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Love, love, LOVE the picking of Lamar Miller

Lamar Miller thought he'd be a first-round pick, second-round at worst.

Then the draft came. And the first round passed. And the second round passed. And the third round passed and Lamar Miller was not picked.

Finally, the somebody within the Dolpins organization must have seen the crosstown kid still on the board in the fourth round and said, 'Hey, this kid's fast and solid. Let's get him!"

And so the Dolphin traded up to the pick No. 97 -- giving up No. 103, No. 168 and a sixth-round pick next year.  In other words, the Dolphins gave up two sixth-round picks to get a promising playmaker.

Why do I love this pick? Because Reggie Bush, outstanding as he was last season in gaining over 1,000 yards, is unsigned after this season. And, given his history, this is a solid defense against Bush getting hurt.

So the Dolphins will have someone in wating if the Bush thing doesn't work out this year. Miller also can return kicks and punts.

Miller dropped, supposedly, because teams had issues with his shoulder injury and how that affected his running.

"There's no regret," Miller said. "I just thank God. It's a blessing just to get the opportunity to play in the NFL. Getting a chance to play in my hometown and getting a chance to play in a Super Bowl is a blessing. I don't regret anything."

Got to like Miller's optimism about the Super Bowl thing.


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Dolphins finally showing UM some love, 20 years later...

There will be no notable wr's left after we wait hrs to draft again. Dumb move by moving up and taking a very brittle Miller. He is always hurt..shoulders and knees. I have every game of his college career on tivo. He can't elude and has poor vision. Not to mention he doesn't use his stiff arm and runs very soft...no power to speak of. That's why David Wilson went much earlier than Miller.

I think someone said, What position do we need to address the least? Running back, so let's draft one and ignore the receivers and defense. We SUCK!


You just posted one of the most retarded, fact-less posts in the history of this blog.


phinjunky, that's 2 more SB's than we've had since 1973.

Is there ANYONE here that wouldn't give up a 1st rounder to win a SB?
Like Nascar and Soccer, cheating is alive an well in the NFL.

Posted by: Lisa | April 28, 2012 at 01:49 PM
And it starts.

not much luck with the name Vernon out of the U of Miami. In my back seat opinion this whole draft depends on a pass rusher from the other side so this Vernon better be ready.

I do not want Tanhill starting day one. But how do you let a man making more money than your starter sit the bench. Moore had better start saving moving boxes. And that will be sad when it happens.

This draft solved nothing. Not one thing other than shutting the people up, who wanted us to draft a qB/any QB in the first round. Probably be doing the same thing next year also.

We now need free agents and they cost money we dont seem to have under the cap. Which means bye-bye to someone my guess is Dansby.

Dolphins have drafted more players from UM than any other school during their history.

That is the FACT of the matter regardless of your uninformed perceptions otherwise.

I am pretty sure you are FOS

I've been the biggest Ireland basher on here. I've hated most of his picks over the last three or four years to say the least. But I must admit, that I love the Miller picki. He's explosive, and if he's healthy gives them a homerun threat whether it's on special teams or is it third-down back in his first year and as possible replacement for Bush down the line. Love this pic!

An interesting pick might be Vontaze Burfict. I watched probably all his games in college at ASU and he's an all or nothing guy. Not a position of need but the guy can, at times, make crazy plays at LB. He's either going to be an all star or cellmate of Lawrence Phillips but at this point maybe worth the gamble?

NY "G"...posting like a true fan, no problem there.
However, you CAN'T discount the fact that along with Ross...and prior to them, we had a horrible5 years of indifferent to mediocre coaching.
It's been so SO many times, how important positional coaches are to the development of players, and for the past few years, this has been a real problem.
That has ended.

Watch the improvement of guys like D Thomas, Gates, Jerry, our safeties...the only guy I see as problematic is Sean Smith. He just appears to have sub-par instincts, and plays with fear of making a mistake.

We were big and slow, now we're much more athletic, quicker.

I've been no fan of Jeff and Ross, but lets give these new guys, our present guys and this staff a chance. Ireland and Ross don't take a snap.

Does anyone know when the Rookie Camp is?

Childs just went ot the Vikings. I believe Criner is still out there though. Big reciever from Arizona.

Below is the Fins draft and what's left according to the ESPN Draft Tracker LIVE.

Rd 1 - #8(8) Ryan Tannehill(QB) Texas A&M
Rd 2 - #10(42) Jonathan Martin(OT) Stanford
Rd 3 - #9(72) Olivier Vernon(DE) Miami
Rd 3 - #15(78) Michael Egnew(TE) Missouri
Rd 4 - #2(97) Lamar Miller(RB) Miami
Rd 5 - #10(145)
Rd 6 - #13(183)
Rd 7 - #8(215)

Tony Sparano!
WTF are you talking about. Fins wrs are trash. I challenge you to give me any evidence to dispute what I said. Moore and Wallace didn't play and spent there careers on the scout team for a damn reason. How many great wr's spent 2 years on the scout team then became good to great wr's??? Hartline is not a starting wr in the NFL as much as some try to hype his ypc avg.

Gates is wiry skinny and had few snaps because...he was so fast and effective. Gates can't get off press coverage and can't run a route. He won't magically transform into Greg Jennings just because Phibin is here doggie. Bess is a slot wr who is limited by his top end speed and can be covered up. I have watched every game with NFL direct ticket for years. I see what you can't.

You probably have never played the game beyond jr high school. Our wr core needs upgrading beyond adding one wr. If you think other wise then you are clueless.

nyg a and 8balla are both jet fans who have zero clue. this draft is a good one and the only picks that those two clowns would approve of are their noses.

I'm not much for other People's wives. Only for my ex-wives.

Awesome pick. Now get Juron Criner for WR.

Posted by: Chris in the 623 | April 28, 2012 at 01:58 PM

LOL...cellmate of L Phillips!

Does anyone know when the Rookie Camp is?

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | April 28, 2012 at 01:59 PM




Thanks for our remaining draft rd chart.


Couldn't agree more with this pick! The kid is fast and surprisingly powerful. I was hoping the Fins would take either Miller or Streeter.

Dolphins have drafted more players from UM than any other school during their history.
That is the FACT of the matter regardless of your uninformed perceptions otherwise.

Posted by: And The Moon Isn't Made Of Cheese, Either | April 28, 2012 at 01:54 PM

Huge canes and dolphins fan. hadn't realized. Suppose I'm thinking of the superstars (Irvin, Sapp, etc, etc, etc) that have not been dolphins.

Evidently not Texas. I don't know that they've announced it yet.

Criner will be long gone before the Fins pick. Even if he happens to be there Fins with go OG or LB. Let the staff be stubborn and think the system can transform a sub par wr core in to a productive high scoring group. Gonna be painful for those that didn't see it early. Newflash...Tom Brady won't be under center for the Fins this season.

Armando, Why didn't Dolphins get compensatory picks after losing Marshall and Bell?

I know when the rookie camp is.

+1 NY "G"
BTW, can I drop the " "?


LOL, Apparently trace knows but you have to pay him to find out.

Thanks Rick

"Armando, Why didn't Dolphins get compensatory picks after losing Marshall and Bell?"

Posted by: B33RCA53 | April 28, 2012 at 02:06 PM
Excellent question?
Could it be they were not valued high enough?

Huge canes and dolphins fan. hadn't realized. Suppose I'm thinking of the superstars (Irvin, Sapp, etc, etc, etc) that have not been dolphins.

Posted by: dolfanSF | April 28, 2012 at 02:05 PM


It's a very common misperception that I've heard from Dolphins fans for years.

But those guys are right. The Dolphins have drafted more Hurricanes than any other school over the years.

True, though, they haven't had much bang for the buck from it. Most of the really great UM guys went too high in the draft for the Dolphins to get them. Most of our Canes have been of the Jay Brophy, Woody Bennett variety.

Newflash...Tom Brady won't be under center for the Fins this season.
Posted by: Stra8balla | April 28, 2012 at 02:06 PM

Thats for the info, bro. Didn't know that. I better get to the NFL shop and cancel my #12 Jersey....

NYG draft chart is WRONG. We traded our sixth pick and next years sixth to move up.

The only bad pick is hennehill. He is a bust wating to happen. Just wait and see.

thavafin, he does make a point that Brady makes everyone on that team better, and Moore is NOT that guy, and who knows about Tannehill?
Garrard is a good QB that got a raw deal in J-ville...look at their draft and you can see they ain't exactly the Steelers.

: NY "G" | April 28, 2012 at 01:42 PM

This poster is a total idiot. He doesn't wear rose colored glasses or drink kool aid. He wears s hit colored glasses and drinks sewer water. Read that post and it's obvious.

So does that mean Daniel Thomas is a bust?

Bunker, unless I'm mistaken, we had 2 6th rounders this year.
I've been wrong on more than one occasion, though. LOL

COmpensatory picks for guys we lose this year will be given next year.



You're claiming the wr corps is so bad yet youre clamoring for a mid to late rd wr's. ???????????

Even, if we dont draft a wr this draft, it only opens the door to spend higher picks at the position in 2013. We did a decent job of answering needs in the upper part of the draft.

How in the hell are we suppose to have a quality answer to all of our needs in one draft? The further down we go, the less likely it will be a quality answer.

I hope no one's expecting this team to go to the sb next year. We're probablyu still at least another draft and fa period away. Geesh! LOL

May I ask you men a question?

I was out for lunch with some girlfriends the other day when I suddenly became violently ill. Instead of excusing myself to run to the bathroom, I simply leaned my head under the table and puked my guts out.

They were all mortified, but I explained that public restrooms are like g-damn ECHO CHAMBERS where the whole freaking restaurant would have heard me upchucking my lobster bisque and gastric juices. At least by doing it under the table, the noise was relatively confined to our dining area.

I think I'm right and it's better to puke right then and there. Do you agree?

Cowkilla...Thomas was IMO NOT worth what we gave up. Some scout somewhere in the midwest thought they saw something. But as that conference plays NO defense, that is not a proper evaluation, thus Thomas's inability to get out of his own way.

Thus the Miller pick. This is NOT a Daniel Thomas offense.
I believe he will be cut, or at best we may get a 5-6 rounder for him.
To \Jeff's credit, he buried his ego and made things right for us and the coaching staff with the Miller pick.

Rookie camp will be held.

So who is everyone liking for a WR??? I like Marvin Mcnutt. He has dominated the Big ten the last couple years. Was a Wisconsin killer. Had 1,200 yards and 8 TDs last year. Lots of production for a 5th round pick. Has good size 6'2'' and decent speed, but he is known for having good route running

I*m still thinking there's a good chance we take Streeter at #145 or with the 6th rd pick if he's still there. Pick #145 could be best player available too. I would be happy with that.

IMAWriter...hmm I didn't know about that. You could be right.


We traded down in the 3rd yesterday and picked up the Chargers 6th rd pick. Keep up..lol.

Bust'a McNutt with the 145th.

It WOULD be a great pic if we were the pats and had no glaring holes. Like the one Ireland and Ross created at WR. It's another player we don't need which only serves to confirm that ireland doesn't know you win with qb's and wr's now. Period

Lets get best WR available

Jordan White please....

Marvin McNutt?

Sounds like a 'Loony Tunes' character. Didn't he used to tangle with Pepe LePew?


Its been reported Daniel Thomas has really bulked himself up this offseason. He added a few muscles on top of muscles. Im holding out my jury on him until I see how he impacts the offense this year.


I think Juron Criner is still there as well unless I missed it. He was rated much higher than Streeter.

Why is Daniel Thomas not right for this offense???? He is known for being a good receiver coming out of the backfield. He hasn't had much time to prove himself yet. Thomas is about the same size as Ryan Grant who was the starting RB in Green Bay. I thought Thomas had some very good looking runs last year

I wonder what happens at WR in Miami but the Lamar Miller pick was a steal, steal, steal!!!

I love this pick on several fronts. The first being that Miami finally takes an explosive offensive home run threat that played at a big time program!

I'm hoping Marvin Jones or Marvin McNutt round 5!

You can grab one explosive outside wr an not draft a TE or Rb when you already have 4 rbs + 5,000 tight ends already on your roster. That's how. This is a glaring weakness on the team. Some thing you must have a high priority tag on. Fact that the draft was deep with wr's means there is no excuse letting 4 rds go by without one. Naane...Hartline...Bess.....embarrassing to even suit up against the defenses we will face this year.

Was a Wisconsin killer.

Posted by: Chase | April 28, 2012 at 02:19 PM


Like Jeffrey Dahmer?

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