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Miami Dolphins select Ryan Tannehill in first round

The Miami Dolphins have selected Ryan Tannehill with the No. 8 overall selection in the first round of the NFL draft.

Tannehill, a Texas A&M product, is the first quarterback the Dolphins select in the first round since 1983 when the team picked Dan Marino.

"It was awesome, it was everything I expected and more," Tannehill said on ESPN of the phone call he had with the team before the pick.

Tannehill is 6-3 and 224 pounds. He threw 29 touchdown passes and 15 interceptions in his 13 starts for the Aggies in 2012. There is an interesting statistic here: Aggies receivers dropped 70 passes this year.

As I have reported earlier, Dolphins owner Steve Ross did not push Jeff Ireland to pick Tannehill. The owner wanted a quarterback but did not demand this quarterback. I'm told Ireland decided Tannehill was his man over a week ago.

I do not expect the Dolphins to say that Tannehill will sit this season. But that is exactly what I expect will happen.


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You have no idea now how many words you're gonna eat, Kris.


BTW Odin,
Henne three 87 TDs in 4 years at Mich.
And started 4 BCS bowl games.
I guess that's why Mularkey signed him 4 hours into free agency.

I wonder who the MEDIA has us taking in RD 2.....

This isnt even close to a potential Aaron Rodgers situation.

For one, Rogers wasnt selected #8. Two, they still had Favre at qb so they didnt miss the pick. Three, selected at #8 even when he is ready to play, he cant be average to above average, he has to be great.

If Tannehill doesnt become at least a top 10 qb right away. Ireland/Ross/Philbin/Sherman just screwed all of us big time!

Because the PATS always pick elite players........not since Brady.....and Brady made Gronkowski, so that doesn't count.

Oh boy, why is it all the pro Tanne people are making excuses?

Why don't you talk about all the great things he did to command the 8th overall pick?


It would be hilarious if it wasn't so pathetic.

No QB has EVER, I repeat EVER been taken in the first round after throwing a total of 19 TD's in four years of college.

Keep making the excuses though, cause we all know that's all you got to go on!

Reality is what I'm putting on you!

@ PansaVerde 9:56pm
are you talking about the guy who has the best win % in Packers history? better than Lombardi, Holmgren or McCarthy
Seriously, some fans are just pathetic. We havent played a down and they're down on the team already
Go root for someone else


I hope so.....If we are in the playoffs......and your re-posting my stuff....I will consider it a moral victory....

I guess it takes an idiot to know an idiot. Only an idiot would compare politics and football.

Me see's a bust in the Dolphins future, with my one eye. And his name is Tannehill.....Arggh!!!!

How can anyone be happy about this pick? He's definitely not helping the team this year. Maybe not next, maybe not ever. What's worse is they cod have traded up or down for Blackmon or Claiborne. They could have stayed at 8 and gotten Cox or some type of immediate help. Nope, a team with many needs and in need of playmakers takes a project QB. Just like they did 3 years ago. Typical mediocre decision making for a consistently mediocre franchise.

Anyway now that we have a Franchise QB maybe we can go RT 2nd, RG 3rd, DE 4th, DT 5th, SS 6th and WR 7th.
And everyone of them will have to start.

And the PATS with the 21st pick draft?????


Posted by: Mia73 | April 26, 2012 at 10:02 PM

Uhh...Eddie Moore?...Jamar Fletcher?...et al...


Ive been saying to dolfans for years just because we need to select a 1st rd calibre qb, we dont select one just for the sake of saying we did it.

Had Barkley and Landry declared, we wouldnt be talking Tannehill as a 1st from qb period.

None of us, scouts , GM, FO, etc...really know how good or terrible Tanne will be.. Going by all teams that say..."pick the best available player"
Clearly we did not do this.... Bunch of liars.. Get Barkley next year..try again Ireland

At least we didn't pick Dontari Poe. Goofy Chiefs.

Why do some fans feel the need to say 100% positive things about their team?

It's like well sure Merling beat up his lady...but she didn't die or anything??

Who should live in a candy coated world with filters on top? As long as it is the proper time and place...shouldn't now of all times be the time to vent if you think your team is headed the wrong way on a one way street?

Buck up...the NFL is tough, life's tough and until the Fins start winning on a regular basis they receive some flak from many sources. It's normal and natural.

I cheered for them when I knew they were winning and screwing up their own chances in this very draft...I can't help it.

The disgruntled portion of the fan base is not going to just kindly "go away". The Care Bear Fins blogs are two doors down to the right.



Posted by: tony | April 26, 2012 at 10:03 PM



It's exactly what many of us have been saying all off season. FANS need to get behind Philbin and Sherman and their new offensive system and their ability to develop QB's. This team was NOT going to the playoffs this year. So, you pick up a QB who could be the future and you give him an opportunity to learn the realities of being an pro and you groom him for one or two years. This is what so many successful QB's have done and I am thrilled to see the Fins show some bravery by investing in the FUTURE!!

Boooooooo!!!!!!! Boooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Rubbish, Filth, Slime, Booooooooo!!!!!!!! Booooooo!!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Ok top talent scouts,

Bill Polian loves Tannehill says he is a top 10 talent and would trade up to 3 to pick him.

Gil Brandt loves Tannehill had him ranked 4th overall out of 100 prospects

But all you guys know Tannehill will suck? You guys are biased, frauds who have no idea what you are talking about. I will take Gil Brandt and Polians opinion over all of you collective negative so called fans.

At least we didn't pick Dontari Poe. Goofy Chiefs.

Posted by: Mia73 | April 26, 2012 at 10:07 PM

LOL...and True......

I Like this pick for the pure fact that everyone hates it. All u guys cried when no Brady Quinn was the right calI, then u all cried when no kyle orton which was also the right move AND everyone want peyton manning for ridiculous money an four neck surgeries and if anyone touches him this yr and he gets Hirt you will all be wrong AGAIN. Tennehill Vegas good head on his shoulders I don't think it's a bad pick. Has already run west coast offense. I'm comfortable with it

POOP, WTF nice ID? We will take everything you say with a grain of SH$T. Zack Thomas was picked in the 5th round. I like the pick in Tannehill. We have some picks yet left in the draft so let it play out. Everybody forgets how many games we should have won last year and how many TD's the so called the "beast" dropped last year. I feel good at this point with Tannehill at 8!

People you need to give the kid a chance.

A quicker Henne say you? Wasn't Henne gettin his "white Vick" on before he got hurt? Playing pretty good.
Besides all that Tannehill is not Henne.
I wonder what kind of edge it would be to line up in the wildcat with Tannehill split out...D Thomas taking the snap. I'd like to see that.

Boooooooo!!!!!!! Boooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Rubbish, Filth, Slime, Booooooooo!!!!!!!! Booooooo!!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Posted by: Mia73 | April 26, 2012 at 10:09 PM

Looks like someone's looking in the mirror.

And with the 21st Pick (moved UP from 27th) the NE PATS draft DE Chandler Jones.

Andy NJ.....

It has less to do with Tannehil...and MORE to do with were and WHEN he was selected....

So, many of you are hating this. I can only imagine your outrage if our FO chose another O-Lineman.
Sheesh, give this guy a chance.
And FWIW, many athletes, when feeling stress, chew gum to relax.
Lets just hope he doesn't swallow it facing the Bills Defensive line.

Mike Sherman MUST have had input here.
Of course, the fact that he's 80 and might retire soon.....LOL

Lets chill, and accept the fact that this is a young, athletic CONFIDENT young man.
Ya never know.

It's not an investment when there is a good chance he's a bust. That's a risk pick, not an investment. So they did absolutely nothing in Free Agency and draft an iffy project. Things are lookin up. LOL

Wow I cant these fair weather dolphin fans anymore. We picked tannehill......look forward. I feel sorry for the FO damned if u do damned if u don't in this town. If u don't like the phins .....GET OUT

I think Belichek is losing his magic. Jones did nothing at Syracuse and I'm listening to Mayock talk about him and it's ridiculous. Jones is slow and has no production. He gets up to 285 like Mayock says and he'll be slower.

Weeden in the 1st.....

odinseye -

He threw 19 tds LAST season. Dude are you ok?

I'm signing off.

I'd like to wake up tomorrow and be surprised that the Fins moved back in to the 1st and picked Fleener or Janoris Jenkins.

If I see the Fins taking another player I don't like, I'll ....

Andy NJ,

I HOPE you are right but drafting Tennehill at #8 was wrong. When the kid comes out we shall ALL see what he can do and decide if he was/was not worth the #8.

Cleveland takes Weedon #22. They may have just gotten a better qb than we got at #8. WOW!

ANdy NJ....one question.....

Which 1st round picj has ANY analyst bad mouthed....EVER....

Not even Jamarcus Russell or Ryan Leaf were called anything but football gods on draft day.....

i think people got it all wrong.....he's our big stud wide receiver!! not sure how to feel about this.......been disappointed by miami's first round picks going back to.......

These are the same idiots that were screaming for Brady Quinn. Yeah, remember him?

The only thing that sucks worst than the Dolphins and their management are all of the douche-snozzle idiots in these comment boards that carry their water


Tannehills receivers sucked, what did he catch his own passes?

You just stick to maling ecuses for him son, I hope you got alot!

And yes, I did read the 19 wrong. Doesn't change the facts one bit.

Other than a handfull of excuses, name ONE thing the guy did to warrant the 8th overasll pick?

That's what I thought, Now from the sounds of it it's past your bed time.

That's the 7th DE/DT to come off the board.
7 - DT/DEs
3- QBs
2 - WR
2 - LB
2 - DBs
1 - RB
1 - OL

I wouldn't have gone with Weeden in the 1st. I guess if you want to bring in a QB your options are limited.

And people wonder why Harbaugh, Fisher, Manning, Gruden, Cowher....et al said "Wadda ya nuts?" when Dolphins cracker Jack Front Office romanced them.

It is one FUGLY management team.

The single worst management team in professional sports. On the bright side parking will be cheap and easily available at the stadium formerly know as Joe Robbie Stadium.

Who cares where he was selected he PLAYS the most important position in ALL sports.

If Philbin who has been around Favre and DEVELOPED RODGERS likes him,

If Gil Brandt who drafted Roger Staubach likes him, had him his 4th overall prospect like him,

If Bill Polian who drafted Peyton Manning says he would traded up to #3 to ensure he gets him if her wee Miami,


Please perspective guys. Let's try and have some.

Wtf do some of you guys call the guy Tannehenne? He's nothIng like Henne. First off he has superior feet unlike Henne no good a**. Hes athletic enough to scramble out of the pocket for some extra yards unlike Henne. Thirdly he's very accurate unlike Henne on the run or sitting in the pocket. Now he needs some time to get adjusted to NFL speed but I really think we hit on this pick. I do!

I kinda feel sorry for Tannehill. Even if he gets to sit for two years, if he starts slow, dolfans will crucify him.

Being drafted #8, if he sits 2 yrs, dolfans will expect no less than Dan Marino coming out of the starting gates. It will be Marino-like or bust expectations placed on Tannehill by dolfans.

I will really hate to be that kid his 1st year under center in Miami. Ireland has set him up to fail.

Fin fans suck! Most comments come from fair weather fans. If they didnt select Tannehill then the fans would cry about that so have some faith and let the coaches coach and the fans watch............Good Luck Fins let's hope this pick is like Griese and Marino our only first round qbs picked.

YG just became a Steelers fan.

I hate our fans you guys literally all suck. The guy was picked get over it and welcome our new player instead of dogging him. Was he picked too high yes he was as of right now but if he develops the way Philbin and Sherman think he can then we will be set at QB. Sherman knows this kid and both Philbin and Sherman are QB guys that know how to develop and make QBs successful at the next level. He is physically strong and has great size. He runs like a productive wr. He ran a 60 yard td run on the opening play of a game. He has enough arm strength to throw an out route from the opposite hash (in College which is much farther) accurately and on time. He lacks knowledge and only time will tell if he will gain enough of that to be a productive qb in the nfl. So everyone out here dogging the kid just sit down and shut up because you bunch of ass clowns are the worst bit of fans around. Go route for another team please.

BTW Odin,
Henne three 87 TDs in 4 years at Mich.
And started 4 BCS bowl games.
I guess that's why Mularkey signed him 4 hours into free agency.

Posted by: TheSMF | April 26, 2012 at 10:03 PM

Come on, I was calling Tannehill Chad Henne 2.0.

I'll be more accurate for you:

Ryan Tanne.

I hope they make him take no. 7.

It would be fitting.

This has to be rigged or I'm going to apply for GM. David De Castro has not been picked. Just landed in all places, in Pittsburgh, hehe.

Moore will be the starter, unless Tannehill surprises everybody in the preseason. Now, in case Tannehill starts and mess up ugly, Ireland will be fired and the Dolphins can always select another QB. But, don't worry Moore did quite well last season and if he doesn't get injured he will be the man next season too.
What we need now is a WR in second and 3rd rnd and a pass rusher as well. Next a safety a LB and the OL to replace Colombo. It is difficult to say if this pick was good or bad by now as compared with the mediocre from bad picks of last years.
Of course the dolphins could've have waited next season to try to select Barkley or Jones or somebody else, but that was not even sure, unless the dolphins traded like The red skins or sucked to be the 1st or 2nd overall.
Anyway, let us see what happens tomorrow and Saturday.

Coples goes to jets, pats trade up for two picks, bills get mario williams...and we get tannehill.

Time to watch the browns with wheedon...or steelers with decastro. At least those guys will start this year.

Go Ohio State!!!!


he won't be PLAYING @ all next year....

So what did we do in ROUND 1...to improve our football team for this year.....

Thats WHY it matters.....

the next question would be...is he HEAD and SHOULDERS better than the next 3-4 QB that will come off the board...if the answer is NO....the he is drafted to HIGH......


DeCastro gets to place next to a Pouncey after all! I see some sb rings for Roeslisberger before he retires.


And Hightower to NE. heehee. Hey, NFL, you can't do this anymore. Simply because more People are reading you.

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