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Miami WRs still a big question mark

The NFL is a passing league. The New England Patriots -- with a relatively weak running game and a flawed defense -- have proven that for years. The New York Giants, meanwhile, have been able to overcome the Patriots in two Super Bowls because they could both pass and attack the passer.

So championships revolve around the pass.

The Dolphins obviously recognize this because they have finally, finally invested a first-round draft pick on a quarterback -- this in quarterback Ryan Tannehill. And while there are questions whether Tannehill will succeed or not, I know this:

Tannehill will need great wide receivers to become a great quarterback. There is zero doubt about that. There can be zero argument about that.

I know that many of you contend the Green Bay Packers, for example, have a great passing game because of their quarterback and offensive system while diminishing the importance of Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson and Donald Driver and James Jones.


Great quarterbacks do not ever do it on their own. to the heights they can otherwise Even the Pats realized this when a mediocre group of receivers got them to the AFC title game in 2006 but the addition of Wes Welker and Randy Moss made them unbeatable in the 2007 regular season and undefeated through 18 games until the Super Bowl.

See the difference? Even with a HOF quarterback, great receivers are a huge upgrade.

That's why I believe the Dolphins must now upgrade the receiver corps. Yes, the club drafted B.J. Cunningham and Rishard Matthews on the draft's third day. And there are reports the Dolphins will sign Texas A&M WR Jeff Fuller and Penn State WR Derek Moye as undrafted free agents.

But all four are developmental players. And the problem is a majority of Miami's current receivers are still developmental players -- including Marlon Moore, Clyde Gates, Roberto Wallace and others.

Frankly, I look at Miami receivers and see a lot of question marks. Maybe they turn to exclamation points. But I don't see Miami's passing game taking off unless and until they do or unless and until the front office upgrades with better players.


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Roberto Wallace, Marlon Moore, Gates, you called "developmental players. First, all have at least one year under their belts, while they will continue to gain experience this year. Second, TanneHill probaly won't even sniff the field this year, so there is no reason to even think about bringing in veterans, makes no sense. People need to realize this is a "rebuilding" year, not a playoff year.

"I give this draft a C- grade.. "

You have no valid argument for grading this draft lower than a B. Obviously we won't know until they pan out but at first glance this was a stellar draft. We address: QB, TE, ROL, and DE and also add another Reggie Bush and a bigger Davone Bess with Millar and Cunningham respectively. No those weren't necessary but for late round picks they were top notch. You can hate Ireland and be pessimistic all you want, but don't be oblivious or naive

bobbyd12 is right. Another thing is everyone's just ACCEPTING Sparano's reasoning for not playing the young kids. However, I seem to remember, when Marlon Moore was allowed to sniff the field, he scored a pretty nice TD (Raiders game a couple years ago). Then, just as quickly, he was off the field.

The more I read and see Philbin's philosophy, the more I understand HOW HORRIBLE OF AN OFFENSIVE MIND Sparano really is. That's why the Jets got Tebow. Think they're going to create mismatches with formation? Moving guys around, no set X, Y, Z receivers? Fat chance.

We all need to see these players with new eyes. Let Philbin figure out their worth, don't accept how they were viewed in the past.

Ireland shreds bogus Jake Long ‘report’, other stuff

Ridiculous posts appeared to be started @ the Mob Exodu SS in the South Florida and then to other blogs & media Saturday, seemingly reporting as fact that Jake Long’s days with the Dolphins are numbered. The posts perpetuaded by infamous blogger, “Home” cited no source. The blogger made the leap that because the Dolphins drafted Jonathan Martin to play right tackle, that must mean the team’s left tackle was done in Miami


The posts by Miami Dolphin Shock Blogger, “Home” and subsequent articles irked the Dolphins public relations staff and, more importantly, made general manager Jeff Ireland upset enough to address it first off in his post-draft press conference.

Here is what Ireland said … along with everything else said at that presser.

“Before we get started I want to clear the air on the posts by “Home” and subsequent articles related to Martin taking over Jake Long’s position and the trading of Jake Long,
I don’t normally go overboard on media speculation but last night I saw the initial posts at the Mob Exodu SS blog about Jake Long. I have plans to keep Jake Long right here for a long time. So, don’t get ahead of ourselves and you guys have a question, especially on that here on a press conference standpoint. You guys are obviously free to ask me about those things and I’ll give you an honest an answer as I can. We have plans to keep Jake around here. We drafted Jonathan Martin to be a tackle on this football team. A right tackle on this football team so let’s don’t speculate any further than that.”

God I hope Miami does not sign J. Harris. He really was way too inconsistent he will never be a good QB

Philbin looks to be a guy who is all about the system. Get the guys in the right space and routes then someone will be open. The QB is not going to be tied down by constantly looking for just the number one receiver.

Anyone know about the sudden cozy relationship with the U? Before now, you'd have though the Dolphins and the U were on separate planets. All these U players going to other teams, and Miami wouldn't even look in their direction.

Now, it seems Ireland wants the U to be Miami's minor league team. What gives? Did the Owner (or someone else) tell Ireland he needed to draft more U players? Is it due to upset fans speaking out? Haven't heard much about that up here in DC.

Mando is a glass half empty kind of guy!
Come on man, have some faith! With a new coach and new scheme these "Medicore" receivers can become pro-bowlers with the right combination of QB/WR chemistry & new WCO.
Mando, stop crying and start using your faith to BELIEVE!

Drafting a WR would have been better than picking up yet another RB.

Posted by: thepirate19 | April 29, 2012 at 02:52 PM

Absolutely correct. Ireland added WRs late but Cunningham has no speed and is just another 'guy' in our stable of WRs. I don't care how many records he holds at MSU, he has a limited game. Ireland passed over so many quality WRs, supposedly because of his scouting prowess, and in what was a WR rich draft we take a guy in the 6th round???

The Rams aggressively grabbed weapons for Sam Bradford. We introduced Tannehill f looking for freaking acorns.

Guys...we all know the draft is a game of craps...roll the dice and pray...with the exception of a very few at the very top of the board.

Camanda...how the hell do you know, I mean really know that Cunningham has "no speed" and will suck at the next level?
You don't...and are just supplying an over-inflated opinion just like the rest of us.

You gotta believe that Ireland has a new infusion of life with Philbin & Sherman onboard and finally shed the old Parcels ghost off his back.

I give this draft a B+ and feel good knowing that Philbin has a plan at the WR position that will succeed.

Anyone know about the sudden cozy relationship with the U?
Posted by: DC Dolfan | April 30, 2012 at 09:34 AM

Easy one DC, There was a little thing called the Marino era.

2 things, during the Cane dynasty(Marino era), we either picked to far back or the player available didnt fit our critcal need position at the time.

Case in point: 2010 Jimmy Graham was available 3rd. Our fo felt RG(John Jerry) was the greater priority. Saints snatched him before our next pick.

Dont know much about Olivier, but, Lamar Miller could be a homerun pick. Pretty good insurance against a Bush injury. Both are home run threats.

I think Ireland didn't want to miss on another UM stud, it makes him look bad as a scout to miss on talent such as Jimmy Graham when he drops to the third rd and he played in your backyard.

Graham looking back would have been a great 1st rd pick.

2 legit rb's(Bush/Thomas) on the roster. Logjam at wr and no guarantee a 4th rder beats our top 3wr's out.

Yet we should pass up a rb who could have had a 1st rd grade if a little better pass blocker. Sure guys, taking a 4th rd wr over a rb that could have easily had a 1st rd grade on him.

Wink..wink.... Makes plenty sense to me. LOL

Posted by: B33RCA53 | April 30, 2012 at 09:47 AM

Stop making so much good sense to the dummies in here. They'll only hate, not respect you for it. LOL

Dude, we not stupid. Stop thinking players all the time and just maybe, just maybe for once think about scheme. Always complaining and throwing gasoline on the fire. "CRABS IN A BARREL" The NEW coaches will run plays to the strengths of the personnel available. We have enough speed in every level of positions on offense right now. Gates and Hartline are fast. Enough with the development. It's simple. Guys will have to put up now or get cut. We didn't miss Henne, Williams or Brown. We won't miss Marshall.


Armando hated picking Graham 3rd too. Iasked him that year and he told Graham was too big a project. Then 2yrs later scolds Ireland for the miss, then tells me he never said that to me. He either has a very bad memory or is a terrible liar. LOL

YG/B33, good stuff on the UM stuff. I also read the articles on the SS, they said Golden/Ireland are trying to re-ignite the relationship between the two.

Armando - you are so correct. You look at this draft that everyone is raving about and I still see huge wholes at WR and pass rusher. Why would they pick the guy from Miami with the third pick when he is such a big question mark. Why draft another RB (I understnad good talent for that pick) but not a pressing need. If you werent going to sign a receiver via free agency (where there were a bunch) you needed to address during draft.

Ireland is truly delusional. However, by picking Tannehill he bought himself another 3 years to see if he develops. 3 more years of the same incompetence. next year at this time we will be aying the same thing - we need a receiver and pass rusher and who knows what else.


7th rd wr Rishard Matthews will have am instant impact 2012 impact with the team. But it will be on st's.

Rishard averaged close to 12yds per punt return for his entire college career. Bess averages seems like about 3yds per punt return.

So Rishard doesnt have to be a star wr right away. He should have an instant impact at positison where we havent seen any excitement for years on end in Miami. That's at punt returns. Welker was the last time we had anything close to an exciting punt returner here.

DC....are you really JUST now figuring out how bad an offensive mind Sporano was...really...just now....

I knew how bad he was 2 years ago...and thats why I say just changing the coach is worth 3-4 more wins....a couple of lucky bounces...and were in the playoffs...

GB had a passing system that bproduced stars at wr. Not vice versa. Jordy nelson was almost an afterthought the year he came out in the draft.

Now he's a household name.

You guys are far to used to Tony Sparano's draw it up in the dirt sandlot passing attack.

The majority of Green Bay's WRs were not selected in the 1st rnd.

What made the GB Off so unique is that they had 3 WRs avg around 1,000 each. (not including the TE)

Yes WRs are a very important component but for 8 - 9 yrs Philbin proved it's about the system, it's about running good routes but that system & the reads Favre & Rodgers made are/were STILL the main component here.


No more 3rd and 3's...and the WR's ALL run 2 yard out patterns....

Guys keep rapping on how bad our wr's look but you keep forgetting Philbin is bringin a a professional modern day passing attack with him.

We wont have Sparano's draw it up in the dirt sandlot passing attack in Miami anymore.

Philbin has arrived just in time. Belichik reloaded on defense this year.

Like you said DC....

Wallace or Moore catch a 20 yard pass...turn it up-feild for a 60 yard TD...and neither see's the feild for the rest of the game....TOTALLY on Sporano....

Wallace or Moore return a kick-off 60 yards on Special Teams....and next kick off return...slow Bess is back their getting his usual 15 yard average....

Terrible coaching....

By the blog topic, we can tell even Armando thinks Sparano's still here with the sandlot air attack.

With Sparano we were scud missles. With Philbin we'll be intercontinental ballastic.

Well I guess now that the DOLPHINS have rid themselves of Sparano's little mind they will be a shoe in to make the playoffs. Should be no problem to flip 7-9 to 11-5 if it was just the system. I'm just going out on a limb here, but Im guessing this system might struggle a bit without Mr Rodgers. LMFAO at the Phishtards.

Kaddu had 10 sacks last year and the year before vernon had 10.5 sacks I think we addressed pass rusher... Otherwise I don't know what Vernon got drafted for. Vernon would have been a 1st rd pick if he stayed another year. The guy is a beast put up 225 32 times and ran a 4.7 40 as DE that's pretty amazing right there...

I read somewhere I think Armando's piece that Marlon Moore has gotten stronger and is planning to make a strong push to get on the field this year, to me Moore is the sleeper WR that Sporano held back. From what I saw of him he should have been on the field no questions asked.

BTW Chambers on Rose show vouches for BJ Cunningham. He said as he watched him gainst his badgers that Cunningham was the guy they couldn't stop and was most worrisome definitely believes he's going to make a difference this year...

I'd love to respond to that....but your screen name SCREAMS TROLL....

pick another screen name...re-write your post...and then try again....

see you in a few...


once again,its early and fans are hopeful but most are in a "show me" mode instead of being "all in". we really need a veteran receiver or two so the young guys can see how precise the vets route run and prepare.

Jet fan 4 sure. It's all good the haters are just jealous cuz they have to go through sanchez and tebow hell... good luck with those two

Kris, not just figuring it out now, just reminding myself. I think I've tried to put that out of my mind, yet, when I think about receivers and other young players not getting playing time, I have to remind myself Sparano didn't have a CLUE what to do with these guys (if they didn't come already talented like Long he had ZERO ability to develop).

So, just constantly reminding myself and others.

shoulda got moss as I said 4 months ago

I predict dolphins finish 9-7 first year in Philbin's system. Even better year 2.

Mike McCarthy even admitted Philbin's a great gameday preparation manager. The days of coming out of the startting blocks in Miami should be over.

Sparano was such a lousy communicator, it took 4-7 games for the team to comprehand the season had actually started. You guys have listened to Sparano pressers.

It takes him longer to say absolutely nothing than anyone Ive met in my life. Then in the end you still dont quite understand what he was talking about. Do you still now wonder about the team's perrenial slow starts?

Heck it took 4-6 games for the team to finally figure out Sparano's game 1 giberrish was letting them know the season started 5-6wks ago.



I just hope the intensity at practice is much harder and faster pace. I went to a practice and said to myself WTF. If you dont practice hard how the hell do you expect to be a playoff caliber team.

LOL yg so true I sat there dumbfounded that this man actually was getting paid. I doubt he even went to college. It was obvious day 1 the only reason he got the job was that he is Psrcells' son in law




I'd say Hartline and Bess are almost at the point of being veterans in this league and in the very least they should know how to run routes by now.

Sparano was as smart as a neanderthal...


I made an earlier post last night that Philbin's demeanor puts me in the mind of Bill Walsh. Not comparing, but hopefully we hit a homerun with him as hc.

Philbin was nicely and professionally dressed at the draft. Sparano always looked like he was delivering the pizza to the draft war room.


At times it felt like he was trying to sabotage the team from the inside... Like he was a lifelong jet fan or something from the tri-state area and he was so fed up his home team sucking cox for so long. I'm not saying I actually believe that conspiracy bs but listening to some of his pressers was worse than a shot to the nuts.


We can all close our eyes and imagine Tony Sparano as a haircut and shaved Neanderthal.



If Philbin fails you cant call him a pizza delivery guys. He's to well dressed. So shall you call him Rolex watch salesman please.



ALSO WE R BECOMING AN EXPERT IN GRADING CRPPY BELOW avarge players like hartline and bess and gates and odrick and......................

No ALoco,

The dolphin fanbase becoming expert on sandlot football. Even Armando, even still thinks we're drafting sandlot wr's.

Sparano is a scud air attack. Philbin is a intercontinental ballastic. Dolphins are sandlot expert from Sparano.

I just heard this morning that Saban wanted Brees bad and the GM n owners didn't listen to him and got him Culpepper instead. I never liked Saban and his attitude towards players but no one can say he doesn't know the game or is a bad coach. Prolly the reason he jumped ship...

but yea everyone since Jimmy Johnson has been terrible and Jimmy wasn't even really committed either.


our best coach in the last decade was Dave Wannstedt

JJ was to close to his yacht in Miami. In Dallas he was far away. Never hire hc to close to Yacht. In practice all day he daydreams of yacht.


No pick on Oscar. He comes from Armando hometown in Bolivia to fill application at Herald to become blog writer.

Oscar "Cybil" Canosa has many people crowd upstairs basement at neck.

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