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Live draft blog right here (and right now)

It's about to get started.

The Dolphins have needs practically everywhere you can look on the depth chart.

Miami has the 42nd overall pick in the second round. Let's talk football in the comments section.

Meet me there.


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Our division is getting TOUGH!!!

I just puked in my mouth...

Hill over Ruben Randell? Ha!

Hard to be critical off the Martin pick...I like it. Only way you don't like it is if you wanted a WR or pass rush. There could be WRs left for us late. Deep position.

Stephen Hill will put the Jets in perfect position to kick alot of Field Goals this year

FIST PUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to go take a bath just watching that crap...

I like this pick.
The Phins O-line hasnt looked this solid since the mid-90s, both Ts and C locked up nicely.

Sparano likes wide receivers who drops passes.

What do those People know. We's here are all brilliant and from Miami. Right?

Love Stephen hills attitude, damn.
The wr's are gonna keep going QUICK. I can't say it enough, if we don't get someone to throw to with BOTH third round picks, we might as well start looking at senior wr in college THIS year.

rex ryans last year, he will be canned after another garbage year

Now Jonathan Martin is a Dolphin, not bad, he just needs to get a bit faster and he will be ready to start this very season. Now we need an OG... it could be James Brown at 3rd round or Senio Kelemete at 5th, I wonder if they are good enough...

Love both picks so far. Tannehill risk yes, but it's time to take one. Martin is a clear win. Now go WR.

A so far

OL set, nice pick Fins. Good draft so far. I think Tannehill will surprise some people this this year. Theres no way he sits this year.

inimounts, there is no way in heck Tannehill starts this season. Plenty of time to get him weapons.

Also remember what Philbin covets in a wr. He doesn't want me guys. He wants all of his receiver to be quick and have good hands. Wants smart WRs. I don't think he's so worried about having one of the top wr's in the draft, the Pack never worried about that either and they're pretty darned good. For whatever reason this offense seems to make WRS instead of the other way around. Lets hope it works out that way in Miami as well.

jake tannehill better not see the field this year. philbin is smart they wont play him this year. just in preseason alot

Here is where I want Ireland to get aggresive. Use one of those 3rd round picks and trade up to get Randle...
How sweet would that be.

no way. keep all picks

Hopefully we got a very SMART kid, he played at Stanford..

Hey. Now we all know who decision was last nite pick!! It's wasn't JI!!! Today it was JI pick!!! JI just loves OL players!!! LMAO!!

Why do we once again take fat men high in the draft every year? Yet sit here and say we need WR and never take a high pick on one, we are content with hoping for diamonds in the late rounds I hate that line of thinking.

Martin will need to bulk up...the guy weighs 312 and only does 20 reps in the bench press?...that won't cut in the NFL.

We took a risk on Tannehill too.

Tannehill better sit..

wow, great pick. two weeks ago i would have never imagined he'd be here. we are a center/guard away from having the best line in the afc. et a center and e have perhaps the best pulling guard in the nil in pouncey. if not we have a center who can ad has pulled.

I can't believe all of the people saying Tannehill will start. I'll tell you unless he outright wins the job there would be nothing worse for Tannehill, Ireland, Philbin, Sherman, and Ross than if they forced him into a starting role and ruin his confidence.

He will not be handed the starting job imo. I will bet anything on it, no way that happens.

...I don't know if Martin was my first choice..Definitley right tackle..I said it last night that I thought this is where we would round 2..Right tackle was the biggest hole on the line last year..If you cannot protect off the edge in todays game..Forget it...Check this off the list of positions. I hope Martin is the right guy.

gus they dont want big guys on the oline anymore

Stepped out for a minute, missed the Jonathan Martin pick. Best OG DeCastro was gone so, I like a quality oline pick though I would have liked Koonz too.

Just thought Koonz gave flexibility to kick Pouncey to RG.

god i hate auto spell check!!

Wow Marshall AND Jeffery's on the same team? Throw in Forte and Knox with Cutler? DAMN

All this talent left almost makes you wanna trade up.

Randle,Curry,Lavonte David,Worthy.

best line,mlooooooooooooooooool come on dude leave the bias out

Craig m, I've never agreed with u on draft, I'm not starting now. First, what no one is mentioning is the fact that j Mart is a left tackle. And I for one don't even want Ireland or Ross thinking of not extending jake long's contract. This may be a deep draft for wideout, but only if we had Marshall, only of u have a 1. History shows i want a starting wide, get one first two rounds.anyways, point being we need at least two solid wr picks, and so far we lost so many....ugh! And that's TWO wr that da bears have stolen from us. Well, here's to sucking another year at least fellas! It'll take a miracle to have a solid wr by the time we get our third out. Fins down :(

Kelechi Osemele could be a nice OG too, I hope he remains until #72

Most Mockers had Martin as a late first rounder.

Good pick for sure. Better than throwing away picks like........(ahem).....nevermind.

I like it!

jake tannehill better not see the field this year. philbin is smart they wont play him this year. just in preseason alot

Posted by: dusty bottoms | April 27, 2012 at 07:56 PM


you hate this pick so much you can't remember his name.

RYAN Tannehill

Phins will have to at least be good enough for the fans not to be screaming for Tannehill, by the second half of the season.

He will ride the pine this year..

Mando what do u think about wr sanu from rutgers as a 3rd rd selection?

J Martin is an excellent pick, filling a major need. Originally a first round projection. Very athletic and should pass protect the right side well. Long and Martin, nice bookend tackles.

I'm sick and tired and fed up with everything this franchise does. They can do no right. That being said, this is a good pick. While the thought of spending another high draft pick on an offensive lineman makes me blanche, fact of the matter is, Jonathan Martin is an immediate massive upgrade for what I felt was the absolute weakest position on the team last year. Goodbye, Turnstile Colombo. My God, they may have actually done something right for once.
The two third-round picks need to be a wide receiver and a defensive back.

no i like the pick and was talking to jake,lol

Unless More and Geerard go down, I don't see TanneHill sniffing the field except for preseason and when we are officially out of the playoffs

Agree B12

Phins78, you will eat those words, they are bordering insanity. Sitting gives him nothing, seeing as how the knock is game experience. You would sit him and give him 15 mill before his first game pass? Like I said, insane.
This isn't 1987 people. College qbs are more nfl ready than ever.

Leave Ireland alone in Rds 4 thru 7. That's his specialty.

exactly bobby, no reason to rush him. this is a rebuilding year

Where did we get our extra 3rd pick?

Martin was projected in the top 20 in the first rd by most.

Look at it this way. We got Tannehill and still got a 1st rd pick. I say kudos to Ireland so far.

We actually have a coach that knows how to develope a QB now..

Martin is an excellent pick. Colombo was horrible last year - possibly worst starter on the team.

You fools!!!! Jeff Irlend just loves picking players that just surprises us!!! Don't you know that by now!!! JI sucks footballs!!!!
What a joker!!! Oh well. Love my PHINS!!

Extra 3rd from the Marshall trade

Great pick, FINALLY. Let's have a great 3rd round!

marshall phins

He just needs to get a little stronger.


Marshall trade

We can always do what we did to Beck and watch him pi$$ him self...

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