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Miami Dolphins select Ryan Tannehill in first round

The Miami Dolphins have selected Ryan Tannehill with the No. 8 overall selection in the first round of the NFL draft.

Tannehill, a Texas A&M product, is the first quarterback the Dolphins select in the first round since 1983 when the team picked Dan Marino.

"It was awesome, it was everything I expected and more," Tannehill said on ESPN of the phone call he had with the team before the pick.

Tannehill is 6-3 and 224 pounds. He threw 29 touchdown passes and 15 interceptions in his 13 starts for the Aggies in 2012. There is an interesting statistic here: Aggies receivers dropped 70 passes this year.

As I have reported earlier, Dolphins owner Steve Ross did not push Jeff Ireland to pick Tannehill. The owner wanted a quarterback but did not demand this quarterback. I'm told Ireland decided Tannehill was his man over a week ago.

I do not expect the Dolphins to say that Tannehill will sit this season. But that is exactly what I expect will happen.


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Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | April 26, 2012 at 10:15 PM

Weeden? Perhaps will be good, but it's a LOT different getting him 23rd than at #8.
If we had taken him at 8, what you hear now would have been nothing to what you'd hear if we'd taken Weeden.

The Browns traded up, and got lucky at 23 that Weeden was there.
However, they're STILL IN CLEVELAND.


IO was thinking the same thing when Pitt selected DeCastro to play next to Maurice Pouncey. "Damn I wanna be a Steeler fan! LOL

tannehill was good even being so raw, he's a great athlete in general. he has a big upside. how many college starts did cam new on have? for some reason i think less than 19. also if you noticed all the trades were to get into the top 7. after that the trades pretty much dried up.

My Nathan Palmer piece on my blog is getting tons of hits today. He must be on a lot of fans radar.

Imagine, Maurice Pouncey and DeCastro pulling and clearing. Who's gonna stop that RB?

Kris you don't need magic to fill all your holes. I have managed just fine using charm, money, and innovative thinking.

Hey Dolphin bloggers that talk all your $hit. Post your current job and tenure! Lets weed out the people that contribute nothing to society and have made zero progress on getting this country back on its feet!

17 years Arborist
5 years Telecommunications (and still going to work everyday)

They picked better toward the last of the Round. Hmm..

Atrocious pick. Worst pick since Billy Milner. Just fold this Goddamn franchise already.

I officially renounce my Fin fan rights.

With Weeden's signing, I'm now officially a Browns fan.

This is the story of the Dolphin franchise. Pass up elite players like Ingram (pass rusher) and a WR like Wright to pick a guy who will hold a clipboard for one or perhaps two years. Even a great athlete like John Elway needed someone to block for him, run the ball, get open and catch passes. Moreover play defense and get to the opponents quarterback.


We could have traded back and gotten Weedon. Heck, Cleveland probably was going take Tannehill #22 had we traded behind them.

Only 2 teams were a threat to take Tannehill, us and Cleveland. No way we needed to take Tannehill #8. We could have traded back to 15 and still gotten Tannehill. Ireland's so..... I wont even say it!


You are making stuff up to please your own facts. I actually listen to REAL football heads like Gli Brandt and Bill Polian, Pat Kirwan guys who been in NFL front offices and its universal Tannehill is a 1st round talent and a high 1st round talent.

I make no excuses other then the other 3 first round QBs played with

Luck - Fleener, DeCastro, Martin on offense. 2 of 3 are 1st rounders so far.

RG3 - Kendall Wright who was 20th overall pick

Weeden - Blackmon 5th overall pick and best WR in the draft.

Tannehill played with Jeff Fuller who is 6th, 7th or undrafted. Cyrus Gray missed most of the year and no one else who will make the pros. And yet he managed 29 not 19 passing TDs. He rushed for 4. He beat Heisman trophy winner RG3 head to head.

BUTTTTTTT because you all say he sucks then he must. Get the F outta here. Get a freaking clue and respect people opinions that matter and have mattered not your own personal "I want DeCastro" "I want Coples" "I want Cox".

Get some perspetive please!

So what did we expect? That Sherman would not try to get the guy taken in the 1st round. This is nothing short of Sherman's trying to validate his coaching acumen. hell he coached and possibly recruited this guy in college.

He sacrificed the best interests of the team in exchange for some good ol' fashioned nepotism.


And it's one, two, three,
What are we fighting for ?
Don't ask me, I don't give a damn,
Next stop is Vietnam;
And it's five, six, seven,
Open up the pearly gates,
Well there ain't no time to wonder why,
Whoopee! we're all gonna die...


I'm a fraud for having an opinion that differs from all your "expert" guys?

Have you ever heard of Tony Mandrich? Brian Bosworth? Ryan Leaf? Blair Thomas? Tim Couch? Andre Ware? Keith McCant's? Jason Allen? Eric Kumerow? and the list goes on and on.

Guess what?, they all had great "professional" scouts and GMs that loved them. That is why they went high in the draft.

Has Gil Brandt ever missed? How about Bill Polian? Ozzie Newsome? Thompson in GB?

Guess what...they ALL miss...including yes, us fans.

Why the heck should one just fall inline with what the "experts" say? I'm pretty sure they are all about a coin toss (50/50) track record IN THE FIRST ROUND!

Hear me when I say this has NOTHING to do with lack of loyalty to the Fins, in fact its the opposite.

It feels like you see your baby wandering into the street with a car approaching and you are screaming "NO!!" and someone on the side is saying "don't worry, I have confidence in the Pro Driver".

Like Kris, because I am all about the team I hope Tannehill is the next coming but, lets wait and see shall we. I staked my claim and will gladly eat the crow if he leads us to the playoffs and beyond.

After the 4 chronological year experiment of Henne I am shocked that their are such patient fans left.

Tic tock, tic tock. Time will sort this out.


AndyNJ, I am completely with you. I will always listen much much more to the real experts than the whinny complaints from those on this blog.

Those complaining about WHEN he was picked or it not being the right VALUE are all listening to Kiper. Exactly who is he and what has he ever done in the NFL or on a football field?

Please....The QB position is the most important player on the field. If the front office sees Tannehill as the FUTURE of the franchise you take him no matter what the VALUE or PICK # is.

Time for us to move onto Round 2!!

I would love to see the team pick a WR, DE/OLB or RT. Any top rated player on the board in those positions would be a solid pick by my view.

The worst thing about this Tanne debacle is that now we won't address QB in the draft for at least two to three more years.

You guys better hope Matt Moore takes the next step like I do. He's the best QB we have for the next 5 years.

I'm out.....

there is always tomorrow......maybe tomorrow we get a starter for the 2012 season....


Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | April 26, 2012 at 10:29 PM

YG, what you say is valid. However, with all the trade ups and downs going on, it probably freaked Jeff out, and he DID attempt to find a trade back partner, to no avail.
Personally, I believe NOBODY wants to do business with Ross, due to the Sparano episode, and the Ireland "mother a ho" thing.

Tannehill had a 1,200 yd receiver in Swope and a 1,000 yd rusher in Grey and he had Fuller who had over 900 yds receiving. If he had hit Fuller in stride on at least some of his passes rather than turning him around or throwing short or overthrowing him Fuller may have caught more passes.

DeCastro fell.....hard, because....he's a guard. Jets drafted Vernon Gholston 2.0. Bills drafted Sean Smith's twin brother. Pats signed a guy from Syracuse....Syracuse? And its not Rob Konrad or Dwight Freeney. Browns are trying to recreate 2007...can't miss pick in the top 10(Richardson), then hold out for a QB(Weeden) later in the first. Saw how well that worked for them in 2007. RGII will get hurt in the preseason. Scott Pioli lost a few brain cells after leaving the Pats (Dontari Poe). But the Pats were always good at passing on quality for quantity. Dont'a Hightower might be as good as Rolondo McClain (sarcasm).

no one wanted the 8th pick or the 7th for that matter!!!
there were 6 SIX players who were above the rest. notice that nothing happened between 7th and 20th!! we could not have traded back unless we wanted to get robbed for that pick!! the kid is a great athlete, has a great arm, and is still raw. with the right coaching, which i think we have, he will be starting before this season is over. we still have 3 more picks in the next 2 rounds to help add to the roster.

Ireland must die. He sucks.

Nahh, Yg, you don't know nothing. Cleveland was never taking Tannehill before Miami did. It was arranged, you know. an arrangement.

We could have traded back to 15 and still gotten Tannehill. Ireland's so..... I wont even say it!

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | April 26, 2012 at 10:29 PM

You don't know that. There very well may not have been any worthwhile offer to trade down.

Andy, I messed up on 19 to 20 TD's. That I'm guilty of. At firsat you said 33, big deal(yes I know he ran for 4).

Still, You can call names and say what you want tobelieve. But being led around by the nose by a bunch of heads isn't an attribute I admire.

I watched Tanny play, I watched every clip there is. Yes, I even watched his ONE and ONLY really good game.

Tannehill IS NOT worthy of the 8th overall pick.

Have a tantrum, click your heels together all you want. You can't chamge the FACTS!

Holmgren is a pretty well respected GM and HE passed on Tannehill and took Weeden.

Stick that in Brandts pipe and suck it!


Do a blog tomorrow to find out how many are happy or pissed with the Tannehill pick.

Also for those that are pissed, which team will they be rooting for in 2012.

Next 5 years. Odinseye if Tannehill turns out to be a great qb I will never let you live it down. But if he sucks Ill give you credit, obviously. Im just so surprised at your posts tonight. A lot of knee jerk stuff as well as you stating that you positively know he will be a bust. I hope he shuts you up, I will haunt you mofo! ;p

Goddarned, GB took my pick. Hey, GB, you playing clean?

Did anyone know if tom Brady was going to be this good, bc they did he would have been a #1 draft pick when he came out. Only time Will tell if this is a bad pick or a good pick.

An educated pick was made at 8 with Tannehill.Let's get all of our picks in before we start pretending we are NFL GM's. I like the pick!

Couldn't agree more Odin. A first round pick shouldn't have to sit for 2 years to be worth a damn. Especially one that's drafted in the top ten. This pick wreaks of desperation from ownership and management. Every questionable move that Ireland has made, from ignoring the injury prone natures of Jake Grove and Justin Smiley, to trading for Brandon Marshall, they've all blown up in his face. I don't like the inexperience of Philbin or Tannehill. This feels like A.J. Feely all over again. Where's the resume ?

Rob in OC,

The negativity is just asinine tonight, period! Miami has needed a QB for 13 years now! They finally pull the trigger on a guy who is rated as a 1st round talent and they get knocked for it? Get real!

Tannehill has all the talent in the world. Philbin has been successful in grooming QBs, Sherman has been around a 1st ballot HOF and coached Favre, they may know a thing or 2 about QBs. Oh and Sherman already coached him!

I only bring up Polian and Brandt comparing to the great football minds on here lol.

All Im saying is people are letting thier own personal biases go to an all time hight. You guys act like they picked a guy who was 2nd round talent.

The draft is FOREVER a gamble. There isn't a single sure thing in the draft and particularly at pick #8 tonight. So Miami took a chance on an athletic QB, who is accurate, can throw on the run, has a strong arm and is a smart kid an Academic All American 3 times. What is wrong with the pick?

I just don't get any of you guys and the negativity and the "I just threw up" "I gotta load bullets"

Like seriously? The pick was so far off? You would rather take a DeCastro to build a phenomenal line? OR Coples to add pass rush? None of them are guaranteed either! The draft is a gamble and Tannehill a QB with all the tools is worth the gamble.

Posted by: IMAWriter | April 26, 2012 at 10:35 PM

Basically, we didnt have a 1st rd pick, we put it up on the shelf for two years. But, Ireland beware, if you sit that 1st rd pick on the shelf for two years. Dolfans will want to see Dan Marino when you pull it down.

Anything less than seeing Dan Marino when Tannehill finally starts. Dolfans will vehemently chanting:


When dolfans began chanting "crucify him". Tannehill's name better be changed to Barabus! LOL

Arggghhh matey....I'm icing my knee since I've been jerking it all night....but at least I wasn't a bust when the Portland Trailblazers drafted me...Arrggh.

I watched Tanny play, I watched every clip there is. Yes, I even watched his ONE and ONLY really good game.

Posted by: odinseye | April 26, 2012 at 10:40 PM

So did Sherman. So you know better? Tell us how many years of NFL coaching experience YOU have. Probably 0, but you still think you know better. That is both arrogant and ignorant.

Odinseye with all due respect unless you have played or worked in the NFL you watching every game doesn't mean you're qualified to scout players and/or determine their future ya knucklehead ya!


That goes for you too.

Whinny and listening to Kiper?

How about Holmgren Punks?

Holmgren knows better than all your tal;king heads put together. Brandt? What is he 155 years old?

JPOA, Holmgren was as stoopid as Ireland. HOLMGREN passed on Tanne and took Weeden.

You guys stick with Brandt, I agree with the guy that does it, has done it and knows a thing about QB's.

NOW! Shaddap!

After 28 picks 27 are starters.
We're the only team that did not get a starter and also the only team that lost 7 starters.
Ha ha ha ha ha

I love this pick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: odinseye | April 26, 2012 at 10:40 PM

Even Ireland PROBABLY wouldn't have traded up to #3 as did the Brownies, to take Tannehill. You'd HOPE.

I just wonder if their (Browns) #3 will be another Ronnie Brown...good, but not great.

another person with this we should have traded down!!!

with who exactly?? there were no trades from 7th to 20th unless you count those teams that traded into the top 6!!!!! no one wanted to jump up into the 8th-20th!!!

Professor Lou,

You don't know that! I know you don't that. You watched Tannehill? Be honest? You are going off of what you think! I am going off what I saw and what I know and what others saw that I can't see or have no idea what I am looking at so I look at them for reference.

Under threw Fuller please! When? Name the game or the situation?

Swopes? Is he a 1st round talent in next years draft? Cyrus Gray is he a 1st round talent? 2nd round? 3rd? 4th? Oh wait I will answer it for you guys none of them are anything near what the other 1st round QBs had.

I find it difficult to take the stance of bragging about receiver yards to try to make a point that Tannehill isn't going to be goof. Or at least trying to rebute someone elses comment in support of Tannehill possibly being a good QB.

First you all thought Ireland is stupid. Now you all think Philbin and Sherman are dumb too. Maybe some of you are too dumb to see that you are the dumb ones LOL.

People here have no idea how much Crow they're gonna eat! Including DD.

3 more picks and the nightmare is over. I'm hoping Philbin can pull out a magic wand and get Tannehill up to snuff before the end of the season so we can see some of the special abilities that everyone is talking about. I'm not willing to wait 3 years to see this guy lead the team to the promised land.

Former fin fan,,,, you're name would indicate that you seem to be in the wrong blog. Certainly the new team you chose has a blog of their own? Hahaha

I don't have much against the Tannehill pick. I just hope we made this pick because we thought he was good enough, not just because he's a QB.

Enjoy the night fellas,

You guys are a disaster in here tonight. Zero optimism in the professionals. Tannehill will suck and every team got great players who are going to the HOF.

I'd love to see any of these expert bloggers in a one on one football debate with Philbin or Sherman. We know the final score would be 1001 to 0.


Andy ,

Tannehill had a 1,200 yd receiver in Swope and a 1,000 yd rusher in Grey and he had Fuller who had over 900 yds receiving. If he had hit Fuller in stride on at least some of his passes rather than turning him around or throwing short or overthrowing him Fuller may have caught more passes.

Posted by: Professor Lou | April 26, 2012 at 10:36 PM

I thought you had the facts? Are you sure you're not just twisting them?

Those WR numbers sound pretty damn good to me.

Excuses, excuses.....................

Tannehill should start day 1... Even if he doesn't earn it you can't draft someone top ten and not expect them to be immediate starters IMO. He may not be great this year but he'll have to learn on the fly. I think this is better than riding the bench especially when your expectations and confidence are high.

Well I sure hope Tannehill turns out to be at least a top 15 QB (for Ross and Ireland's sake). If not, well I don't even want to think about it yet. Anyway, what I can't believe is why didn't they at least get ERICK Winston or Carl Nicks or Demeco Ryans in the draft. We still need a lot of holes filled and not just filled with a body, filled with playmakers. Thats not going to be easy.

I like the pick first Qb by us in the first round since marino..who else was there?

Everyone who said to wait till later rounds to get a Qb know this..since 2000 only 4 qbs taken after the first round won a playoff game...we will do fine the guy hasn't even played yetlet our coaches do what they know how to do ..coach football..I believe..go phins and all you haters...go like the jets we don't need you

Didn't Tannehill get Sherman fired as HC in TAM? Are those the special abilities that Philbin will try to bring out?

Tampa Bay just traded back into the 1st rd with Denver. Why cant Ireland be this smart?

Can it be he's trying to build the greatest acorn collection in nfl history?

Yes, I watched Tannehill, over and over and over again and again and again because I tried to find the positives everyone was talking about and tried to see the potential everyone was talking about and I couldn't see it. And, yes, he underthrew, overthrew and threw behind and to the wrong side of Fuller.
Interesting that's the only thing you picked out of that entire post. Didn't say anthing about his $hity wide receiver with the 1,200 yd year and running back with his 1,000 yd year.

No Tannehill didn't get him fired any more than the worst defense in college football did. He got himself fired because he's a great teacher and OC but a mediocre coach. Silliness I tells ya.

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