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McShay: The draft turns with Cleveland's pick

Dolphins fans know their team has the No. 8 overall pick in the draft. Good pick. Elite pick. But fans are rightly focused on what might happen at pick No. 4 before concentrating on No. 8 because many believe the draft's direction will be decided there.

Simply, the Indianapolis Colts are picking Andrew Luck at No. 1.

The Washington Redskins will pick Robert Griffin III at No. 2.

Most pundits believe the Vikings will pick USC left tackle Matt Kalil with the No. 3 pick.

The Browns, meanwhile, are the wildcard. They can trade the pick. Or they can draft. They can take a running back (Trent Richardson). They can take a receiver (Justin Blackmon). They can take a quarterback (Ryan Tannehill).

"I think the whole draft swings at number 4," ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay said this week. "I say that because the Browns really do need almost all the top prospects that will be available at that spot.  They have a wide receiver need, and you've got Justin Blackmon who is most likely available to you.  You've got a need for running back.  You've got to upgrade that position.  You look at the last couple years, Hardesty is their top back, and he can't stay healthy.  He's three yards per carry in his career.

"You've got Little and Massaquoi as your top two wide receivers, and don't have a number one guy. Then quarterback maybe your third or fourth biggest need when you look at urgency.  But it's still a big need, and I think everyone understands that they need ‑‑ whether it's this year or next year, got to find an upgrade over Colt McCoy moving forward for this franchise to take a giant leap."

McShay, like many of you, looks at Tannehill as a possibility and wonders if he's worthy of No. 8 or perhaps even requiring a trade-up.

"It's frustrating, I know, when you look at Tannehill and how quickly he's risen in only 19 starts, and the production isn't elite and the completion percentage and all of that, but I would have a very difficult time passing on him at that number 4 pick," he said. "I just think that he has everything you look for in a future franchise quarterback if you develop him properly and you're willing to be patient.  So that's where Colt McCoy comes in to me.

"You know that you can win some games and you've got a young quarterback.  Yes, Colt may be frustrated, but I know Colt well enough that he's going to do what's right for the team and handle the situation properly at least in the short term.  Then maybe they can trade him and move on.

"But if you bring in Tannehill and sit him for ideally a year or the majority of the year and put him in towards the end of the year to get him some experience, I just think that you're looking at an organization that has its future franchise quarterback.  Has a guy with all the physical tools, the size, arm strength, accuracy, which continues to improve.  Has the right mentality, can handle pressure, and has intangibles through the roof."

McShay believes Tannehill is a bigger value than either Richardson or Blackmon.

"Richardson is going to be a phenomenal back ...," McShay said. "Blackmon, he's probably going to be in that second tier of wide receivers in the NFL, and that's great.  But they don't win Super Bowls.  We haven't seen Adrian Peterson win a Super Bowl.  We haven't seen Andre Johnson win a Super Bowl.  You have a great quarterback, you win Super Bowls; and I think Tannehill has a chance, if developed properly and patient with him, to become a great quarterback."


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dude YG you are posting lies to support your argument. what you are saying simply isn't true. he had one 40% game (the first game) and his total was 62% for the year and no game lower than 58% except one 51% and the rest 65% or above with QB rating 140!!!

Southern Methodist W 46-14 21 26 246 80.8 32 2 0 185.6 2 -4 -2.0 0 0
9/17 Idaho W 37-7 26 39 337 66.7 27 2 1 151.0 1 0 0.0 0 0
9/24 Oklahoma State L 30-29 28 47 309 59.6 32 2 3 116.1 7 69 9.9 65 1
10/1 @Arkansas L 42-38 25 35 247 71.4 44 0 1 125.0 5 56 11.2 26 0
10/8 @Texas Tech W 45-40 16 26 188 61.5 38 1 0 135.0 9 55 6.1 19 2
10/15 Baylor W 55-28 25 37 415 67.6 68 6 1 209.9 5 55 11.0 34 0
10/22 @Iowa State W 33-17 24 43 263 55.8 25 2 0 122.5 5 -16 -3.2 0 0
10/29 Missouri L 38-31 (OT) 35 53 317 66.0 25 3 1 131.2 5 12 2.4 7 1
11/5 @Oklahoma L 41-25 32 64 379 50.0 79 2 3 100.7 2 15 7.5 11 0
11/12 @Kansas State L 53-50 (4OT) 27 46 210 58.7 23 3 1 114.2 5 31 6.2 20 0
11/19 Kansas W 61-7 21 26 280 80.8 52 3 0 209.3 1 2 2.0 2 0
11/24 Texas L 27-25 20 49 224 40.8 29 2 3 80.4 8 21 2.6 10 0
12/31 @Northwestern W 33-22 27 40 329 67.5 38 1 1 139.8 3 10 3.3 12 0

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Wow, Tannehill did put up huge numbers against college defense that will never have anyone on it even make a nfl practice squad. Doesnt take much to impress stupid people. Now does it? LOL

To bad Tannehill wont be playing against nfl practice squads on any given Sunday. LOL...

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Wow, Tannehill did put up huge numbers against college defense that will never have anyone on it even make a nfl practice squad. Doesnt take much to impress stupid people. Now does it? LOL
Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | April 03, 2012 at 03:08 PM

Same defenses RGIII put his numbers against. So RGIII sucks as well?

Mayock ranked Gabert ahead of Cam Newton last season after watching his pro day.

About sums up how good a talent evaluator he is.

Funny how McShay says "You HAVE to pick him." The real emphasis, of course, is "you." In that HE doesn't have to deal with the consequences of HIM being wrong!

McShay wouldn't last two years as a real GM. I'd honestly rather have Ireland.

None of the opinions of those TV "evaluators are worth a darn as they don't know the overall Plan for each Team least of all Miami's this year. BTW, much better Armando, much cleaner here, I think I'll stick around for a while.

What I don't get is that we've been down this road a couple of times now.

I'm still confused as to why you folks think we have the management to draft an acorn that's worth a darn.

If that was the case, why did we go 11-5, 7-9, 7-9, 6-10?

Oh right, it was all Tuna's fault. I don't buy that. Tuna is the type to fall on the sword for the team. Ireland drafted all these acorns from day one. That I believe.

Move up for Blackmon OR move up for Rieff if needed OR if not needed then draft Reiff at 8. Give Moore or Garrard some big bodies and let this thing play out. Build through the draft using Philbins ideology.

You can all put your mind at ease. The draft is only conjecture, conjecture, conjecture period

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