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Karlos Dansby reps Dolphins among elite but does he belong?

You might have heard by now that Nike unveiled its new NFL uniforms today. The Dolphins' uniform is relatively unchanged. As part of the unveiling, each team sent a player representative to New York to model the threads.

Serving as model for the Dolphins ... Karlos Dansby.

Makes sense.

The man is an imposing figure at 6-4 and 250 pounds. He is well-known in league circles. He is a team leader. And he's a good player.

It's that last one that creates a bit of an issue. Unlike other reps at the Nike unveling -- such as Larry Fitzgerald for Arizona, Ben Roethlisberger for Pittsburgh, Wes Welker for New England, Ndamukong Suh for Detroit -- Dansby is not an elite player. And that, more than the uniform event is the point here.

The point is Karlos Dansby is good.

Sometimes he's excellent as he was last year against Washington when he had 10 tackles, including a sack and an interception. Sometimes he's not quite good as when he started 2011 very slowly because he was 24 pounds overweight and had only 11 tackles in his first three games combined.

But mostly that all averages out to, well, good.

The issue?

The Dolphins need better than good now. They've got plenty of nice, solid players. The Dolphins need elite. And that's what Dansby was brought to the team to be -- elite.

You'll remember that Dansby arrived just before Brandon Marshall in the 2010 offseason. He signed a five-year contract worth $43 million that included $22 million in guaranteed money. That agreement means Dansby's cap number in 2012 will be $12.8 million.

For that money and taking up that kind of cap space, Dansby needs to be elite.

But if his first two Miami seasons are to be believed, Dansby simply is not elite. He is good. He was second on the team in tackles in 2010. He was third on the team in tackles in 2011. Good.

He has combined for 3.5 sacks in two season. He has three forced fumbles in two years. He has one interception in two years. Good.

But Dansby has not been named to the Pro Bowl. He is not among the best two or three players at his position in the conference. Dansby is not elite.

Remember last year when I recounted for you that Dansby said he was the best linebacker in the NFL? "Period. Point blank, I'm the best," he said. "Period. Point blank."

I didn't weigh in on his comments then because I simply let him have his say. Well, after two seasons with the Dolphins, it is safe to say Dansby is not quite where he thinks. I really cannot offer to you any major flaw in his game. He has no off-field issues. He's brought stability to his position.

But the best?

That is not accurate.

And again, the problem with all this is Dansby was brought to South Florida to be outstanding. He is being paid as if he is a difference-maker. But outside of the Washington game last year, he really hasn't factored notably in any victory. He's played his spot. He's done his job.

But for $43 million it is fair to expect more.

This year Dansby will have the chance to give more. He is versatile enough that he can play both the middle or outside in Miami's 4-3 alignment. When the Dolphins go back to a 3-4 look, he can play the middle linebacker role.

If he's in shape at the start of 2012, chances are good he'll be able to pick up where he left off.

But, frankly, he needs to do better than that. At $12.8 million against the cap, Dansby needs to be elite. I assume he and the Dolphins know that.


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I have no problem with Dansby. And in the situation that defence was in last year, what do you want him to do? Anything they tried they got burned and you know why? Because Sparano was a tool. He wore them out during the week. And then the first few games they came up against some elite passers. What are ya gonna do? All Dansby could do was watch the ball go over his head. He could try blitzing but the ball was long gone by the time he got in there. How about defending the run? They didn't run as much as they passed. The secondary is supposed to force the plays short. Make them run the ball. That is where you would see Dansby. Lets see what he does this year. If he comes into camp all fat and lazy, I can guaranttee you he is going to be a cap casualty.

YG, did you see my post earlier? I think that is more of why Dansby is not in the conversation. every tiop inside middle linebacker, is partially that due to the talent around him. Look at the guys net to Ray Lewis, Urlacher and Clay Matthews.

then look at the guys next to Dansby.

Tremendous drop off. If you only really have to focus on one LB, Wake not included since he is more of a DE. columbo could have blocked anyof our other linebackers... and that sucks!

Im perfectly fine with Dansby's production if he's willing to take a pay cut to about $5 million a year. Then his pay would definitely match his performance.

Unquestionably Dansby is a $5-7million dollar a year ilb. $13 million a year is totally out of the question.

YG, your right (about the FO messing up on talent). They've gone about it the wrong way (IMO). As much as we dis Ireland, he's actually been the best one here in a long, long time (I know, not saying much).

Hopefully with a better HC, better development, our talent will look better once they are on the team a few years.

I do think Dansby should restructure his deal, make it a little more bonus motivated. That is, if he has a sac! Make the comment, then get paid great if you are "the best".

I agree with that YG.

Tomorrow's Coming,

Your post @ 4:16 PM makes me want to reevaluate you being a city college dropout. Let back that up to high school dropout after that post.

You can trade Jake Long right now and get at least 8 of the 10 players you posted are more irreplaceable than him. Dude did you even make it out of kindergarten? LOL

The following players are better or more irreplaceable than Jake Long:

1. Reggie Bush
2. D. Thomas
3. Charles Clay
4. Matt Moore
5. David Garrard
6. A. Fasano
7. Dansby
8. Wake
9. Pouncey
10. Starks

Posted by: Tomorrow's Coming | April 03, 2012 at 04:16 PM


thavafin does bring up a good point about the ProBowl. However, I wouldn't ever, EVER, EVER, EVER, compare Dansby and Ray Ray. Those names shouldn't even be in the same sentence together.

In Ray Lewis, you're watching one of the 3 best linebackers to ever play football. OF ALL TIMES. He does much more than collect tackles, etc.

Not to say you were comparing them thavafin. I understand what you were saying, and you're right.

I'm just saying (apart from your statement) that Karlos Dansby can NEVER be anything like Ray Lewis, and if he was he would not only be in the Hall of Fame, but be considered in the same light as Lawrence Taylor. And whatever we want to say about Dansby, he's DEFINITELY not that.

Instead of relying on myth, urban legend, and mainstream media sheep instructors, I watch games.

Jake Long was not worthy of the pro bowl last year.

Weedons a better talent than Tannehill Darryl.

I seriously believe in Tannehill we will be only getting a more athletic Chad Henne. Nothing more, nothing less.

Jake Long is a bust and a completely wasted pick. What's our playoff record since drafting him?

YG, wrong again.

It is not physically possible for Weedon to have a good NFL career.

6'4" Tannehill, on the other hand, has all the tools and *might* be great. At least he has an upside.

Jesus Krist I'm so freakin sick of it! I've been reading this blog for 2 years and it's as if certain people (Yesterday's Gone is one of them) go out of their way to be wrong on every single issue.

Just like Henne, Tannehill will tease with ocassional flashes of greatness. But never please with consistent levels of greatnes.

Beware of Chad Henne(Tannehill) wco version Miami dolfans.

Yesterday's Gone, let's try an experiment. Next time you have a thought, write down the exact opposite of what you think is correct. By doing that, you'll actually accidentally write the correct thought. I will let you know if you succeed.


Yeah, Tannehill as upside, too bad its to become a franchise, not elite qb. Which means at Tannehill's best. He'll never be ablbe to remove the "elite" qb's that stand in our way to sb success.

God, I wish I could be as excited about that as some of you losers seem to be. LOL

They are called opinons bro, we all have them. And we are all allowed to have them. They are not right nor are they wrong. Some people agree, some disagree.
I will say that from reading your posts versus some others, my opinion would be that your opinion is crap.

Ask the Falcons how the franchise qb thing is working out for them. Tannehill doesnt even have the upside to be the next "Matt Ryan". Geesh, some of you are so delusional! LOL

Lets not act like we KNOW exactly who is going to do what and how they are going to pan out. Beause you DO NOT know. It is your opinion and thats cool.


You're talking out of your a##. Dansby is definitely an elite player. He's one of the best cover LB's in the NFL, he possesses an incredible amount of athleticism for a player of his size a big, & he rarely makes mistakes. He might not be the flashiest player in the NFL but he's one of those players that the more you watch the better you realize he is. He's a COMPLETE football player & is fundamentally sound in all phases. Of all the players on the Dolphins in the last two years Dansby has been BY FAR our most consistent player on defense. Not even close. Give me ONE player in our secondary that is as consistent as Dansby & I guarantee our passing defense would turn the corner.

Burnett is also an excellent cover LB as well but Burnett is not the player that Dansby is. He's an example of a GOOD but not elite. Soliai is also a GOOD but not elite & we franchised his a## for over $12 Million last year.

BTW--Look at the money that Langford just got paid ($6 Million a year????) for a guy that is GOOD but is also coming off his least productive season. By that standard you can't say that Dansby is overpaid.

Draft Picks,

What do you mean dansby can cover?? last time I looked the fins are constantly getting burned by tight ends.

Zach Thomas > Karlos Dansby and he didn't talk all that shitz Karloss does.

Until Matt Ryan becomes a elite qb(top 5) the Falcons will never see a sb. Ask Brees, Rodgers, and Eli-te Manning. They'll tell you.

Even worse news for Matt Ryan, RG3 and Sam Bradford maybe on the eastern horizon. Tannehill will be lucky as hell to become Matt Ryan.

I onloy come to offer a "big picture" of truth. Not tunnel visioned darkness. LOL

..Yg...The odds of Weeden becoming elite are much longer then Tannehill. Come on already. By the time Weeden reaches his potential. He will be 34 -35 years old. The odds are that he will never. He played upright for 2 freekin years, in a system any starter will succeed in..See Zack Robinson if you question this.

Look I'm not a Tannehill guy. But between the 2 if you had to pick. It is a no brainer. You take the young guy every time.

I know you will go back to the accuracy stuff, and how Weeden would be a top prospect if it weren't for his age..And I agree. but the fact are he is pushing 29. he isn't going to play this year barring injury. So you are going to tell me that a 30 year old is going to step into the system, beat the odds in his first 2-3 years as a starter, and become ELITE??? That is what is at issue here right?

I have little faith in Tannehill. but as far a becoming an Elite quarterback...His odds are much higher as in the right system. He has time on his side. For Weeden...Nope. You have to take Tannehill in if it is between the 2

Tannehill will be Mr. 8 and 8 when he peaks. Each of the 8 wins will be convincing enough to lead you to believe he has turned a corner, yet each of the 8 losses will leave you in doubt.

Tannehill will be Henne revisited.

and thavafin you dont know football!
Posted by: Slam | April 03, 2012 at 03:57 PM

Draft Picks,
What do you mean dansby can cover?? last time I looked the fins are constantly getting burned by tight ends.

Pot, meet Kettle.

Clue, that is true, but Zach is better than the majority of linebackers.

and thavafin you dont know football!

Posted by: Slam | April 03, 2012 at 03:57 PM

Draft Picks,
What do you mean dansby can cover?? last time I looked the fins are constantly getting burned by tight ends.

Posted by: Slam | April 03, 2012 at 04:40 PM

Pot, meet Kettle

Contrary to popular belief, Ireland is not stupid. He may outsmart himself too often, but he is not dumb. He is not dumb enough to trade up for Tannehill.

Miami will hopefully draft a linebacker high to give Dansby some competition. If he shows up overweight, Miami should cut him immediately. That would save cap space for the good players Miami wants to keep.

thavafin <----dumb meet dumber!


Im basing incoming qb's based on "KNOWN" perforfances of elite qb's already in the league. Want they have to beat these current elite qb's on the way to a sb title?

Dude we cant "Alice In Wonderland" this thing. There are current top 5 nfl qb's, up and coming ones, Luck and RG3, even Barkley next year.

You better have something more to measure these guys you bring in than "Tannehill has some promise to be a franchise qb". Evfen a franchise qb isnt quite good enough in todays nfl. The "elite qb's" are taking home all of the sb trophies.

So if a guy's upside isnt elite status, you're perrenial playoff fodder at best. No one has suggested Tannehill's upside could be elite. Franchise alone means perrenial playoff fodder.

The evidence is all around you if you'll only look.

Poizen, Im just sick of these players thinking there so great. Thomas never said he was the best LB in the game he just STFU, studied and was great, he was second only to Ray Lewis in his prime. Karloss cant hold Zach nuts in his hands.

Darryl Dunphy,

I never said Weedon has elite upside. He's proven far more consistent than than Tannehill over his college career and has done it over a longer period of time.

Look at Mark Sanchez. A year fulltime college starter too. Tannehill isnt projected nearly the upside of Sanchez. Look whats happened to Sanchez. Both starter nearly identical the same amount of college games. Look, man look.

If you want a measuring stick for Tannehill. Then error on the side of caution using Sanchez as your guide. Sanchez had a far higher evaluation with close to same amount of college starts. Think, man think!

Lets see, if you dont want to seem like an overly biased dolfan. Then you would conclude Sanchez is maybe a gnat hair's better than Chad Henne.

Wow, it really excites mne to bring in a qb, with nearly the same amount of college starts as Mark Sanchez. But not nearly Sanchez's college billing coming out.

Who wants to organize the parade committee? LOL

...YG. You are talking about Elite. And you think that the odds of Weeden being that guy in such a short window are better then a younger, more physically gifted guy(Tannehill) That's on you.

I have said over and over that I thought drafting Tannehill @ 8 would be a mistake. But if the choice was between he, and Weeden. I'm going for the guy that at least has a chance. By the time Weeden develops,he will be entering the end of his window. There is a HUGE difference betweeen a younger guy have the gift of time to develop his flaws. Over an older guy that will not have the same saftey net.

What exactly does the uniform look like?

How about an elite quarterback ? That sure would be nice wouldnt it ?


You can't even string an argument without throwing out insults.

Posted by: Craig M | April 03, 2012 at 02:31 PM

This is definitely YG's M.O.


how does Dansby look? Overweight or not?

In all fairness, he wasn't the only defensive player not in shape for the season opener! Soliai -bless him!- did resign at a modest discount.


From the last blog:

You obviously have some sort of problem with reading comprehension. Where did I say I'm part of the 'Tanehill people'? I've already said I don't know what he's going to be like as a pro. At least that's better than you, who pretends he's got it all figured out that Weeden is going to be some special, when again none of us have any idea.

You keep 'harping' on about Tannehill and his completion precentage. He's 22 f-ing years old with 19 starts under his belt. Since when is that even enough to form a concrete opinion about a guy? The pro personnel guys give QBs new in the league THREE years (48 games) to show what they've got and you've already written Tannehill off after 19 games. Truly amazing!


One other point. Can you ryhme off Texas A&M starting offence (WRs and RBs) and tell who the guys are that are going to go high in the draft? Ever think that might have had something to do with Tannehill's completion percentage that you like to hold onto so tightly?

Miami hasn't had an elite player for a while. Nobody whose jersey you'd wanna wear. Miami has been mediocre for sibling that talent avoids this place

stay at 8 and take the best player avail!!!!!! but we all know they will reach big time and take tannehill at 8


Thats is understood but we are talking about the supposed captain. Not only that but we are discussing if he is elite. He is a very good player but far from elite. What makes a player elite is when he has all the tools like dansby has but works harder than everyone else. The guy obviously doesnt have the strongest work ethic. Elite guys stay in shape 12 months outta the year.

..YG. Ok. So if you never siad Weeden has Elite upside. Then what is your point? You keep saying that franchise isn't good enough..That to me is all you will get with a guy like Weeden. Really what are the odds he is a super bowl quality quarterback in the next 5 years? Probably very long..

Look if he were 5 years younger. I would be with you. Also saying that nobody has said that Tannehill has Elite qualities is just false. You may disregard these opinions because you may not like the personal opinions. He has Elite arm strength, elite athletisism..He isn't polished or ready to play. The question isn't about his talent. It is the question of will a team be able to harness this raw ability into greatness..I question it because of the issues you mentioned before..But this doesn't mean he lacks the ability. Tannehill has the luxury of being able to learn because of time. Weeden on the other hand. Does not. I'm not buying an immobile, injury prone 28 soon to be 29 year old rookie. I may be missing something. But tell me how this makes any sense if you are truley looking for Elite...Wouldn't we be better off going a completley different direction should weeden be the option if we are looking for elite?

SB Winning qb's since 2000

Elite 2

Peyton 1

Brady 3

Rodgers 1

Brees 1

Roeslisberger 2

Curt Warner 1

Thats 11 of the past 13 sb's won by elite status qb's. Great defensive teams won the other 2. The Ravens and Bucs defenses. There's your proof "ELITE QB's"(top5) bring home sb trophies. Not franchise qb's alone.

"curt" lol

I agree Craig,

They should giver them at least 48 games. I know it's not popular but Henne never got that. I wish we could have given him more of a chance. He has all the tools with a good head on his shoulders. Especially with the way the OC Henning was running things. Did you know that the only drops he used were 5 step drops? No one step, 3 step, 7 step, or even roll outs. Can't blame Henne for Henning's lack of coaching.

..Craig M..If you look at Ok States offense compaired to A&M it isn't even close..OK State had 3 offensive players that were all Big 12 selections(4 if you count the kicker) 2 of those were offensive lineman that will get drafted. They also had 4 players 2nd team..Weeden included. As well as the running back, a full back, and another reciever..The same cannot be said for an A&M team that wasn't even close. Go back 2 years ago to the Ok State team and add Kendall Hunter, and Russel Okung..That's why I said that Weeden may suffer a bit from USC syndrome...Surounded by elite level "college" players..Certainly not Weedens fault. But between the system, and the great college players it should raise a little concern.

yo man Henne sucks get over it. The guy was horrible in the cluth, horrible leader, horrible at throwing with touch, horrible deep ball and horrible at reading coverages. He was great at checkdowns though!

Darryl Dunphy,

My point is, if drafting a non elite qb, at least draft the best one available. Last thing this team need is a more athletic Chad Henne.

Weedon complted 72% of his passes. He completed 69% of all of his red zone passes. We really suffer for an accurate red zone passer.

Weedon has a far longer and far more consistent body of work to go by than Tannehill. Tannehill just looks like a more athletic Chad Henne imo. But I hope you guys get your Ryan Tannehill, then wake me up when he brings home a sb trophy for us.

Gotta feeling Im going to have a very long sleep!


You're wasting your breath. You're talking to a guy who has it in for Tannehill. No good reason, other than to have an opinion that's different than everybody else. There is every chance that Tannehill doesn't pan out but at some point here doesn't the team need to take a 'chance' on somebody. I happen to think if Ireland and Philbin do this properly (and by properly, I mean the way the Packers do things) that this kid will have a chance. He's athletic, hard working and has a good enough arm. The rest we have no idea about. Is 8 too high to pick him? Maybe, but what's the alternative? Tired of missing out on the Andy Dalton and some of these other guys, so I don't really care if they miss on this guy. There's JUST as much chance that a guy like Coples doesn't pan out and I don't hear anyone saying 8 is too high for him.

I happen to like Weeden too and he's the only other guy I would draft but I feel like the potential upside is greater on Tannehill and for that reason I would take the chance.

chad henne was horrible in every way

Unlike some of you Ive already prepared myself for a reality Miami may never win a sb trophy again. Hell, just to make some you happy. If I had power to do so I would make you Dolphins gm.

Just to let you see for yourselves how disasteredly some of the things you contemplate plays out in lack of fruition. Then whom will you blame. Cant blame Ireland because youre the gm's. If you claim to love this team. You would put far more "critical thought" into the garbage you post. LOL

No one should be allowed to name their child Chad in Miami anymore. If you name is Chad please change your name to ochocinco.

YG..It is fine to disagre. You put up a list of the Super Bowl winners..And I'm with you 100 percent that good, or franchise will make it very difficult to win the cup. I'm just saying that These quarterbacks took time to develop into Elite players..Sure Brady won in his first year as a starter..But he was hardly considered Elite until perhaps year 4(he sat one year as the 3rd qb)...My point is that with Weeden he isn't going to be anything more then a game manager until he grows into the role of greatness(if it is in the cards for him, which I doubt)..By this time if he does come into his own. He will be pushing 35-36 years old. If you want to hedge your bets on that fine..Not me.

Again..This debate is ovr 2 guys..Weeden, Tannehill. If it was up to me. I'm skipping both. But if I was forced into choosing 1..It is Tannehill without even thinking about it. The opportunity to build around him, or the odds he becomes the E word. Are much greater IMO..Again just my opinion. This is a reasonable stance.


Might point is Miami didn't exactly do a great job developing him. Bad OC, a head case for a reciever, and not much of an oline to name just some of it. The guy had all the tools and they did not put him in a position to succeed. I can get technical here but there was just so much. One example I saw was they were doing play action fakes in two minute drives that were obvious pass situations. When they should have been in Shotgun. That's just poor coaching.

The Coach,

The Henne plan was flawed from the beginning. He was thrust into action when he wasn't ready and the fans expected him to be Dan Marino Part Deux. There should have a Garrard on the team to back Pennington up....blame Sparano and Company.

DD, good points. Totally unfair comparison to compare what Tannehill did last year to what Weeden did, simply by looking at numbers. It's a lazy, unaccurate way to judge the two QBs.

Many of your posts stem from such a narrow minded point of view. Its very difficult to believe youre really dolfans. I take being a dolfan very seriously.

I try to think from a point of view of what would I do if personally entrusted to run this team? I try to look at it from a point of view of, "What if I had zero margin for error?". If you're not looking at it like this before you post.

Then you probably need to be asking yourselves,"Am I as true a dolfan as I first thought?." If not invested into seeking to see the entier picture before posting. Then maybe you just need to shut the hell up.

Because your either stupid, just not really football knowledgeble, or not really a true fan. Ask yourselves, "which of these 3 are you"?


I haven't talked to you much lately. I read that you don't like Tannehill and you don't like Weeden. So what would you do with the QB position? Are you suggesting they hold off until next year? What do you want to do to at 8?

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