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Live draft blog right here (and right now)

It's about to get started.

The Dolphins have needs practically everywhere you can look on the depth chart.

Miami has the 42nd overall pick in the second round. Let's talk football in the comments section.

Meet me there.


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I expect an offensive lineman this round. Mike Adams is still my man.

Next pick Quick or Randle? I am hoping Quick.

Ha Ha Tim-NOT!

Live blog!!!

Trade up???

Armando....whats up.....

Blog has been running better....I gave you crap when it wasn't...and I want to give you KUDOS for improving it.....

Dwight Stephenson will announce Miami's pick in the second round.

D-line or O-line?
Not Quick...

Brian Quick from App State goes to the Rams. I love this kid. Burner.

I predict a run on WRs here.

Randle is one more pick closer to us.

D line.

Thank you Kris.

Armando if we guess correctly do we get a free slot on your show?

Best TE gone..

This is movin fast...

I like the way Indianapolis is rebuilding. Dang.

What your prediction for our 2nd pick Armando?

Tim, you don't need to guess right to get a free slot on the show. YOu get one anytime you want.Just call in.

I predicted Mike Adams. Ohio State OT.

Ya Mando, prediction please...

Thanks Armando - I'm thinking Nick Perry here in the 2nd.

Upshaw to Ravens?

Vinny Curry...74 tackles and 11 sacks in 2011 for Marshall.

Sounds good as any..

No suprise there

Broncos taking Worthy DT?

Ozzie Newsome love Alabama players. Gets good value for Upshaw. But I don't see him as a great pass-rusher in the NFL.

No trade up for us..

Gonna be a O-guy I guess...

Tim I think Perry went in the fisrt.

What are the chances Miami trades down here?

Hope you are right Mando..


I like Curry as well.

Kris I read your comment from the last blog and you're right. I read into a simple fact you were presenting. Totally my bad. And the funny thing is I left to do something and came to the same conclusion while I was gone. "Ya know, that Kris guy was just stating a fact, wasn't agreeing or disagreeing". I came in to apologize but looked first to see if you had answered. Sure enough you had the right answer, I wasn't thinking before I posted. Sorry bud.

kiper keeps saying pass rusher for fins

I dont get adding a RT here, C or OG would be my choice. However, any high level pick aimed at improving the oline works for me.

Tim I think Perry went in the fisrt.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | April 27, 2012 at 07:17 PM

Thanks Dolfan Rick - he went to Green Bay.


Even your Peter Koonz pick works better for me. Then you can kick Pouncey to his more natural RG spot. Koonz was projected 1st rd and fell to 2nd. So he should be a 2nd rd steal right hear.

adams the pick right now id say


I had the right position but wrong guy. I thought they really wanted Worthy.

damn was hoping for Wolfe in the 3rd


Its all good....you are one of my favorite poster's...cause I know your a real person....and you man up......right OR wrong....

Pass rusher 2nd rd scares me. That means we're trusting the man that brought Misi here 2nd rd.

Thats scary as hell! LOL

"Those that are less high on the pick may have a negative spin that is not to your liking...or Phins78 liking either"...

But to this! Hahahahaha I hope people realize I'm not saying Tannehill was my choice because he wasn't, I wanted defense or a WR first and was fine with Weeden or Cousins in the 2nd.

What I am saying is that now that he's a Dolphins I support him 100% until he proves that he can't handle it. It just kills me that anyone ever thinks they can predict the future of any of these kids. Some of the statements are just too definitive. "He will be great",,," He's a bust". That kind of thinking, to me, is a waste of time. Let it play out.

I would love to talk to all of the people who said after 1-15 we were going to go 0-16. I know some of them are in here but they will never admit it.

Curry or Massie would be my guess here

Give ya that Yesterday..

Odin, we could have our choice of Randle or Hill at 42.


wouldn't pairing janoris jenkins with davis make more sense?

can you imagine the increase in coverage sacks?

I'm feeling one Offensive Lineman and one Defensive End

Anyway, Im just hoping for a 2nd rd pick that actually plays like a 2nd rd pick. That alone would be a huge improvement in Miami. LOL

I live in Saratoga, NY, 5 miles away from Bill Parcells house near the lake.

If I hear one more fudging person on ESPN say the words Bill Parcell's and great draft mind in the same sentence I'm driving to his house and taking a big dump on his porch! With a note that reads, 'courtesy, Miami Dolphins fans'!

i think if hill falls to them they will take a hard look at him

Cordy Glenn is still available...

WOW Mitchel Schwartz is off the board With Cleveland. I was think WR.

mando, would jenkins be there at 42?

there isn't any Brady QB-killa out there, is there?

that's why jenkins makes sense to me.

Jags will take Curry or Massie.

Thanks Kris, much appreciated.

Curry will have to put on a few pounds but he has the drive and energy the Fins need on the outside.

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