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Miami Dolphins in trade-down mode

I alluded yesterday to the idea the Dolphins could trade down from the No. 8 overall selection in the first round and today that idea is picking up steam as multiple club sources are telling me at this hour Miami has spoken to at least three teams about moving back.

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland said at his pre-draft press conference that moving up and moving back are both possibilities. Well, moving up not so much.

Moving back definitely has a chance.

Simply, the Dolphins like the idea of possibly trading back two to 8 slots and picking up a second-round selection for their trouble. That's why Ireland has been in talks with the teams to gauge that possibility.

That doesn't mean the Dolphins absolutely are trading back. We won't know until the process begins and players start to come off the board. But Miami wants to be prepared.

The Dolphins are obviously in a good position for this move because players such as Mark Barron, Fletcher Cox, and some believe Justin Blackmon, might be on the board when the Dolphins select. Those players could cause other teams to place a higher value on Miami's slot than even the Dolphins do.

We shall see.


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No Balls...so true.....NONE of that can happen till UNLESS Miami makes a trade back.....

so in REALITY.....the scenario is fantasy....

If that happens, don't be shocked when the Jets trade with the Jags to lead frog the Boys to take Barron at 7. The Jags are desperate to trade down.
Posted by: Joe Schmoe

No trade would be made until the pick happens to prevent the very thing you are describing so this would never happen.

Posted by: NO Balls | April 26, 2012 at 04:05 PM

It might because Dallas wants Barron & 2 other guys that will probably be gone by 14. They could potentially settle in to #8 & take any of those 3 to make sure they get 1 and be happy.

However, if they only are interested in Barron, I agree they'll wait it out.

No one is saying to trade down from 8 to 25-32. But trading down from 8 to 14 or so is SMART.

And Dirty Sanches is crap. That makes Tanne a notch above crap.

Used to be when we asked Mando what his insiders said the dolphins liked, he said he had no idea. And noone would tell anyone before draft.
Now he's sure who the Dolphins want. But no explanation as to why he's suddenly being told.

I don't buy it.
Nice try.

Maybe Hennehill had 64 dropped passes...because he throws an UNCATCHABLE ball...like our boy Henne.....

I would like us to do 1 of 2 things.

Draft Fletcher or trade down.

Let's face facts. As long as Belecheat and Brady are in our division we can't beat them with Tanne. Have to beat them with a strong pass rush.

We have proven over and over again that Brady is suspect against the pass rush.

And no one said trade down to 25-32. What someone said was "if Ireland is so good and this team is so good, then trading away NEXT years first round shouldn't be a problem." Ireland is going to build a team that drafts 25-32 according to you guys.

I mean really, if we are going to be so good then all a trade partner team can hope for is a late late first round next year.

That is the Ireland lovers stance correct?

Roughly 5.5 hrs from now, or around 10 pm, we'll know who our 2010 1st rd pick is.

That calculating a 8 pm start, 15 minutes per team, time the amount of rds until we pick 8th(15mins *8 = 120mins or 2hrs).

We'll have that answer roughly around 10 pm. LOL

Pleeease I hope they get Cousins

I saw ESPN segment on NMSU Kenny Turner RB who went to jail at 16. He played with Chris Johnson.

He could be a late round or FA. He's had two knee injuries but so did 49ers Frank Gore.

He could be a steal.

YG, I already know the 2010 pick...LOL

Even you folks can't contemplate the Miami Dolphins drafting above 10 in the next few years.

If you did, then giving away first round picks shouldn't be a problem.

I think they need to trade down and double pass rush and wr in this draft plus OL.

1st rd best pass rush available
2nd (assuming they traded down) OL and QB
3rd pass rush , wr
4th wr
5th OL
6th LB


LOL, meant 2012. I missed it until you brought to my attention. LOL

So all the NFC teams and and half of the AFC playoff teams all had 1st round QBs and you guys are willing to try to find the EXCEPTION to the rule in the undrafted on his 3rd NFL QB who suddenly explodes onto the scene as a franchise QB?


Posted by: AndyNJ | April 26, 2012 at 03:44 PM

Andy, that's not really the point.

What I'm saying is it's better to stick with Moore(he'll be the starter anyway)before you absolutely THROW AWAY A FIRST ROUND PICK on a QB wanna be, that couldn't even get the start until his senior season.

Anybody that gets Tannehill will be throwing away a pick. Whatever round.

Kris, WTH are you talking about? Henne doesw throw a ctachable ball. Remember that time..... Ah who am I kidding?


Picking anywhere in the top 20, Im sure we'll land an impactful starter. I just dont no how great an impact if we slide that far down the board.

There's talk Dallas absolutely loves DeCastro, so if we trade down with Dallas, almost assredly it means we're passing on DeCastro. Whomever we pick I hope to see him achieve star status. If not, woe to the picker(Ireland). LOL


I'm going to pass you my pipe. Take three strong puffs.

Coples for sure. Then trade back up into 1st pound for Decastro.

Then find Tannehill is still available in the 3rd round.



I hop3 TanneHill is comming to NY for the draft....if he does...it will be a LONG...uncomfortable night......

I just figured it out. What was Robo Henne doing last year? He was calling the Statue of Liberty Play and no one knew what he was doing. Check down 1 check down 2 check down 3, hey wasn't Ginn supposed to be coming around behind me.

If we trade down I hope we get some guys that can play this year. Like oline and a pass rusher and a wide receiver. Then Weeden who would make a great backup or possible starter if we don't get and oline guy. If we take Tanne, we are risking moore and garrard getting killed. Then we are stuck with tanne who might really suck and also get hurt.

For all you Moore haters, blah

Good grief,ESPN and the NFL network has Mickey Loomis on live. Droning on and on about eavesdropping and what not.

They just love this stuff.

I'd trade down for Weeden


Espn reporting Dallas will definitely take DeCastro if he's available no matter where they pick. If we trade down with Dallas, that nearly ensures we wont get DeCastro.

Espn also reports if DeCastro isnt available they want the Georgia OG. Romo had to many hits on him last year and Dallas is set at both tackle positions. They are looking for a RG.

Aloco put down the booze. Bobbyd12 I am soooo glad you are blogger and not a dolphins employee.

I would trade the Lions our #1 pick for their #1 (#23), their #2 and their #1 pick next year.

YG, I had been hearing the Dallas was interested in Barron and that if Barron was gone they'd take Decastro. I am also hearing the trade rumors between Dallas and Miami. I hope it happens.

Is that the same you're hearing?

Guys which QB does Kirk Cousins remind you of and Who do you like more Cousins or Weeden???

I can't wait to see what Ireland does in this draft. A small part of me is hoping he completely flops because he really should not be a GM. They say he is a good evaluator of talent, but I'm not buying it. Someone please tell me who he has drafted that is super talented in his past 3 years? He hasn't been able to extend contracts for Wake or Long, arguably/sadly your most talented players. If the Dolphins fail to land Tannehill and a talented pass rusher early in this draft, they better be prepared to sell their tickets on craigslist at bargain prices. I hope Ross wakes up and smells the coffee before next year.

All you guys going on and on about how you know for a fact that Tannehill is fools gold and will never amount to anything are basing this of bits and pieces of video you happened to have seen on TV?

Sherman recruited this guy and knows better than anyone on the planet if he has what it takes to be an NFL QB.

If Sherman says take him at 8...then I trust him.



Where are did the SUCK FOR LUCK Campaign go?

In my opinion we should drop back and take Quinton Coples. He would compliment Wake nicely. I'm not all that impress with Ryan Tannehill. Even if we took him we could easily be in the same spot next year with an equal if not better QB staring us in the face. It would be wise of us to invest a late pick on a QB like rob wilson in the later rounds. He ran the west coast offense and a pro style offense while he was in college. It is probably one of the most mentally prepared Qbs in the draft and he is a leader. Dont give me anything about him being too short. He played behind a line in Wisconsin that was dwarfed pound for pound by the San Diego Chargers. One NFL team! And they were all 6'6'' or taller.

Kirk Cousins reminds me of Tom Brady.


Pretty much, but but if the Cowboys traded with us, at #8 Barron would be slightly more of a reach than DeCastro. DeCastro seems to have the greater chance of becoming a pro bowler.

Texas, Dallas is rumored to want the #8 badly for Barron, Decastro or another olineman they fear won't be there at 14.

Dallas may want the pick & be happy getting any of the 3 sitting there. This is why I said earlier that the cowboys moving up & jets jumping up to #7 for barron was possible.

The boys wanna ensure getting 1 of the 3. That's the rumors.

Coples has bust written all over him.

If we pass on Tannehill then we'll know that Sherman told Ireland he's lacking the talent needed to play at this level.

In Sherman We Trust.

Why is no one talking about Jarelle Fleming from Coastal Georgia? Dude is 6'7" 300 DE who benches 580 and runs 4.5 40. Beast on steroids... hope he's there in the 2nd.

I'll talk to Jerry and see if we can't get this done. haha


IMO, at #8 and reaching for a player not true top 10, that guy had better be someone with a great chance to be a pro bowler.

Even if that guy's a pretty good starter, but never becomes a pro bowler, you can still consider you missed on that player.

We'll have that answer roughly around 10 pm. LOL

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | April 26, 2012 at 04:28 PM


Why do people put "LOL" after comments that aren't the least bit funny?

Did you actually "laugh out loud" typing that?

I do like to take Nick Foles in the 5th round, or Cousins with one of the 3th round pick.

YG -- I agree. You need a STUD at #8. If you want to reach on a player, then trade back. No reaching at #8 allowed and that includes Tannehill.


Part of you is hoping Ireland flops? Get over it dude.

I hope he becomes the best d*mn GM in football and we win many championships.

Best case scenario: Miami acquires a #1 pick next year by trading down.

There is no chance of that happening.

I hope he becomes the best d*mn GM in football and we win many championships.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | April 26, 2012 at 05:03 PM


I would trade the Lions our #1 pick for their #1 (#23), their #2 and their #1 pick next year.

It IS possible.

We always trade back amd miss out on instant starter playmakers...so tell me why and how this draft is already shaping up like our past 10 years of crappy drafting???


Moving Dansby to OLB, havng faith to John Jerry and L. Murtha to play at the right side of the offensive line, and Clemmons, Jones, Williams to step up at safety, give us the chance for the first time in many years to simply select the best player available.

Triple down on QB. We must can find a franchise QB out of 3.

1st Tanneheill
2nd Weeden
3rd Cousins

Cut Devlin

Maybe I'm missing something. There is no one really at #8 studly enough to turn our team around on his own.

Decastro,Cox,Blackmon,and Floyd would be instant starters.

I have to agree with YG and say that Decastro would be the biggest impact as he would give us one of the best o-lines in the league.

If you can trade down however and still get a solid starter like Jonathan Martin,Chandler Jones, or even Tannehill, or possibly Coples and get extra picks it seems pretty logical to me.


adrian solorza,

Moving Dansby to OLB, havng faith to John Jerry and L. Murtha to play at the right side of the offensive line, and Clemmons, Jones, Williams to step up at safety, give us the chance for the first time in many years to simply select the best player available.

Posted by: adrian solorza | April 26, 2012 at 05:10 PM

Wouldnt it be much cheaper to having wishing wells placed at every stadium entrance so fans could throw thier pennies in them before entering to watch games?

That might work too.

IF Blackmon is there you dont trade that pick you take him.

Dolfan Rick,

Totally forget drafting a OT 1st rd. Jonathan Martin is a OT. We need to be mean and nasty in the middle of the oline DeCastro(OG) completes that. Cogs, Pouncey, DeCastro would be nasty!

As for RT, Its far easier to find a guy that cant quite cut it at LT. That's usually what RT's are. We have Jake Long, we dont need to draft a LT 1st rd just to stick him at RT. You draft LT's 1st rd to play LT only, not RT.

Yesterday Gone, LOL, but I still have faith in some players.

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