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Love, love, LOVE the picking of Lamar Miller

Lamar Miller thought he'd be a first-round pick, second-round at worst.

Then the draft came. And the first round passed. And the second round passed. And the third round passed and Lamar Miller was not picked.

Finally, the somebody within the Dolpins organization must have seen the crosstown kid still on the board in the fourth round and said, 'Hey, this kid's fast and solid. Let's get him!"

And so the Dolphin traded up to the pick No. 97 -- giving up No. 103, No. 168 and a sixth-round pick next year.  In other words, the Dolphins gave up two sixth-round picks to get a promising playmaker.

Why do I love this pick? Because Reggie Bush, outstanding as he was last season in gaining over 1,000 yards, is unsigned after this season. And, given his history, this is a solid defense against Bush getting hurt.

So the Dolphins will have someone in wating if the Bush thing doesn't work out this year. Miller also can return kicks and punts.

Miller dropped, supposedly, because teams had issues with his shoulder injury and how that affected his running.

"There's no regret," Miller said. "I just thank God. It's a blessing just to get the opportunity to play in the NFL. Getting a chance to play in my hometown and getting a chance to play in a Super Bowl is a blessing. I don't regret anything."

Got to like Miller's optimism about the Super Bowl thing.


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Love the pick, great move Miami! Finally having a solid draft

It is Miller Time! Excellent value pick. I see Bush & Miller in the same backfield with Bush motioning out of the backfield into a pass pattern. Gives us a lot of flexibility.

..I will trust you Miami guys who actually know about Miller. All of you are physched, so he has gotta be pretty good. IMO..Besides the reason I thought we picked Miller(I offered my opinion on the last page)

This pick is big for this team because how many positions do we have where we can really say we have a depth chart of VERY GOOD PLAYERS? We don't. We have a good player here, a good player there. But no positions where we can throw out 3 studs..Think of great teams..they not only have depth(which is over-rated if the depth stinks)..But Quality depth. we are building this with this pick.


From the other blog...

1. Yeah you get an opinion, it's just I saw that as a common theme here, someone suggesting every acquisition means the end for someone else.

2. Cousins, well I don't know what to make of that other than Shanny liked him enough and wanted to end the need to deal with QB again for the rest of his tenure there, so he has his starter and back up, who could develop and at least be good trade bait down the line.

I don't see much UM football but everyone seems to like this pick. Is there anybody left in round 5 who could compete for a starting WR job? We had one of the weaker groups of WRs last year, and that was with Marshall. Maybe the new scheme will hide that deficiency.

Is the WR Bust'a McNutt still available?

I commented that I saw many mock drafts here suggesting we would pick two WR's. I said no way, none of the later round WR's were sure to be better than what we already have, and what we have just may be better than we realize with proper coaching. Well, seems like Ireland thought the same way.

Armando you usually don't like it when the Dolphins sign or take players with injury concerns. Why the change of heart?

Good draft so far. Surprising really.

The other thing with Cousins is Shannahan is known as a good developer of QBs (I believe that is what has been said) and he will be able to use Cousins as trade bait to acquire extra picks in the future. The Ron Wolfe way.


I was just talking out loud. I'm not saying any of it's going to happen. I was just trying to understand the movie. I feel a lot better about the pick after reading DD's idea of how Bush will be used. It's a good pick, regardless and I'm also in the camp as saying our WRs aren't nearly as bad as we think. No true number one but there are some guys who could step up.

Gotta get out and do something, too nice of a day to talk about late round draft picks! See ya gentlemen.

Guys,does anyone know anything about WR Jordan White from Western Michigan?

The stats he put up the last 2 years were insane!!!


I hear this stuff about Shanahan all the time. To me that's total crap! (sorry, not directed at you). He had Jake Plummer, Brian Griese, John Beck, Grossman. He may even have had Marinovich.....not sure. TO me Shanahan is the most over-rated guy in the business. They will supposedly build an offence around RGIII. Cousins isn't that kind of player. I feel bad for Cousins. He's got to go in and work hard and hope to God at some point he gets traded.

bye bye Steve Slaton

Have to say, I love what Ireland has done so far. There's an awful lot of anti-Dolphin and anti-Jeff Ireland people in the media today. Curious to see how they rate his draft.

Vernon, and Miller great picks.

It's about the U


its a good selection, just dont know if we should have gave up two sixth rounders for him...We are a team in transition and I guess this is all part of the process. Wonder if we go WR with next pick?

really? you love this pick? lamar miller? i can't believe we actually picked him let alone a trade up... you guys are insane. he looks smaller then that booker guy we drafted from the U a few years back then traded to philly, he will never make it. you guys are excited that we are building depth with him... we could have gotten a first round rated tackle in MASSIE with this pick if we were so worried building depth, at least MASSIE would be a starter if not an outright probowler and at the very least offer build VALUE into our roster. you guys are as crazy as miami's front office, i don't think i can take it anymore...........................

Finally somebody says they love something, Armando! If you follow twitter, you'd slit your wrists. I'm no expert, but I think we're having a great draft. Great players, not busts. Except maybe the pass rusher, we'll see, but at least he's a local product, I like that. It shocked me to get a RB, but I'm never against BPA, and I'm loving all the offensive picks. We need a WR though, we are in trouble without one.

The fins traded down in the third and just got one sixth round pick
They trade up in the 4th and give up two six round picks
Doesn't make good business sense


Thanks for dropping by.....ciao!

Massie? Why the Hell would we need another tackle? We've got two goo ones now. Maybe there's a reason Massie is still out there. Ever think of that?

Guys saying Streeter is a 6th rd player.

"We dont have a 6th rd pick this year".

There isnt musch separation between a 5th and 6th rd drafted wr. So why not take the one who's already a proven red zone threat. That's 7pts on the scoreboard guys.

I dont care if the guy is raw if he can help put up td's right away. Im hoping this is making sense to you guys.


Massie is already gone. Not to worry. LOL

We have a 6th rounder from the trade in the 3rd.

I have been saying for year, every team in the NFL values UM talent but Miami, FINALLY, that has changed.

I say go for the hat trick
Pick Streeter.

None of this crap matters.

It's amazing to see how People are swayed by their Hometown preferences.


Streeter doesn't make sense to me. I want to see what Gates can do first before spending another pick on a burner. Guys are ready to write Gates off but it sometimes takes time for a WR to develop in the NFL. I think we a proper offseason we'll a better version of Gates this year. Not prepared to give up on him yet.

Loving this Draft. Ryan Tannehill will start day one. Jonathan Martin will start at RT. I can't believe we went and got Lamar Miller. He looked fine to me last year running don't understand how he fell so far. Was his injuries that bad? Great pick up in my opinion. The "U" and Dolphins again. Great job this draft. I only wish we could get Mike Wallace from Steelers.

Book = Florida St
good try though


Agreed! Streeter may be a little raw but can be a red zone force right away!

6'5 219 lbs 4.4 forty. Could be a total beast ib a couple years. But a red zone beast right now.


WR's Marvin Jones and McNutt still available

DE still there are: Cam Johnson DE

A couple DB's still there are: Markelle Martin and George Iloka.

Story on PFT that Long could be on his way out of Miami. I think that's total crap but let's see. Sometimes people will just make any crap up to get eyes on their story.

As I posted in the earlier thread, If Harbaugh can take a lousy team, and with basically the same guys make them the 3 best team in the league, why not us?

Do you folks not remember how badly we've been coached up the last 6 years?

This is a major league bunch of coaches, though jury still out on our DC.
Armando has the inside on Lamar Miller, and knows, as i do (from watching every one of Miller's games) that he is even MORE a threat to break it all the way than Bush.
He's NOT a typical WCO back (catching 70 passes a year), but as has been mentioned, this MAY not be your typical WCO.

Everyone has kept repeating we needed impact guys.
Why the complaint?

You can't fill all the holes in one draft, but wahy not get a 1st round talent in the 4th!
If Massie is so great, why is he still there?

Miller, i can understand, with his shoulder issues and anti UM bias these days.

And it's OLIVIER (as in o-LIVE-ee-ay), not Oliver, dad of Andrew, the former being one of the worst QB's in modern history, other than Pat White, Ryan Leif, Todd Marinovich, etc.

I have been saying for year, every team in the NFL values UM talent but Miami, FINALLY, that has changed.

Posted by: Ron | April 28, 2012 at 01:34 PM


If you have been saying that then you have been parroting one of the biggest misperceptions that exists among the Dolphins fanbase.

The fact of the matter is the Dolphins have drafted more players from the University of Miami than ANY other school since the team was founded in 1966.

They have NEVER avoided taking Hurricanes, despite this weird and completely erroneous perception that they have.

We'll know in 2-3 years if any of this means anything. I'd love to get the lat 10 years of nfl drafts on espn and see how accurate Mel is. Anybody that is that looks that angry indignant and righteous can't possibly be wrong.

Sorry,m what I meant to say was that OLIVER LUCK, father of Andrew, was one of the worst QB's.

Not buying the non-sense about our wrs just needing coaching or maybe there is hidden talent. Are you crazy?? Our wr's suck period.

A journeyman who hasn't never produced any thing in Naane

A long striding stiff poor route runner in Hartline

An extremely small more quicker than fast Bess

A very slim..poor route running wr with questionable hands in Gates

Two sluggish sloppy route runners with no hands that can't generate the big play in Wallace and Moore.

Can't gloss a turd. Our potential in the passing game is non existent. Don't care whos offense we are running.

Yeah we had to give up 2 6th rounders to move up instead of the one 6th rounder to move down because we moved up alot more htan we moved down.
Do you people think before you post?

Gawd, I HATE this stupid Mac keyboard. LOL

Common man! If these drafts were any good they would have been sucked up in the first and second. There IS a reason why they are where they are. So if you all believe that THIS ENTIRE Draft is good... I got a stadium to sell you.

THIS draft as well as the others for the past few years SUCKS.

WHEN will all of YOU come to reason that THIS SCOUT Jeff Ireland has NO CLUE how to evaluate and draft players.

Want Proof??? Um.. Are the Dolphins STILL rebuilding? Rebuilding the O line? Rebuilding the D line? Rebuilding everything? YES, Rebuilding.

As long as THE SCOUT and THIS owner are here we will be what we are.

SHOW me WHO was drafted that is a starting Play Maker? Nada, no one, zero. LAST draft, WHO was drafted that was a starter Play Maker? Zero, Nada. The year before WHO was drafted that is a Play maker? Zippo, Nada, nothing.

When the GM and Owner sit there and smile and tap each other on the shoulder and sip champagne over their Success at wasting a #8 pick on Tannehill with the notion that the seats at Crap life stadium will NOW all of a sudden be filled, you are mistaking again.

The seats will be filled IF and when the team shows that they can compete and win at Home. No wins at home means that the Tuna project with Ireland, Sparano and the rest is a utter failure.

In closing, you "may" get the idea that just because that I post exactly what I feel about this team management means that I don't support the team.

With a new HC Philbin not only gets MY support but deserves it from everyone. He will get his honeymoon year and we will reevaluate it from there.

BUT, as far as my support for these clowns Jeff Ireland and Deputy Doggy owner Ross. I cant wait until BOTH of them are gone. Ross selling the team and Ireland Fired.

If YOU have 5 more years for settling on the mediocrity then you basically have the rest of your life to settle that the team SUCKS and that winning 5 -7 -11 games was a good season.

A good season is when we go to the playoffs and a great season is when we get to the AFC Championship and an excellent season is when we make it to the Super bowl.

Have a nice day!

When is the rookie min camp?

"Oil Of Olay Johnson?"

LOL, I gotta admit that made me laugh.


Cam Johnson's an interesting pick. Surprised he's lasted this long. He was thought to be a second round pick.



Anyone still clamoring wr periood is pretty much writing Gates off. Im not writing Gates off. Im just for adding an element that helps scores td in the "RED ZONE". Streeter is that right away.

I believe Streetr is still at least a couple seasons away to becoming a complete nfl wr, but he has great tools to work with. But we can take advantage of that 6'5 red zone ability right away.

Plus it helps rid of some of the wr clutter we have right now and is future insurance Wallace doesnt become all we may envision him to be.

They drafted the wrong players, dave. dave? dave? Are you there, dave?


Some of you post like retards without looking at facts first. We got a sixth from SD in our trade down.


i agree with budtki, we wasted more than one pick on this kid. we need a wide receiver also, tannehill or whoever starts, needs targets. we wasted this pick. there were plenty of other options that would make a lot more sense, like massie or even a corner. there was no reason for us to trade up, we need all the picks we can get.

Shanahan hasn't developed anyone at QB where is that nonsense coming from, the only thing he ever did was pay players under the table to keep them so they could win 2 Superbowls with John Elway.He got caught after those SB victories when one of those players spoke about it after being cut and several players had to explain there bank accounts .They got charged draft picks for both of those superbowl victory seasons.Shanahan has 2 tainted rings and nothing since.

Who the hell is Cam Johnson?


I kind of like Iloka from Boise State. He's a free safety and he plays hard. He would be a great STer as well.

I'll trust you South Floridians that the Miller pick was a good one. Was having a hard time justifying that pick from my pov, esp trading up for it, when they traded up for Thomas last year, still have Bush on the roster, and desperately need WR help.

Love Love LOVE picking huge, crusty and gooey boogers from my nose! Then I eat them!

Does anyone know when the Rookie Camp is?

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