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Karlos Dansby reps Dolphins among elite but does he belong?

You might have heard by now that Nike unveiled its new NFL uniforms today. The Dolphins' uniform is relatively unchanged. As part of the unveiling, each team sent a player representative to New York to model the threads.

Serving as model for the Dolphins ... Karlos Dansby.

Makes sense.

The man is an imposing figure at 6-4 and 250 pounds. He is well-known in league circles. He is a team leader. And he's a good player.

It's that last one that creates a bit of an issue. Unlike other reps at the Nike unveling -- such as Larry Fitzgerald for Arizona, Ben Roethlisberger for Pittsburgh, Wes Welker for New England, Ndamukong Suh for Detroit -- Dansby is not an elite player. And that, more than the uniform event is the point here.

The point is Karlos Dansby is good.

Sometimes he's excellent as he was last year against Washington when he had 10 tackles, including a sack and an interception. Sometimes he's not quite good as when he started 2011 very slowly because he was 24 pounds overweight and had only 11 tackles in his first three games combined.

But mostly that all averages out to, well, good.

The issue?

The Dolphins need better than good now. They've got plenty of nice, solid players. The Dolphins need elite. And that's what Dansby was brought to the team to be -- elite.

You'll remember that Dansby arrived just before Brandon Marshall in the 2010 offseason. He signed a five-year contract worth $43 million that included $22 million in guaranteed money. That agreement means Dansby's cap number in 2012 will be $12.8 million.

For that money and taking up that kind of cap space, Dansby needs to be elite.

But if his first two Miami seasons are to be believed, Dansby simply is not elite. He is good. He was second on the team in tackles in 2010. He was third on the team in tackles in 2011. Good.

He has combined for 3.5 sacks in two season. He has three forced fumbles in two years. He has one interception in two years. Good.

But Dansby has not been named to the Pro Bowl. He is not among the best two or three players at his position in the conference. Dansby is not elite.

Remember last year when I recounted for you that Dansby said he was the best linebacker in the NFL? "Period. Point blank, I'm the best," he said. "Period. Point blank."

I didn't weigh in on his comments then because I simply let him have his say. Well, after two seasons with the Dolphins, it is safe to say Dansby is not quite where he thinks. I really cannot offer to you any major flaw in his game. He has no off-field issues. He's brought stability to his position.

But the best?

That is not accurate.

And again, the problem with all this is Dansby was brought to South Florida to be outstanding. He is being paid as if he is a difference-maker. But outside of the Washington game last year, he really hasn't factored notably in any victory. He's played his spot. He's done his job.

But for $43 million it is fair to expect more.

This year Dansby will have the chance to give more. He is versatile enough that he can play both the middle or outside in Miami's 4-3 alignment. When the Dolphins go back to a 3-4 look, he can play the middle linebacker role.

If he's in shape at the start of 2012, chances are good he'll be able to pick up where he left off.

But, frankly, he needs to do better than that. At $12.8 million against the cap, Dansby needs to be elite. I assume he and the Dolphins know that.


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id hold off craig, nobody worth much after the big 2. many qbs in next years draft. keep all our picks and take the best player avail


I know which one you are....you're a f-ing idiot! Pretty clear for all to see....

..The Coach.

I agree that Miami did a poor job with Henne. They have done a poor job developing every quarterback since Marino. I think that there is a very good possibility that Henne was as much to blame though. It is possible that Henne didn't have a grasp on the offense. It is real possible that some of the questionable playcalling was due to Henne being limited in his own understanding of the offense. That is in the headscraching times where he was taken out in favor of the wildcat..The coaches had little faith in his ability. Put it this way. If you had a quarterback with command of the full offense..No way would you take him off the field...Ever.

I think there was more to the story then just poor playcalling, coaching, or Hennes ability..I think it was a combination of the 3.

Dansby is the face of the franchise?? Pathetic.

lol craig


But that's fine. So we hold off until next year. There's no guarantee that we're not going to be in the same position again next year. This idea that we'll just trade up for Barkley is a piedream. Things never pan out that way...

Time to stop wishing and take some action.

RoboHenne was horrible. No one on earth could've developed him. A total bust.


Every qb on the sb trophy list I posted were either billed to be top 5 elite qb's coming out of college. Or there was something definite in there college performances to suggest they could become great.

There were only two exceptions:

Brady land on a sb calibre team. Always had a greeat oline to protect him which only enhanced his elite development. Already having 2 sb rings before officially graduating to elite status. Can send one's confidence in himself rocketing thru the moon.

Then there's Curt Warner. Occassionally guys like Brady and Warner nobody sees coming. If it were so, neither would have arrived to the nfl on the format these 2 arrived. Neither ever even had a Tannehill billing to arrive on.

This is what you called an nfl qb annomally. Not a norm.

I agree Craig,

There were a bunch of flaws. That was my point. As far as Tannehill and Wheeden. I would not trade up for Tannehill. If the Browns take him they are reaching too much. If he's gone. I think Wheeden would be the next best choice despite his age. I think Wheeden will be ready faster because of his age. his age shouldn't be that much of an issue. Sure your losing say 5 years but that's not much. if your a good GM shouldn't be afraid to develop another. Just have to do it a little sooner. I mean anything can happen. A guy could get hurt and never play again. Just don't think you can count on any player to be there for more than 5 to 10 years.

Brandon Marshall was on his way to the HOF until he met RoboHenne!

Sporegano's idea of developing a young QB is to yank him every time he gets his team across mid-field, so that the RB can take a couple snaps, and then put him back in on 3rd & impossible.

Good luck, Mark Sanchez.

Good, Armando, good. you have cleaned out most of the depressive negativity from here. Only remains 1 or 2 strange characters in here, but I guess wwe have to treat them as our retarded litle brothers. They have opinions too, you know.

craig take action on who. none of these guys look any good. least with next year scouts have 4 to 5 guys who project to having a shot at being elite. tannehill and weeden just dont cut it. and dont be so sure we wont, this is a very bad football team right now. we could easily end up top 5 pick

Craig M..Yeah I have been avoiding the site lately. The garbage got to thick. I even went to the SS one day(had good debate)..I am loyal to Armando. Even if the setup is flawed. I just thought one particular poster took it to far.

Anyway..Yes this is what I am saying. I think we are set this year. I know this will be met with some resistance. And the we need to do this now for the sake of the franchise point. I understand it. And if Tannehill is the guy. I will support it. I may not like it, or agree. But I understand why the team would do it.

So yes, I'm waiting again. I would also trade out of the first round. So this shows you what I know. I can't see the future. I have no clue as to how any of the prospects will fair. I just think of finding the right quarterback. Youy try and eliminate as many what if's as possible. none are perfect. All will have learning curves. I just do not see Tannehill as a true blue chip prospect..If Barkley, even Landry Jones(who made a good choice IMO staying in school) comw out. Tanehill isn't even in play..Not condsidered. But since this is the hand we were delt..We have to play the cards.

I get it that another year guarantees nothing. You never have your stash until it is in your hands. I just think we are in a rebuilding process. I think the team will struggle next year. IMo the odds of finding a real blue chip guy lay with next years draft..I know always next year..But this is how I feel.


Nobody did a poor job developing Henne. To say this you also have to say the Michigan coaches did a poor job too. Henne had the exact same isuues in the pros that he had in college.

There's something wrong with Henne's mental makeup. Coaches can only help a player hyelp himself only if that player's truly dedicated to achieving greatness.

The greatset coaching in the world wont make a player become something he isnt 100% invested into. You have to remember that in all professional sports. Some players are content with the economic opportunity professional sports affords them. Sure they'll give the lip service they want to win championships, but that doesnt make it so.

Then you have your Jordans, Gretsky's, Reggie Jacksons, Brady's etc... Whom only a championship will suffice. The rest are only happy with lip service championships. No more, no less.

YG making sense today.

Henne couldnt hit water if he fell off a boat!


They started the wild cat with Pennington. They just kept it in there becasue they had some success with it. The offense was too basic with only a 5 step drop. Teams were able to figure it out quick and shut it down. Wasn't that hard to grasp. That being said. Henne could have turned out to be a total bust anyway. I don't think we will ever know because of the poor job the coaching staff did. But, if he gets another shot at starting and does well. i won't be too happy. He just had a the tools, with a great arm, and didn't seem like he was a head case. Like say Jeff George, who had all the tools but a 5 cent head, Ryan Leaf falls under that category. Doesn't ever make you wonder that if he was drafted by say the Packers (assuming Aron Rodgers isn't there) that things wouldn't have turned out different for him?

YG..I put a lot of the failure on Henne. It was clear that the team did not trust him to run the offense. I wouldn't be shocked if even under Henning less then 50 percent of the offense was in play. Like I said. Under no circumstance do compatant quarterbacks come off the field on third down..That should tell everyone all they need to know about how the team felt about Henne..

I just think some franchises go about developing their guys a bit differently. To say it was 100 percent on Henne I think is giving the former coaching staff to much of a pass. some of the blame has to be put on theit shoulders..How much? I don't know

no henne would be horrible no matter where he played


I don't have a problem with ANY of that thinking. I really don't. I don't know if Tannehill is the right guy but I like him. Could they be wrong on him? Sure. But they could also be wrong on Coples. This guy scares me. We've all read about this guy and the inconsistent effort etc...I like Floyd too but who knows, maybe he's a headcase off the field.

I don't know what the answer is but I wouldn't fault Ireland for drafting Tannehill. Will he? No idea.

The Coach,

5 Step drop? Coaches only install what players can execute. If they werent doing more it because in parctice the qb on the roster didnt show he could properly execute.

Its not the coaches that limit the play calling for the qb. The qb limits the play calling for the coaches.


True 100% of the blame cant be put on Henne. The other 50% of the blame goes to the fo(Parcells) for not properly evaluating Henne prior to the draft.

Parcells saw physical tools, he didnt do enough research into Henne the football player.

...Coach. Of course it would be cool to be able to see how a guy like Henne would have faired in a different system..I'm not sure it would have made any difference. But who knows. We forget, or act like these guys are talentless hacks. Someone saw something in every player drafted that said he can do this...or he can be that. As bad as the player may be, they are still are among the very few on the planet to even get a chance. I think this is something we all take for granted sometimes. We will see. I'm sure Henne will get some PT this year.


My high school QB's do all the drops. If a pro can't than he has no business on the field and the coach should know that and not have him out there. Henning did a terrible job. I mean Henning looked pretty good to start the season.

I mean Henne looked good to start the season.

As fans we sometimes assume as professionals our players should be able to everything we see other great professionals do. But that's why teams have practice. That's how they determine what thier players can and cant consistenly execute in game day action.

If they arent doing it well in practice, it can become complte disaster once the game whistle blows!

The Coach,

Your hs qb's arent going to have DeMarcus Ware coming at them on game day either. You have to be kidding. Your hs qb's wont have anyone coming at them nearly as fast as nfl pass rushers.

Heck I can do all of the qb drops. But I guarantee you I can do them with a premium nfl pass rusher coming at me. HUGE difference Coach! LOL

I have a friend who played nba basketball. During his playing days he told us.

"The absolute worst player in the nba would look like Michael Jordan playing against someone who wasnt at least nba calibre". That has continued to stick with me.

He also told us, " Do you guys realize how good you have to be just to be the worst worst player in the nba"? Thats true on all professional level. Enuff said!

Look at Karlos Dansby, very comfortable now, here in Miami earning the big bucks. But what about if Miami decides to trade him? He would be in doubt if another Team is going to match his salary to mantain the life style I'm sure he and his family are used to, Besides he and his family would have to relocate. Certain trauma. This is no depressing shiiiit. The absolute Truth. NOBODY is content forever.


Not really my point. But if pass rush is an issue than 1 step and 3 step drops would get the ball out quicker. They had none of these under Henning. All the routes become very predictable when they are timed on only a 5 step drop. But believe it or not the rush is worse in High School because the blocking is not nearly as good. You just don't do many 7 step. You roll out if you have to extend the play that much.

My friend Im talking about was a 2 time FSU all american, made about $30 million in the nba, was a 1st rd pick. Yet still never even made an nba all star game. still he played nearly 10yrs.

Come on if we are going to pick on an underachieving defensive player, how bout the guy that just got arrested? Forget that he now has a felony charge against him and explain his lackluster play his first two seasons. If Dansby played at his level, we would have lost every game last season!


Again, if Henne wasnt executing these things as well as they fe3lt he needed to in practice. They didnt feel comfortable with him doing these things in a game.

Youre not a pro coach and you saw these things. You dont think the pro coaches didnt see it too. Seing and knowing what the adjustment is, is one thing. Being able to consistently execute it is another.

You say youre a coach. Would you feel comfortable doing things in a game you didnt see your team did consistently well in practice? I hope not. LOL

Im out. This captia thing's killing my eyes. The herald computer thinks Im another computer. Its not used to intelligent posts. LOL

Dansby is a prototypical Phish free agency signing - a waste of money, that is. So I'm happy to see Ireland lay off the free agents, for once, and wait for something better from the draft. Which may, or may not be, Tannehill.

Mando, agreed. I almost wanted dansby cut at the beginning of last season. He's good but he needs to be elite with the money he's making.

Aloha FINLAND, Who else finds it funny that the Jets have two QBs that cant throw and a OC who is clueless, Along with a Blow hard HC..LMAOROTF Over the Jets.Any who, Id Rather have Moore then Sanchez or Tebow..., Though again JMHO...

YG, Great post @ 6:27...........


Doesn't matter much if your a pro coach or not. Some of these pro coaches are not that bright and some of them are brilliant. It's the same in any field. I've seen coaches on the high school level and college level who can run circles around some of the pro coaches and vice versa. Ive met and learned form many coaches in the NFL and College. I'm not trying to name drop here but it was just some observations I had from afar. I haven't done any work with that Coaching staff except I met Sporano a couple times when he coached at Univ. of New Haven but I never saw any of the Dolphin practices. It just that QB drops are pretty basic fundamentals. To think they were only running 5 step only is very elementary and if that's all the guy could do he shouldn't be out there. Either way something is wrong there. There were a bunch of things they did that raised eyebrows.

Charles Barkley has said it many times in regard to Basketball, that Athletes there can jump over the average person standing full straight. Same in Football.

I mean Henne looked good to start the season.
Posted by: The Coach | April 03, 2012 at 06:07 PM

Really?? 0-5?? If Check Down didnt get hurt we would've gotten Andrew Luck.

Henne made Matt moore look like Joe Montana! LOL

What is a captia? Capturing?

Right, no difference between coaching a 17 year old kid who has to do what you say versus a grown ass man getting paid millions to do it. Fundamentals are exactly that. Coaching people at the different levels are in no way similar.

The Bucs sent Lagarrette Blount to rep them...just sayin.

I don't think everyone sent the "face" of their franchise.

I think Dansby is an elite LBer though and i would venture to say that most teams in the league would love have him.

When you have a hole to fill as the Dolphins did at LBer in 2010, sometimes you have to pay more than a players market value to get him.

You are not going to always be able to match a players salary exacty to their value. Sometimes you over pay and sometimes you under pay.

IMHO if your a mediocre to bad football team it's probably not a good idea to start releasing what few good players you have because you think their overpaid.

How long do some of you folks think it will be before we actually do start winning if we didn't have Long, Wake,Dansby,Solia etc??

Are we going to poop replacements for them??

So someone seriously argued earlier in here that what we need to do to win is change our uniforms....wow

Losing hope in some of the fan base

Dansby seems to conduct himself with class and dignity.

Armando should follow his example.

This is my main beef with Ireland. Dansby is crazy over-paid. I don't get how they didn't at least approach him about a restructure, if not outright released. Outside of Vincent Jackson and Peyton Manning, no one received close to the money Dansby is getting.

For what he is making, Miami could of signed Eric Winston and Ben Grubs. Or added Wimbley opposite to Wake. Or signed Vincent Jackson straight up. Any of those moves would of filled voids in Miami's roster. Hell, even if they just would of released Dansby that would of shown a true rebuild which most fans could understand.

It's just puzzling trying to figure out the plan here.

Dansby seems to conduct himself with class and dignity.

Armando should follow his example.

Posted by: DonC | April 03, 2012 at 08:01 PM

Tackles, interceptions, sacks, and fumble recoveries take priority over class and dignity.
I believe he gets $8.8 million this year.
I don't think he's worth that kind of money.

Dansby is a VERY GOOD player.

He came in overweight last year. After a 20 lb. loss he was a BEAST. Look at the stats and the article archives from the end of last year.

Losing hope in some of the fan base

Posted by: Ohio Dolfan | April 03, 2012 at 07:53 PM

Coming from a guy so desperate for attention he needs to come to Armando's site to pilfer bloggers to his own site. Dude you are pathetic and can't even see it. You should suck Mando's toes for not banning you.

I like Dansby. He brings some energy to the team. It just doesn't translate to on field energy.

I'd rather have a team full of 1 and 2 year rookies than players like Dansby. Rookies work hard and play hard trying to make the team.

Veterans just try to last until the next contract. Dansby isn't worth what we are paying him. He's just not worth that kind of money.


Folks, you have to keep in mind despite all the super star players, it's a team game. This was a despicable and ignorant blog by Armando. Dansby is a great player, but without a supporting cast, you can't be great. Who did he have??? Granpa Taylor and Misi. C'mon.

Wake up and don't be stupid.

On the offense I'd rather have an elite O-line than an elite QB. On the defense, I'd rather have an elite DE than an elite LB.

Point being this....I can go up to Canada and find someone to replace Dansby for half the money.

Well I guess I know who the idiot with the jersey idea was slime.....lol

And if Armando reads his blog, he knows I stick up for him more than most, and have been a fan for many years now.

So you should probably just stop talking now

Last thing and I'm out........

Slime, not sure if you realize, but you have officially mentioned my blog more than I have today, since I haven't said a word about it, and still have hit over 300 visitors.

You guys bashing me gives me just as much attention as the guys that enjoy what I've done. So I thank you.

Dansby good.

I'm not sure why I always seem to log on when everyone is gone but i'm gonna rant on anyways.

Armando talking about elite players got me thinking about the last blog and Tannehill.

If your picking in the top ten of the draft that is exactly what you hope to get...I would think. An elite player.

If your an elite team like say the Giants or Packers,perhaps you can just select the BPA, irregardless of need.

If your the Dolphins though it seems like you really need an elite player in a position of need.

I think their biggest needs are franchise QB, WR,and DE. I'm basing that really on what I think and what little bit they tell us. Some would disagree I'm sure.

So unless Blackmon magically falls to us, we take a gamble on Tannehill at 8. If he's not there I think we should explore the possibility of trading down.

If we can't find any takers to trade down,I would take a long look at Floyd.

I am just not getting a good feeling about Ingram or Coples being elite.

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