the system and knows the playbook better than anyone. We have Matt Moore and David Garrard. Need I say more??? I'd like to see progression every week and in order to maximize that Tannehill needs as many snaps w/ 1st team in practice as the starter.

lol yeah 2 wrs in 6th and 7th rd. longgggggggggggg odds

very true, tannehill was horrible in college. always choked in big games. but i do see potential with this kid couple years down the road


Tannehill had 6 losses? Let me ask you this, how many Texas A&M defensive players were drafted to the nfl this year?

From what I read, the defense also gave up big 1st half leads too. So go figure.

We lose with Tannehill the same way we lose with Moore. The upside of losing with Tannehill is that he will get better from his mistakes and we have the time to fix them. Moore and Garrard are gone after this season.

yes yg cause the offense never did a thing in the second half of games.

Anybody knows how Pat Devlin did at the mini-camp?

I would love to see Tenne going into camp as the penciled in in starter going into amp.....

The #8 pick should be able to compete with Perrenial Back-up M. Moore....and washed up...out of football las year D. Garrard.....

or destroy his confidence among other things, u can go both ways with it. but its a mute point cause we both know philbin wont play him this year

You see, if Devlin is half any good, Moore and maybe Garrard will be out the door next year, saving us a fair amount of Cap space.

70th overall pts against. avg 28/ game

course garrard is gone next year and most likely moore also

I will be doing a live blog here tomorrow topics include:

1) How computers were made for morons
2) A discussion on hypocrites
3) Why I am such a totally awesome football blogger with tons of knowledge
4) Advanced offensive concepts such as how pass protection and the run game make it easier for a qb - Bill B might join us for this portion

OK, let's say it now. There is no doubt in my mind and of many others that Ryan Tannehill will be a very solid QB in the NFL. Sooner rather than later.

I was against the pick....but since we got him...and got him @ # 8.....I have to root for...and support him....

Lets see what he's got...we fixed the right side of the line....got a stal of a RB...plus bush....he knows 75% of the play book (his words...not mine)....

sounds like a day one starter to me....

exactly why he doesn't need to sit pine. He gains very little from holding a clipboard and taking half the reps with 2nd stringers in practice. QB of the future needs to play right away unless like I've said Moore has improved from last year. Moore is still young and it might even benefit them to play him until week 5 then put him on the block in order to get picks back.


I still can't get over that we got Lamar Miller.

Wouldn't be the first time Ireland has lied.

Just ask Y. Bell about that.

Things change according to Ireland.

I just hope Mr Ireland made absolutely certain there are no hoes attached to this draft class.

I believe this is one of the the better if not thee best draft Ireland has participated in. As far as Barendino's article in the Slum Slantinel, why really comment on it, between Mike Berandino and Dave Hyde, they don't have the ability to write someones obituary; quite frankly they both SUCK.

I think the Dolphins are on the right track with this draft and also believe that most of the negative posters on this blog couldn't tell a football from a kidney stone

You may see Garrard or Moore out earlier than that Oscar. That's if salary cap and money has anything to do with it.

I have a question for people. Why is it when people talk about Moore they say he was 6 and 3 down the stretch? He played 13 games for the Dolphins in 2011 and was 6 and 7. Why not take the 3 in a row Miami won and just say he was 3 and 0?

I got that from a few writers doing their draft grades.

Some kind of picks by our cold, cynical GM.

kjris u forget hes a rookie whos never played a down. how u know we fixed the right side of the line? no guarantees on a 2nd rd pick. picks back? lol moore isnt bringing any picks back that are worth anything

yeah miller falls into our lap in 4th rd. but idiot ireland waste picks to move up and take thomas in 2nd last year. miller easily a better pro than thomas.

Moore sucks the cheese on the end of my pen-s.

Same morons who thought Fiedler was good enough. Griese, Henne, Feeley, Harrington, Huard, Lucas, blah blah blah.

You would have a point about their defense but it was actually better in '11 than in '10. The problem was, this year when the defense gave up points and the team was behind the offense couldn't score in the 2nd half.
There's the 3 games that Tanny threw 3 int's and then there's two others where they only scored 3 pts in the 2nd half.
I don't know why that happened but you know that, when the offense is moving and putting up numbers and the team is winning, the quarterback gets all the credit and, when they are losing, it's all on the quarterback.

Tired of reading negative BS alreday..... Give these kids & dolphins a chance before you spew your hate!!!!

Lou, One of the things people don't know about the difference from 2010 and 2011 for A&M is that Fuller played hurt petty most of 2011. I think that made Tannehill press a lot and make those mistakes. I think as he grows up in the NFL he will learn.

I'm hoping you're right. I hope he has what it takes to beat out Moore and Garrard this year. I didn't like the pick but he belongs to the team now and I'm ready to see Miami win games.
If Tannehill has the talent everyone thinks he does I would rather see him start this year instead of sitting. Even if the Fins lose a few games with him out there, if he shows some promise when he's on the field at least you can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

@YG (the real one I hope)

I agree! I think basic football wins most BIG games. The Giants are a perfect example of what I'm talking about. These guys play basic 21st century X and O football. They don't play all this X,Y,Z, AEIOU and sometimes Y football.

Basic football is about pass protection and opening holes. West Coast is sexy but it doesn't win most big games. Green Bay barely beat a OLD Steelers team two years ago in the superbowl.

It still concerns me folks think this team will be just like Green Bay. That's a silly thing to think just because Philbin is here. How do they even know Philbin was involved with anything or drafting anyone?

Either Ireland is a genius or is a Idiot..., I'll take the Latter of the two.
Posted by: Coalition to Ban Ireland and Odin. | April 29, 2012 at 06:32 AM

OK, let's say it now. There is no doubt in my mind and of many others that Ryan Tannehill will be a very solid QB in the NFL. Sooner rather than later.
Posted by: oscar canosa | April 29, 2012 at 11:43 AM


No doubt what so ever?!?!?!?! Not one single doubt oscar?

I think he can beat out Moore this year but not sure if they'd start him. I have a feeling it may be mid year before he starts.

There is no doubt Tannehill has a lot to learn but he has all the tools. Watch Fuller's highlights in 2010. Watch the zip on the ball when he throws the outs and how quickly he gets rid of it. His abaility is pretty impressive. It is the mistakes that can be corrected that need to be corrected. I feel we have the coaching staff in place to do that.


What bugs me most is folks are saying the Tanne signing was a great move but the Garrard signing was garbage.

How can Ireland get one right and the other wrong?

Here is what I'm willing to do. I'm willing to accept the Tannehill signing under ONE CONDITION.

That there be open and fair competition for the job.

I truly don't believe Tannehill can beat out Moore or Garrard if given a fair shot. Y'all tend to forget how good Moore was on the roll out. Moore just as ready for a West Coast as Tannehill is.


Just so I'm clear on something. You folks think Green Bay's success was because of Philbin? According to you folks the Tannehill signing was becaue of Sherman.

So exactly what has Philbin done thus far? He talked to Wake and Wake practiced ONE TIME. Then stopped practicing. I guess that talk wasn't that inspirational.

The #8 pick should be able to compete with Perrenial Back-up M. Moore....and washed up...out of football las year D. Garrard.....

Posted by: Kris | April 29, 2012 at 11:34 AM

I'm sure you have no regard for Ron Jaworski's opinion, but he sees Garrard as a very smart, very able QB. He wasn't exactly on a great team. Washed up says who? He was out with an injury last year, just like Peyton was.

Moore played on the worst Panthers team, I doubt many QB's would have had much success. He showed us he can win games.

Don't let your vile hatred of the pick cloud your objectivity into fabrications and exaggerations.

I guess it means nothing to you that the entire scout team along with Philbin and Sherman were very high on Tannehill. But you prefer to sulk with the opinions of the meat head media heads. So be it. If you think so little of this coaching staff and their abilities to analyze talent (not to mention with 100 times more information than you have), maybe you outta check out.

None at all, pal. You'll see.

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