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General Manager Jeff Ireland talks Dolphins draft

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland had his pre-draft press conference today. Some highlights:

The Dolphins have been meeting 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day for the last three weeks, Ireland said. As a result, the Dolphins draft board is complete.

"We're ready to draft," Ireland said.

Ireland said he used the free agency period this year to "build depth."

"This year that's my philosophy," he said. "free agency changes depending on the situation you're in year to year but this year it was to provide depth."

Obviously this means the Dolphins have to find starters in the draft. Starters. Not role players. Not busts.


"I think all the picks are extremely important but second, third and fourth-round picks, those guys need to be starters or significant role players," Ireland said. "I'm maybe stubborn enough to think I can hit on every single one of them."

Of course, he cannot. No one can or has. In truth Ireland says if he hits 55 percent of the time, he's thinking he's successful. 

"I think where we were when we started to where we are now, we've done a pretty good job of adding some talent to this football team," Ireland said. "Certainly not hit on every single one, because I haven't. No doubt about that. Some I've taken some risks on and hit and some I've taken some risks on and it didn't work out so good."

 Ireland said he believes wide receiver is a strong position this year. “I think it’s a pretty good group," he said.

He said there are plenty of guards and tackles in the draft.

As the Dolphins will be running a different offense (West Coast) and defense (hybrid) this year, it stands to reason the club is looking for different type of players this year at different positions.

"I've always been big, strong fast, that's what I'm looking for," Ireland said. "In some cases you're now looking at a different player versus the run or a different player in a nickel situation or coverage situation. There are some cases we're looking for diferent types of players."

Ireland, however, said offensive line is not necessarily one of thos positions. "Mike and Joe are still looking for big, strong, athletic-type offensive linemen," he said.

Not surprisingly, Ireland would rule nothing out -- not trading up, down, sideways, across the street or up in the sky. Means nothing but I am required to share that with you. "Anything's possible," he said.



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First Mo Fo's!

I see he is trying to talk down the Tannehill excitement. No trade up from 8, but if he is still available at 8 the Dolphins take him.

What about QB?

Is this a big smoke screen throw thru the media for the Dolphins brain trust? otherwise is Joke

So, on a team with many starting jobs open, the Phins aquire the backups for the starters they don't have yet.


Jeff Ireland is a silly man.

..Come on??? It is completely unrealistic to believe t can fill immediate holes via the draft.. It doesn't happen..Yes Ireland has filled the club with depth..But we still lack quality starters...He can have all the depth in the world it will not matter if we do not have any premiere players to put out there..

Back to the draft...If we find 2 starters that would be something(for this year)...I understand that Ireland is speaking for the future...finding starters means down the road as well..That is what I think he should be clear about..This is my problem with him..Our recievers are a good group? B.S...They are not, why not say we are exploring ways to improve every position? If he believes the WR. Corps is set then everything negative anyone has wriiten about him is exactly correct. Stop treating the fan base like we are a bunch of idiots(Even though we are)..Even the most biased homer can see through this jibber jabber.

Ireland is a douche

Ireland is a tool

And the bashing begins...

Hey Clue, GET ONE! First Mo Fo's! You make me laugh and smile with the crap you think is actually important/cool.


I'm not believeing anything until I see it.

Team "Sources" are going to leak insider info to Cote a week before the draft?

Gee, I dunno Fred.

Now, where was I, oh yeah, GO DOLPHINS! Draft well, get better, show progress. Can't wait for season to start.


The WR statement could be a ruse to disquise the fact that Ireland wants Blackmon or Floyd.

This is Ireland's time to shine. He's playing it like a High Stakes Poker Game.

Nothing you hear can be taken at face value.

13-3. Write it down, brothers.

He better get a playmaker with #8 or this will be his last draft pc in Miami, unless he takes Tannehill which 100% guarantees job security for another year. With option one being 55% at best what do you think he will do? Duh.

I think he was saying the group of WRs in the draft are a good group, Look for him to pull the trigger on back to back picks in the 3rd.

DC, you unmitigated tool, D. Thomas is a playmaker who will produce 1500 yards this year and 12 to 16 TDs.

Just watch.

900 rushing and 600 receiving.

We have premium picks in the first 3 rounds. A back to back two fer in the 3rd.

I don't think it's unrealistic to expect AT LEAST two INSTANT starters, possibly 3.

If one or two more turn into starters mid season or next season, it would be a smashing success.



"I think all the picks are extremely important but second, third and fourth-round picks, those guys need to be starters or significant role players," Ireland said. "I'm maybe stubborn enough to think I can hit on every single one of them."

Okay, that means we are not drafting TanneHenne. TanneHenne can't start right away. He he would be drafted first round.

If the 2, 3 and 4 MUST start then #1 must start also. TanneHenne can't start right away.

..Odin. 2 reasons why I do not think we will draft a reciever in the first round.

1..We have so many holes. Can we afford to use our first pick on a player that is only going to touch the ball 5-6 times a game? 10-12 on a good day? I don't think so.

2nd..If we are following the Packer template as far as building our team..We aren't drafting a reciever round 1..With the exception of Driver(rd7)..Every reciever on their active roster the last 3 years was drafted in the 2nd or 3rd rounds..going back to 2006. They don't over value a position that in the scheme takes advantage of the group..instead of 1 guy..It doesn't make sense.

Well, not sure what I really think about Ireland's skills, but this stuff is exactly what I expect him to say if he was honest.
I found nothing wrong in his statements. All sounds fine.

And if he trades up for Tannehill, I'll implode.
No pressure.

"I've always been big, strong fast, that's what I'm looking for," Ireland said.

How ironic since this team on his watch continually comes up small and weak and everyone regards Ireland as being, to be kind, slow.

What Jeff Ireland doesn't tell you is that hitting on 55% of your picks is good when you have a few stars to show for it.

Miami has acquired a bunch of role players & even fewer, average at best starters. Which makes their draft performance sub standard. Let's anyalyze Irteland's claim of 55% further, shall we?

2008 - 22%
1 1 (1( Jake Long STUD
2 1 (32) Phillip Merling BUM
2 26 (57) Chad Henne BUM
3 3 (66) Kendall Langford OK but gone
4 11 (110) Shawn Murphy BUM
6 10 (176) Jalen Parmele BUM
6 29 (195) Donald Thomas BUM
6* 38 (204) Lex Hilliard BUM
7* 38 (245) Lionel Dotson BUM

2009 - 33%
Vontae Davis CB Illinois - Decent
Pat White - BUM
Sean Smith - I'll give you Decent but, BUM for me
Patrick Turner WR - BUM
Brian Hartline - Decent
John Nalbone - BUM
Chris Clemons - BUM
Andrew Gardner - BUM
J. D. Folsom - BUM

2010 - 50%
1 28 Jared Odrick Good Starter
2 40 Koa Misi I'll give you decent but, BUM for me
3 73 John Jerry decent
4 119 A. J. Edds - BUM
5 145 Nolan Carroll - BUM
163 Reshad Jones FS - I'll give you decent bu, BUM for me
7 212 Chris McCoy - BUM
252 Austin Spitler - BUM

2011 - To early to tell, right now 50%
1 15 Mike Pouncey Very good starter
2 62 Daniel Thomas RB Unknown - NOT worth 3 picks
4 111 Edmond Gates BUM
6 174 Charles Clay Decent
7 231 Frank Kearse BUM
7 235 Jimmy Wilson Unknown

All told, Ireland's hitting about 38.75%. And that's WITH giving the benefit of the doubt for guys like Smith, Misi & Jones who I think are garbage.

Oh Jeff, if ONLY you were hitting 55% of the time.

The Phins would be wise to draft Michael Floyd with the #8 pick...He is better than Blackmon!!!....Tannehill is a BUST waiting to happen anyone foolish enough to pick him high!!!


I find it hard to believe ANY GM can pick 4 starters back to back to back to back.

Ireland just said the 2nd, 3rd and 4th round picks should be starters are contributors right away. That means the #1 should AT LEAST be a starter.

That means 4 picks back to back to back to back that will be starters.

This Ireland guy has a high opinion of himself if that's the case.

Jeff Ielands' 55%...

I think you analysis is pretty good. Maybe a few debatables, but no biggie.

The irony is Ireland is improving. And if you go back before Ireland all the way back to after JJ, Ireland is the best drafter since. Scary, I know, but true.

I don't like the guy, and I think he's too wimpy to go after bigger reward picks because they come with higher risk. Instead we get "safer" medium reward prospects, who still fail. Ugh. But I digress.
As much as I don't feel he's top GM material, I think he and Philbin may just compliment each other.
Not faith, but a fighters chance. "Hope" is such a wussy word, but that's the closest.
Someone help me find another word better?


I don't think Ireland would take Blackmon or Floyd, regardless of Philbin, a Packers template or anything else.

I was just trying to point out that you believe anything you hear at this point and trying to infer ANYTHING from what hear is worse.

Don't you just LOVE this time of year. It Christmas for Dolphins Fans! Unfortunately, Jeffy will be playing the role of Santa AGAIN this year!

I mean really! According to Jeff, we should have 8 new starters with 2 years or less NFL experience after this draft.

4 this year and 4 last year.

Ireland's a friggin moron.


"The irony is Ireland is improving. And if you go back before Ireland all the way back to after JJ, Ireland is the best drafter since. Scary, I know, but true."

If you can back up this claim then I will give ScumLord the benefit of the doubt.

If we are going back in time then why hasn't Dallas won a superbowl in the last 16 years? Wasn't Jeff draft guruing during that time?

..J.S. Why evidence do you have that Philbin and Ireland are a marriage made in Heaven? We don't even know if Philbin can lead a team yet..I understand you used the word hope. But until we have some concrete evidence that the team is going to be better under the wings of these 2 men..We are still a bottom feeder, a sucker fish..

IMO Ireland is going to get a pass again this year..It is clear we are rebuilding..It would make no sense to sack him at the end of this season(barring a 1,2,3 win season)..He is going to get his fair shot to turn this around..Not only the opinion of him within the fan base, but more importantly...in the win column. Love him or hate him..ireland is going to be here for a minute.

I don't have any evidence Philbin and Ireland are a match made in heaven. I think they are a match made in hell. Any coach paired with Ireland is DOOMED TO FAIL.

..Bad Santa

But not funny.

Philbin - Cameron 1-15 coming?

This Ireland guy has a high opinion of himself if that's the case.

Posted by: JackSparrow | April 19, 2012 at 02:00 PM

Ya Think? LOL!

That's actually the FIRST thing I didn't like about Ireland. His smug, holier than thou attitude.

Just don't feel pressured to take Tanehill by the fanbase. If he is not the answer, DO NOT take him just to appease the fans.

M. Moore had decent numbers last year, it's not the end of the world if he starts.

Im just hoping to escape this draft with a great widereceiver or two.

The entire NFL hates Irescum.

This guy Ireland is delusional!!! He lives in his own fantasy world. He needs professional help ASAP! PLease can someone take him to the nearest mental ward?

So the plan all along was to build Depth" huh? I get it, we sooooo many playmakers on this team and soooooo many first round picks that all they have to do is add depth! I'd like to shove my size 12 boot with "DEPTH" UP IRELAND'S canal.

I have a better word than "hope"......how 'bout 'wish'...

we wish Ireland would improve at drafting.....

we wish the Fins find the franchise QB...

we wish Steve Ross would spend as much as the better clubs on talent...

we wish we could make the playoffs this season..

we wish.....well, you get the picture.....

Free agency this year was all about depth, eh?

So Ireland's plan apparently, was to have Peyton Manning backing up Matt Moore?

There's C O O N in that there Woodpile Ya'll.

Jack --
Just went back and reviewed all our drafts for a decade or so. I'm not saying Irleand is good or bad .. but he kicks but over the ones we've had after JJ. Whatever that says.
Worthy starters versus busts. Just math. Still doesn't make him a good GM.
But statistically, he IS improving. Whatever it's worth to you.

DD --
Dude, got no evidence one way or another. No one does. Just my gut, and the vibe I'm getting from all the cluttered stuff I accumulate in my head.
Just saying I feel hopeful. Really like Philbin, and he seems to be having some sway with Ireland so far. Irleand is aking moves even HE has admitted to not wanting to do. Feels fair.

Guys, get off the moaning train!!!!
I think J Ireland told the press exactly what he should have told them...............nothing in any great deatail!!
And to be honest neither would I, the press do NOT need to know anything about the fins tactics/approach before the draft and neither do you want them to broadcast to the other teams. that much i think should be pretty obvious to all!!
The time for fans to talk is AFTER the draft is completed, why? because at that point it should become much clearer to us the fans the direction/approach the team is taking not only for this year(inc the rest of FA) but the next few based on the pics this team makes.
Can someone please share with the rest of us each teams success in drafting players over the last 3-5 yrs, because i think it easy to tell us the few superstars we missed out on here and there, but how many in teams have a REALLY GOOD success rate thru the draft???
Keep the faith people ;-)

Just a thought...I wonder how all the FA's we signed feel now....knowing they are just back-ups, and more importantly, did Ireland make them aware when he signed them...

...I highly doubt that...he is either ploying or pissing wind...we will soon find out..

...I vote for the pissing wind choice

"...I vote for the pissing wind choice"

..well..that's two votes for "pissing wind"....

....anyone else..? :-)

Jeff Ireland is and will continue to be a "buffoon". He has no sense of urgency when it comes to dealing with and attracting free agents. Our downfall started when Jimmy Johnson was hired and has been spiralling downward ever since. What was once a proud franchise, one where free agents were falling over each other to play for Shula, live in South Fla, great weather......is now a laughing stock and can't even get a scrub like Flynn to want to come and play here even with a starters role guaranteed.

Louis ....I'll take that as a "pissing wind" elective

.....that makes three votes...lol

The extreme quantity of stupidity here is nothing short of astounding.

If he's looking for starters, then it's going to be Coples or Ingrams at #8.

The extreme quantity of stupidity here is nothing short of astounding.

Posted by: Joe Mama | April 19, 2012 at 03:18 PM

Thanks for boosting our numbers with your contribution!

Strong reasons not to draft Tannehill in the first round:
1. It will take 3 years to develop him. Not guarantee he will be a franchise quarterback.
2. Next year we can land Matt Barkley. Very few starving quarterback teams next year.
3. Browns won’t draft him. Last season they lost 9 out of their final 10 games. They really need contributors right now at running back and wide receiver.
4. If Matt Barkley and Landry Jones were available this year, Tannehill would be a third round prospect.
5. All the other teams don’t want to draft Tannehill in the first round. They want stars now. Draft hype.
6. DeCastro is a starter, pro bowl potential for the next 10 years. Scouts said he is the best they have seen in years, perfectionist, and serious attitude. That sounds like role model to Miami. How happy are we with Pouncey? I know.
7. We are not gonna win a super bowl this year. Let’s built the team for the future quarterback.

Ireland 55%, I agree with your ranking's but if our players come into camp out of shape instead of trying to be professional and an elite team ready to win, then it's more leadership and mentality than putting it all on Ireland. Does Ireland draft guys with the skill set in college and then they have no ambition to be the best when they join the Dolphins? What have Matt Moore, Daniel Thomas and Jared Odrick been doing in the offseason to prepare for the 2012 NFL season? We all saw how little the difference from 6-10 and 10-6 was last year. The difference was offseason preparation, mentality and coaching none of that falls on Ireland.

I like to know whoooo is Ireland referring to when he said that "We've added some talent to this football team" ? Let's just look at the AFC East standing and see who's the boss ? Either Ireland has just woke up from a COMA... The Dolphins lost 7 or 8 games to start the 2011 season , and the opening game against the Patriots was a disaster !! Ireland should be the Joker in the next Batman movie

As usual, Ireland's press conf. was more than useless. Full of crap, lies, and misinformation.
He added nothing to the Dolphins in this free agency except weakness.
Well, this brainless character is beyond any criticism.
The big mystery is how does it happen that this hideous fellow is still the GM ?

marchcool....maybe the answer to the question hinges on the fact that the owner, himself, doesn't have a clue....hmmmmm?

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