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Live draft blog right here (and right now)

It's about to get started.

The Dolphins have needs practically everywhere you can look on the depth chart.

Miami has the 42nd overall pick in the second round. Let's talk football in the comments section.

Meet me there.


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If Randle and Jefferson are off the board we should trade down and draft a wr later on in the round. Use the pick we get in return on an additional lineman.

Ok maybe it will be Branch.

Yeah I would be shocked if Massie was there when we pick. That's why I want the kid from Stanford, got a good feeling about him. (please, no gay jokes :)


To expound on that....

Like you....I throw out the "he sucks...PERIOD"...comments....

and I also disregard the "he a FIN so he should be a PRO BOWLER"....

That post is meant for those who state an opinion...and then back it up with reasonable statements...if not facts.....

I love Jacksonville's draft so far.

Jonathan Martin or Jeffries


Brandt disagrees with u on Upshaw Mando..

LOL Phins at 7:29.

miami liked branch

Janoris Jenkins is going to the Rams next.

Who will announce Miami's pick?


Randle would look AWFULLY good on this team, no? Or Chris Givens?

Are the Rams taking another WR or they going DB?

Branch...would have been nice...ugh...WRs might make it to our pick

Wow Branch to the Jags. We're gonna have a choice of some good players. Hope we don't screw it up.

The Jags just overlooked Curry for Branch...Whew!


If you're around you may just get that OL you've been looking for next. There's a couple of really good ones still out there.

maybe im glad fisher isnt our coach, dont like the rams draft

Jeff Fisher LOVES CB'S with personal issues

This thing is movin at light speed..

Okay Kris, I thought so. I know where you stand and should have realized. You've always been objective.

Is Vinny Curry a good pick for us?

55 sacks. You've got a guy like Johnathan Martin and you take a db. wow!

I hope Cordy Glenn is still there... 2 more picks to go.

this is amazing

Please, write good English. I don't have a TV and I have to go by your description.

Espn is so overproduced, this love affair with every single pick is sad... What happened to objective analysis?


Way too early to judge the Rams picks. they have something like 3 of the next 13 picks. Let's see what it all looks like when they are done.

Branch doesn't fit for a 3-4.

We can't f'ck this pick up, can we?

Fins need a defensive playmaker with their 2nd.

Glenn or Martin? they are going to get a starting RT w/ 1st rd grades at 42??

Has Jonathan Martin been drafted yet?

hill, glenn, adams. liking these options

One thing for certain is I think we're getting a good player here.

Gotta be a trench guy...


just sayoing craig, dont like their draft so far

Jerel Worthy could be the pick if he's still there. Starks will be a FA next year and they've talked about moving Odrick to DE. It would make sense

Texas I'll make sure to stick around and take a pic of him cleaning it up so you get the full effect.

The Bills will take a OT. Cordy Glenn, I believe.

Definately grab Glenn if there.

NFL on Sirius soooo much Bettr than ESPn

glenn or hill...

ok so how does that guy go aherad of curry, something must be wrong with him

Cordy Glenn sounds like a good pick!
Do it!

I was wanting Curry but Glenn and Martin do have 1st rd grades and would be a better value here.

Yeah, no way you gonna hear an ESPN announcer say of a Player, he's a piece of shi- and will never amount to nothing. Yeah.

Hill!!! Come on

Aaaaahhhhh, Miami pick is in....

Bills have to take Martin. They have to stop Fitzpatrick from getting killed.

Stephen Hill!

Come on, he might not replace Marshall, but he'll score more TD's and drop LESS passes.

Restore my faith Jeffrey!

if they are looking for an OT Massie will be appealing to them, Cordy is closer to OG, let's see what happens next...

There all there! Gota o with ruben randle!!!!

What number are they at?

The Dolphins have picked OT Jonathan Martin from Stanford.

Stephen Hill please!!!

tell me the pickkkkkkkkk

Jonathon Martin OT

Dolphins took Jonathan Martin per Twitter

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