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Jeff Ireland talks about Ryan Tannehill

Dolphins general manager Ryan Tannehill came into the press room to briefly discuss picking quarterback Ryan Tannehill before scurrying back to the draft room for the rest of the first round. This is what he said:

Miami Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland (After First Round Pick)

(Opening Statement) – “Well, thanks for being here. Obviously very, very excited to have Ryan [Tannehill, QB, Texas A&M] as our eighth pick in the draft. This is a kid we've been following - myself personally and our staff has been following for quite a while. There are a couple of things we like about him, obviously. He's got great size, he's got a strong arm, he's tough, he's very bright, he's got very, very good athletic ability for the quarterback position. We're just very excited to have him. This kind of finalizes a plan that we'd kind of put in place several months ago when we started with the free agency process, started preparing for the draft. We're excited to have him. This kind of solidifies the quarterback position. This isn't all about Ryan Tannehill; this kind of solidifies the quarterback position. When we set out, we wanted depth at the position. Obviously this brings a new, young face in there and he's going to compete as hard as he can. We're not going to make any predictions about when he'll start or what he'll do in the first year, but I can tell you one thing: this kid's a competitor and he'll want to be the starter. We feel like he's going to have a chance to learn the system. He's already got a leg up on that as well. It was an all-in decision. From the football side, our scouts, our coaches, Mike Sherman [Offensive Coordinator], Zac Taylor [Assistant Quarterbacks Coach], Jim Turner [Offensive Line Coach], all of who were at Texas A&M last year, all felt very, very good about it. I personally have watched all of his games from 2010 and I thought he had first-round ability just off of his junior season. This season I saw him play a couple of times. I very much like the player and we're just excited to have Ryan and his wife Lauren join the Miami Dolphins family.”

(On relying upon Mike Sherman as part of the due diligence process) – “I leaned on him a lot. He was his coach; he had him there four years and knew him very well. Zac Taylor knew him very well. I had Mike in my office or maybe I was in his office a couple of different times just asking different questions about the person, about the competitor, about the football knowledge that he has, his needs...I leaned on him quite a bit. I made sure that I was the only person to have that information along with Joe [Philbin, Head Coach]. I wasn't going to give it to the rest of the league. I leaned on him a lot as a matter of fact.”

(On how Tannehill factored into the Dolphins' plans at quarterback) – “You don't say well, oh, that's the guy, and put all of your eggs into one basket but you certainly say, well, look, we're going to these guys and these guys and he was certainly a part of the equation. You have contingencies to things but he was part of big plan. I'm not going to say he's the guy that we just went after and put all our eggs in that basket, but he was certainly part of a plan.”

(On what Tannehill can be with the Miami Dolphins) – “Putting a prediction on a player...it's not different than the ceiling on Vontae Davis (CB) or the ceiling on Jared Odrick (DE). I didn't take him as the eighth pick in the draft to be a back-up quarterback. I picked him to be a starting quarterback in this league at some point, to have an impact on this football team, to help us win football games and championships. That's the expectation that I have going down the line.”

(On the excitement level when drafting a quarterback) – “It's exciting. The draft's an exciting process in its entirety. And to draft a quarterback, whether it is first round or second round, it's exciting for you to have these hopes and dreams for a guy. It's a very important position and it's a position that everybody looks at for wins and losses. So we're excited to have Ryan and we're going to welcome him into the family.”

(On if Ryan Tannehill is ready for the starting job in the 2012 season or if he needs a year on the bench) – “I'm going to let the coaches decide on when he's going to be ready to compete. Obviously he's going to be on the roster and he's going to be competing with the other three quarterbacks we have. I think he's going to have a pretty good idea of what the offense is going to look like. He's going to have a leg up in that regard. You know, whether he's ready to be the starter, that's the coach's decision.”

(On if the fact that Tannehill had a coach who thought he wasn't ready to be a quarterback came up in the process) – “He told us all that, that he should have been the starter his freshman year. But that's the competitor in him. That's what I love about the kid, that he always thought he was better than the guys in front of him. But those guys that played in front of him had something to do with it too. Experience is something that he certainly needs. Experience is something that he doesn't have a lot of. But the games that he played, that also impresses you, because he was also able to do something pretty damn good in a short period of time.”


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Every team in round 1 got immediately better with their first pick except Miami.

That's the truth folks.

"It was an all-in decision. From the football side, our scouts, our coaches, Mike Sherman [Offensive Coordinator], Zac Taylor [Assistant Quarterbacks Coach], Jim Turner [Offensive Line Coach]"

Apparently you guys didn't consult odin! Sheesh! How could you have left him out??? He knows better than all of them! At least he said so :|

No reason why Tannehill won't start this year. Hell, he knows the whole playbook better than Moore or Garrard.

Hey, Kris, where are you?

Salguero, are you on Peyote, pal ? Now, Tannehill GM ?
Well, this would be a rocketeer climb, QB and GM, gizzz.. You should recheck what you write my friend. Ok, We'll be indulgent this time, we know you're so excited with this pick.

So he went from WR to QB to now GM?

General manager ryan tannehill has one message to fin fans " I just want to thank myself for selecting myself. I think I need more experiance but I brought myself in to start eventually and win championships". What was in those brownies Armando?

extra, extra... the pats did a better job than us at first rd of this draft... ¬¬


Those guys, those genius that htey consulted, the whole lot of them were fired from their last gig.

You know, the 6-6 gig that Tannehill led them too.

Not STFU pretending like you know something.

There is going to be great players when we pick tomorrow...Still available
Cordy Glenn
Devon Still
Courtney Upshaw
Stephen Hill
Rueben Randle
Lavonte David
Coby Fleener
Jonathon Martin
Mike Adams

So does this mean we will be running Texas A&M's playbook this season? I didn't realize Green Bay and Texas were using the same playbook.

Come on folks! I think NFL defenses are just a tad bit better than college defenses don't you think.

In what world Tannhill is a top 10 talent??. ooohhhh yes in Ire-land!!!

Haha Sammo.

Good one, no sarcasm.

No more excuses okay. Y'all got your QB. So no more excuses about "if we only had a QB" we can win the division.

Well, you got him.


Sure, blame it all on Tanne. LOL. Convenient. It's a team game ya know? Tanne was the sole reason, yeah right, and that is why Sherman was on board with it because he wants to get fired. Your reasoning has no logic and is only senseless.

odin tell us how many Super Bowl QB's you have developed....


You are on cloud 9 if you can't see they are far superior evaluators than you. You are seriously delusional.

Not sure about this pick. Maybe Flecher Cox would have been a better pick. Keeping my fingers cross on this kid.

Not STFU pretending like you know something.

Posted by: odinseye | April 26, 2012 at 11:31 PM

I'm not the one pretending to know more than SB winning OC's and coaches that have developed MVP QB's. You are.

It's laughable that you can even take yourself seriously.

The Grinch that stole Christmas.

There is a lot of talent left in the draft. But we'll be picking ACORNS!

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm glad we didn't have two 1st round picks.

If this isn't embarrassing enough, can you imagine if Iteland had two picks tonight?

No. 1 Luck, Stanford, Hoopla!

No. 2 Griffen, Heisman, playmaker!

No. 8 Tannehill, Yea.......wait......WHAT? WHO?

Oh God......................

Ireland Strikes again.......or should I say, Strikes Out-AGAIN!

Those clowns really improve year after year... so now we didnt get a 2 rd talented qb in the second rd... we did get a 2nd rd talented qb in the first rd... amazing.... lol!! ¬¬

Not STFU pretending like you know something.

Posted by: odinseye | April 26, 2012 at 11:31 PM

I'm not the one pretending to know more than SB winning OC's and coaches that have developed MVP QB's. You are.

It's laughable that you can even take yourself seriously.

Posted by: lark | April 26, 2012 at 11:39 PM

I like that Ryan Tannehill GM, an Jff Ireland QB for the dolphins.

Mando- did Ireland not understand that last question, or did he just choose to answer an easier one? Isn't the relevant question how the issue came up with the experts doing the evaluating, not what Tannehill felt about it?

Thats great, ya put yourself out there and stand up for a guy eventhough you know you will be trolled for doing so. You're the only one who has the ballz to do so. And then he ignores you on draft night because of differing opinions. Allrighty then, fabulous.

Everyone knows I wanted DeCastro. But I will get behind the Ryan Tannehill pick and support it 100%. Like it or not dlfans he's a Miami Dolphin.

Until Tannehill shows any of otherwise, we should all support this pick a full 100%. We cant label him bust before the draft's even over. Thank You loyal and worhthy fin fans everywhere!

I try. Seriously tho I wasn't surprised with the pick. Philbin wants to put his own stamp on this team and he started with tannehill. Sherman will coach the kid up and im thinking he starts by week 9 or 10 unless moore or garrad are all world.

Sounds like Moore and Garrard got lied to. I don't see any true competition here. Ireland said Tanne has a leg up on them already. Haven't even taken an NFL snap and already has a leg up? Obviously they are going to force him into the starting role.

Day two and nothing fixed. Another second round QB only we drafted him top ten.

Henne all over again!! Insert Scream Here!!!

Tannehill has great "upside", but it will be a process. Do not expect anything from Tannehill this year. Next year, we may see some glimpses of what is to come. By year 3, we will either know he has some real talent, or he will be on his way out.

Lark, I mean Bloated, I mean Mike(wink, wink),

I coached for 7 years and had 3 back to back to back undefeated seasons. I had some very good young Quarterbacks.

Now, as far as my opinion on Tannehill and yours, I notice all I get from you are excuses and you trying to change the subject. Nuff said there.

Also, instead of asking ridiculous questions, why don't you actually make an argument about how great Tanne is?

Yeah, I didn't think so either.

Eat me Troll Breath. Tannehill is the worst 8th overall pick of all time.

Refute that without some dumbasss question or changing the subject-Winbk, wink!

Apparently you guys didn't consult odin! Sheesh! How could you have left him out??? He knows better than all of them! At least he said so :|
Posted by: lark | April 26, 2012 at 11:21 PM


They didn't consult me either.


Tannehill does have a leg up. Everyone, including me, forgot Tannehill already knows Shermans playbook inside out. That's what Ireland means by Tannehill already has a leg up.

A rookie already knowing the oc's playbook inside out before he even recieves it. Is already half way thru the learning curve. Because of this, Tannehill wont be shelved for nearly as long as we all first thought.

I love the choice of words here, with Ireland "scurrying" back to the draft room. Rats scurry. Perfect description...

ok... i´m agree that the coaches can do magnificent things whit these guys, geee, they did it whit matt flynn!!, but somebody tell me why pick him so HIGH!!!?? when the team have another glaring holes all over the roster??
Why not to trade down??...
Now they are gon na pay alot of money (top 10 money) to a player that its gonnna be benched all year long... smart isnt it??
after all you are in a very good possition at cap space... wait... noooo!!!

We know just as much as the so-called expert bloggers on here who say Tannehill has great upside. How do they know that other than the fact they read it somewhere? They are not GM's and coaches in the NFL either. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.


From the last blog:

I wasn't ignoring you. You were disagreeing with me in a cool, respectful way.

Andy and the blog troll started to call names and degrade things. Being in a bad mood over Jeffy's latest debacle, I choose to engage them.

Bad choice. Andy's mad at me and the troll is talking to himself-LOL.

Not STFU pretending like you know something.

Posted by: odinseye | April 26, 2012 at 11:31 PM

I'm not the one pretending to know more than SB winning OC's and coaches that have developed MVP QB's. You are.

It's laughable that you can even take yourself seriously.

Posted by: lark | April 26, 2012 at 11:39 PM

Posted by: Post of the Day | April 26, 2012 at 11:41 PM

No what's funny. Most of the paid experts only got 3 picks right. 1,2 and 8.

Mark in your calenders:

Ryan Tannehill will be the 2013 opening day starter. He doesnt even have to learn the playbook or offense this year. He already knows it(Sherman). Folks the learning curve's cut in half.

Heck, Tannehill comes into camp already knowing Sherman's offense as well as Moore or Garrard would hope to know it. He can fully focus on other areas, he already knows Sherman's offense.

Now, as far as my opinion on Tannehill and yours, I notice all I get from you are excuses and you trying to change the subject. Nuff said there.

Posted by: odinseye | April 26, 2012 at 11:47 PM

No excuses and no topic changes. You are making that up. So you want to tell me your coaching experience is equivalant to SG winning OC's and coaches that have developed Pro Bowl QB's??? LMFAO

Dude you are a bigger waste than a toilet bowl that doesn't flush. Go away, you are not worth anyone's time.

Me personally, I'd rather be running an NFL playbook than a Big 12 playbook.

My point is simple. Everyone saying he already knows the playbook right? If that's the case, lets hope he doesn't have to use it against top ranked teams in the second half of games.

YG, your theory is that the Phins are now running Texas A&M's offense? What happened to Philbin's?


Good question. I was wondering the same thing.

I just figured Ireland was pumped over the good job he thought he did.

YG - as anyone that knows me on here knows I love this pick. He will bring so much more excitement to our offense. He has all the ability in the world now he just needs experience, NFL experience.

I am anxious to see what weapons we get him tomorrow night. We have 3 picks so there should be plenty of opportunity to get him some weapons.

And by the way, the Steelers got a huge steel.

The guys complaining (already) about Tannehill are the same idiots who were saying "Hey give him a chance" about Chad Henne THREE YEARS INTO HIS STAY HERE. What a bunch of morons.

Any of you wizards realize that RT had SIXTY FOUR (64) DROPS by receivers? Oops...no you didn't know that did you?

I can't believe what whiners you all are. Dude, its your team, support them. Tannehill looks goods. I think I would trust Irlend more than a bunch of fare weather winey fans. Support your team and quit crying!

Blog Poll

Who would you say is more competent at evaluating NFL QB's?

1. odinseye
2. prof lou
3. Philbin and Sherman

I will post the results later.

OT, but I thought I'd hurl reading Todd McShay's description of the Luck/Colts thing.
He actually says i"it's a shame Luck's supporting cast will be thin." (paraphrased)

The Colts have 14 years of Peyton Manning, and NOW they get another 12+ years with LUCK?

And he feels sorry for them?

It's just not fair.


So now you're resorting to outright lies?

I never said I knew more than anyone.

It's OK though, I've grown to expect that from the resident troll.

Now you gotta lie to TRY and make a point?

Seriously ROTFLMAO!

Odinseye, good to hear. I was hoping you didn't take my comments the wrong way but you weren't responding to me so I assumed you had. I respect your opinions, I was just surprised by your anger over Tannehill. I really hope he works out so your disappointment can turn into joy. We all deserve that after all these years.

What???!!!... Really people do you think Sherman is gonnna install the same texas a&m playbook here??... please cut this s*** that the kid knows the offense, please think before taping.. please!!! there is a long, long way to go for this kid... cause the speed , the defenses, the complete position is TOTALLY different in professional sports than in college sports

YG you flip flop on us now? I thought you hated this pick? Anyways I love the pick we need a QB and it's about time we draft one in the first round isn't this what everyone wanted we haven't done it in 23 or whatever years

After that presser, is there ANY doubt that compared to Sparano, Coach Philbin is a phi beta cappa?
He is fluent, cogent, quick on his feet, and just makes it seem like he's so much in control.

Lets hope this translates to wins.

What lie? Speak up? Don't make accusations without pointing them out. Otherwise you are just a babbling fool that has no defense of your absurd comments.

As dolfans, I believe like it or not, we all need to stand behind the Tannehill pick 100%. Or until we see his onfield play as a Miami Dolphins qb merits we no longer do so.

Right now none of knows if he's Dan Marino or David Woodley. Lets give him a chance to put on Dolphins cleats and run our offense before we judge if the pick's terrible or great. Fair enough loyal dolfan?

Guys, can we please keep this to the subject of the Dolphins, or at least football.
No one else here gives a rats a** about your he said-she saids.

We"re ALL just guessing here...hopefully our FO/coaches will turn this thing around.

Why didnt moron Ireland take Mallet last year? He's far better then Tannehill.

Philbin = Cameron

we´re gonna look for a wr in 2nd rd... i hope Hill will be still available at 42... playmakes please... playmakers that actually plays since day one!!!

It's a done deal at this point. Tannehill was the first pick, time to move on.

None of us know how he will work out and I'm certainly not going to waste the next 3 months complaining about OR defending the pick as it would be a monumental waste of time.

I will take a wait and see approach as usual in an effort to protect myself from countless hours of aggravation and annoyance.

Mallett was so good he fell to the 3rd round LOL.

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