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Live draft blog right here (and right now)

It's about to get started.

The Dolphins have needs practically everywhere you can look on the depth chart.

Miami has the 42nd overall pick in the second round. Let's talk football in the comments section.

Meet me there.


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Both of our last two picks were guys who were expected to be drafted higher. The guys on the NFL channel thought both were great picks. I think the draft has been good we trade back and don't lose who we wanted and got an extra pick. No we added a TE. A need.


Over 6'5" very fast and very good hands. Deep threat TE

A seem TE to clear up the middle while our no name WRs cross and bush comes out of the backfield.

What do you guys think so far, I like the picks

Well, at least the Dolphins didn't pick the punter.

still wishing....

Our FO must feel that Legaduu Nannee is our no. 1 WR.

Ireland must have pictures of Ross cheating on his wife. That is the only possible reason Ross will not fire Ireland. Either that or Ross is studip.

Michael Egnew Scouting Report (from

Good hands
Nice height and weight combination
Gives effort as a blocker
Strong junior-year production
Solid outlet receiver
Can find soft spots in zone

Very sub-par yardage after the catch
Doesn't get separation
Not a powerful blocker
Not a red-zone weapon

agreed....plenty of bright spots so far, just gotta keep the faith. Anyone think Streeter (WR) a diamond in the ruff?

This is a rebuild job being done right. Get new coach get new qb, add a big threat tight end and solidify defense and offensive line. Plus get rid of crybabys like Marshall and Merling who beat girlfriends don't pay cabs and get stabbed by the wife.

...more about our TE:

Egnew could be a decent backup to a good tight end in the NFL. If he is paired with a dangerous tight end, he could take advantage of some soft coverage and help move the chains. He should only be a second or third tight end at the next level. He doesn't have the plus skill set with speed and athletic ability to be a starter.

Not very good news, ha !

I don't understand why the Dolphins didn't select the best available WR. Ireland again, like in his best days, gizz !

Let's hope our picks work out.

I Think there's a chance Ireland trades back in to the third here... We will see. Looks like we are doing pretty good, time will tell!

Full rebuild..... This has needed to be done for a while.... We are shedding our dead weight and building with youth

I was really hoping for one of the WRs in the second round.

Sanu would be a great add next....

Sanu just got picked by Cinn

For real this time?? Lmao. Horrible prank played on him yesterday

I think Sanu went lower than expected....I like the TE pick but Sanu would have been an excellent choice. Oh well.....still hope!

I can't believe Ireland picked a TE here. There were some really good WR's we're gonna miss out on. And that's if we even PICK a WR in the 4th round. We still nee DB help.
Does anyone know what round Egnew was predicted to go in? Did we reach for him? I want the WR Childs, I believe he is from Arkansas. Hope he lasts till we pick in the 4th. If Ireland waits until the 5th to get a WR I will be highly irate!

I have liked this Dolphins draft so far. Yes we reached at Tannehill but oh well his upside is huge enough that I will gladly take that risk and run with it. The offensive line now only needs one piece filled if this kid pans out and he looked good on tape and graded out well. We took the best DE on the board in round 3and it appears got great value for it. Then got a TE that although he cannot block worth a crap he is too big for CBs and Safeties to cover and too fast for LBs. Finally they think about mismatch when picking a TE and not if he is Italian, cooks a good meatball and can block. No offense to Fasano but he's pretty average which isn't bad but it isn't all that good either. So far so good I'm liking the picks lets just hope that at minimum what we have picked so far develops into some solid starters for us for years to come.

I think Agnew looks great. Ya everybody wants a WR, too many already got taken so we get VALUE, with a good looking DE and TE, both also needs for us. LEts not forget we do have A very fast young WR named Gates, who could still be a very good wr. Gates and Wallace still have a chance to be very good WR's. A lot of WR's take a couple years to become productive especially when they have looser brick hand Marshall dropping all kinds of passes in front of them. I like the draft so far.......

glad to see many of you taking the high road....counting on your accurate opinions! Fasano is a Cowboys hazz-been.....time to move forward with solid TE pick.

Steve...good points on our Wide-outs...let's get Tanny in there to throw them the ball!!!

i like egnew. i am disappointed we went ol instead of de in the 2nd that was our big mistake so far. martin is gonna be awesome and we have him pouncey and long. great line but that won't get us to the playoffs. we have nothing to stop luck, peyton, brady, rivers etc. no pressure means no wins. our new de is a project and raw talent. we would have been better off getting de in the 2nd and ol in the third

I actually like Streeter - I would be very content having him in a Phin uniform.
I saw him last year remind me at times of Moss - without the attitude/slacker

Ireland continues to show why the Dolphins find themselves chasing from the bottom of the division. Absolutely nothing so far with any of the draft picks to inspire any hope. Welcome to several more years of mediocrity as Ireland bolsters his job security through perpetual rebuilding of the team.

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