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Jeff Ireland talks about Ryan Tannehill

Dolphins general manager Ryan Tannehill came into the press room to briefly discuss picking quarterback Ryan Tannehill before scurrying back to the draft room for the rest of the first round. This is what he said:

Miami Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland (After First Round Pick)

(Opening Statement) – “Well, thanks for being here. Obviously very, very excited to have Ryan [Tannehill, QB, Texas A&M] as our eighth pick in the draft. This is a kid we've been following - myself personally and our staff has been following for quite a while. There are a couple of things we like about him, obviously. He's got great size, he's got a strong arm, he's tough, he's very bright, he's got very, very good athletic ability for the quarterback position. We're just very excited to have him. This kind of finalizes a plan that we'd kind of put in place several months ago when we started with the free agency process, started preparing for the draft. We're excited to have him. This kind of solidifies the quarterback position. This isn't all about Ryan Tannehill; this kind of solidifies the quarterback position. When we set out, we wanted depth at the position. Obviously this brings a new, young face in there and he's going to compete as hard as he can. We're not going to make any predictions about when he'll start or what he'll do in the first year, but I can tell you one thing: this kid's a competitor and he'll want to be the starter. We feel like he's going to have a chance to learn the system. He's already got a leg up on that as well. It was an all-in decision. From the football side, our scouts, our coaches, Mike Sherman [Offensive Coordinator], Zac Taylor [Assistant Quarterbacks Coach], Jim Turner [Offensive Line Coach], all of who were at Texas A&M last year, all felt very, very good about it. I personally have watched all of his games from 2010 and I thought he had first-round ability just off of his junior season. This season I saw him play a couple of times. I very much like the player and we're just excited to have Ryan and his wife Lauren join the Miami Dolphins family.”

(On relying upon Mike Sherman as part of the due diligence process) – “I leaned on him a lot. He was his coach; he had him there four years and knew him very well. Zac Taylor knew him very well. I had Mike in my office or maybe I was in his office a couple of different times just asking different questions about the person, about the competitor, about the football knowledge that he has, his needs...I leaned on him quite a bit. I made sure that I was the only person to have that information along with Joe [Philbin, Head Coach]. I wasn't going to give it to the rest of the league. I leaned on him a lot as a matter of fact.”

(On how Tannehill factored into the Dolphins' plans at quarterback) – “You don't say well, oh, that's the guy, and put all of your eggs into one basket but you certainly say, well, look, we're going to these guys and these guys and he was certainly a part of the equation. You have contingencies to things but he was part of big plan. I'm not going to say he's the guy that we just went after and put all our eggs in that basket, but he was certainly part of a plan.”

(On what Tannehill can be with the Miami Dolphins) – “Putting a prediction on a player...it's not different than the ceiling on Vontae Davis (CB) or the ceiling on Jared Odrick (DE). I didn't take him as the eighth pick in the draft to be a back-up quarterback. I picked him to be a starting quarterback in this league at some point, to have an impact on this football team, to help us win football games and championships. That's the expectation that I have going down the line.”

(On the excitement level when drafting a quarterback) – “It's exciting. The draft's an exciting process in its entirety. And to draft a quarterback, whether it is first round or second round, it's exciting for you to have these hopes and dreams for a guy. It's a very important position and it's a position that everybody looks at for wins and losses. So we're excited to have Ryan and we're going to welcome him into the family.”

(On if Ryan Tannehill is ready for the starting job in the 2012 season or if he needs a year on the bench) – “I'm going to let the coaches decide on when he's going to be ready to compete. Obviously he's going to be on the roster and he's going to be competing with the other three quarterbacks we have. I think he's going to have a pretty good idea of what the offense is going to look like. He's going to have a leg up in that regard. You know, whether he's ready to be the starter, that's the coach's decision.”

(On if the fact that Tannehill had a coach who thought he wasn't ready to be a quarterback came up in the process) – “He told us all that, that he should have been the starter his freshman year. But that's the competitor in him. That's what I love about the kid, that he always thought he was better than the guys in front of him. But those guys that played in front of him had something to do with it too. Experience is something that he certainly needs. Experience is something that he doesn't have a lot of. But the games that he played, that also impresses you, because he was also able to do something pretty damn good in a short period of time.”


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You know, even when I was clamoring for DeCastro, I said in the end I would support whatever pick the team made.

But when Pittsburgh landed Pouncey and I envisioned him next to Maurice Pouncey, the very same I envisioned him next to Mike Pouncey, I almost became a Steeler fan for a minute there. I seriously had to snap myself out of it! LOL

Just had a thought. Highly unlikely but just a thought.

If Luck BUST it would be the biggest bust in NFL history. I think even a bigger bust than Jamarcus and Leaf. You cut Peyton and draft Luck. And he bust.

That would send Indy to the bottom of the barrel for years, decades, to come.

Guys in second round if Im Fins trade up and take Fleener TE. You also have Kendall Wright, Ruben Randle,. Who would you take?

Neither Sherman nor Tannehill were successful in college ball so how does anyone expect them to succeed in the NFL?


Kendall Wright was drafted 1st rd by the Titans dude. You aint seeing him in rd 2. LOL

Why not trade out to 14...would have changed the board and Tannehill might have fell n if he did not u just got another 2nd round pick....so 2 (2's) n 2 (3's)...clean up and get OG, WR, Safety n a QB or passs rusher....

"The team started off 3–3. During practice after the loss to Missouri, Sherman put the game's film and play books in a barrel and burned it."

Y'all sure we want to run the Aggies playbook?

So you want to tell me your coaching experience is equivalant to SG winning OC's and coaches that have developed Pro Bowl QB's??? LMFAO

Posted by: lark | April 26, 2012 at 11:53 PM

Lark, or whatever your name will be on the next blog(pitiful laughs), that's the fourth time you've put words in my mouth and lied.

You don't address the issues and lie. All the while trying to hide?

Not in "Your World", but in the REAL world, you're not even worth speaking too.

You are pretty pathetic.

PS: I heard that show called: The View has a blog site. The way you operate, I'm SURE you'd do better there.

Now PLEASE be quiet, the Grown Ups are trying to talk ;)

Steve K...
You seem to have a brain freeze. Mike Sherman had several successful years in the NFL prior to taking the Aggies job.
Perhaps a little more knowledge next post?

I heard they drafted Tannehill to take Marshall's spot at wideout.

I also love how many times Fireland used the word "plan".
There is no plan. He's such a clown.

Steve K...apologies for my snide remark. I guess I'm wound up a bit tonight.

What lie? Speak up? Don't make accusations without pointing them out. Otherwise you are just a babbling fool that has no defense of your absurd comments.

Posted by: lark | April 27, 2012 at 12:03 AM

You dolt, you make this too easy. Not that it matters because you'll just change your name AGAIN and think you're foolinbg everyone-ROTFLMAO.

Butr what the heck, I toasted you as Mike and Bloated, then exposed you for ntalking to yourself. This fun fvckinbg with the pathetic.

You're first two LIES were on the last blog, this one is no. 3

Apparently you guys didn't consult odin! Sheesh! How could you have left him out??? He knows better than all of them! At least he said so :|

Posted by: lark | April 26, 2012 at 11:21 PM

I never said I knew better than ANYONE.

Do I have to post your 4th LIE? Why not just change your name NOW COWARD.

You've been exposed, yet-AGAIN!

When it comes to being a TROLL, you're as bad as Tannehill is at being a QB!

Bottom's Up!!!!

It's easy to be frustrated with the Dolphins after that last 3 years BUT Tannehill deserves to be welcomed to the Dolphins and supported until he proves one way or the other whether he can help us or not. So WELCOME RYAN AND GOOD LUCK!!!


Who put the offense in place at Texas? Where did that coach come from? Who was an assistant when that HC was there? Who is our HC now? Who is our offensive coordinator?

Texas A&M ran the same offense the GB packers ran under Sherman/Philbin and is the same offense that we will be running in Miami. It is the West Coast. There are a few wrinkles. But the EXACT same terminology used at Texas A&M is the SAME terminology every West Coast coach in the NFL is familiar with.

You guys act like a 2 hole in the NFL is different from the 2 hole in college... or high school... or pee wee.

If you people paid attention, you would have noticed Gruden quizzing Tanney a few days ago. How close is the NFL West Coast to the Texas A&M West Coast? Gruden and Tanney used the exact same hand signals to call formations.

Yes, Tanney has a leg up. He knows the offense. That doesn't mean he will start.

We are now drafting a General Manager?!?! Now that's a really neat draft strategy! GM and QB all in one!

Tannehill will NEVER beat out Matt Moore.

Jerk Spew-off.....
How many of those picks (that you ridiculed the experts on) did you get right?

You F-up'ed the entire top 10!

Boy, I really wish you wer ethe Fins GM, we would be SOOOO much better....

2 for 1,we filled the qb and wr needs now if we can find a player in the 2nd rd that can play db,de,fs and ss the phins will stay under cap,, whatever,, maybe tomorrow will be better.

Ireland has much to say and if falls on deaf ears because he was still from a regime that chose both Pat White and Chad Henne. I know it was dinosaur Parcells that most likely made the final decision. However who cares what Ireland has to say because his track record on choosing a QB is not good.

jack sparrow dont know @#$%,,, Nothing go to the Jets Forum, you'll fit right in!! IDIOT!!!

Maybe he will be a good QB but most likely doesn't help us this year, who do we get at 42 a pass rusher, WR, safety, or oline a lot holes to fill.

Tannehill will be a great NFL QB....Can't wait for all the haters to admit they were wrong....for now you can STFU....

We gave Chad Henne 3 years of "needed" experience. I hope we see a return on this investment. Having faith in the offense Philbin brings is necessary, because his scheme isn't about one player. I want to be excited, but won't be sold until we see how the rest of the draft plays out.

I have to admit that I did not see a lot of Tannehill games, but I wanted to go back to see how he played. I went to youtube and found complete games from Texas A&M Vs OU and Vs Baylor and there was more. I would suggest that those of you who have not seen the kid play, go a take a look at the whole game.
I liked a lot of what I saw. I see a lot of potential and upside. I like his mobility , arm strength and reads.
I will give him a chance and after watching his games, maybe some of you will be willing to do the same thing.

Let's see, Philbin was given high praise from his peers, that were winners: Philbin is intelligent, confident and is a great teacher (holds a masters degree in education). Philbin then brings in his former teacher of the game, Sherman, "professor". Now we draft a quarterback who is working on being an "Orthopedic Surgeon". Whiners! Do you all see a pattern here? They all have more knowledge and experience in footaball then all of us combined on this post. GEEZ. Let it play out. The coaching staff and the quarterback depth all looks good on paper. Let it play out. Sit back and chill. We will get the players we need. No one missed Henne, Ricky and Ronnie last year and no one will miss "turtle power" Bell and 'stone-hands" Marshall.

Tanne lovers got what they wanted. As studs were taked all around Miami, the fish picked up a 2 year project that had a worse college career than Henne. Everyone made the usual mistake which is they picked a guy based on athleticsm. This guy can run fast so he must be a great QB! Athleticsm only works with QB's who are successful in college. The Browns got a stud at RB and they got a QB that beat the field and is more Pro ready than Tanneboy. Fans can now stop whining, sit back and enjoy the mediocrity. By the way this will define Ireland! It will make or break his time on the dolphins.

Clue you are happy that after 23 years the dolphins pick a QB in the first round! C'mon after 23 years it eventually is Tannehill? They waited all that time for Tannehill? The big move for a QB after 23 years is Tannehill? REally dude! You don't make a splash in the first round by selecting a converted WR who was 6-6! The fans who scream how clueless the FO is are showing they are even more clueless!

Its going to be crowded at the QB position. Tannehill is the Brady Quinn pk of the 2012 draft. Very bad pick,,altho I hope Tanne works out.

I truly wish Ireland would go swimming with the sharks down there! I swear, he's on the Jets' payroll! He does everything he can NOT to improve this team. How can we go from Manning/Wayne/Marshall talk, reuniting Flynn with his coach, to not signing any of those guys, & trading our Pro-Bowl receiver???? How is that improving the team??? I'm not taking anything from Tannehill, but Ireland is a COMPLETE MORON! I'm in Montana, will one of you guys down there punch him in the head for me!!!????

Ireland can be as excited as he wants to be. But the facts are we have a rookie QB, basically the same sorry roster that regressed last year ending the season at 6-10, this without the best offensive weapon, leading tackler, a weak o-line, a back-up QB, a has been QB, a couple of injury prone running backs, a weak d-line, and an incomplete defensive secondary. How can anyone be excited?

Man, Matt Moore would be just fine. Miami should have picked the next best player, not the next best QB. The Phins are gonna burn on this one.

I hate this pick

Too many players that can play "RIGHT NOW" left on the board to take a project at 8.

Empty seats will be in abundance at JRS.

Poor Matt Moore only goes 6-3 and they treat him like a doormat and sign Garrard and Tannehill.


Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/04/jeff-ireland-talks-about-ryan-tannehill.html#storylink=cpy

What would happen to Tannehill if Sherman leaves?

Wow every one here must be a pro scout! I mean how else could they know that the people that get paid to make this team better didnt have Tannehill graded as a 1st round talent(like he even said they did) but instead reached. Oh wait they dont, armchair GMs need to shut up and support this bold attempt at finding our team a true franchise QB, even if he has to sit a year. People whined that they never drafted a QB in the first, now they all whine when they actually get one, sad state of humanity.

Has anyone noticed that no other NFL team so much as made a febble attempt to trade up to draft Tannehill? Remember Mando with all the senarios about this team or that team trading up to get Tannehill? Dolphins could have traded down and got this guy. The weak shall keep getting weaker. Well, not to worry folks Philpin can always move him to WR, and remember folks this was Jefferys pick. Sherman will come and go, but Tannehill will always be Shermans necktie. And Jefferys ticket out of town.


Here let me put it in a summary. Tannehill is not the next Eric leaf. If anything the next Aaron Rodgers or Matt flyn

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