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Miami Dolphins in trade-down mode

I alluded yesterday to the idea the Dolphins could trade down from the No. 8 overall selection in the first round and today that idea is picking up steam as multiple club sources are telling me at this hour Miami has spoken to at least three teams about moving back.

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland said at his pre-draft press conference that moving up and moving back are both possibilities. Well, moving up not so much.

Moving back definitely has a chance.

Simply, the Dolphins like the idea of possibly trading back two to 8 slots and picking up a second-round selection for their trouble. That's why Ireland has been in talks with the teams to gauge that possibility.

That doesn't mean the Dolphins absolutely are trading back. We won't know until the process begins and players start to come off the board. But Miami wants to be prepared.

The Dolphins are obviously in a good position for this move because players such as Mark Barron, Fletcher Cox, and some believe Justin Blackmon, might be on the board when the Dolphins select. Those players could cause other teams to place a higher value on Miami's slot than even the Dolphins do.

We shall see.


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Had this fo not been so consumed with double-down drafting and reaching with the 2nd rd picks. There's great chance we have at least 4 better starters right now.

That trend has to stop immediately!

Double-down drafting is the same as trading away your draft picks if both of those double-down picks dont become successful. I hope Ireland wakes up and sees this.

On some of our double-down picks neither player is still here in Miami. So all it amounted to was a 2 for 1 loss on those draft picks vs that position drafted.

IF Blackmon is there you dont trade that pick you take him.

Posted by: Me | April 26, 2012 at 05:24 PM

I wouldn't pass on him if fell to 8 either but the Dolphins said they don't want #1 recievers. He won't fall that far but if he did it would be interesting to see how serious the Dolphins are about that statement.


1st Luke Kuechly MLB Boston College
2nd Kevin Zeitler RG Wisconsin
3rd Derek Wolfe DT Cincinnati
3rd Brock Osweiler QB Arizona State
4th Brett Roy DE Nevada
5th Miles Burris OLB San Diego State
6th Jeff Fuller WR Texas A&M
7th Philip Thomas FS Syracuse

Dang i've been on here all day. The wife is cooking. Time to pop open a Beck's and get ready for the show.

I actually am forgoing a draft party because I don't wanna miss anything. 2 hours to go I'm reaady.

Go Fins!

Roundtable on ESPN full of retired QB's touting Tannehill's skills.
All say he has may more positive traits than negative...all recommend they take him at #8

If Blackmon fell to #8, its probably one of those scenarious where they would use it as ammunition to trader down and gain more ammunition.

Who know's, if Blackmon fall to #8, some body may be desperate enough to offer thier 2013 1st rd pick to us to get him. Maybe not probable, but possible. Depends how badly another team wants him.

Sure clue and we will carry 5 QBs on the roster next year...

If I were Dolphins GM, trading any further back than the 12th spot, I would accept no less than 2 2nd rd picks for the #8 spot.

At #8 a team's guaranteed a shot to pick a top 10 talent. Its thier business if they still reach for a player. But Ive given them a shot at a top 10.

Even at the 11 or 12 spot you need to at least get a 2nd, even if the value chart doesnt say so. If you cant get that stay at #8.

If Blackmon or Richardson falls to us I'd keep either one of them.

The fact a pick is in the top 10 is completely meaningless. Some years it's only the top four or five picks that have extraordinary value. others it goes as far as 11-12. 10" is simply an arbitrary number we attach unnecessary meaning to.

This year is closer to the first scenario. Miami's pick does not have extraordinary trade value.

Would love to see Phins trade 3rd rounder acquired for Marshall to Giants for Osi Umenyiora.

He's motivated in his final year of his deal to prove he's an every down DE for one more big pay day.

I'd actually be ok with a one-and-done scenario because the Phins could end up with a decent compensatory pick next year if they let him walk.

That combined with a trade down for an extra second, while still acquiring Tannehill would make my day.

Ireland would improve his standing with a bit with Tannehill, Umenyiora, 2 2nd rounders, and a 3rd rounder coming out of the drafts first 3 rounds.

If the Dolphins pick Tannehill so be it.

The one single thing that bothers me is that if Barkley and/or Jones did not go back to school and had entered the draft, Tannehill's stock would not be where it is right now.

I sure hope we get this thing right.

Go Miami Dolphins!!

Settle down, YG, you did very well last night under heavy attack. You do not have to be Afraid of anything.

And I'm not Oscar Canosa. In Virtual Space I'm oscar canosa.

Theavafin, That's the only way were guaranteed a decent Qb. On trumps every other position on the field

Ireland would have moved down from #1 this year...it's his mentality NOT to open himself up to criticism...not that it's worked thus far.

I BETCHA he'll move down, and NOT get anything substantial for it.
Having the Packers 2013 #2, for instance...yeah getting a 63rd pick in the 2nd round...THAT would be typical Ireland.

Can't get in into phins.com. I guess heavy traffic.

See you all Friday...

Tannehill is NOT worthy of a first round pick and as far as I am concerned he at best is a mid 2nd round pick. Sorry to all you Tenne fans but I don't see the Dolphins working on ANOTHER project. Henne was a project and look where we are today.

I DO see that the Dolphins pick Brock Osweiler somewhere along the line as at this juncture just face reality that Moore will be the starting QB unless Gerhard blows away Moore to Philbin.

I want to walk away for the first rime in many years with a PLAY MAKER, a STARTER who is going to make an immediate impact.

THAT pick and player is Justin Blackmon WR. Blackmon is going to be on the 7:30 Sunday night ESPN highlights for a long time.

Please be a little more substantial in your Grammar Some commentaries here are barely legible.

I think we should take Cox with the first round pick. The Giants' and others success against New England (the team that we have to beat to do anything) is due partially to being able to get consistent pressure with their front four. Add whatever is the best available on offense with the second selection and then try to address either the line or Safety. Cox apparently has the versatility to be used in the new "hybrid" defense Fins are looking to run. SEC is the #1 conference, so he's had to compete against other future NFL-ers. Tannehill has too many ?? for this high of a pick. You need proven not prospective in the first round.

Trade back pick up a second rounder and trade it for Dwight Freeney. He is on the block and they are looking for at least a second-rounder. Wake has all the help he needs. The Colts are moving to a 3-4 and Freeney is out. We are mopving to a 4-3 and Dwight is a perfect fit. He ahould have 2 or 3 solid years left in him.

Just wondering, who are the Tannehill fans? It seems like every poster here is totally against taking him.

I wonder why Reverends and Pastors always think of Sex?

I mean "NATURE" of the beast! lol

F Tannehenne

Yes, African hunters and their wives always have a good time there

Not opposed a bit to them drafting Tannehill. Sorry, it's not unanimous.

Weeden's sack ratio was 1 for 53 pass attempts.

RGIII's sack ratio was 1 for every 15 pass attempts.

Weeden's quick release and decision making helped him avoid many sacks.

Oklahoma State could have been in the NCAA championship game if not for the Iowa State loss. Two of his three interceptions were caused by the receiver.

Many say that Blackmon made him look good.

Blackmon is good but WEEDEN made Blackmon look better than he is.

He could actually compete for the starting QB somewhere. His passing reminds me more of Marino than any other QB.

I'd like to see him become a Fin. If not, I still plan to follow his career because I believe he has the potential of being great.

I have full confidence that Jeff WILL screw this up.

Really, Jose?

Any QB in this draft will be a wasted pick. None will start this year, and we can find a better one next year. We have more pressing options than to burn a pick on another average QB.

Well, you could say that Jose has good vision of the Field.

Cleveland just moved up to 3 and gave up 3 picks to do it.

No one wants Chris Weinke 2.0

Cleveland is out of the Tannehill running.. Don't know if thats good or bad..

Can't believe Spielman made a good move!! I still hate that idiot!!

Now, serious, Texas. I cant get into phins.com. If true they are desperate for a particular Player, and I cant believe it's Blackmon.

So it's not serious. You don't belong in this Blog, Texas. Or in any other, including yours.

Cleveland gave up a ton!

Trade down talk is a smokescreen. Nobody is going to let Ireland out of that 8th pick. Miami is going to get stuck with a "franchise" who neither is nor is ready to be a "franchise" QB while all that defensive talent slips right past them to other markets... The Fix is in and Miami is getting the screw once again.


You did a great job with that d o u c h e bag Florio Mando!

Proud of ya, he is a d i c k ....

Suprised you could get a word in with his ego...

Hope we do better in the 2nd round....

No Live Blog????

your sources fooled you.

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