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Love, love, LOVE the picking of Lamar Miller

Lamar Miller thought he'd be a first-round pick, second-round at worst.

Then the draft came. And the first round passed. And the second round passed. And the third round passed and Lamar Miller was not picked.

Finally, the somebody within the Dolpins organization must have seen the crosstown kid still on the board in the fourth round and said, 'Hey, this kid's fast and solid. Let's get him!"

And so the Dolphin traded up to the pick No. 97 -- giving up No. 103, No. 168 and a sixth-round pick next year.  In other words, the Dolphins gave up two sixth-round picks to get a promising playmaker.

Why do I love this pick? Because Reggie Bush, outstanding as he was last season in gaining over 1,000 yards, is unsigned after this season. And, given his history, this is a solid defense against Bush getting hurt.

So the Dolphins will have someone in wating if the Bush thing doesn't work out this year. Miller also can return kicks and punts.

Miller dropped, supposedly, because teams had issues with his shoulder injury and how that affected his running.

"There's no regret," Miller said. "I just thank God. It's a blessing just to get the opportunity to play in the NFL. Getting a chance to play in my hometown and getting a chance to play in a Super Bowl is a blessing. I don't regret anything."

Got to like Miller's optimism about the Super Bowl thing.


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Marvin Jones?


I posted earlier Lamar Miller is a slightly slower version of Chris Johnson. LOL

Ireland is terrible at drafting. Oh well.


Good stuff bro!

Rd 5 - #20(155) Dolphins


Josh Kaddu
OLB 6' 3" | 239lbs | Oregon

actually I'm leaning towards Tommy Streeter still... Big and fast exactly what we are missing to stretch field

Josh Kaddu olb Oregon, LOL.

Guess Philbin isnt feeling so bad about the wr corps as we seem to feel.

Squandering 3 picks on D Thomas was MORONIC!!

Yes I do watch the game...played the game on the high school and college level too sir. You can't just plug scrubs in to a system and expect the system to make the wr. This isn't college football. Where is our Greg Jennings.

Is GB's system making him a great wr or does he have the measurables and ability to excel?? GB has athletic group that run routes well but also features some explosive pieces. In the system you need clutch wr's.LOL! That makes little sense. Don't compare our wr's to GB's and start shouting about the system. I watch more football than probably most of this board..that includes you. H.S....college and PRO level.

people still talking about Thomas is moronic

Still hoping for Tommy Streeter and Luke Nix next rd...

Agreed Scotty. No way they bring in Slaton and Miller to add to Bush if Thomas was any good at all. A big waste of picks by Irescum.

Josh Kaddu

Strengths: Looks the part with a strong, long frame with good arm length. Fluid and flexible athlete with agile footwork and explosive get-off quickness. Has very good playing speed and is fast in pursuit, chasing down the action with a closing burst. Coordinated and looks natural in space. Physical at the point of attack and works hard to shed blocks. Enjoys contact and is a forceful tackler. Effective blitzer with the speed to reach the backfield and create backside pressure. High motor, aggressive nature and killer instinct. Extensive experience on special-teams coverage.

Weaknesses: Has lean limbs and needs to get stronger and add bulk to his frame. Has inconsistent read/react skills with streaky awareness when asked to drop in coverage. Is ...

Sounds like he's expected to challenge for st's position right away while be a development project.

Down to the last three picks unless THE SCOUT trades. lol

Rd 1 - #8(8) Ryan Tannehill(QB) Texas A&M
Rd 2 - #10(42) Jonathan Martin(OT) Stanford
Rd 3 - #9(72) Olivier Vernon(DE) Miami
Rd 3 - #15(78) Michael Egnew(TE) Missouri
Rd 4 - #2(97) Lamar Miller(RB) Miami
Rd 5 - #20(155) Josh Kaddu(OLB) Oregon
Rd 6 - #13(183)
Rd 7 - #8(215)
Rd 7 - #20(227)

Posted by: NY "G" | April 28, 2012 at 02:34 PM

You betcha!

I have hope again!!! even considering renewing my sunday ticket!!!
Go Phins!!!

Who the FUC is Josh Kaddu??? LOL! Like to see any one defend this pick as the hole in our wr core grows with each bad selection. Crazy! Guess Ireland is gonna pick an acorn wr with one of the 7th rd picks. Maybe some one from SW. Idaho St.

Well the Kaddu and Vernon picks makes sense together. Wheres the recievers though?

I think maybe Philbin is a little big for his britches assuming he can develop what we got.

Slaton is the odd man out...

Kaddu also looks like he could begin as a situational pass rusher too. Solid but not spectacular pick.

Its 5th rd, thats what most later rd picks are, solid not spectacular.

Is it my imagination or do all of Ireland's draft picks end up getting cut after 2 years? LOL

Ok it's clear Brian Hartline is Jordy Nelson in the making lol.

I applaud Ireland great draft! That's right I am going on record and saying it was a great draft. You can't fix everything in one offseason. Draft a WR next year when Tannehill is projected to play.

1. Tannehill - Great bold move. A must pick. 5 years from now he is going to be a top 10 QB and if he's not it was still the right pick anyway.

2. Jonathan Martin - A great value. A borderline 1st rounder who will thrive on at RT. He will form great bookends with Jake Long and and stud center Mike Pouncey.

3. Oliver Vernon - I gotta take McShay and companies opinion that he would of been a 2nd rounder if he would have played all year. I don't know much about him but getting a guy who some considered a 2 in the 3rd again great value.

3. Michael Egnew - We all been dying to get a legit pass catching TE and he seems to fit the bill. He's 6'5 252 lbs ran a 4.6 40 time and had the best vertical and broad jump of all the TEs at the combine. Prototypical West Coast TE and Miami was able to pick up an extra 6th to trade back.

4. Lamar Miller - what a steal! Some mocks had him going to Giants in round 1 and was at worst a 2nd but he slips because of the shoulder injury and Miami shows balls and so they can benefit for once of having a home run threat on this offense! Great pick!

5. Josh Kaddu - 6'3 240 will be a special teams guy. Probably my least favorite pick but love the way the draft is going.


Since youre a certtified nlf wr expert, I guess we should take your word there's a huge hole in thwr corps. Just dont know how we could have done this draft without you. Thx for showing up! LOL


I agree Dolfan Rick. You have to have the tools to develop. Bess...Hartline and company struggled to separate when Marshall was getting doubled. What happens when you can single up and press without fear of any one getting vertical on this team. That means the D can blitz from all angles or just squeeze the offense because no wr can win one on one matchups consistently.

Can't wait for the season to start. Hope all the scouts loving this wr core are here all season to eat crow. Buffalo...NYJ and the Pats had tremendous drafts. We will occupy the cellar.


Scouting reports Im seeing on Kaddu is the kid is explosive getting to the qb. I see him right now as st's and competing for a situational pass rush spot.

Very solid pick, especially the pass rush potential.


Kaddu was actually the 12th rated lber in the draft.

The Bucs selected Najee Good the 29th rated lber in the top of the rd.

Teams rate players differently on their board depending on their scheme and their needs.


So far I give this draft no lower than a B-minus rating. Tannehill panning out would give this draft a A-minus rating down the road. Thats just my belief.

Yesterday's Gone...just don't be afraid to grace the board during the season. It will be interesting to hear you explain why the offense has yet to pass for over 300 yds and has no pass play competed to a wr for more than 30 yds. Explosive plays from the passing game will be non-existent. You heard it here 1st...I will be on the board all year dude.

Dolphins will pick one more cane Tommie Streeter


Yeah OK, the Jets had a tremedous draft. You're qualified to talk about that? You must have worked in an NFL front office, right? Oh yeah, I forgot....you watch more high school and College than us, so yeah you'd know.

If it's OK with you, I'll trust the guys in the NFL who actually get paid to do this stuff over you. If they say our WR core is good enough, I say show us! You have no clue what Philbin and Sherman have in store for us. NE seemed to make out just fine without any bonafide superstars in the WR core. Granted they have Brady but isn't the argument you're making that you can't win without star WR's? 13-3 would seem to disprove that theory.

Please ...no minimal effort T. Street. Would rather them take a kid who will give effort and play full speed consistently. Tommy is beyond a developmental player. Scared of contact and can only run a 9 route. He needs a heart transplant.

So far I give this draft no lower than a B-minus rating. Tannehill panning out would give this draft a A-minus rating down the road. Thats just my belief.

Now that the Canes blow chunks the Dolphins are drafting Canes ? Is this just PR damage control from Ross and Co ? One hopes not.

Tom Brady and 2 all pro level te's make that type of production from any other team impossible to duplicate. You think Tannehill or Matt Moore will ever reach Brady's level??? I want some of what your smoking. Didn't the Pats pick up Lloyd in the off season? There passing options are much better than ours and so is there scheme.

STILL dont have a WR drafted ? Shouldve taken Stephen Hill, now he's a Jet and will kill us on Sundays... Sad

I didn't say Moore would be Brady....you did. Your point is you can't win without a star wide receiver. I'm saying the Pats seem to do it OK. We couldn't win with a star wide receiver here to start with in Marshall, so your theory holds no water.

As I said, I'll trust Philbin and Sherman on what they need over you as a fan.

IF you don't have a star wr you need 2 very good wr's. We have neither. Do you think you can win with a group of avg wr's who can't win one on one?? If so...show me a team that has done it outside of NE. NE has a very unique situation in that they can create mismatches by putting 2 te's on the field that can beat safeties and cb's. We lack this element also. Fasano struggles to beat lb's at times. We don't have a clue what we have in Clay and Egnew.

Jerry Rice ran a 4.6 in his NFL combine.

Speed isn't everything.

Believe or not we don't get to pick every good player out there.

There are 31 other teams making selections as well.

We came away with 3 projected 1st rders in Tannehill,Martin,and Miller.

We got a good TE in Egnew and a speed rusher in Vernon.

I have to say I am a little baffled we haven't taken a WR though.

It seems like we have a group of possesion recievers even with he addition of Nanee. Except for Gates of course.

Jones and Criner are now gone btw.


Im just not getting your rant:

1. Ryan Tannehill--- Finally a 1st rd qb
2. Jonathan Martin-- Bookend tackle
3a. Michael Egnew-- Finally a true TE seam threat
3b. Olivier Vernon-- Pass rush help
4. Lamar Miller-- Homerun threat
5. Josh Kaddu--St's and maybe perfect fit for new D-system.

Lamar Miller adds a homerun and chunk yardage threat every time he touches the ball. Egnew is legit TE size and seam threat. These are two potential playmaker added to our offense. As long as we're adding playmakers and get the ball into thier hands. It doesnt matter what position they play.

Dude, youre not going to find Calvin Johnson 4th-5th-6th-7th rd. So stop ranting wr, what we currently have is better than what we're likely to find.

I guarantee you any of our current wr's were in the draft right now they would be rated higher than any guy youre clamoring for and you would jump for joy if they were selected. LOL


To get a sure fire starter at wr, we would have needed to use a 1st or 2nd rd'er. Remember, we used those on Tannehill and Martin?

Its ridiculous you guys thinking we get a definite Marshall replacement this late. Think about it?


Actually it's YOU who doesn't have a clue what we have in Clay and Egnew. It's pretty clear that Philbin and Shaerman are comfortable with what they have. You're discounting Moore and Wallace and Gates and YOU don't actually count. It doesn't matter what you think, it matters what the coaches think and they obviously don't see them as being average.

So far I am very pleased with this draft... My only concern is how Egnew will translate into the NFL... The TE's from that Conference seems to struggle with YAC.... But are still strong possession guy's.... Not gonna rubber stamp anyone... I'll give his the typical two years to show me.... Martin makes the O-line nearly solid as they come... Tannehill was the best pick Miami has made in Years...

Jumping up to get Lamar Miller is AWESOME!.... I would have never thought we would get that sort of talent at RB knowing we had other concerns, that is where Ireland did the right thing and took the best player available instead of chasing a need. Miller will be a solid back and will be DEADLY at Punt and Kickoff returns, he has so much speed and so many moves he'll be a fun guy to watch... Great Play-maker and draft pick.

Would like to see Streeter or Junior Crinor picked in the 6th... even double up at WR would not hurt...

how is junior crinor

Keep holding on to your faith...like I said expecting Wallace and Moore to emerge and be threats is funny. Hartline morphs an grows 4 inches and gains 30lbs to become Jordy Nelson. Wallace might be the next Greg Jennings. Believe in the scheme...we are going to have a prolific passing offense this year with the wrs that are on this roster.

Have faith in Gates...he is Mike Wallace just 20lbs lighter and with less speed. Dreaming bro. Miller will be on the sidelines the first hit he takes on either shoulder. He ran so scared the last half of his final year at UM you would have thought it was a girl under the helmet. Headed to the sidelines as soon as any one closes he steps out of bounds.

Just take a safety and a DT and call it a draft.

IT matters what we all think when no tickets are being sold because we can't beat a team in our division or break .500. It will also matter when we are at the bottom half of the league in passing offense and I am shouting I told you so.

BJ Cunningham-- A less explosive David Boston. Possession receiver with good body control.

Miller is good to help fill the stadium seate with the locals. Smart move to boost attendance.

Guys how is this a great draft ? No one to throw to? Miller has to switch positions?

How the hell did this guy fall to us? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7dxPzUBoi4

things starting to look a little better in dolphins land

Wow, so many draft experts! Why would I want to believe that the coaches sitting in the draft war rooms have opinions that are as worthy as some of these posters? What a bunch of crap! Please take a seat, grab a six-pack and shut the heck up. Try to pretend that you don't know what is going on and convince yourself of that! Maybe you will finally be happy with that opinion.

U homers......gotta love em. Now I know they are blind as well as delusional.

It's about time we got some good Hurricanes, instead of dogs like Vernon Carey and Yatil Green.

Tannehill is my favorite pick. I feel bad for seau

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