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Live draft blog right here (and right now)

It's about to get started.

The Dolphins have needs practically everywhere you can look on the depth chart.

Miami has the 42nd overall pick in the second round. Let's talk football in the comments section.

Meet me there.


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Gotta be O-line or D-line.

Cant take to much risk; take that in round three...

martin, nice solid pick

He's got the NFL size, length and overall athletic skill set. However, he's not a natural anchor player and doesn't strike me as a guy who is ever going to be real physical at the next level. He can mirror in space, but struggles to stick through contact and isn't real heavy handed. Looks like a finesse tackle who will get over drafted because of athletic talent, but is going to have a hard time keeping the edge clean at the next level.
on martin

No Loooouuuuuuuu! Damnit don't jinx me, I want the Phins to take Martin! :) Buffalo's GM is really good but he's old as heck, maybe he will forget who he wanted and just say a name.

How do u know Mando--hasn't been announced yet??

Good pick, at OT and will help solidify that right side.

Wow my satellite is slowwww.


Wow thanks Armando I guess I'll go back to the hockey game thanks!!

Martin works. Very athletic and is good at the second level.

Dam twitter!!! This blog is as technological as I get..

Twitter announces so 27 seconds ago. haha

I wanted Glenn!


Of course. Good boy.

Martin's a nice pick. You Ok with this one Armando? YG how about you?

Is he "Plug and play"?

Wow! Ireland better not drop the ball on this one.

glenn way to big for what miami now wants

This kid has to be 2" x 4" ( Stud ) to be selected in the Second Round.


Is Fleener off the board...

Good pick, coulda gone 1st round. Not to many good pass rushers left though, sorta surprised but he will be a starter


who the jets moving up to take??

Woop woop! Our o-line just got SOLID. I'm putting my money on this kid. Being a total hypocrite (don't like predicting success or failure) but it's the o-line and he's got a first round grade, total steal.

Ok, I guess it could be Kelechi Osemele or Vinny Curry, plus Jamees Brown at 3rd round

Bills could be solid this year.

YG -- you called OL and got your wish just a different guy. You like Martin. I like the kid a lot. I mean he use to block for Luck's blind side.

Fleener was reunited with his college qb

Hats off to Stephenson.....

Jerry at guard???

Thanks Robby....i missed it....

Round 3 = WR and DE?

WR next.

that was a steal

jets so dumb, take lazy garbage coples in first.

Very good. Can't argue with that, unless you're Kiper.

Real good pick IMO. Miami is rock soild (should be anyway) at 3 of the 5 O-Line spots. Gives Miami flexibility at the tackle spots also if something happens to Long


I like Martin, now lets get Kelechi Osemele to play next to him.

Jeffy sure can pick his lineman!

Solid pick... ala Greenbay line.. not to heavy but quick and smart... nice pick

Mando, what does this mean for Jerry?

Jets to the cellar!

cant believe stinkin chan gay-ly took Glenn right from under us!

This kid fits perfect for Philbins philosophy. Philbin, I guarantee has a huge smile right now.

McShay is such a f***ing idiot, saying we should have taken Massie.

Massie didn't finish school, declared early and there are question marks about his intelligence. Philbin wants smart o-linemen and guys that are athletic. Martin is both of those.

I can deal with that pick.

WR next 2 picks.


Exactly x2

Disappointed cause everyone wants the playmakers but great value for pick didn't thing Martin would drop. Was stuck between him anderson but think Martin is a bit more athletic. Need a wr and pass rush or safety!!

Has anyone ever seen an attractive Jets fan? Their chicks always look busted lol

no way they take wrs back to back. pass rusher,wr

F''k the Jets..

We NEED to go for WR now. Nick Toon, please?

I like the pick IF we had picked up Floyd or Blackmon in the first. It's not a j mart issue, when it comes to oline I'll trust philbin over kiper anyday. But u peeps are so worried about an o line that gave both reggie bush and Matt Moore their best years by far...and tannehill still has not one person to throw to heading into the third round. Makes me kind of ill. If we still had Brandon Marshall I would feel completely different about this team.
There goes the jets, getting the wr we should have. Frustrating.

Mayock just called him Thrill Hill, kiss of death. LOL

McShay projected Massie in his mock draft. That's more his pride being hurt than anything

jets are garbage, so glad idiot sparano went there

The Jets don't need a receiver. They gonna win wit fillgoes.

Of course the rest of the AFC East keeps schooling Ireland.

Stephen Hill to the wets.

I always HATED Hill!

Another risk taken by the Jets. This draft will either rebuild them or break them. Taking too many risks. Who knows, maybe it pays off.

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