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Miami WRs still a big question mark

The NFL is a passing league. The New England Patriots -- with a relatively weak running game and a flawed defense -- have proven that for years. The New York Giants, meanwhile, have been able to overcome the Patriots in two Super Bowls because they could both pass and attack the passer.

So championships revolve around the pass.

The Dolphins obviously recognize this because they have finally, finally invested a first-round draft pick on a quarterback -- this in quarterback Ryan Tannehill. And while there are questions whether Tannehill will succeed or not, I know this:

Tannehill will need great wide receivers to become a great quarterback. There is zero doubt about that. There can be zero argument about that.

I know that many of you contend the Green Bay Packers, for example, have a great passing game because of their quarterback and offensive system while diminishing the importance of Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson and Donald Driver and James Jones.


Great quarterbacks do not ever do it on their own. to the heights they can otherwise Even the Pats realized this when a mediocre group of receivers got them to the AFC title game in 2006 but the addition of Wes Welker and Randy Moss made them unbeatable in the 2007 regular season and undefeated through 18 games until the Super Bowl.

See the difference? Even with a HOF quarterback, great receivers are a huge upgrade.

That's why I believe the Dolphins must now upgrade the receiver corps. Yes, the club drafted B.J. Cunningham and Rishard Matthews on the draft's third day. And there are reports the Dolphins will sign Texas A&M WR Jeff Fuller and Penn State WR Derek Moye as undrafted free agents.

But all four are developmental players. And the problem is a majority of Miami's current receivers are still developmental players -- including Marlon Moore, Clyde Gates, Roberto Wallace and others.

Frankly, I look at Miami receivers and see a lot of question marks. Maybe they turn to exclamation points. But I don't see Miami's passing game taking off unless and until they do or unless and until the front office upgrades with better players.


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Fishtards were the sewer of the afc east last year. Their obvious fa failings will topple any draft gains. Joe Pro Player Land Shark Robbie Fish Stench stadium will once again be 1/2 full by mid October.

Focus your attention on the Castro worshiping Marlins or playoff choking Heat if you want some real entertainment.


Whats do you think our answer is for the guard position? I'm sure Cogs,Jerry,and Garner already have their maarching orders as to what they need to do to improve.

X-ray please, you can't be as stupid as you sound can you. Let me see yours if you have one to prove its not broken. Moron.

watch out for Rishard Matthews. Phins got a steal here. Go watch his tape from Nevada.

Jake Scott who is out there as a FA might be the answer. He's athletic and mobile. They didn't sign him when they brought him in about a month ago. They may revisit him.

I think the offensive system determines what type of receiver fits best and will work within that system. Our coaches know more about that than we do. This west coast, or whatever you want to call it, offense may suit the guys we have, and create more opportunities. Time will tell. It's way to early to move towards the panic button.

When Wes Welker was traded he was the best threat on the team. Ricky was smoking pot somewhere and some dickwad decided Welker was worth a second and a fourth. So whoever said Welker was not a stud on page one doesn't know diddly squat.
If I remember correctly it was Marshall that dropped a lot of passes to the end zone last year. Passes that when analyzed looked like 60 year old Mrs Pepper could have caught while making soup.
We can blame that on suicide passes where if he catches the ball at a stand still with 3 dbacks and a linebacker coming at him full speed he is a dead man or that Marshall was a chicken sh((t who couldn't really catch passes in traffic. We will see on the frozen fields of Lambaugh field.
The receivers will be fine so long as the qb and receiver are in sync.

You are right G

Ranking the wr cores around the league on production and potential. Where do you think the Fins fall 1-32??

Had to change my diaper. Man that enema was fast acting. Think I will switch to a but plug.

We had a great receiver in Marshall. What did that get us? He got his 1,000+ yds per season, etc. How many wins did that get us? Would a better QB have turned this team around? Who knows. Probably not, especially when you have a coach who wanted to play power football, solid defense and win the field position battle. (Boring football in other words)

The system drives more the success of the players. How many times do you hear people say ... "In the right system, that guy could be successful..." We have no idea how well Moore, Garrard or Tannehill will do in this system - same with the receivers.. Great receivers do not make the team great or even better. JETS had some pretty good receivers last season.


In the WCO you need weapons. The key is to spread the ball around to multiple playmakers, so that on any given play the QB has 5 guys that might equally be expected to get the ball. RB and TE are as as important for their receiving/play-making ability as their running or blocking skills (respectively).

Yes, the receivers must be able to consistent produce. We'll see how the numerous options we have work into the new system. But Hartline, Bess, Gates, Naanee, Cunningham, Rishard, and possibly Fuller and Moye (not even considering the never-ending-development guys like Marlon Moore, who I suspect are even longer shots now) give Philban and Sherman so pretty decent options.

Hartline and Bess are solid possession guys, Gates can be lethal if he can catch consistently on the short YAC-oriented WCO routes, and Naanee and the new guys give us a lot of options for the Z role.

Add that to Bush and Miller out of the backfield and Fasano and Clay from the TE/HB...and we have a pretty large cast of play makers.

Championship caliber? Probably not. But this team is a solid year away from a legitimate run (although a wild card run is not out of the question this year). By January 2013 the coaches will know what TYPE of receivers we still need, if any.

Until then, I like where we're heading at the position.

Yes Mando maybe right. I think the biggest mistake in the draft was passing up on Stephen Hill and letting the Jets get him - we will be paying for that for years.

You 37, YG? You sound much younger.

Hill is a project, he's not ready to play. Speed to burn but not a WCO WR. Doesn't run effective patterns, inconsistent hands. Big play capable

Jets wr's were not good last year. Holmes was all they had...Plax was old..stiff...and slow. With the addition of Hill who could be the next Calvin Johnson the Jets are now scary. Two guys on the outside that can run by any cb or catch it short and cause problems. Good teams have at least 2 good wr's. Houston can get by because Andre Johnson is such a beast he opens up the entire field for every one else to make plays and he beats double teams. Pats have Brady and 2 all pro te's. The Fins have..........................................................................................................

JD you are a moron. The dolphins won with a better qb under Sparano in 2008. His name was Chad Pennington in case you forgot. They didn't turn the ball over. What good did the Colt system do without Manning? Players win games. Cam Cameron ran a great system in San Diego and does so now in Baltimore. How well did that work in Miami? 1-15. Cleo Lemon vs Philip Rivers vs Joe Flacco. You will see first hand this year how lousy the dolphin receivers are without Marshall. You will also see how well Philbins system works without Aaron Rodgers. Just wait for it.

Not so fast! West Welker was NFL average until he hooked up with Brady.

How can you judge our receiving corp with the kind of QB and coaching staff we had lately?

lets be honest here, worst wr core in league

next calvin johnson,lol jets are garbage

Jack Sparrow
I have been reading your comments on here off and on for a while now. You never have anything positive to say about this team. I think you just come on here to annoy all us true fans. You aren't even a Dolphin fan as proof by your own words...
"You Fin Fans are silly beyond belief. What about this saying. Hope for the best but plan for the worst?"

"You fin fans are hoping for the best and planning for the best."

Why don't you just get the f uck off our blog and go play with yourself. I am so tired of reading negative posts by ignorant individuals like yourself. Do us all a favor and be gone so the true fans can talk about the positive things that are coming for this team.

Here are Welker's 3 years with the Dolphins.

2004 14 Games, 0 Receptions, 0 Yards
2005 16 Games, 29 Receptions, 434 Yards, 0 TD
2006 16 Games, 67 Receptions, 687 Yards, 1 TD

He was less than average, that's why they didn't match NE's offer sheet.

Tampa Bay Fin Fan, you are right about everything you posted, although you forgot that he lies too lol.


You are kind of stating the obvious here. Too many needs for 1 draft. We have to let these selections play out. From what I can tell this coaching staff and Ireland did as well as they could. Word before draft was that there was plenty of value at receiver this year. We'll see.

next calvin johnson,lol jets are garbage

Posted by: dusty bottoms | April 29, 2012 at 05:20 PM

You beat me the the punch dusty. Hill looks to have some upside but if he were the next Calvin Johnson he would have went before Blackmon and Floyd.

Your right mike, my bad. I can't understand why someone would come on a Dolphins blog just to post negative garbage and lies. I have been a Dolphins fan since 1971. Alot of bad years and frustration but I am a true fan now and always will be. Even through the bad and good. I haven't felt good about this team in a long time but I think we may finally be on the right track with the new regime.

I about them Rays, Tampa Bay Fin Fan.

Lol I meant how.

Reality is we will be in last place in the AFC very quickly and will stay there. Call it negatively...I say it's reality. No teams defensive coordinator is losing sleep wondering how they will stop the outstanding weapons on this offense.

Great Article Armando! Maybe your best!
The AFC corners are laughing at are starting reciever corps. Marshall gave guys like Revis problems.Now he gone because he wasn't a nice guy. As if half the players in the league are.

Dolfan Rick...love the Rays and the Lightning. I do follow the Bucs a bit but my heart lies with the Fins. Hoping for good things from the Rays this year. They're looking pretty good so far. Gotta beat the Rangers tonight so we can at least take 2 out of 3.

I think it was Marshall that let Revis undercut him to intercept a pass that Revis tool for 100 yards.

Don't care what type of offense your running. When you have no threats on the outside it makes it extremely difficult to have an explosive passing game. Steve is right....cbs are laughing at us in the AFC and will consider facing us an off day. Better hope Bush can repeat his monsterous season or we will avg about 14pts a game.

all about timing and quick precise routes in wc offense

and of course we wont be good this year, but we all knew that. we are rebuilding

To Armando's piece I would reply...

It is April 29th.... Training camp begins July 28th...

Miami already has about 10 receivers to look at and evaluate and they have 60+ days to add to that number and subtract a few from what they have...

If anything, I would warn all Miami fans who are either A. Normal, Reasonable fans who don't run to the edge of the cliff at every Armando post to "Take it easy and see what develops..." And B. To those idiots who will find no good thing to respond to or say nothing of value or of a positive nature anyway.... To just STFU and deal with it....

One way or another.... Miami has done a fine job thus far... asking them to do EVERYTHING in two drafts and two off-seasons to repair Parcells mess is asking a bit much....

Bill took a big dump on Miami.... and left the mess here for others to clean up.... That should teach Miami to hire a former Jest, NE and Giant coach....

This regime might look soft but it isn't under any means. Crudely put, you don't produce according to the amount of $ we are paying you, one morning you will awaken on a different Team

Timing does no good if when a wr reaches a point on the field he is blanketed with no separation to catch the pass.


I'm chillin. I wasn't attacking really, just expressing frustration with a common theme.

At draft time every one gets stars in their eyes over all kinds of players but we know many of them don't look like stars in the NFL. Yet so many are wanting to quickly dump a good player in favor of the new kid on the block when the idea is to keep the good players once you find them and not constantly recycle them.

one thing is for sure, with our wrs sucking. they will def throw the ball to bush and our tes a ton

Sorry DD, it wasn't you at all. I now remember it was DevilsAdvocate.

comparing hill to calvin johnson just made me laugh so hard my pepsi went up through my nose!! hill is about as game ready as gates was last season!!

Or was it fin4life? Or Derek? In any case 1yr and 2 mo. ago either one of you reacted rather nasty to me when I said you would eat Big Crow regarding Ireland's Draft at that time. We NEVER forget. You probably will eat a bigger potion of Crow this coming Season.

Every Receiver drafter is a developmental quarterback. No first rounder is guaranteed to be great. That's why gems come for lower rounds and not being drafted at all. You just don't know until they are on the field. Some WR translate better in the NFL than they did in College. But drafting a WR in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd means crap unless they pan out, just like the 4, 5, 6 or 7th rounds. We shall have to wait and see what happens. We could go after Terrell Owens as a short time fix. He can still pay and has speed. Well?

Hill will catch 10x more passes than Gates did last year. He will command attention and have an impact on the jets passing game. Even if he is given only 2 routes to run the kid is the fastest wr in the draft and can run by any cb on a 9 but has the size to out muscle and hops to out jump them for the football. He is strong after the catch also. Some thing Gates is not. Gates is 160lbs and can't get off the press. Hill is very strong with a great get off...he will have no problem in this area. Are you starting to see the difference in the 2 players.

uh no way on owens

hill is nothing. but course he will catch 10x more than gates. gates is horrible. he can run and jump all he wants hill drops so many easy passes. nobodys comparing him to gates, gates is beyond garbage

Why you People lie here saying Gates is 160 lbs? Sure, to try and make your point. Nobody believes you and rather despise you.

Who is talking about Gates. What are you talking about. Hill is what he is. He's a developmental receiver like it or not. For that mater o is Gates.


You sound like a Jets fan..just sayin. He's not on our team he's on the Jets. Give it some time.

We have new coaches and a new offense. It could be interesting.

"There's some comparisons to some people in the league that I won't get into..." (J. Ireland said speaking about Rishard Matthews). So, does this mean that Brandon Marshall has been easily replaced by a 7th round pick? Hmm...

Marlon Moore looks to be in much better shape & healthier and he should thrive this year! After all, isn't the WCO the same thing that they ran at Fresno State?

David J. Neal gives Miami a B- grade. Pats an A-. Bills an A. And, Jets a C. Which means absolutely nothing! Yes, you'd love to have the draft gurus acknowleding your draft, but unless you're in a big ticket/media darling city or you set your draft board up just like one of the pundits, guys like Mel Kiper, Jr. will never give you a good grade! I guess Ross forgot to pay some of these media types beforehand in order for them to love Miami's draft. Or, at least play ball with their Agent buddies...

Who cares? You can make an assessment of an assessment of an assessment about players who haven't even been fitted for their jockstraps yet! Much less, taken a snap in the NFL!

It is what it is! We're better today than we used to be, but not as good as we'll be tomorrow!


Hill will start for the Jets and be catching passes for explosive plays against Sean Smith causing the fans to wish we had taken another cb. Smith can't run with Hill and Holmes will be occupying Vontae.

Hey, Armando, did you lose a lot of $ betting on the Draft? I told you, man, only the high-rollers can occassionally beat LV.

brain u cant really be that dumb. thats like me saying revis cant run with gates or even come close? who cares it takes more than just speed to do anything

Hill will start for the Jets and be catching passes for explosive plays against Sean Smith causing the fans to wish we had taken another cb. Smith can't run with Hill and Holmes will be occupying Vontae.

Posted by: The Brain | April 29, 2012 at 06:37 PM

Dude get off the Hill fetish or go to NYJ.com.

At least Armando is funny and on occassions straight forward. The other Guy is very devious and Scripted and therefore very few People know him well. We do.

The Brain is welcome here anytime.

I think we are all jumping the gun here... The season hasn't even started yet !! These recievers haven't even put there pads on yet... Everyone needs to calm down and let things play out before we become too judge-mental.... We have new coach and players, I don't think we did that bad in the draft so, give it a break... Rome was built in a day and neither was a superbowl winner ..

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