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Miami Dolphins select Ryan Tannehill in first round

The Miami Dolphins have selected Ryan Tannehill with the No. 8 overall selection in the first round of the NFL draft.

Tannehill, a Texas A&M product, is the first quarterback the Dolphins select in the first round since 1983 when the team picked Dan Marino.

"It was awesome, it was everything I expected and more," Tannehill said on ESPN of the phone call he had with the team before the pick.

Tannehill is 6-3 and 224 pounds. He threw 29 touchdown passes and 15 interceptions in his 13 starts for the Aggies in 2012. There is an interesting statistic here: Aggies receivers dropped 70 passes this year.

As I have reported earlier, Dolphins owner Steve Ross did not push Jeff Ireland to pick Tannehill. The owner wanted a quarterback but did not demand this quarterback. I'm told Ireland decided Tannehill was his man over a week ago.

I do not expect the Dolphins to say that Tannehill will sit this season. But that is exactly what I expect will happen.


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Rats. I wanted Fletcher Cox. Oh well.

What a blown pick. Every team is trading. Dolphins couldn't traded down and still got Tannehill.

What's up with Tannehill chomping gum? Not very classy.

I wanted more picks as well as Fletcher Cox. Why couldn't we tank this year and get USC QB next year?

Man I hope Tannehill our franchise Qb. Not sure with only 19 career starts. Sigh



Another mediocre year great!

Wow,,,his INTS ALMOST caught his TDs...but it will be easier in the NFL!

Does not grade out to a 8th overall let alone the third best qb in the draft. Another mistake by the FO.

Smart choice, nobody else at that selection would really been help. At least we have a QB we can look forward to possibly being a franchise QB

I like the pick of Tannehill! We could have moved down in the draft to select him!

Trade down or get Cox then take Cousins in the 2nd. Now they an unproven player with the 8th pick.

WAAHHHHH WAHHHHH WAAHHHH. Oh boy here comes the crybabies. The pick is over. DEAL WITH IT.

Dolphins are starting today a new Big Chapter. Marino thanks for the advise

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Chomping gum while being drafted #1 = douchebag.


mikeoliver1313, from the last blog, thanks for the kind words...Now come back on your 18th birthday...See ya bro...

Rob in OC.....LOL......

First I laugh...cause its funny.....

Then I cry....cause its true...

Tannehill with only 19 career starts is he ready for the NFL?

They drafted a kid in the first round who's going to sit and, meanwhile, they aren't going to be able to stop anyone's offense with their defense.

Ireland REACHES for job security!

Sells develop a groomer QB to Ross!


Still dumbfounded. You need a QB but CANT force it...

Kris, this is Ross'pick...I'd bet the farm on it...

Who is this guy Peyton Manning? He sucks and so does Tennessee. We never pick anyone good!

Miami Dolphins fan

tannehill is way better than draftin poop cause poop cant throw footballs poop is no go at ports go tannehill i still love poop though

Kris....I got the extra large box o Kleenex for just this occasion.

At least on a blog you can;t see a grown man weep... uncontrollably.

Guys, you need to breathe. Let the kid throw a pass first. Let's see him in Pre-Season. You don't know what he can do. Mike Sherman, YOUR OC, coached him in College. Don't you think he knows if the kid is capable? Are you 2nd-guessing your OC already? Not even on the job 5 months?

Ireland was brave to take this player.

Everybody relax Henne will be back in 2 yrs after he is done with the Jags

now lets trade up to the late 1st to grab Fleener!

So far this offseason suggests Dolphins and Jets will fight for the afc east cellar this year.

We just WASTED a top 10 pick on a 2nd round talent who won't do ANYTHING for us for at least a year, and probably 2 or 3, if ever. I can almost gaurantee this kid will be a total bust. I am now officially on the fire Ireland band wagon. He committed the double whammy mistake: caving in to fans who don't know diddly squat about football, and used NEED as an evaluator for talent, which is the VERY WORST OF THE VERY WORST evaluation possible.


I root for Miami and anybody that plays the cheats, Jets and the Crimson Tide!

This tells me that Ross is really bad as a NFL owner. He telegraphed the teams intentions of picking Tannehill just days before the draft and his general manager had to go out and put out the fire by telling everyone that Tannehill was not going to be the pick.

Perhaps if other teams didn't know who the Dolphins wanted to pick, they could have moved down and gotten Tannehill at a pick where he was rated, in the teens.

#1...and Rob...

I pray that is not the case....I hope Ireland is not bending to the pressure of Ross....

sometimes i cry when i poop cause i hate seeing it leave me forever

Ryan Tannehill=toilet farm

I just hope in 2-3 years when they actually develop him enough to play that Ireland's head does roll when he is a cross between Pat White and Henne.

I can't believe it...it wasn't even a goofy smokescreen.


What a waste of a pick. Not top ten talent. Oh well, off to stick my pinky in a pencil sharpener.

jeff ireland will prob want to draft a poop next year do you think the poop will sign autographs

Mike at 09:03PM, exactly...

Ive been saying for months that this would be a horrible pick. Of course Ross and Ireland who are complete morons went ahead and made the pick. I am done with this team until Ross either sells the team or dies and Ireland is gone!!! I have been a fan since '84 but I just can't deal with this garbage anymore. We are officially the biggest joke in the NFL. By the way Tannehill will be a bust and will be out of the league within three to five years.

Bottom line--Tannehill has to pan out. If he doesn't become a top tier QB then Ross & Ireland will lose the confidence of every single Dolphin fan.


Did they have trade opportunities or were they happy to take tannehill at 8?

I would of taken Cox, Gilmore or DeCastro before Tannehill...Whatever...I'll give Tannehill a chance because I'm a Dolphins fan...But I don't like the pick at all...

Jhary, wow, you can ALMOST guarantee. How's that? Are you a scout? GM? Do you have magical powers? Easy with the hyperbole Francis.


This is GREAT news for Dolphins fans because NOW that THE SCOUT wasted the #1 on this NON starter and PROJECT... Once they throw him to the wolves it wont be long before THE SCOUT Ireland is FIRED.

Just as planned. ANOTHER season with another boring and Dull Draft pick.

Just like the great prospect Hennie, we will wait years until this kid is able to play WHICH MEANS that we will see additional FA QBs added to the roster.


Yousee?Yousee? Now wait for Nick Perry, 2nd Rd.

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I hope all u dumb as dolphins fans that were calling for tannill at 8 are happy we did nothing to better our team this year while every team in our division will I'm done with the dolphins and i have been a fan since i was 15 and am 35 disgusting

DC Dolfan,

I want to be opinionated now so I'm either VERY right or VERY wrong.

I will own it later regardless.

It's not gonna be a blend in thing or what did that guy Rob in OC feel about Tannehill at #8??? It will be ultra clear what I thought.

I will mark you down for the right pick then DC?


So Armando...are we done for today...can i go to bed now. Or Do we trade to get another 1st round pick.

He committed the double whammy mistake: caving in to fans who don't know diddly squat about football,

Posted by: Jhary | April 26, 2012 at 09:03 PM

Oh, I suppose Ireland should have solicited the advice of you and your overflowing urinal of knowledge. Whammy!

i love poop as well! Eating it, bathing in it, basking in it..

Whether or not Tannehill is good or not. We could have traded down because NO ONE needed a QB. KC has Cassell and Seattle has Flynn.

yum poopy mc poop pants just rocked my world

Wouldn't drafting an impact player now increase the chance that the Dolphins would be picking further down the draft board next year? We all know if Ireland didn't trade up this year for Griffen, he's not trading up next year for any QB. Tannehill is a good pick.

OH MY GOD!!!! What happens to Pat Devlin now???


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