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Love, love, LOVE the picking of Lamar Miller

Lamar Miller thought he'd be a first-round pick, second-round at worst.

Then the draft came. And the first round passed. And the second round passed. And the third round passed and Lamar Miller was not picked.

Finally, the somebody within the Dolpins organization must have seen the crosstown kid still on the board in the fourth round and said, 'Hey, this kid's fast and solid. Let's get him!"

And so the Dolphin traded up to the pick No. 97 -- giving up No. 103, No. 168 and a sixth-round pick next year.  In other words, the Dolphins gave up two sixth-round picks to get a promising playmaker.

Why do I love this pick? Because Reggie Bush, outstanding as he was last season in gaining over 1,000 yards, is unsigned after this season. And, given his history, this is a solid defense against Bush getting hurt.

So the Dolphins will have someone in wating if the Bush thing doesn't work out this year. Miller also can return kicks and punts.

Miller dropped, supposedly, because teams had issues with his shoulder injury and how that affected his running.

"There's no regret," Miller said. "I just thank God. It's a blessing just to get the opportunity to play in the NFL. Getting a chance to play in my hometown and getting a chance to play in a Super Bowl is a blessing. I don't regret anything."

Got to like Miller's optimism about the Super Bowl thing.


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I think it was Omar Kelly who reported that Daniel Thomas is visibly much bigger muscular wise over last season. That will huge help in his short yardage abilities.

Trade down

LOL, we trade down

Yosemite Sam... It's hard to believe that a name would remind you of the Looney Toons... Haha

Dolphins have traded yet again???


I just think the value of Lamar Miller there was too rich to pass up. I love that they went BPA! Miller is a Clinton Portis type when he was younger.

And just saw Miami traded back again. Hmmmm

I'm thinking that our backfield is starting to sound like quarter-beer night at a local redneck watering hole; "I'll have a Bush & a Miller, please!"

Right on Armando!! Ireland killed it with this pick. Lamar Miller is going to be an explosive offensive player for this team! Love it

Good one Tracy lol

I also love the pick! Its about time we select players from the "U" our own backyard, even if the team hasn't done well lately. But, if I recall, didn't they get a star running back from the canadian league at the beginning of the off season? Anyway, I'm all for this kid Streeter now. You bring another player from the "U" AND he's 6'5" weighs 220 lbs. Also don't forget after the draft most teams will release players. Maybe a receiver (Mike Wallace), guard, safety?

Phins just traded out of 145.

So what did we get from Tennesee?? Anyone know?

Juron Criner WR Arizona
Trevin Wade DB Arizona
Tommy Streeter WR UM
George Lloka FS Boise State

YG, that's good ton hear regarding Thomas, but he's already non elusive, and will the extra bulk affect that even more?

His problem was just not having the "it' thing. Poor technique, big steps, high up position.
Who knows. In hope he's improved. Great for us.

BTW, re-reading Mando's blog up top, why does it seem we ALWAYS give up more than NE to move up, and get LESS to move down?
Jeff needs to play hard ball a bit more.
Or am I seeing this wrong? I don't have Jimmah Johnson's value chart at hand.

Stra8bea. Get another goon for awhile. You obviously have no clue as to the type of re receiver pholbins offense calls for.


4rb's, are you kidding? We have Bush and Thomas. Slayton was retired before we signed him. No one else wanted him. We isgned a couple other real scrubs.

Dude, until we drafted Lamar, we only really had 2 rb's, Bush and Thomas. The rest are cheerleaders in football pads.

Anyone know what we got for our 5th pick to Tennessee. I see now that we are out of the 5th round completely..

scratch that on McNutt he ran one of the worst times for all WR in the 3 cone drill. The worst time was 7.19, McNutt ran a 7.15. So the quick in and out route runner he is not. Not a WC offense fit

WOW!!!, I didn't think this draft would be this solid, we're starting to look like a different team, IMO we don't have a huge hole at WR, Philbin system doesn't depend on the offense having a huge No.1 WR, our current receivers must step up in the new system, west coast style depends on clutch receivers, RB's and TE's contributing to making a well oiled machine and we've gotten that this draft, not to mention we have what could be one of the best OL's in the league at starting talent.

Who knows, we could be for a surprise visit to the playoffs this year!!!

Stra8balla, just curious, do you even watch football? Do you see how the Packers are built and do you understand what is happening here? Stop crying about receivers, we will have more then enough of them come training camp

Can we stil get Bust'a McNutt later?


How do you figure tHomas will get cut? The guy's like 24 years old. Who cuts a 24 year old running back, who suffered through an injury plagued season and was drafted in the second round? What's the advantage to cutting him? It's not like he's making big money.

Thomas and Miller will be here while Bush goes off into the sunset when he asks for more money next year


You're right Ireland definitely killed it with the Lamar Miller pick. He's a home run threat in that young fast Clinton Portis (Denver) mold.

Safety I-loca would be ok.

I hate this trading down this late in the draft. The same guys you'll now draft would be prolly be available as 7th rounders or FA.
Not good. Who needs an extra 7th round pick?
Get em' cheaper in FA.

problem is, Jeff will say, even trading down, "we got who we wanted!"
That's a line of crap, as every GM says the same thing.


If you look one below he also has one of the best 20 yard shuttles.... Which also speaks of quickness. 4.07, and best was 3.98. They kinda contradict eachother. And i just know from watching tape. You dont have to be quick to be a good route runner. You just have to have fluid transitions and sound fundamentals

why another rb. when we have a stabel full

According to Armando's post ABOVE which I pasted BELOW. The Dolphin traded up to pick Miller No. 97 -- giving up No. 103, No. 168 and a sixth-round pick next year.

Below is the UPDATED LIVE Fins draft and what's left according to the ESPN Draft Tracker LIVE. It's NOT my tracker it comes from the LIVE ESPN so if you want to go there look for yourselfs.

They traded out with the Titans from 145 to the 155 spot in the 5 round.

Rd 1 - #8(8) Ryan Tannehill(QB) Texas A&M
Rd 2 - #10(42) Jonathan Martin(OT) Stanford
Rd 3 - #9(72) Olivier Vernon(DE) Miami
Rd 3 - #15(78) Michael Egnew(TE) Missouri
Rd 4 - #2(97) Lamar Miller(RB) Miami
Rd 5 - #20(155)
Rd 6 - #13(183)
Rd 7 - #8(215)


With the new blocking scheme Thomas doesnt have to ultra elusive. The new blocking scheme(zone) will actually play to his strength of being a one cut powerback.

Bush is elusive, Lamar Miller is elusive, Thomas doesnt have to be elusive. He'll play into the scheme as a one cut powerback.

IMAWriter and YG,,, Thanks from earlier.

They had to get a pick for next year from Tenn

We also got the Titans 7th round pick. We have 2 picks in the 7th round now.

We must have picked up an extra pick next year. Not sure what you get for moving back ten spots in the fifth round. Maybe a fourth or fifth rounder?


Yeah but 3 cone drill isn't so much quickness as it is start and stop speed. So the breaking down in a route and then accelerating is not there according to the 3 cone drill. Nonetheless they are just drills.

Marvin Jones from Cal on the other hand ran 4.46, and one of the best 3 cone drills in out of WRs. But we shall see. Probably a pointless argument. Miami probably goes safety or O-line.

I hope we go with Marvin Jones, the Cal WR. Also, the Virginia DE, Cameron Johnson, would be a steal in the fifth round...doubling down on DE isn't a bad idea.

Craig, do we need more evidence you n ireland are in a relationship? Budtki posts his thoughts, which don't mesh with yours and you tell him ciao?

What do you want? A sausage fest with the pro ireland crowd? Please, go flog another blog.

Like you always say, skip over those posts, like most peole do with yours. Between you & odin its no surprise tthis blog sucks now! If this blog ever wanted anyone to say ciao, its you, homer!

Oh wow just saw OLB Terrell Manning is still there? Wow. I heard he was a 3rd round type of OLB. I wonder why he slipped?

Not sure what's with all the Rhomas bashing AGAIN. How is it with end up having a good draft and so many morons come here just to bash some of our players? What's kind of sick condition is that? Jet-itis?

Regardless of what anyone thinks of Thomas, we still need a goal-line back. Bush isn't the answer for that and neither is Miller. Thomas has a definite role on this team and it's just that. It's also to wear down the other team's defence. Not elusive? Who f*cking cares. We're not asking him to do that. How about we leave the elusiveness up to the guys who need to do that.

Great, now I got to sit at the house a little longer to see our 5th rd pick(155). Im ready to get out for a minute already. LOL

All I know is the Sun Sentinel is now CHARGING to read the sports page online. I just erased their bookmark and will do the same if the Herald starts this nonsense.

finfan maybe?,, See that in the live ticker. 2 in the 7th like you said. Thanks.

Can we get Brandon Marshall back? Our WR's are the worst in the league.

Not sure about this one. We moved down 10 spots in the 5th for a 7th rder. Still alot of talent out there though.

We now have 4 picks left. WR's Criner,Jones, Streeter, S's Antonio Allen, George Iloka, DE's Winn and Cam Johson and still out there

yesterday, exactly!! i guess people didn't watch the 2 games thomas actually played a lot in last year. the guy looked like earl campbell!! he all be 100% this year and he will move the pile and the chains. and punish lbs and safeties.

just an observation,

butki said he couldn't take it any more, I was just giving him a proper send off.

Maybe you take that advice and skip over my comments. That way we won't have to interact.

Try buying yourself a name too....

Wade SB Arizona or Criner WR Arizona? or Streeter?

People who come on here and just bash the Dolphins are stupid. Either be a fan, or shut the hell up.

These BS trade-downs that net us nothing. What good are a bunch of 6th round acorn picks when they are never acorns and just take up cap space.

We have left better players on the board that we should have picked while trading down to pick guys that carry high risk and might be serviceable.

I finally figured it out. Ireland says he expects to be right about 50% of the time. I guess if you manage to pick about 12 guys, 6 of them might make your roster... so what, they still suck.

Ireland could have followed the dumb advice usually provided here and would have done better than 50% and it would have been players that were actually real beneficial.

After Martin, our draft is pretty much high risk acorns who might have potential and whose contribution will most likely be to eat cap space and prevent the pick up of any real playmakers.

The formula for an Ireland draft is apparently to select the most obvious player in the first round, and then select entirely on need as long as it isn't a great player or skip need altogether if we can snag a couple obscure players no one else would draft. The only improvement in this draft was the grabbing of Martin in the second round and even then, we have to grab a LT and force a conversion to RT just to try and f^ck the guy up by reinforcing his weaknesses instead of his strength.

No WR's of note in this draft. No WR's of note on our roster. Tannehill best remain on the bench before he gets labeled a bust before this season is even over.

Clearly, D Thomas is a total bust. He will be the 4th RB until he is cut next year.

Was a Wisconsin killer.

Posted by: Chase | April 28, 2012 at 02:19 PM


Like Jeffrey Dahmer?

Posted by: D. Stevens Yachts | April 28, 2012 at 02:23 PM

Haha, no more like Ed Gein...

lol Thomas is going to be fine.

BJ Cunningham
Dwight Jones

Are all still on the board because they didn't run well. 4.5 to 4.6 guys who will struggle to get vertical and lack explosion...Blackmon..Floyd...Hill...Childs..Jeffrey...
Jenkins...all went earlier because they have good size and can run. All ran sub 4.5. We are left with guys who have size but lack lateral agility and speed to accompany that size. Making them strictly possession targets.

Juron Criner should be the pick...

Scouts INC in Lamar Miller's speed



Elite lateral agility and acceleration (5:02 first quarter vs. BC 2011 is one of dozens of great examples on tape). In same class as Chris Johnson in this department. Few have his combination of quickness and speed. Squeezes through tiny creases. Shows ability to stop-and-start with almost no wasted motion. Accelerates off his cut and can string together double moves seamlessly

This blog is so much more enjoyable when that clown 'odinseye' isn't around.

I am LOVING this draft. Miller was a steal, and may end up being the steal of the entire draft. I see Clinton Portis potential..

Any WR taken in rounds 5,6,7, will not be any better or more ready to play than the receivers already on the roster. If anything, Miami should have attempted to trade down a few spots in the first round to pick up an extra 3rd rounder and then draft Michael Floyd. That would have allowed Miami to still draft Vernon and Egnew as well as draft Alshon Jeffery (or anyone else). But, that is all moot, since this front office was hell-bent on taking Tannehill...


You forget an extra 7th allows us to get a guy that otherwise would have been an ufa. It also allows us to steal what we may see would be the best ufa out there.

Otherwise he would gotten to pick his own team that might not have been the dolphins. Think about it, &th rd'ers are nothing but glorified ufa's anyway. We still have a 5th rd pick and a chance to land whomever we think may be the best UFA that would be available.

That's player development thought going into that decision and we still have a 5th rd pick. Not spectacular, but not bad either.

Guys Thomas is a power back, a guy to get tough yards and wear down the defense late in games. Jerome Bettis wasn't elusive, neither was John Riggens or Csonka. I suppose if Ireland picked one of them you would rag on it all the way up to their HOF induction.

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