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Miami WRs still a big question mark

The NFL is a passing league. The New England Patriots -- with a relatively weak running game and a flawed defense -- have proven that for years. The New York Giants, meanwhile, have been able to overcome the Patriots in two Super Bowls because they could both pass and attack the passer.

So championships revolve around the pass.

The Dolphins obviously recognize this because they have finally, finally invested a first-round draft pick on a quarterback -- this in quarterback Ryan Tannehill. And while there are questions whether Tannehill will succeed or not, I know this:

Tannehill will need great wide receivers to become a great quarterback. There is zero doubt about that. There can be zero argument about that.

I know that many of you contend the Green Bay Packers, for example, have a great passing game because of their quarterback and offensive system while diminishing the importance of Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson and Donald Driver and James Jones.


Great quarterbacks do not ever do it on their own. to the heights they can otherwise Even the Pats realized this when a mediocre group of receivers got them to the AFC title game in 2006 but the addition of Wes Welker and Randy Moss made them unbeatable in the 2007 regular season and undefeated through 18 games until the Super Bowl.

See the difference? Even with a HOF quarterback, great receivers are a huge upgrade.

That's why I believe the Dolphins must now upgrade the receiver corps. Yes, the club drafted B.J. Cunningham and Rishard Matthews on the draft's third day. And there are reports the Dolphins will sign Texas A&M WR Jeff Fuller and Penn State WR Derek Moye as undrafted free agents.

But all four are developmental players. And the problem is a majority of Miami's current receivers are still developmental players -- including Marlon Moore, Clyde Gates, Roberto Wallace and others.

Frankly, I look at Miami receivers and see a lot of question marks. Maybe they turn to exclamation points. But I don't see Miami's passing game taking off unless and until they do or unless and until the front office upgrades with better players.


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Sparano was a meatball sub and a bud light.

Philbin is champagne and caviar.

I hate to make comparisons, but, Philbin's demeanor so reminds me of Bill Walsh.

That isn't YG . No LOLs involved. Maybe Aloco? Liked our draft. Tannehill wants to be a fin. Martin is smart and perfect for zone blocking scheme. I think miami waits till cuts to pick up a wr or two.


It was me. No ALoco, I was just trying to use ALoco's style of writing. LOL( Are you happy now? )

Guys we have SEVEN WR's! What is with all you thinking some other teams castoffs will be better than our current lot???

Think what you want, but if we released Hartline, Bess or Gates, they would be picked up IMMEDIATELY!

Always happy YG. Aloco style is mastered congrats. To no one in particular bess reminds me of o.j. Mcduffie. Anyone know why miami gave up on tony martin only to have him kill it in san diago and atlanta?

At least Miamis days of being a big slow team are over. In the last 2 years we have added alot of speed. We drafted a qb with 4.5 speed. Even Garrard and Moore have scramble ability. he have a Mobile offensive line. we added Clay and Egnew who are our most athletic TE's since Randy Mcmichael. Even the walk on basketball player/TE we picked up runs a 4.4. that would have been the fastest TE 40 time if he ran in this combine. At RB we have Bush(do i really need to talk about his speed?). Then we drafted Miller who ran the fastest 40 time for all RB's this yr. Even slaten is a Dasher. Jerome Messam brings Rb speed to our FB position. At WR Gates ran one of the fastest if not the fastest times for WR in his draft. at LB we added guyton who ran the fastest 40 time for LB's in his class. O. Vernon is faster than Jason taylor. Wesserman and Kaddu are speedy slim LB's as well. Jimmy wilson at safety is is shifty speed. Aslo our return game got better now with Bush, Gates and Miller to return kicks

Hi Guys

Really want to hear rom Rob in Oc...CraigM..Inimounts..Derek..phin4life.beerphin etc...guys who can talk football with some sense of knowledge...guys...this is myview:

The greatest advantage we have this year over last year is that Sparano is gone.
He was a very very poor coach...old school..big shouter and fist pumper.Yes the team loved him because he was a staunch and loyal coach...but he was not a good clock manager nor a good teacher / developer of players nor a tactical genius.So to me he was our greatest liability...Hes gone...Philbin sounds a lot more intelligent.Now, can he coach? We will see.

The draft: Liked it.Tannehill ?...We need to make that pick irrespective of the outcome.We need to keep looking for that "franchise" guy till we find him.
The rest?...all could be great...or none...we wait.

What I dont like...S.Smith is a poor CB...poor
Misi...not good enough (NGE).Jerry NGE...many are poor and that means that Ireland was picking poorly...

Lets wait and see....but now that Sparano has gone we may have a chance...

I swim every day. Lift weights, too. And I read a lot.

Seriously. I'm not some lunkhead here. I'm buff, young, and sexual AND I can communicate in multisyllabes.

Just saying.

Go Dolphins!

Really want to hear rom Rob in Oc...CraigM..Inimounts..Derek..phin4life.beerphin etc...guys who can talk football with some sense of knowledge...guys...this is myview:

Posted by: BigAlfy | April 30, 2012 at 01:21 AM

Maybe two of those have something to say.. The rest are dumber than a bowl of grits.

WR I'm hoping they keep.

Trade hartline to keep Fuller??

Pro Lou just posted he would do that now. I just letting know with Miller as the only rb in the backfield dc's will blitz to force him to stay in as a pass protector. If he cant protect the qb is toast.

He has to pick up a blitzer. Remember, dc read the scouting report too. Before Philbin allows Miller to be a lone rb, he will have to prove he can protect against a blitzer.

If a 2nd blocking back is back there too, then he can go out for a pass.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | April 29, 2012 at 11:20 PM

Tell that to Brady and Bellichek.

Cause everytime Brady gets blitzed like the one you called, his single setback doesn't stay in too block. He swings out to the flat for an easy 10 to 20 yard gain.

When you have homerun hitters like Bush and Miller alone in the backfield, the last thing you do is keep them in to pick up the blitz.

Cam Camaron isn't our coach and thankfully you aren't either. Talking flag football strategies, jeez. Next thing YG will want Solia to be our deep threat WR because nobody will be expecting it.

If you got your 4 DB's on my 2 WR's and 2 TE's, your in man.

I got 5 O Lineman on your 5, that's man.

That leaves you two guys. Blitz one of them and I got Bush coming out of the backfield in man to man. Blitz both or double anybody deep and I got Bush in the flat uncovered.

All my receivers plus Bush in man to man? I'll take that everyday. If you double up anybody deep or keep any extra guy back, even better. Bush will be uncovered or singled by a safety or LB.

Point being, this is a passing league now. With that mindset you can beat the blitz consistantly. It's Sparano and Henning ball when you try to outman the blitz and we all know how that worked out.

You don't put your best playmakers in the game to block. You put them in the game to make plays.

Posted by: Schooling YG | April 30, 2012 at 02:08 AM,

Uhhhhhh... can you name that rb? Also I bet you a truck load of diamonds to your bowl of cold grits. If that guy cant block a pass rusher he'll never even see the playing field with Belichik.

Recess over dumass! LOL

I just love how everyone gets so excited this time of year. This is when all the kool-aid drinking homers call the REALISTS trolls.

One guy even posted that this draft filled all our holes. Including replacing Brandon Marshall. Hello? With who BJ Cunningham?

I like Lamar Miller. But as for Ireland and the draft, he's spent 6 picks on 2 running backs this year and last. 7 when you count the one he gave up for Bush. He spent 3 picks on Thomas. Traded another pick and a promising young lb Amaya for Bush, who went on to have his best year as a pro. This wasn't enough for one year, he spent 3 more picks on Miller this year. That's arguably a drafts worth of picks on RB's.

It wouldn't be so bad if he had drafted a WR before the 6th round. Sure Miller could turn out to be great, a great returner too. But seriously? We used 7 picks and a promising lb on running backs the past 2 years, but we can't draft a WR as anything other than an after thought? After trading away our best playmaker period in Marshall? In a PASSING league?

Don't think that this new offense is going to sneak up on anybody either. Gailey, Ryan and Bellicheat will have plenty of Texas A&M film to study-lol.

Get it-LMFAO? Texas A&M film to study? Get it-Lol?

Posted by: For Real | April 30, 2012 at 02:37 AM

Guess it would have been ok if Ireland spent 3 picks on 3 different rb's right?

Lets see:

For Miller we gave up 2 6th rd'ers. Let's do the math.

1 6th rd'er = 1 developmental player. So 2 6th rd'ers = 2 developmental players.

How dare Jeff Ireland trade 2 developmental players for nearly a sure thing like Miller. Who the hell was his math teacher. LOL

Jeez YG I guess you don't want to talk about blitzing Proffesor Lou anymore?

You don't want to talk about how you think your best hopmerun hitter RB should be used as pass blocking dummy everytime there's a blitz?

You conveiniently ignore the point?

It's simple dunkoff, When the blitz comes and the back instantly flares to the flat, the play is executed much like a screen pass. Except as I tottaly destroy your blitz for another 1st down or more, it's called a HOT READ for your playmaking running back.

Now you want a name? I thought we were talking strategies?

Tony Sparano and YG would keep their best playmaking RB into block 260 to 300 pound monsters.

Belicheat, hopefully Philbin, and I would have him make the hot read, catch the pass and turn it into a BIG gainer.

I swear, most bof our dolfans souind like dumb rednecks! LOL


Posted by: Still Schooling YG | April 30, 2012 at 02:49 AM

No use in schooling you. It didnt work even when you were in school. That's if you want to count dropping out in 3rd grade. Another dumb redneck dolfan. LOL

For reall, maybe just maybe our young receiver core has far more potential than your arm chair blogger eyes can see? We have 7 WR's how many do you want? 22?

Believe it or not, Ireland does not work in a closed cave. He works WITH the coaching staff. No doubt they influenced his drafting priorites, and just maybe, for this draft they didn't see WR as high a priority compared to the other picks. Miller fell unexpectedly and he took BPA and that could turn out to be a gem.

Maybe these guys that spend 80 hours a week at this, scouts, coaches, cumulatively hundreds of years experience, have a slightly better clue that you?

So if 6th rounders are nothing, then Ireland spent 7 picks on rb's the past two years, cut our best WR and drafted a couple of nothings in rounds 6 and 7.

And this is a passing league. That makes it worse.

Sure, this team is going places lol.

Posted by: For Real | April 30, 2012 at 02:53 AM

Im sure a guy up to almost 3:00 AM just to b-tch about his team is going places too. LOL

Posted by: For Real | April 30, 2012 at 02:53 AM

Just curious, are you up this late to b-tch about your team, or up this early to milk the cows redneck?

How many loads do you guys think I can swallow in 24 hours?

Posted by: Still Schooling YG | April 30, 2012 at 02:49 AM

No use in schooling you. It didnt work even when you were in school. That's if you want to count dropping out in 3rd grade. Another dumb redneck dolfan. LOL

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | April 30, 2012 at 02:51 AM

Jeez that pretty funny.

But what you really mean is that Hot Reads and passing offenses are to complicated. Right?

You keep on using your best playmaking 200 pound running back as a blocking dummy against those 300 pound man beasts with their ears pinned back lol.

Mine knows how to hot read a blitz and make big plays in the passing game.

What we have here is a failure to communicate lol.

It's philosophy dufus and you can't have it both ways. Even if your old outdated style of offense were correct, then Ireland, whose draft your trying to defend screwed up even worse. If pass blocking is so god damned important, then Ireland screwed up in using 3 more picks on a running back that can't pass block LMFAO.

I bet you have a blank stare on your face right now don't you lol.

Hello my name is odinseye. I like lots of stuff but mostly semen. I have tried to run from my evil ways under different handles but alas the man meat defeats me.

Posted by: Schooling YG | April 30, 2012 at 03:05 AM

Naw............ I dont have a blank stare, actually my eyes are closed. I was actually trying to envision what you looked like if you ever read a book.

Anyway, I wont take anymore your time, I know your milking cows are waiting in the barn. LOL

You guys should really have a look at my freshly shaved taint.


You think you can buy me off with that weak argument?

Potential doesn't win you football games. We tied up 50 million dollars and two draft picks on the guy, but it's OK, ion has potential!

I love Miller on his return skills alone and I don't care about the two 6th rounders.

The problem is this is a passing league. We spent an 8th round pick on our Franchise QB. But wait, he's not a Franchise QB, he NEEDS experience like a Dolphin needs air.

Wait again, we can't even think about getting him any experience. He doesn't have a true no. 1 and defenses would stack the box and pin their ears back on the kid.

Don't worry though ion says, as Tannehill is picking his teeth up off the ground, WE HAVE POTENTIAL!

No disrespect ion but I read the posts you made during the draft. I'm not even going to lower myself by talking too you.

Mr. Yesterday you are a repulsive man. Why you feel the need to impose your digesting filth on the common folk is a mystery. Between all of your so called load swallowing, taint (?) shaving, and other nefarious references to male on male intercourse I am quite surprised you have any free time on your hands.

OK, I can see YG doesn't want to admit he didn't have a clue when he responded to Lou about playmaking running backs.

I'm going to use the Schooling YG name anymore as it was not my intention are to have a LONG CONVERSATION using it. But I do want you to know it was me and my regular sign is For Real.

Why don't you just admit you response to Lou was absurb and get on with it. Unless you happy talking about milk cows and things of that nature.

You seem to know more about that than you do football.

This just in.

Titans are benching Chris Johnson.

Team officials are fed up with Johnsons lack of progress in blocking 345 pound nose tackles. The team explained that Johnson has had 4 years and hasn't improved so they will be replacing him with Bronko Nagurski.



No disrespect ion but I read the posts you made during the draft. I'm not even going to lower myself by talking too you.

Posted by: For Real | April 30, 2012 at 03:22 AM

You're not, but you are. LOL.

Hey, you act like you KNOW which draft picks will pan out. It's not so easy. I blame 4 years of Sparano for much of this, that is why we have no idea what we have in this current crop of receivers. Jerry couldn't play for shiiit under Sparano and under Bowles all of a sudden he looks like a player, so we'll see.

I do know something you don't know, something that you don't want to know...and that is we both know absolutely nothing. We don't have 1/10 of the information or experience the scouts and coaching staff have, and across the league they miss on fifty percent of their picks. Even Mr. Belichck.

So you know squat but can't admit it. I can.

No go scurry on off to your next name change and take your childish hostility out on someone else.

For Real thinks so highly of himself on a blog, but we all know if he had to debate Ireland or Philbin his knowledge wouldn't be enough to fill a thimble.

Big talker, little mind.

So you know squat but can't admit it. I can.

No go scurry on off to your next name change and take your childish hostility out on someone else.

Posted by: ion | April 30, 2012 at 03:51 AM

I don't know squat. I admit it. That makes you wrong on another point. I'm not surprised.

You must have missed the memo, you too DA. You see we're supposed to be posting our opinions. Interesting concept, probably confusing for you, but hang in there.

Now as much as I hate to break it to you two, just because an opinion happens to be your own, it doesn't mean it's right. In the same sense, just because an opinion differs from your own, that doesn't make it wrong.

No need to thank me gentlemen, the improvement I see you gain from my knowledge will be it's own reward.

PS: Check out Armando's article titled Tannehill, It's All About Recievers. It fit my posted OPINION at 2:37 perfectly.

You're Welcome.



Let me see if I'm understanding your point.

I should somehow feel slighted because Philbin/Ireland may know more about football than myself?

You're keeping your streak alive. FAIL.

How about YOU post anything about FOOTBALL and we'll debate?

Or, I could downshift my intellectual hard drive and play with you on your own level?

OK, here we go.

DA, when it comes to theoretical physics, Stephen Hawkings could fit your brain into your thimble.

Figuratively speaking of course.

Posted by: Schooling YG | April 30, 2012 at 03:05 AM

You must have missed the memo, you too DA. You see we're supposed to be posting our opinions.

Posted by: For Real | April 30, 2012 at 04:22 AM

Ok. Got it. Although that doesn't quite explain why you are changing your name and bashing people. Oh, I get it now, YOU get to have your opinion, and if anybody disagrees with you then you come back and attack them in another name. Then you go back to your For Real name, which should be For Fake, and act like everyone gets to have an opinion.

Dude you are warped silly. Good luck, you'll need it.

Now I'm off to the races so have fun with the rest of the bloggers.

If Moore keeps the same pace that last year's, he will have a great year. The important point here is that the WR don't drop passes. I think the receivers we got know have sure hands. Perhaps what you talk about Salguero is a "deep" WR. For that you need speed. Clyde gets has that speed, he needs more chances to prove himself how good is he in catching bombs. I saw some videos of Cunningham, and he seems pretty solid, and fast.
What concerns to me is the team as a whole unit after so many changes relative to last year. At this point everything is a question mark. Who knows what kind of job Philbin and Sherman will do next season. One can speculate about the quality of individuals, but at this point we have no other choice than waiting for the season to start and pray for the Dolphins to become a better team than last year's.

I knew you wouldn't get it DA. It was an analogy you see?

I hate it when I have to keep explaining things to you. I do get comfort from knowing that you'll eventually become a better person for it.

Your brain represents your head. The thimble that area where the "sun don't shine".


Do you partake off an unusually large amount of drugs by chance?

I'm actually the one who pointed out the name change.

I was schooling YG and as easily as he gets confused, I wanted him to be absolutely certain that it was I.

Your accusations are ridiculous and imply that you yourself are easily confused.

Do any of you actually debate football?

It seems to me that you all enjoy a good round of ego stroking and comraderie.

I offer a well thought out, "differing" opinion and because it doesn't fit your perfect little world, I'm ostracized?

Sorry for being an independent thinker. Just keeping it real.


Before I break anymore of the slap happy good old boy rules, may I venture a question?

Am I allowed to honestly respond to your post?

Do I have to blindly agree with everyone or am I allowed to offer an opinion?

Is debating really the big no-no that the slack jawed, slope headed psychophant above made it out to be?

I thought this was a place to discuss our own opinions on everything Dolphins?

One can speculate about the quality of individuals, but at this point we have no other choice than waiting for the season to start and pray for the Dolphins to become a better team than last year's.

Posted by: marchcool | April 30, 2012 at 04:41 AM

Very well said. It seems all one can do at the moment is pray.

I share in your stated concern. Nonetheless I'm convinved that this years team will be better than last years. Maybe not in the standings, but surely overall and as a team.

There is an unprecedented amount of change taking place. But you have to remember, it's change for the better. We will suffer some adversity in areas of continuity and consistency. So progress will have to be our premium.

Looking back over the past decade I do not think it will be that hard to come by.

I think I mispoke.

I should have said, progress will have to be our medium?

Either way, it shouldn't be too difficult too exceed the Parcells accomplishments.

I'm excited bout our WR. I even think it may be time to dump Bess and Hartline for more picks next year and develop our young talent.


I think Moore and Gates could have breakout years

bigafly totally agree about Sporano. Coaches aren't supposed to be able to affect a game so much that they literally lose it for the players. I can recall atleast once where I put the blame solely on his clock management and terrible playcalling yes I know it's the OC but some plays were so pinheaded he should have called up and vetoed the stupidity before it got put to action. BTW I am beerphin I just changed my sign in cuz someone was impostering me and was sick of the drunk slants towards me as an easy insult when actually beer is just in part of my name

I just wanted to respond to your post @ 11:20 p.m. If you have that type of an offensive set you've got with Miller and Bush in the backfield and you swing Bush out you can do a number of things. You can throw a quick slant, you can throw a screen to Bush and you can even run Miller. You have a lot of flexibility in your offense with those players on the field.
When they use four wideouts with Miller in the backfield the defense has two guys that aren't either on the line or in coverage. You blitz one and you have a receiver catch a quick pass and nobody is back you have a Wes Welker situation for a long gain and possibly a touchdown.
We're not talking about Sparano/Henning/Daboll type offense here. Where talking Philbin type offense. Philbin can quickly substitute when the defense doesn't have the correct personnel on the field to match up against something like that and force them to either go with it or use a time out. If you watch the Pats they create those mismatches all of the time. They did that against Miami a lot.
The one thing this team has that it hasn't had before is tremendous speed. If someone like Gates catches a quick pass with no defender behind him, he's off to the races. If you line up four wide you can even do a bubble screen to Gates because then you have him one on one with a defender, especially is you line up three to one side. That's the type of play they used Gates in when he was in college and it was very effective.
Speed kills and Miami has now got it. If these players that are on the team now can learn the offense and get coached up properly there is no reason to believe they can't do something like that. Other teams can do it, why can't Miami. I think we've become so accustomed to watching this do certain things on offense that we take it for granted that they can't do some of the things other teams do and maybe that's because they didn't have the personnel before but I think they do now. But, to think they can't just because we have the mindset that they haven't been able to do it before means we are selling them short. Miller's a threat to take it the distance every time he touches the ball. Four wide with Miller in the backfield means the offensive line makes their blocks and Miller makes it to the 2nd level and he's got two db's to beat and they aren't going to bring him down.

Do you remember when Henning was the OC and players on other defenses said they knew the play before it was even called. I doubt that will be the situation this year.

It's all about personnel. You create mismatches. Egnew and Clay will be mismatches for a lot of defenses. So will Bush when he's on the line. Gates, in his 2nd year, should be a mismatch. I think it's going to be a fun offense to watch.

You said you wanted an exciting Offence, Mr. Ross. Well, you got it. And how!

Can't sleep till late then eat momma's breakfast like YG does. Need to go to work.

Hey, Scout, have you found that mockingbird?

hope springs eternal until reality sets in. clyde gates isnt a route runner and won't make the roster if philbin makes the decision.


Ireland could have pulled the trigger for a WR in the 4th round when he drafted Lamar Miller. A couple of small quick receivers were available and so was Nick Toon who New Orleans drafted. Ireland said there was more value with Lamar Miller. Those are the decisions that make or break a team in the draft. Was Miller such a great value that it was worth passing on Nick Toon? Toon is more the proto type receiver @ 6' 3" that Ireland has been schooled to look for. Obviously Ireland felt that Toon does not have enough star quality or upside to become a number one receiver. He may be correct in taking Lamar Miller's value.

Guys, seriously. Armando is right. Everyone is watching tannehill as the make or break of this draft. If these players pan out but tannehill doesn't, then we failed at getting the most important piece we needed for years.

If you are going to get a QB (the most important piece we need to make sure develops) then you need to get receivers to help right away. Not every fist rounder pans out but there's a reason they're rated first rounders. They have better skill sets than the other rounders but its all about mental and developing properly. So far miami hasn't developed anyone. Look on that roster and name a veteran that we "DRAFTED" and turned out into a star. Hopefully Philbin can help these guys develop. I'm not drinking the kool-aid aslong as ireland is around.

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