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Miami Dolphins select Ryan Tannehill in first round

The Miami Dolphins have selected Ryan Tannehill with the No. 8 overall selection in the first round of the NFL draft.

Tannehill, a Texas A&M product, is the first quarterback the Dolphins select in the first round since 1983 when the team picked Dan Marino.

"It was awesome, it was everything I expected and more," Tannehill said on ESPN of the phone call he had with the team before the pick.

Tannehill is 6-3 and 224 pounds. He threw 29 touchdown passes and 15 interceptions in his 13 starts for the Aggies in 2012. There is an interesting statistic here: Aggies receivers dropped 70 passes this year.

As I have reported earlier, Dolphins owner Steve Ross did not push Jeff Ireland to pick Tannehill. The owner wanted a quarterback but did not demand this quarterback. I'm told Ireland decided Tannehill was his man over a week ago.

I do not expect the Dolphins to say that Tannehill will sit this season. But that is exactly what I expect will happen.


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This season is a wash, which is why we drafted Tannehlill. Plus the OC signed off on him. We will be $50 million under the cap next year, but we will only have 13 players on the roster. Tanny is for the future.

Well maybe we can get Odins and Professor Lou to coach and draft. I'm convinced they know more than all the current NFL coaches combined.

I know Philbin and Zsherman runs a type of WCO.
They should still have a wildcat package.

I'll bet Farve and Rodgers both wish they had Prof Lou and Odin coordinating the offense and not that silly Philbin fellow.

People pissed off at the Tannehill choice. I know.

I think we should get Prof Lou and Odin to teach Sherman the finer points of breaking down youtube clips.

over 60% passing, 2-1 td to int and 70 dropped passes. those stats seem pretty good for a guy who is considered raw. nice size, speed, arm strength and footwork. i don't think he'll be on the bench long. i think he will be allow to compete from day one.

Just occured to me, Tannehill had better be the best qb in camp this year, he's already been in Sherman's system 4yrs.

Only way selecting Tannehill #8 truly makes sense is him becoming the opening day starter day 1, despite what the socalled experts say.

Tannehill should already know Sherman's offense better than any qb we have in camp. Heck, he already knows the damn playbook. Think about that?

His Wife is worth the pick. Google her

Maybe YG can help too. Draft those late round guards like DeCastro really high at 8. They play better if you draft them higher LOL

I think we should get Prof Lou and Odin to teach Sherman the finer points of breaking down youtube clips.

Posted by: lark | April 26, 2012 at 11:01 PM

That's funny stuff right there.


Forgive me, but you sound retarded.

So 155 year old Brandt and senile since the seventies Polian like Tanne?

How about Holmgren homeBOY? Holmgren is actually pulling ther trigger. He's not sitting in a studio blaabbing away about how good everyone is.

Matter of fact, name me a QB Brandt and Polioan said they didn't like this year? Name one?

That's what I thought.

Holmgren has been there before, he almost did it again, and he's still ACTUALLY doing it. He's not just getting paid to pour worship all over every name that comes up.

Holmgren passed on Tannehill and took Weeden.

Now what? Come on, pull some other name dropping crap outcha mouf!

Are you talking Miami Dolphins? If you're talking Miami Dolphins, you're talking SUPER BOWL!!!!!!

Maybe YG can help too. Draft those late round guards like DeCastro really high at 8. They play better if you draft them higher LOL

Posted by: lark | April 26, 2012 at 11:02 PM

Bag of worms.

Great decision on Tannehill. I like it and I TRUST Philbin to judge his talent and potential ... not all you bozos who who think you know more. I really don't know what is sadder, that Tannehill could end up being a bust or that all you nay-sayers are actually HOPING he becomes a bust. Give the organization and Tannehill a chance and get on board, show some love and loyalty.

last time i checked we need a top qb draft pick that we can develop over time

good call jon, he definitely has the 1st overall pick of draft picks wives!!

Mando, why are you the only person who doesn't say Tanny is 6'4"?

I am so sick and tired of people bringing up that he only started 19 games in college. So what! Mark Sanchez only started 16 at USC and what did he do? He went to 2 AFC championship games. Tannehill has way more ability than Sanchez! Give him a break!

odin, how did holmgren pass on tannehill exactly? he traded up to get the number one RB in the draft. that's not passing on tannehill.

No more excuses now. Either Ireland is a genius or an idiot.

There is no middle ground from this day forward. Tanne has to work out. Problem is, we won't know until a year or two from now.


Troll bait


I know it sounds like I flip flopped(I still would have preferred DeCastro), but how many rookie qb's get to come in and run the exact same offense they ran in college? Or have that hc become your oc the very same year you enter?

Given 2nd thoughts, we may be on to something with this Sherman/Tannehill combo. I believe Tannehill starts for sure year 2. Sherman will make sure of it.

Yg hedging already.HoHo!

the browns had no number 1 RB's on their roster. there were 6 draftees that were considered to be above the rest. to take tannehill with the 4th pick instead of one of those 6, especially when they had no RB, would have been stupid!!


Don't be silly. At least make a reasonable argument.

For one, Holmgren was at 4 and took what many considered the most talented player in the draft, and a much bigger need.

For two, you bring up Polian and some other old fart, why? Why not bring up Philbin and Sherman, our current coaches? Your slobbering drivel suggests you think you actually know more than them. I wonder who Farve and Rodgers would choose for an OC, you or Sherman. You are such a babbling know nothing.

Well said uly318, my sentiments exactly!

Top 10 pick should be an impact player ready to start. Dolphins choose to speculate with their pick. Maybe he's good, maybe he's Chad Henne redux. Either case he will be warming the bench for some time. That's not what you call a good use of a top 8 pick.

If Luck and RG start right away then Tanne needs to start right away.

Its the only way this pick will make sense.

Last but not least, not even your hero Holmgren knows Tannehill as well as Sherman. So it pays to think who actually has the most informed opinion for any particular situation.


Think about it. The 2yrs before Tannehill could be starter is not based on if he came to play in the nfl. Its based on going to a nfl team.

It isnt based on going to a teasm using the exact same offense he just came from. Its based on learning an entirely new offense. He wont be doing that with Sherman. So that slices the projected learning curve in half.

He'll basically just have to improve on decision making. That's it. He already knows Sherman's offense inside out!

I think I might just be onboard with this Tannehill pick after all. LOL

Tannehill lovers are the same people that were believed in the Trifecta's Henne pick.

They didn't question the Trifecta for passing on Ryan. Taking Long was the safe pick and cost them less.

Fans want to believe that the new staff know best but Tannehill is not a safe pick. He's a reach and a gamble because fans won't know what they really have for at least a year.

Gregorio - Fail.

"I didn't pick him 8th to be a backup" Jeff Ireland

Sounds like he's going to get a fair chance to start.

Odinseye (who seems to be ignoring me for some reason) you're lucky you weren't at the draft party, most everyone cheered the pick, you would've had a heart attack!

Im just going to wait and see as usual, hopefully I won't be disappointed, AGAIN!

odin, how did holmgren pass on tannehill exactly? he traded up to get the number one RB in the draft. that's not passing on tannehill.

Posted by: jaison | April 26, 2012 at 11:09 PM


Do I really need to explain this too you?

QB is the most important position on the team.

Holmgren needs QB just as bad as we doo. Unless in your world, Colt McCoy is a franchise QB.

Holmgren had a chance to nab the guy you all think is going to lead us to the promise land-lol.

Holmgren PASSED on him! As in, he didn't think Tannehill was franchise enough material to take over a RB.

Come on now, you can pretend that Tannehill is a franchise QB, you can't pretend Holmgren didn't pass on him.

This is where reality has to draw the line.

Make no mistake, Holmgren PASSED on Tannehill.

Sherman likes him at WR.

Tannehill doesnt have to come to Miami and learn the offense. He just comes into to work on whatever physical weakness and his decision making. He already knows Sherman's offense inside out.

I never thought of that before. Half of the learniong curve for any rookie qb is to learn the offense. Tannehill already knows it better than any qb currently on the team.

Very true. I don't think it will be the SAME offense but yeah true enough.

I would have passed on Tannehill as well if I 1. Just drafted a young QB and 2. Had a chance to draft the next Emmit Smith considering my biggest need is RB.

Is it just me or does Tannehill sound like an idiot. I mean I know hes a smart kid but he sounds like little Abner.

And what's with the f###ing caps these days. All the hats have these gigantic goofy looking bills and gaudy writing all over them. Man the new styles suck.

I don't agree with the pick, but I'm not going to whine about it. These Philbin and Sherman dudes know more about developing football players than I do.

I can't change the pick, why not support it?

Do you think Tannehill is going to play well for fans that put so much negative pressure on him, or is he going to fulfill the wishes of a fanbase that supports him from the get-go?

New coaching regimes mean new quarterbacks, we were all just being naive thinking they were going somewhere else despite the level of familiarity both Tannehill and Sherman have.

Anyways, on to the second round.

Coby Fleener is still available, Courtney Upshaw (now with a chip on his shoulder), is still available. Mohamed Sanu is still available. I would like them to be aggressive tomorrow with that second round pick.

This pick is a political gamble for Ireland and Ross.
I don't think Philbin had a big part in this selection.
So if Tannehill succeeds and does indeed become our franchise QB, then no accolades to anyone. No because we picked him 8th overall - We expect him to be a great not just a good QB. Because of where he was picked. So If he is not great it was a bad pick.
Yes unfortunately that is the way it will be looked at,
and of course if he is a Bust (as many sports writers seem to think) then guess who takes the blame - YEP that is right - Ross and Ireland
So what is the public relations upside for Ross and Ireland - NONE (Again we already expect him to be great he was taken 8th overall)
Conversely what is the downside - That we call for Ireland's head to roll if Tannehill does not become an elite franchise QB.
That folks is the reality of this pick. We passed on several sure starters, who will be pro bowlers for many years, to pick Tannehill. The bar has been set,
let's hope he can reach that Bar, for the sake of our beloved Dolphins.

I was totally shocked when the Seahawks basically traded down Fletcher Cox to overdraft Bruce Irvin over Melvin Ingram!!! Did I miss something? would you have done the same???

I hope we get Cordy Glenn or at least Bobby Massie tomorrow.

You people putting down this pick are such idiots. The people that really know football are pretty positive about it.

stfu all of you fakers. none of you even know anything about college ball.

Odin is a drunk that has zero clue about what he is typing he just does so to get attention. 19 tds really where did you get that info. Try 29 and watch the game tape on this kid and you will see that the sky is the limit if he pans out. His arm strength and accuracy are incredible. How many qbs in the nfl do you know that can throw an out route on time and accurately from the opposite hash on a college field? Not many can it's that hard of a throw to complete. Weeden can't do it!!!! Tannehill is a good athlete and he can flat out make your jaw drop on some throws because you just don't see throws like that completed often. So just sit back shut up and learn how to properly get your facts before you post so you don't look like such a drunk all the time. Let Philbin and Sherman properly develop him and quit judging before he has even taken a snap for the Dolphins.

Did we get Marino or Marinovich

These posts are so funny because it shows in writing HOW F'ING STUPID Dolphin fans are!!.... The kid (Ryan) has not even put on his Dolphin helmet and everyone already has their panties in a wad...!!! lmao. Let the kid play first and then judge. By the way, those who keep comparing every Miami QB to Dan Marino, you know what, keep all your passing records and TV commercials, I want a QB that delivers Playoffs and Super Bowls!!!! I don't care about his personal records in the NFL!!!...... I'd take Joe Montana over Dan Marino any , any, any season!....


This is by far the DUMBEST pick of the draft. Tannehill. Are you kidding me? 19 starts. Can't win the BIG game. Doesn't sound like there's much going on between his ears, either. The kid just looks dopey. I swear to god he will be a DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS out there. Dolphins four wins, tops. This is one of the most pathetic organizations in the NFL.

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