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Karlos Dansby reps Dolphins among elite but does he belong?

You might have heard by now that Nike unveiled its new NFL uniforms today. The Dolphins' uniform is relatively unchanged. As part of the unveiling, each team sent a player representative to New York to model the threads.

Serving as model for the Dolphins ... Karlos Dansby.

Makes sense.

The man is an imposing figure at 6-4 and 250 pounds. He is well-known in league circles. He is a team leader. And he's a good player.

It's that last one that creates a bit of an issue. Unlike other reps at the Nike unveling -- such as Larry Fitzgerald for Arizona, Ben Roethlisberger for Pittsburgh, Wes Welker for New England, Ndamukong Suh for Detroit -- Dansby is not an elite player. And that, more than the uniform event is the point here.

The point is Karlos Dansby is good.

Sometimes he's excellent as he was last year against Washington when he had 10 tackles, including a sack and an interception. Sometimes he's not quite good as when he started 2011 very slowly because he was 24 pounds overweight and had only 11 tackles in his first three games combined.

But mostly that all averages out to, well, good.

The issue?

The Dolphins need better than good now. They've got plenty of nice, solid players. The Dolphins need elite. And that's what Dansby was brought to the team to be -- elite.

You'll remember that Dansby arrived just before Brandon Marshall in the 2010 offseason. He signed a five-year contract worth $43 million that included $22 million in guaranteed money. That agreement means Dansby's cap number in 2012 will be $12.8 million.

For that money and taking up that kind of cap space, Dansby needs to be elite.

But if his first two Miami seasons are to be believed, Dansby simply is not elite. He is good. He was second on the team in tackles in 2010. He was third on the team in tackles in 2011. Good.

He has combined for 3.5 sacks in two season. He has three forced fumbles in two years. He has one interception in two years. Good.

But Dansby has not been named to the Pro Bowl. He is not among the best two or three players at his position in the conference. Dansby is not elite.

Remember last year when I recounted for you that Dansby said he was the best linebacker in the NFL? "Period. Point blank, I'm the best," he said. "Period. Point blank."

I didn't weigh in on his comments then because I simply let him have his say. Well, after two seasons with the Dolphins, it is safe to say Dansby is not quite where he thinks. I really cannot offer to you any major flaw in his game. He has no off-field issues. He's brought stability to his position.

But the best?

That is not accurate.

And again, the problem with all this is Dansby was brought to South Florida to be outstanding. He is being paid as if he is a difference-maker. But outside of the Washington game last year, he really hasn't factored notably in any victory. He's played his spot. He's done his job.

But for $43 million it is fair to expect more.

This year Dansby will have the chance to give more. He is versatile enough that he can play both the middle or outside in Miami's 4-3 alignment. When the Dolphins go back to a 3-4 look, he can play the middle linebacker role.

If he's in shape at the start of 2012, chances are good he'll be able to pick up where he left off.

But, frankly, he needs to do better than that. At $12.8 million against the cap, Dansby needs to be elite. I assume he and the Dolphins know that.


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It's obvious if they are checking out Tannehill, they won't be drafting him. Ireland keeps it a mystery.

you will find any way you can to bash this franchise.Its getting sickening.

I cant wait till they get a new writer in here!

Just so I'm clear": Cle had no WR's, no RB's and therefore thier s hitty offense can be laid at the feet of thier rookie QB?
A QB who took the team to Nat'l C'ship game something Tannehill never got near even though he played in same division?
And Tannehill will change all of that even though if they pick him they won't be able to take the skill players they need?
That's the 2nd stupidist thing I ever heard.
The stupidist is when the Phins applied that logic to thier own situation.

Dansby getting cut off the team wouldn't surprise me at all due to the salary cap. He needs to come into Training Camp and step it up! Otherwise, he'll be replaced...and soon!

Ireland HAS built a core of good players. Now, it's time for him to focus on the skilled positions more and draft some great players. Otherwise, he's history too!
If I were him, I'd emphasize the few holes in our defense (pass-rusher, d-backs) and put this team over the top since our defense is already pretty good. The offense is still a work in progress; too many needs. But, it may take 2 drafts to get those needs properly addressed. Fortunately, this draft is heavy with good-to-great (potentially) Wide Receivers. So, we really don't have to draft high this year at that position. Yes, if Tannehill is there at 8, and they really really like him, draft the kid. This coach is supposed to be great at developing young Quarterbacks. Let him do so. And, this coaching staff is supposed to be good at teaching; make them teach. Maybe then, we won't look so lost out on the field each game.

I know, lot's of "if's", "maybe's", and "supposed to's"!!!

Welcome to Miami Dolphin Football to the new coaching staff!

If Tannehill is there at 8 and the Fin's take him so be it.

They have alot more info than i have to make an educated decision.

Arrmed with what info I do have though, I believe I would go with Moore, Garrard, and Devlin and try to fill the other holes. Unless maybe Weedon or Cousins fell to the 3rd rd.

I would start developing a plan to be in a position to draft a franchise QB next year. And I don't mean by losing.


It is a new coaching staff but it's Ireland's 5th season.

While I'm not all about protesting or posting FIRE IRELAND all over the internet,I think he needs to produce something worth the price of a ticket this year.

I'm not necessarily saying playoffs but marked improvement that real fans can see.

damm do you people not have jobs! hey Tomorrow your crazy that list proves my point!!!! Go Phins were gonna sweep the Jets,Jills split wit the Pats BET THAT!!!!!

Rick...the only problem with getting a franchise QB and not loosing is you would have to give up a lot of pics to get your QB...just like RG3 tI year. Because if you don't loose you won't be picking nearly high enough to get a franchise QB my friend

Slim, speaking for myself, yes I have a job, but I own the company so I dont have to be there...daily reports work.. And movable (PTZ) security cams are a great invention.

Well said SMF

Zero Pro Bowls = Not elite
Zach's 7 Pro Bowls = Elite
Period. Point blank.

Armando is clearly stating the obvious. But he's right! We're over-paying for that position. So all youse grammer-geeks and Jest-flunkies can kiss his and mine

Can't compare Sanchez college career to tannehill. Usc has crazy talent compared to anm. Ask urselfish this....would Sanchez have done as well with the Aggie's or worse? I hate comparing players from college when some teams are just stacked its almost not even fair the games they play. Obviously those stacked teams will have players perform better( or appear to) because everyone loves a winner. Same as high school athletes getting scholarships off team success wining state titles whereas a similar kid on a losing squad won't get half the looks. This is why so many players don't make it in the nfl they are "busts" because they are highly overrated due to team success

We just need to draft best player available and stop reaching and hoping for a player who ends up doing nothing for us...draft High quality dependable players we know will be around for years. Cut our dead weight if they come in with a position we already have filled. With this salary cap well save much money and can get what we need through draft n free agency.

They going to have to cut someone if they want to sign Tannehill in the draft.

Funny, if the fins don't take Tannehill he will fall to the second round most likely.

Isn't that the issue as we see it? Take him at 8 or take him in the second round?

How foolish would we look to take Tannehill at 8 when he could have been gotten him at 42? There is only one team that would take Tannehill if we don't take him.

Titans at 20!

No other team will take him in round one. No team will take him on the clock in round two before we get on the clock. Maybe the vikings but we can move up to get Tannehill in the second.

Why draft Tannehill because you think the Titan's will snag him? That's playing to not lose instead of playing to win.


There are only three teams interested in Tannehill. Cleveland, Miami and the Titans. If Cleveland snags him then game over. I'm not even sure they are interested since they can snag Blackmon with that pick.

If they don't, then Miami will draft him. Problem is this. All the good WR's will be gone when we get back on the clock. What good is Tannehill with no #1 WR?

If we don't draft Tannehill in the first he will fall. Titan's might pick him up at 20.

Here is the kicker though. We still got the best available player at #8. I hope its Rieff.

Elite O-lines make any QB look great! Even Moore or Garrard.

PS...am I the only one pissed we pick #8 and the Titans pick #20? Three behind the Lions! One behind the Bungles.

Do you guys not understand that? At the most, there are three teams interested in Tannehill. Two in round 1 and 1 in round two. Cleveland or Miami on the clock. If they don't pull the trigger then the Titans will.

Miami will snag him if Cleveland doesn't. Problem is this. Did they really need to burn a #8 on Tannehill when they could have traded with the Titans at #20?

Getting Ryan at 20 is at most a number 1 pick next year. Anything above that then the Titan's can have him free and clear.


I will save your legacy right now.

Not much you can do about Cleveland drafting Tannehill. I mean really, you would look like an idiot for moving up for Tannehill but not RGIII. Or a racist, take your pick.

So chances are, you're not going to pull the trigger like that.

Here is your game plan...

Draft Reiff at #8. If needed, move up to draft Reiff.

Then trade with the Titans to draft Tannehill at #20. Two first round picks in 2012 is the same as having NO first round pick in 2013.

No team between 9 and 19 will touch Tannehill. The only team that would touch Tannehill if you don't is the Titan's. He's fair game in the second round though. We can trade for him at 20 or draft him at 42.

PS...for all those people who think Washington are idiots for spending those draft picks...are the idiots. Mike Shanahan has three superbowl rings.

I don't think he is an idiot.

Im surprised Ireland, by now, hasnt cut Dansby. I dont believe his production is worth his salary cap.

The best teams are the best because they have the best coaches & systems in place... & when they need someone to setup, guess what he's already on the team & knows what he's suppose to do cause he was brought up in the system.. Ask the eagles what a slew of new players will do to team chemistry, even if they are all probowl players... Or ask the Pats who lost brady & had some slouch named cassel step in & they still won like 11 games & he looked all pro doing it, and now that same QB looks like a bum in another system....

Remember when the jests had that solid green helmet with the jet on it... similar to the seahawks helmet and the dolphins kicked around a similar one with a dolphin wrapped like the seahawks... that would be nice... and might look a little bit more manly and intimidating... I am saying like the seahawks not the jests...

Way to much for Dansby. What's the deal on this OL are we trying to protect Dan coming out of retirement? The Fins have wasted the cap and that's the reason we can't afford a QB or a great WR. The Dolphins are as bad as the country when it comes to a budget. You can't buy a tean you build one.

your right Armando, I wouldn't get too caught up in the pro bowls though, most times it is the most popular that make it not always the deserving. But for $43 million we should get more from him, or just go with up and coming young players we are rebuilding anyways!!

What you folks know about football is contained in the bathroom reading material. Without the offensive line NOTHING happens on offense. This teams problems all stem from a poor O line. QBs cant get a running play or a pass play off if the DL puts them on the ground. How can you watch a game and not understand that? The O line doesn't make highlights for ESPN, that's why....


Cut him!

well if you put a GOOD(Not elite)LB in the wosrt NFL´S TEAM he´ll look like elite to them...

You could though Brandon Marshal into the same category!!

Dansby has not been worth the money spent on him. Free agents most of the time are not worth it. How many free agent big money guys have turned teams around to win games or the Super Bowl? New England (draft and old vets/discards), Pittsburgh (draft), Green Bay (draft), Giants (draft). Pittsburgh tells their free agents to hit the road if they want too much money, they can be replaced. Why did Miami not send Bush for the uniform unveiling, he is the biggest star/talent in Miami right now. Brandon Fields and Dan Carpenter might be in the tops in Miami as far as players that are really good and surpass expected potential. I would have asked JT to come out of retirement just to put the new uniform on.

$12.5 Million to a good player. Not an All Pro. Not a league leader in any particular objective. Further he thinks so little of his team and his professionalism that he comes in 24 pounds over weight? Where is Ireland and Tony? No fines or suspensions? Players must be given a paradigm in which to work, a set of goals if you will, that they must accomplished in order not to be fined.This is a failure of management as much as player.

Chest freezers require more space to place and they also need head room for opening the lid.

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