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McShay: The draft turns with Cleveland's pick

Dolphins fans know their team has the No. 8 overall pick in the draft. Good pick. Elite pick. But fans are rightly focused on what might happen at pick No. 4 before concentrating on No. 8 because many believe the draft's direction will be decided there.

Simply, the Indianapolis Colts are picking Andrew Luck at No. 1.

The Washington Redskins will pick Robert Griffin III at No. 2.

Most pundits believe the Vikings will pick USC left tackle Matt Kalil with the No. 3 pick.

The Browns, meanwhile, are the wildcard. They can trade the pick. Or they can draft. They can take a running back (Trent Richardson). They can take a receiver (Justin Blackmon). They can take a quarterback (Ryan Tannehill).

"I think the whole draft swings at number 4," ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay said this week. "I say that because the Browns really do need almost all the top prospects that will be available at that spot.  They have a wide receiver need, and you've got Justin Blackmon who is most likely available to you.  You've got a need for running back.  You've got to upgrade that position.  You look at the last couple years, Hardesty is their top back, and he can't stay healthy.  He's three yards per carry in his career.

"You've got Little and Massaquoi as your top two wide receivers, and don't have a number one guy. Then quarterback maybe your third or fourth biggest need when you look at urgency.  But it's still a big need, and I think everyone understands that they need ‑‑ whether it's this year or next year, got to find an upgrade over Colt McCoy moving forward for this franchise to take a giant leap."

McShay, like many of you, looks at Tannehill as a possibility and wonders if he's worthy of No. 8 or perhaps even requiring a trade-up.

"It's frustrating, I know, when you look at Tannehill and how quickly he's risen in only 19 starts, and the production isn't elite and the completion percentage and all of that, but I would have a very difficult time passing on him at that number 4 pick," he said. "I just think that he has everything you look for in a future franchise quarterback if you develop him properly and you're willing to be patient.  So that's where Colt McCoy comes in to me.

"You know that you can win some games and you've got a young quarterback.  Yes, Colt may be frustrated, but I know Colt well enough that he's going to do what's right for the team and handle the situation properly at least in the short term.  Then maybe they can trade him and move on.

"But if you bring in Tannehill and sit him for ideally a year or the majority of the year and put him in towards the end of the year to get him some experience, I just think that you're looking at an organization that has its future franchise quarterback.  Has a guy with all the physical tools, the size, arm strength, accuracy, which continues to improve.  Has the right mentality, can handle pressure, and has intangibles through the roof."

McShay believes Tannehill is a bigger value than either Richardson or Blackmon.

"Richardson is going to be a phenomenal back ...," McShay said. "Blackmon, he's probably going to be in that second tier of wide receivers in the NFL, and that's great.  But they don't win Super Bowls.  We haven't seen Adrian Peterson win a Super Bowl.  We haven't seen Andre Johnson win a Super Bowl.  You have a great quarterback, you win Super Bowls; and I think Tannehill has a chance, if developed properly and patient with him, to become a great quarterback."


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This is my new home. I'm glad to be here.

Its amazing how an afterthought second round QB is all of a sudden a franchise QB without playing a down of football during his ascension of the draft board. True supply and demand in the works I suppose. Gotta wonder how much of this stuff is just to get somebody (like Miami) to take the bait and give up draft picks to get to #3. The only caveat would be that, again, they should have more conviction on Tannehill, one way or the other, than any team in the league. If they choose to move up, you could take it as a sign that they are absolutely sure he'll be a franchise QB. This unsurety as a fan is what kills me, I cant be patient damnit!

McShay is a moron. Go back to last year and see what he was saying and how totally opposite the draft actually turned out. Most NFL people look at him as someone who really is only a talking head. The best authority from the perspective of giving you a breakdown of talent is Mayock. Kiper is ok but also is more of a talking head. Mayock actually could be a GM in the NFL due to his real evaluation skills. So forget whatever McShay says and shame on you Armando for repeating what this idiot says.

He is a Moron, Tannehill should be a low 1st rnd pick

I don´t see Cleveland picking Tannenhill? If he is not a player that can play from the first day, why would they draft him? Bring a WR or a RB, give McCoy the chance with real weapons and if que blow it up again, draft a QB next year (one who can play from the first game)......

McShay isn't that great an evaluater but he's right that Cleveland is a pivotal spot in the 1st round because they have so many needs and could go a number of ways.

I agree with Sam about Mayock and IMO he is the best talent evaluater on TV. McShay is comic relief compared to Mayock.

This comes down to picks #3-8. Any of those teams could chose Tannehill. Any of those teams could trade their pick to someone looking to move up for him. So, the reality is that the Fins are NOT gauranteed Tannehill. They may need to trade up for him IF they really think he is their future Franchise QB.

The team really wanted Manning but could't lure him in. They didn't go crazy for RG3 or Flynn by paying "too much." I really can't wait to see what they do in the draft.

I'd like to see them INVEST in a young QB who has the SKILLS to be their future. IF they like Tannehill they should have the courage to go up an get him and put him on the bench for TWO FULL YEARS. Philbin saw this work well for Rodgers and this team hasn't done it in years. I think it's time to be BRAVE and trade up for him and sit him on the bench.

If Tannehill is taken 4-7, then one more OUTSTANDING prospect falls to the Dolphins at 8 AND they can get another developmental QB in Rd 2-3 AND next year's QB draft entrants have 2 or 3 QB more ready than Tannehill anyway. Let the chips fall! OK to be anxious, no need to panic.

The Dolphins need to sit at 8 and take the best player available,if they believe it is Tannehill take him.No matter who our quaterback is, we aren't going to the playoffs this year we need BPA at every draft spot to fill holes and in some cases be prepared to trade back.

sounds like McShay works for the Browns,, not to mention McShay is wrong a lot more then hes right. Ireland, stick with your pk.

We should wait until the middle rounds to draft a qb. The draft should go this way: 1st round: Michael Floyd 2nd Round: Ingram 3rd round: Tommy Streeter 3rd round: Brock Osweiler 4Th round: 2nd pass rusher 5-7th round: offensive linemen

I recall that Emmitt Smith won some super bowls. And don't try to tell me Aikman 180 ypg was an elite QB.

Running and defense still win in the NFL.

Peterson got a 14-2 Vikes team pretty darn close one year, except that 57 year old Brett Favre threw one of his patented pick-sixes to end their chances.

McShay is a bit hysterical:

"We haven't seen Adrian Peterson win a Super Bowl. We haven't seen Andre Johnson win a Super Bowl. You have a great quarterback, you win Super Bowls; and Tannehill has a chance to be the next Tom Brady..... if everything works out for the best."

If we didnt draft D Thomas last year I would love the Richardson pick.

So, Miami will be influenced by what the teams before them do in the Draft? WOW, jaw-dropping, eye-opening statement there. What else can we learn, that the Skins will take Luck if Indy takes RG3?

No need to stay awake at night. If Tannehill is there at 8, Miami probably takes him. If not, they take someone else. No one pick they do take at 8 will automatically put us in "contender" status. We're still going to have a rebuild year. And people should be thrilled if we go 8-8.

I can't seem to muster the excitement to see what happens. That's not to say I'm not happy this is happening. I am, it's just the next year or 2 won't provide much to root for (for us fans).

Running and defense still win in the NFL.

Keep thinking that. Also, keep your floppy disks and your cd's. Those will be back in vogue any minute now.

Peterson came close? So did 31 other teams. WHO CARES? The only team anyone cares about every year is the team who WON the SB. That's the problem with today's fans. They're from a culture where all kids get trophies, so they think 2nd best is good enough.

If you're not first, you're last. Remember that!

Also, I don't put Andre Johnson in the 2nd-tier of WRs. There's only 1 WR better than him (Calvin Johnson). Don't know what McShay is saying there.

DC Dolfan,

So if you're not last are you first?

Im confused.


In all seriousness remember that most nfl players also come from a generation where all kids get trophies. The fins have maybe 2 or 3 guys in their 30s on the entire team. So their mentality is different as well. Not only that but most athletes dont even care about winning as much as the fans do. They just like to show up get their checks and hang out at the club and rub elbows with rappers and other celebrities. Sad but very true!

Mccshay is a pimp against the phins. He does not want us to get Tannehill. watch once we do take tannehill, he will change his opinion.

He is a media pimp who thinks that the world should listen to him because we cannot have the dolphins looking good in the end. After all, all this Ireland is a problem crap started with the media.

#8 Ryan Tannehill
#42 Nick Perry
#73 Chris Givens
#74 Bergstrom

Defense wins super bowls.

i've been in a wait and see mode with ireland because i believe most of the blame for what happened from 08-10 lies wih parcels,but if he is dumb enough to trade up to get tannehill he needs to go.

we swung and missed on manning,flynn and a.smith so there will be pressure to reach for tannehill. i just hope we don't panic and get more "no value added" picks on draft day. last years draft was a disaster especially giving up 3 picks for daniel thomas???

Tannehill will not be picked in the first round!! GMs and player personnel are smarter than the reporters that stir all this crap up!!

I think I would want to draft a decent RT and RG(supposing free agency is not used)before round 5.
Trade down to 17-21 and get the best pass rusher available.A development QB can be taken in round 2 or 3.

There is no way a first round pick should sit on the bench. First round should be starter right out of the gate. If not choose someone else

Take the best player available at #8..

how can anyone say last years draft was a disaster after 1 season? you got what a appears to be a stud center(the QB of an oline in a pass offense like the wc)3 guys that were totally underutilized by sparono(who drafts guys to ride the pine)in the passing game in clay,thomas, and gates and a nice looking steal names wilson in rd7.give them some time with a coach that knows what the forward pass is.

First pick has to be a starter and not a QB sitting on his bum for a season.
Moore and Garrard need some protection,for heavens sake get him some decent bodies on the right side and build from there AFTER you give Wake some QUALITY help on the defense through free agency or the first round pick.

The Dolphins should listen to their incredibly bright fan base and select a great player like Brady Quinn or Kyle Orton.

Remember, Mr. Ross, listen to your genius fans on draft day!

I just saw the new Nike Dolphin uniforms - I'm going to go and shoot myself now.

When it comes to girls u can be first after me.

we swung and missed on manning,flynn and a.smith so there will be pressure to reach for tannehill.

Posted by: greg z. | April 03, 2012 at 09:59 AM

Some of you obviously want to be negative just for the sake of it. If you kept up with the reports, they didn't miss on Flynn or Smith, they just didn't either was worth the value they were asking.

Umm, 41phish there is only one (1) starter in last years draft and he should have been used at LG not center.

I just saw the new Nike Dolphin uniforms - I'm going to go and shoot myself now.

Posted by: Pittsburgh Jim | April 03, 2012 at 10:22 AM


Yet another gullible person falling for this.

There AREN'T any new uniforms. That Nike fantasy version has been out there for well over a year, with every one of the 32 teams having a similar redesign.

The only team doing a new uniform this year (supposedly) is the Seahawks--=and it's a minor tweak.

McShay got one thing ("You have a great quarterback, you win Super Bowls.....") right.

Instead of repeating platitudes fed to the sheep by air heads, try watching games and looking at results.

In most years, probably 5 out of 6, the team with the better defense wins. Last year was an example. Sure, Manning's pass and Manningham's catch was great, but that was one play. The main thing that happened in that game is that the Giants' D held Brady to only 21 points instead of 42 points. Giants did not beat Pats 45-42 in a shootout.

In fact, most super bowls are not shootouts (or playoff games in the snow in December, for that matter).

And look at previous Giants wins (86). Ravens a few years back. Even the Kurt Warner Rams and prior dynasty type teams.... you gotta have a dominant defense.

Those Ravens and Titans teams. The Bears. Even the great 49er teams had Roger Craig and a great defense.

But don't take my word for it. Look up the results of all super bowls. With an exception every 5 years, most games are low scoring and the better defense wins.

Even last year, again, the so called great year of the pass. The Giants won, what 23-21 (I forget the exact score), not 45-42. Giants had a better D that pressured Brady more and that made the differnece.

Umm, 41phish there is only one (1) starter in last years draft and he should have been used at LG not center.

Posted by: cocoajoe | April 03, 2012 at 10:26 AM


Incognito was fine at LG and the need was much greater at center (where Pouncey had a very nice rookie year).

Your statement doesn;t make much sense. Did you perhaps mean RG?

Why do you guys think of "Lactating Grandmother" as a band name?

41phish, great post dude!!! thank you. An actual smart person here!!!

You guys need to chill. Although I cannot promise it, as nothing is guaranteed, look for D Thomas, Gates and Clay to be very good players.

It all depends on whether Philbin is a good coach. That has yet to be seen.

Football is a chess match between the coaches. All the teams have great athletes that are, more or less, fungible.

For the last 4 years we were saddled with Sparano.

Also D Thomas had a hammy last year. It happens. That in no way proves that he will always be injury prone. Perhaps, but the jury is still out.

A hammy has nothing to do with an "upright running style."

D Thomas might be a 1200 yard guy this year (700 rushing, 500 receiving) and I think it is very very likely, in fact.

We already know Clay is a stud, and we'll have to see on Gates.


pouncy is going to be fighting his bro for pro bowls for the next 10 years.lg is fine with incognito. IMO rg should be jerry but sparano refuses to put a guy in to play even when the team is 0-7. thompson didn't start because of bush and injuries derailing his season. clay was wasted by the coaching staff. you see how belicheck works.he takes a guy and he throws them out there to play and learn on the job that should have been clay. sparano sticks with losers like colombo telling us how happy he is with him. getting that bafoon couldnt have happened to a better circus then the jets

We do not need Tannehill. We have a better shot at a qb in the later rounds. Just draft Brock Osweiler in the 3rd round and Tommy Streeter with the 2nd 3rd round pick. We will be in good shape for a serious run this season because David Garrard is going to be awesome and we need a big target for him. Michael Floyd and Tommy Streeter will get the job done and Best underneath and Hartline occassionally in the wing. We will win the east this season!

Cocaojoe, you're not getting it. You are commenting on who was a starter UNDER SPARANO.

I think Clay and D Thomas are "starters" (to the extent there is such a thing) in Philbin's offense. (both will get 40 to 50 snaps or more).

Jury still out on Gates.

but in sum, we have no idea who is a "starter" in Philbin's new offense.

I think we'll see a lot more of Bush and D Thomas on the field at the same time, catching screen passes and getting YAC.

I totally agree with what 41phish is saying.

If the Phins happen to move up to 3 and draft Tannehill but wouldn't give up a little more to move to 2 and get RGIII, I will be furious.

yeah smoke breather

i remember the niners with craig and rathman. great options in the passing game. and craig ran upright too, but he was one tough hombre.cant believe he is not in the HOF. also remember marino in the early 90's throwing a ton of balls to the likes of paige,byers,and kirby.what happened to the pass to the back in the flat? answer-douche bag head coaches who wouldn't know creative offense if they had a brain transplant with bill walsh.

Brandon, Tannehill will probably have a better career than RGIII when all is said and done.

7-9.7-9.6-10. huh?

The more I look at things, I expect both D Thomas and Clay to have breakout years this year.

Clay got 3 TDs and 233 yards *last year* barely being used.

Clay is a stud in the new offense.

D Thomas is a stud period. 1200 yards running and receiving this year. Maybe more.

Yep, Roger Craig was an absolute beast on those 80s teams.

And yes, I've commented here many times about how in some years literally 70% of Marino's completions were to RBs. Paige, Byers. Look it up. In fact I spent one day posting here as Tony Paige, in his honor. LOL.

Now that was the declining Marino years, but for many years when he was still top 3 or 4 in the league, I mean literally, 70% of Marino's completions were dump offs to running backs.

230 pound, fast beasts like D Thomas, Ricky Williams, and yes Ronnie Brown can get YAC.

As long as Philbin is not a deer in headlights like Cameron was, we might be alright.

I expect Clay and/or Thomas to be studs. They are 230 pound studs who can catch and run.

Is Roger Craig not in the hall of fame? He was THE stud of the leage for like 5 years at one point. Absolutely key to those 49ers teams.

i dont claim to know a lot on these QB's but i watched some you tube clips of all 4(weeden-osweiler-tannehill-cousins) and i would be happy if we land any of them. tannehills edge is that he knows the system. i also wouldn't be totally upset if they took russel wilson as perhps a 4th rounder.there have been many shorter qb's that worked out ok like brees and that guy has the arm and the brain

I watch TV is an idiot!!!!
If u remove Ireland's entire draft from last year, Fins still go 6 and 10. All Ireland does is pass on Stars.


thats a tough image to get out of my head man, though there are some hot grandmothers out there these days, but i think i'd keep looking for a name if i was in the band.

I am not giving up picks for Tannehill just yet, he has a small body of work but does show promise...we just have too many needs that are glaring, if he falls to 8 that is a reach enough... Cleveland should give Colt some real weapons Blackmon, Richardson, UM`s Miller all these players will help take the load off a young QB and make that offense better right away...

QB`s win Super Bowls but they need viable weapons to help them do that...ask Marino if a running game would have helped him win some big games...

non fiction from 10:52 has it right. draft days are def "downers for fin fans". acorns rule over talent and we never get "value added" picks. wasted 3 picks on a rb?

Carol City Ish

marino would have appriciated a non chuck studley/tom olividatti coached defense with a great pass rusher too.

Check out what Moore did in the last nine weeks of the regular season versus a rather prominent Super Bowl hero:

Matt Moore vs. Eli Manning
W-L Comp% Yards TD-Int Rating

Moore, Miami 6-3 .612 1,791 15-5 97.8

E. Manning, NY 4-5 .583 2,806 16-11 86.4

greg z.

it was definitely a bad move especially with mallett still on the board, but it is what it is and i for one think he can play. everyone makes mistakes in the draft even don shula(see-jackie shipp,lorenzo hampton,erik kumerow,jay brophy,billy milner,

Pshhhh, no one cares. The Marlins open their new Stadium tomorrow, Heat plays the Thunder and the Panthers are playoff bound. The Dolphins are now an afterthought down here right now. No one is really caring in South Florida when we are on the verge of 3 winning franchises.

Seriously, If Miami didn't want to deal what it would take to get to #2 then they wont do it to get to #3. It's pretty simple math so there is no need to get all fussy about its potential, because there is none!


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