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Miami Dolphins in trade-down mode

I alluded yesterday to the idea the Dolphins could trade down from the No. 8 overall selection in the first round and today that idea is picking up steam as multiple club sources are telling me at this hour Miami has spoken to at least three teams about moving back.

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland said at his pre-draft press conference that moving up and moving back are both possibilities. Well, moving up not so much.

Moving back definitely has a chance.

Simply, the Dolphins like the idea of possibly trading back two to 8 slots and picking up a second-round selection for their trouble. That's why Ireland has been in talks with the teams to gauge that possibility.

That doesn't mean the Dolphins absolutely are trading back. We won't know until the process begins and players start to come off the board. But Miami wants to be prepared.

The Dolphins are obviously in a good position for this move because players such as Mark Barron, Fletcher Cox, and some believe Justin Blackmon, might be on the board when the Dolphins select. Those players could cause other teams to place a higher value on Miami's slot than even the Dolphins do.

We shall see.


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Im guessing they are after Barron, and maybe Martin.


Berardino is posting non stop about Tannehill on Twitter. Here is an interesting one.

Mike Berardino
Also In Miami Dolphins
@MikeBerardino Tannehill had 64 drops from his WRs. 80% were on their hands n chest….2 of 3 INTs in the OK ST game were WR’s fault.

Bobby...i have NO idea why they passed on Flynn...i thought after Peyton miss that Flynn would be THE guy..so i am just as clueless as everyone else...and there are some Professional peeps that like Tanny, I just dont think he starts this year..but we NEED an elite passrusher, and at #8, we can get one...i think the worst case scenario would be for Tanny to play this year. That means something happened to Moore and Garrard...forcing them to play 1st year has not had a good track record in NFL...and I am not against him..just not at #8...he has a lot of good things going as well as the bad...i just think that speed pass rusher is more important, since you do have two QBS on roster now..I am not even saying I think Moore or Garrard are THE answer...we just dont know how well they can perform in the WCO...obviously Miami would be "settling" for Tanny...he isnt Luck or RG3...but we cant have them either...but I still thought Flynn would be the guy to get the shot...I do KNOW this...whoever I want Mimai to get...they wont get...havent in years...somehow they always seem to shock all the "experts" and pick someone they think they know will be the guy....

Tannehill's receivers dropped 64!! Passes that hit them in the hand or chest. Let's not talk about passing efficiency

Tannehill may be great --- in 3-4 years. Worth the #8 pick for the risk? NO WAY. Trade down.

It's unbelievable how many People are influenced by the Media. So, now is Barron and Blackmon and a trade down. heehee

The talk is that Fins will move down get a 2nd round pick and still get Coples.

That would be great.

They could get another quality pick or use the two 2nd round picks to move back into the bottom of the 1st to get Tannehill or someone that can start in 2012 (maybe TE).

Moving down, getting an extra 2nd rd'er, and netting DeCastro would be a coup. But still it makes targeting DeCastro even less of a possibility. But I'll see.

Just hope whoever we get can make an instant impact. Im not going to get my heart to set on DeCastro. But I would love the pick.

My best guess is we go with defense, if trading down and not selecting DeCastro or he isnt available. Because we would still need a guy that can make an instant impact right away.

NO Balls, yea your right lets just wait another 13 years

All I know is I'm tired of all the what if's and what they should do's. I'm ready for the draft to be over so I have something fresh to complain about :)

Why shouldnt Ross be in the draft room....it is his money. If you monkeys owned the team you would be there.

why do people have to try to pump up Matt Moore, he is... A BACK UP JOURNEY MAN QB.

Tanny should be the pick the kid has all the tools, great arm, athletic and most of all smart. he was pre med at A&M and has a great football mind.

Posted by: G | April 26, 2012 at 01:53 PM

Matt Moore has 25 career starts, that's it. In 25 career starts you can tell he's a journeymen Backup?

And then, with Tannehill's 19 collegiate starts you can tell he has it?

Get outta here with that. You don't know either.

No wonder you didn't use your regular sign in name-lol.

I'd be interested in seeing the stats from other drafts but when I look back at the 2009 draft I see 2 play makers in the 1 to 10 range, 3 play makers in the 10 to 20 range and 7 in the 20 to 30 range.

Marino was picked in the 20's. Clay Mathews in the 20's and Aaron Rodgers in the 20's.

You can trade down and get play makers.

would you draft Arron Rogers at 8 if you had to wait a year for him to play? and yes im comparing Tanny's body of work to Rogers.

Oh boy! If Jets move up to get Richardson then its over.

Ohio........if you're around please comment so I can click on your name

I lost my favorites bar


G- I am not stating wait another 13 years. I am as frustrated as you. But fact is the "real" franchise QBs already in this draft are being taken #1 and #2. Tannehill is not a franchise QB. MAYBE he will develop into one (like Aaron Rogers) but it is going to take 3-4 years.

Not worth the #8 pick. Rogers was drafted late in the draft and Green Bay could afford to wait as they had Brett Favre.

If you can trade down and still get Tannehill later in the draft, then fine. But not at #8. And if we don't take Tannehill, I much rather see us take a chance on Cousins in the late 2nd or early 3rd.

Aaron Rodgers waited 3 years to play and yes I would wait. This year is a wash anyway might as well get a project QB. What I mean by wash is we just have too many holes to make a run. We might get into the playoffs on a wild card but I don't see that going anywhere.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that Miami is able to work out a trade to move down a few spots and pick up an extra 2nd rounder. It would be nice (FOR ONCE!) if the draft went in the Fins favor. Drafting Tannehill at #8 is too risky. So what if we haven't draft a QB in the 1st round since Marino?! If they can get Tannehill later in the first round then great. If not, then get a guy like Weeden or Cousins.

G...you so confuse me...How do you come up with this stuff? Rogers GOT to wait..and wait behind Favre, one of the best ever, and has become a great WCO QB...I do not see him being great after Year One...and Moore and Garrard played Carolina and Jacksonville..two teams that I am not sure even Marino, Elway or Brady could make look good...but again...what does it matter..we will argue all day, and then the Phins will take someone like Reiff or Ingram instead...

Hey YG:

If we don't pick Decastro for any reason, what would be your OT and OG picks???


I would draft Rodgers because he started 25 games. Only play 2 years.

43-13 TD to INT ratio.

Another 8 in rushing.

10-1 record his final year.

PS...don't try to add that Y to Tannehill's name. Its Tanne just like Henne.


Don't get it twisted.

steve back, I worked with the dolphins in the late 80s for five yrs as a volunteer at the draft table, with such stud picks as sammie smith ferrel edmunds etc etc and learned from first hand experience how to read between the lines of the coach speak so heres whats going to happen in my opinion. Tanneyhill at 8 if they cant trade down with dallas or philly and they pray he makes it past KC and Sea. Philbin said he wants to DEVELOPE HIS OWN receivers which means drafting them high isnt what he'l do. until the third rd, a guy like ty hilton etc he blvs a well devised passing game can make players instead of the other way around, ie finley driver jennings , none were high picks. second rd will be for an olb de im hoping for mercelis of ILL but i doubt hel be there. dont overlook a trade back up into the lower first rd if they picked up a second by trading down. maybe vinny curry in the second or bruce irvin. here we go!


Rodgers sat behind a HOF QB for 3 years. Its not like he was sitting behind Garrard or Pennington.

Of course he is going to sit as long as Favre was on the roster. Just like Painter sat. Heck, I don't even remember who sat behind Dan Marino. I guess it was Fiedler.

Hydra...i think either Reiff at Tackle, or I wouldnt mind seeing local boy Washington get a shot...but Reiff didnt look all that at the Combine..but they say he fits the athletic type of tackle that fits the WCO...


Moving down and still getting Coples and then using the two 2nd picks and may-be a late round pick to move high enough to get DeCastro

would provide the Fins with THE TWO IMPACT READY TO START PLAYERS that would make this a successful draft.

Miami had a chance to take Aaron Rogers and passed. He was a west coast QB though and Miami was not a WCO. Would I take him #8 now knowing I have to wait 3-4 years? YOU BET. But you also know NOW he developed into a Franchise QB. There was no guarantee of that at that time. Also, I am pretty sure Aaron Rogers was rated much higher then Tannehill is now. Many people thought he was going in the first few pioks...

As for Tannehill, it is no certainty he is going to develop into a franchise QB. He is not in the same caliber as Luck or RGIII this year, or even Aaron Rogers when he came out. He is too big of a risk to use a #8 on him.

Trade The F DOWN!. Normally I hate that methond but not in this case

Armando FYI,

did you notice Texas Dolfan and Proffessor Lou BOTH have links to their websites as their names?

Ohio was bad enough and we finally got rid of his link, what about them?

Can we please stop comparing this kid to HOF QB's? There is no comparison. Rodgers sat because Favre was on the roster. Its not like they wanted to sit him. They had no choice until the force Favre out.

Green Bay fans would never stand for Favre sitting on the bench while Rodgers started. That wasn't going to happen.

all im saying is i think they will be passing on Tanny and 2 years from now we will be crying we didnt take him. i dont think he would need 3-4 years, this kid is VERY smart and has a good football mind it wont be hard for him to adjust to the NFL. we havde been doing this for way too long, drafting defensive lineman and OL, TIME TO TAKE SOME CHANCES!

If we build a strong team through the draft, a team that's going to be around for awhile and that can win marginally or even despite not having a star quarterback, then we can mortgage future draft picks to jump up in a future draft and get an even better prospect than Ryan Tannehill. A la the Redskins this year. Lots of cap space, therefore could afford to spend big in free agency to fill their offensive holes, and their stars on defense (Orakpo, Kerrigan) were drafted so they probably aren't going anywhere for awhile. Robert Griffin III would be going into an even better situation if the Redskins were not in the NFC East.

Plus Tannehill might catch Jimmy Clausen syndrome. Touted high, but could slip all the way into the second round. If the Dolphins want to trade up for him there, I'd be all for it. Because it wouldn't have been a first round pick spent. So much better and appropriate value. There were only two teams that really reached for a quarterback last year and that was the Vikings and Jaguars. Jake Locker was supposed to be a top pick two years ago. The Titans made the right move by picking him up, they obviously saw his ceiling. Christian Ponder and Blaine Gabbert? Jury is out, although it doesn't look to be ruling in either of those guys' favor. Gabbert more than Ponder.

That's what the projected Tannehill pick reminds me of, those two guys.

You can trade down and get play makers.

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan

>>>You can trade down and get play makers as long as you are NOT LOCKED INTO A POSITION.

If there's a team in the teens willing to throw in a 2nd round pick, trade down.

I think the Dolphins would love to move down and have someone else pick Tannehil. Ireland believes that this team is close to a playoff contender and wants someone they can put in the lineup right away and make a differecne not a project that will not have an impact for a year or two. Second Ireland knows that if the Dolphins have another poor season fans will ne calling for his head even more than they are now so he needs someone that can improve this team immediately.

So Jack,

Would you draft a QB that had these stats?

SR year only
cmp 202
Att 341
Pct 59.2
yds 2251
TD's 17
Int's 22

This is Dan Marino's SR year.

Armando FYI,

did you notice Texas Dolfan and Proffessor Lou BOTH have links to their websites as their names? They are trying to steal your bloggers!

Ohio was bad enough and we finally got rid of his link, what about them?


You call Moore average like he's maxed out.

The guy signed into the league as a free agent. He didn't get the "Rookie Treatment" his first training camp. He didn't get any substantial first team *Practice Reps** until his 3rd year in the league.

He earned his shots and right now basically has less starts than any starting QB's not drafted in the past two years. 25 total!

Two things people refuse to recognize about Moore:

1. He's extremely raw(When he came in for Henne last year he had a grand total of 13 NFL starts. 13!

2. Viewing Moore OBJECTIVELY(like you SHOULD), he has shown TONS of potential and steady improvement.

Truth be told, Cam Newton has ALMOST as many starts as Moore.

We don't need any washed up quarterback wanna bee's that couldn't even egt the starting job until his senior season!

odinseye there is a reasom he only has 25 starts in 5 YEARS in the league.

Honestly, I am hoping for Weeden in the second round. Age, smage. He is the most NFL ready QB in the draft and will still have 5-6 good years after he learns the ropes. We wont be any good this year anyway and maybe we can draft a Barkley or Landry Jones next year, who both would've gone before Tannehill this year if they had gone pro.

PS...Rodgers was second best QB in the 2005 draft. Tanne is third best.

A better comparison would be would I take Jason Campbell over Tanne because Jason was also THIRD BEST.


If you could trade down and get a 2nd or 3rd rd pick and still get the player you want, you would be nuts not to do it.

We generally go the other direction. Trade up and give away precious picks for players who don't pan out.

To Texas,

At what spot? Because Dan was drafted at 27. Which is where I might take Tanne. But I would have not taken Dan at #8 under those circumstances.

PS...Dan even admitted the Marks Brothers made him the QB he is today.


Forget OT in 1st or 2nd rd. If we had DeCastro, Jerry could play RT. Cordy Glenn is the next best OG, but Im a little hesitant on pulling the trigger on him 1st rd.

In this case I would hope Jerry could pan out at RG, then perhaps draft a mid round LT and stick him at RT.

Dan Marino started at quarterback his freshman year.

Dan Marino was not selected with the 8th overall pick.

Plus you're talking with 20/20 hindsight, man.

Cn anybody tell me how Pat Devlin is doing in the mini-camp?

Tannehill's receivers dropped 64!! Passes that hit them in the hand or chest. Let's not talk about passing efficiency

Posted by: bobbyd12 | April 26, 2012 at 02:23 PM

Gee, using that logic Henne should be our starter this year.

Bhwaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa!

C'mon Man!

It took him 3 seasons of collegiate ball and a terrible job of recruiting by A&M just for him to get the starting job.

He got his entire Coaching staff canned!

Yet, you want ton convince us by talking about his receivers?


SO G...what ARE those reasons?? What do you know about "his body of work"?? You saw him literally thrown into a system last year, do a better job than the guy before him, who was drafted 2nd round...and yet still the Phins..still experts in their fields...keep him on the team. But apparently the Phins should be consulting with you...because somehow you know better. I am sure Ireland knows his job is on the line..maybe that is why he didnt go with Flynn this year, maybe...instead going with Moore who the team knows, and Garrard who has had a decent track record for a poor team...G, stop posting on here, instead..race over to the Phins HQ...they are going to NEED you today at the draft!!

best to trade down, get a pass-rusher in rd 1, Osweiler rd2

PS...before Dan it was David Woodley.

48-63 TD to INT. A rock would have made a better QB than Woodley.

Armando FYI,

did you notice Texas Dolfan and Proffessor Lou BOTH have links to their websites as their names? They are trying to steal your bloggers!

Ohio was bad enough and we finally got rid of his link, what about them?

They also are two bloggers who post only about football,leave them be.

What are you the blog police?

Maybe they want to trade back this year to pick up another 2013 1st rd pick so they can use it to go all out for Matt Barkley like the Skins did this year with RG3?

This is why Fireland is incompetent .. What good is it if you have 20 picks and all those players you drafted are just average players, think about it ? Quantity over Quality ? I would take the best player available at that no.8 pick, that's how the Ravens, Eagles, etc..that's why Fireland is NOTTTTTTT a GM, maybe he should drive a GM car like the Volt haaaahahahhhaha

Trading down suggests you're not 100% sold on any one player. This suggest the Fins are nearly equally sold on as many as 5-6 players in the 1st rd.

It shows, whereever thier trade down spot is, they believe theyll still get one of those 5-6 players they could be equally sold on.

Im betting it could be up to 5-6 different players, if we trade down, that this fo believes could be good picks for us. But like I keep stressing, The right pick is always better than the good pick. Hang on guys, this draft's going to be a helluva ride. LOL

If Blackmon is available how could they pass him up?

Yesterdays gone..

I think if you polled it, most folks would probably prefer the trade down over taking Tanne at 8.

I'm leaning trading down no lower than 15. Anything past 15 would be foolish. All the "sure fire" draftee's would be gone.

Past 15 you're talking very good to really mediocre players.

With the 1st pick of the 2012 nfl draft. The Miami Dolphins take:

Lucious Bubble-licious wr Gum Ball St

Im not sure Google even has him listed! LOL

The strength of this draft is the bottom of the first to bottom of the 3rd. Their are a ton of good players.

Especially WR's and DE/OLBers. A trade down for extra picks would be just what the doctor ordered for a team with several holes to fill.

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