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General Manager Jeff Ireland talks Dolphins draft

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland had his pre-draft press conference today. Some highlights:

The Dolphins have been meeting 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day for the last three weeks, Ireland said. As a result, the Dolphins draft board is complete.

"We're ready to draft," Ireland said.

Ireland said he used the free agency period this year to "build depth."

"This year that's my philosophy," he said. "free agency changes depending on the situation you're in year to year but this year it was to provide depth."

Obviously this means the Dolphins have to find starters in the draft. Starters. Not role players. Not busts.


"I think all the picks are extremely important but second, third and fourth-round picks, those guys need to be starters or significant role players," Ireland said. "I'm maybe stubborn enough to think I can hit on every single one of them."

Of course, he cannot. No one can or has. In truth Ireland says if he hits 55 percent of the time, he's thinking he's successful. 

"I think where we were when we started to where we are now, we've done a pretty good job of adding some talent to this football team," Ireland said. "Certainly not hit on every single one, because I haven't. No doubt about that. Some I've taken some risks on and hit and some I've taken some risks on and it didn't work out so good."

 Ireland said he believes wide receiver is a strong position this year. “I think it’s a pretty good group," he said.

He said there are plenty of guards and tackles in the draft.

As the Dolphins will be running a different offense (West Coast) and defense (hybrid) this year, it stands to reason the club is looking for different type of players this year at different positions.

"I've always been big, strong fast, that's what I'm looking for," Ireland said. "In some cases you're now looking at a different player versus the run or a different player in a nickel situation or coverage situation. There are some cases we're looking for diferent types of players."

Ireland, however, said offensive line is not necessarily one of thos positions. "Mike and Joe are still looking for big, strong, athletic-type offensive linemen," he said.

Not surprisingly, Ireland would rule nothing out -- not trading up, down, sideways, across the street or up in the sky. Means nothing but I am required to share that with you. "Anything's possible," he said.