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General Manager Jeff Ireland talks Dolphins draft

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland had his pre-draft press conference today. Some highlights:

The Dolphins have been meeting 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day for the last three weeks, Ireland said. As a result, the Dolphins draft board is complete.

"We're ready to draft," Ireland said.

Ireland said he used the free agency period this year to "build depth."

"This year that's my philosophy," he said. "free agency changes depending on the situation you're in year to year but this year it was to provide depth."

Obviously this means the Dolphins have to find starters in the draft. Starters. Not role players. Not busts.


"I think all the picks are extremely important but second, third and fourth-round picks, those guys need to be starters or significant role players," Ireland said. "I'm maybe stubborn enough to think I can hit on every single one of them."

Of course, he cannot. No one can or has. In truth Ireland says if he hits 55 percent of the time, he's thinking he's successful. 

"I think where we were when we started to where we are now, we've done a pretty good job of adding some talent to this football team," Ireland said. "Certainly not hit on every single one, because I haven't. No doubt about that. Some I've taken some risks on and hit and some I've taken some risks on and it didn't work out so good."

 Ireland said he believes wide receiver is a strong position this year. “I think it’s a pretty good group," he said.

He said there are plenty of guards and tackles in the draft.

As the Dolphins will be running a different offense (West Coast) and defense (hybrid) this year, it stands to reason the club is looking for different type of players this year at different positions.

"I've always been big, strong fast, that's what I'm looking for," Ireland said. "In some cases you're now looking at a different player versus the run or a different player in a nickel situation or coverage situation. There are some cases we're looking for diferent types of players."

Ireland, however, said offensive line is not necessarily one of thos positions. "Mike and Joe are still looking for big, strong, athletic-type offensive linemen," he said.

Not surprisingly, Ireland would rule nothing out -- not trading up, down, sideways, across the street or up in the sky. Means nothing but I am required to share that with you. "Anything's possible," he said.



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1st we have holes. we need to pass rush. we have no apperent #1 wr, right side of O-line. D-backs,,ect,ect. I feel good about QB for now. These guys do this everyday, good or bad. thats what they do. We have to have a #1 WR too many years without one showes what thats like. LB's to cover TE's in AFC east a MUST. I think we COULD have a good draft and team if we look at it this way. On the fun side (madden 13) Get A QB 1st, 2 WR 2nd& 3rd, fast & cover/blitz LB,3rd/4th, then a fast big SS/FS. I'll do the rest. (smile).

There are stupid people in this world, they are everywhere, the sad part is, most people don't even realize how stupid they really are.

What I'm trying to figure out from this group of poster's.


Which one is the DUMBEST, its not an easy decision..

Whatever QB Irelands wants to draft, The Dolphins should pick the other guy available.

I give Ireland a little better than 50% for last year. 2 Picks for Thomas is a wait and see, but not good so far.


I'd love Barkley too. Question is How? He'll be #1 pick next year. We wouldn't risk enough to trade up to #2, even with our high draft position this year, which (hopfully) next year will be lower. Doesn't make sense that it's realistic unless our record is a lot worse.

L.Jones? Watch film, and he looks a lot like Henne. Opinion obviously, but you can decide yourself.

Then who will be our QB?

This draft is actaully one of the best QB drafts in many years. I dearly hope we take the plunge and get Cousins or Weeden now.
As good as DeCastro is, he will never score a single point. We can get excellent guards in any draft with any 1st -2nd round pick. I'd rather go for the playmakers this draft.

But definitely agree on Tannehill.

So what he is saying is that they will draft for need and not best available

take best availible, go get your starters, lower the cap, Corparate Am sayes team work is we go not ego. In football its both. Who really wants a GM thats not sure of himself. Stop tripping. With the moves we made from last year to this year its SHOW ME WHAT YOU'VE DONE FOR ME LATLEY at the end of this season. As a fan I hope we do well. Good luck Fins.

So Ireland is looking for starters with 2nd, 3rd and 4th round picks....how about the 1st pick ?

1. Colts - Andrew Luck
2. Redskins - RG3
3. Vikings - Matt Kalil
4. Browns - Ryan Tannehill
5. Bucs - Morris Claiborne
6. Rams - Justin Blackmon
7. Jaguars - Quentin Coples
8. Miami - trades back with Cinncinatti who drafts Trent Richardson
9. Carolina - Fletcher Cox
10. Bills - Riley Reiff
11. Chiefs - Melvin Ingram
12. Seahawks - Luke Kuechly
13. Cardinals - Stephen Gilmore
14. Cowboys - Mark Barron
15. Eagles - Michael Brockers
16. Jets - Courtney Upshaw
17 Dolphins - trade back with Cincy and draft Michael Floyd.

Acorns acorns acorns
We dig, and find and sew
We love our little acorns
Hopefully they'll grow

The NFL draft is coming
Our fans are yelling 'Please!
We dig your little acorns,
But draft some friggin' trees!"

Personally would like us to trade D Thomas for a Third and draft Trent Richardson, if he's there with the 8th pick, dude a monster RB.

'I'm maybe stubborn enough to think I can hit on every single one of them.'

I just threw up in my mouth. God help us...

Richardson is a sure bet. Without Bush, it's no brainer.
But I'd prefer our 1st round pick was the absolute starter, and not sharing time. I think we're set at RB even without Thomas. I may trade him anyway for a 3rd. Stud-Canadian boy can take the slack.

But it is tempting, I agree.

1st Luke Kuechly MLB Boston College
2nd Kevin Zeitler RG Wisconsin/ Brandon Weeden QB OSU
3rd Derek Wolfe DT Cincinnati
3rd Isaiah Pead RB Cincinnati
4th Tommy Streeter WR The University of Miami
5th Brett Roy DE Nevada
6th Miles Burris OLB San Diego State
7th Tony Dye S UCLA

'I'm maybe stubborn enough to think I can hit on every single one of them.'

I just threw up in my mouth a little. Heaven help us...

"I've always been big, strong fast, that's what I'm looking for," Ireland said. "In some cases you're now looking at a different player versus the run or a different player in a nickel situation or coverage situation. There are some cases we're looking for diferent types of players."
Is ballboy learning? Doubtful but it's a nice dream

Stupid, non-updating in satisfactory manner iPhone app.

My apologies for redundant posts. Figured my first one was too offensive, so I tried again.

Sounds like Ireland is just talking in circles as usual.

I think free agency was screwed when they put all their eggs in the Manning basket and all the good ones were gone by the time we struck out.

Hopefully Ross is done playing Jerry Jones. I mean you can say waht you want about Ireland but he does know more about football than Ross...we hope.

I would have loved to have Manning but get real. If your Peyton Manning, where are you gonna go??

Also I think I took what Ireland said differently than the rest of you. Did he mean by saying 2nd,3rd,and 4th rders need to be starters because our 1st rder is gonna be a project QB?????

Ireland 55% said - "All told, Ireland's hitting about 38.75%. And that's WITH giving the benefit of the doubt for guys like Smith, Misi & Jones who I think are garbage. Oh Jeff, if ONLY you were hitting 55% of the time."

Ireland 55%'s post lacks perspective -

Why bother labeling Lex Hilliard as a bum? He was their third pick in the SIXTH round. What more did you expect out of him? 1,300 yards and 12 touchdowns a season. I'd say drafting a top special teams player and serviceable back-up back with that particular pick is pretty darn good.

Chris Clemons and Reshad Jones (late round picks) bums? Both are still in the mix for starting jobs, and both contribute on special teams. Wasn't expecting Ronnie Lott and Steve Atwater. Perhaps one of them will break out under a new scheme.

And why close the book on Nolan Carroll (5th round pick, and contributor on special teams), and Edmond Gates (raw skills and learning a very difficult offensive position)?

You can't hit on Zach Thomas, Terrell Davis, and Marques Colston in the later rounds every year.

Ireland's issues are marked by the lack of impact (touchdowns/sacks) players at the top of the draft. Guys like Merling, Henne, White, Misi, are legitimate concerns. But splitting hairs by dismissing guys drafted in the fifth round or later is not the way to judge Ireland.

Nice thought Real Talk, but if Richardson falls past 7th, Cincy wouldn't have to jump up to 8 to get him. Would Carolina or Buffalo select Richardson? probably not. KC concerned about Charles return from injury? mabye, but I'm sure Cincy could trade with Buffalo at 10 to get him and it would cost them less.

I really don't get why so many fans are suggesting Kuechly. Last I checked we had a middle lber and a good one.

We need WR's, a pass rusher, o-lineman, and secondary help. Oh and some think a francise QB would be helpful.

Wow, good remarks by Ireland (did I really just said that?!). Let me see if I can read between the lines. Tannehill will be the pick if he's there, he mentioned we need starters in rounds 2-4, well we know Tanny is a project so there ya go.

OL and WR are a deep class, completely agreeing there, no need to use the 8th overall on either. Of course he likes big, strong and fast guys; remember these names come draft day:
-Kelechi Osemele, OG, Iowa State
-Adrien Robinson, TE, Cincy
-Desmond Wynn, OG, Rutgers

I would be shocked in none of those end up in orange and teal.

To JI's 55%:
Excellent analysis, you are right, Ireland's somewhat success from last year covers the ton of damage he and the Tuna did to this team, and please spare me the oh it was Parcells fault crap.

You know what I see in that list of players. A bunch of role players, no gamebreakers, that is Ireland's biggest shortcoming, he's not astute enough to get real stars. Hope Philbin changes some of that or we will be doomed.

Miss me yet?

How about drafting a new GM

anything that comes out of phins came is pure crap. i've been a die hard since '82... but simply can't take it anymore. reading into all this crud is just a set up for disapointment... 20 years of it and running. we are now the detroit lions... but even THEY can turn it around. will that happen this year... doubtful. ever vigilant - formerly faithful finsfan.

Stuck in the middle again.
Best Recipe:
Trade Down about 4 or 5 spots, no further than 13.
Pick up another draft pick and choose the best OL, DE, WR-Floyd, or LB that falls in the first.
Hate doing this again, but, get Weeden (smart, control) to compete.
Package late rounders to add more middle picks and aggressively select remaining needs in 2-3 rounds...

Can't blame everything on Ireland, though. He was working with Sparano. Kinda hard to buy the groceries for a cook who's an idiot claiming to be a chef! Our roster is better now than before, but may not suit Philbin...yet. Of course, Jeff's gonna give the standard "canned" answers that they all give this time of year. Blah, blah, blah...

Since we have 8 total picks, then there should be at least 4 starters coming out of this draft. Or, at least 4 guys who can play a little bit. It's telling that he didn't say that a first round pick should be a starter. The only position that you draft in the 1st but don't expect to start right away is Quarterback. Just saying..

Ireland was a Scout for Dallas. Not a GM! That's why the Tuna kept him handcuffed for a few years before letting him loose. Last year was HIS first draft solo. All the others, you can blame on the Tuna/Sparano show. A GM can only give a Coach the kind of players that the coach wants for their system/philosophy. Now that Tony "the pizza-guy" Sparano is making pies in New York, Ireland has to switch gears to satisfy the new coach, Philbin.

In my opinion, Joe Philbin & Sherman are much better than what we've had. But, only time (and the scoreboard) will tell for sure.


Someone said that we haven't had a #1 WR in years.

Maybe that's why Brandon Marshall's gone. Because he was just pretending to be a Number One Receiver...

But, he did have a lot of double-coverage, huh? He just couldn't hold on to the ball when it counted & his ego was getting out-of-hand. Isn't he going to have to sit some games out this year?

The WCO doesn't have 1's, 2's, or 3's. Every receiver will learn to line up on the left, the right, in-the-slot, etc. Makes for more mismatches and spreads the ball around. A diva like B. Marsh would go ballistic that he wasn't targeted every play!

what abt giving up the first rd pick for ryan mallet

Where have we heard this before Mr Ireland, like try every other season you have been with the dolphins. You'll get respect when you earn it. In the meantime all the fans know the fins aren't going anywhere until your fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"JS_in_LA said: This draft is actaully one of the best QB drafts in many years."

I utterly disagree. I think this draft is full of fools gold, starting with Tannehill. He has horrible metrics (7.0 yard per attempt? GAG!). Weeden may be the true #3 in this draft, and he's a sixth year senior who is polished but has limited upside. He is what he is. Osweiler? Liked him better the first time, when he was named Derek Anderson. Cousins and Findley? Solid prospects to develop as mid-level backups.

I think Kellen Moore, because of his off-the-charts IQ, could be a Kubiak type backup. A coach with shoulder pads, who would help a team be better Monday to Saturday, although you'd hope to not have to play him often at his size.

Russell Wilson could be a solid wildcat QB, but he's shorter than Moore. Good arm. Actually can make NFL throws. But Pat White calls him "shorty," so you're NOT going to see him success in anything other than a non-NFL style offense.

Sorry, but this draft is dog poop at QB.

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